Our Tyrant Became Young

Alternative Titles

우리 폭군이 어려졌어요






Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life.


I possessed a character in a book I read once. The book which had my favourite couple!

I, who knew almost everything in the book, started making money from it.

The reason was simple; me and these people were different. How? They had money and I didn’t.

Three months have passed since I started telling ‘prophecies’ using  the contents of the book.

Today, a Royal decree was issued, to bring me to the Royal Palace.

And there, I met one of my favourite character, the Emperor…

“You seem to know everything”

“Yes I do know quite a few things.”

“Okay, then tell me when I will go back to my old self.”

I was finally going to see the Emperor as he appeared from behind the white curtains but…

A child had appeared from it.

‘…Why is he so young?’

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