Duck Emperor Chronicles – Chapter 10


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    — — —

    Chapter 10: Quick, run away! A Sour Feeling.

    ‘Is it really okay for you to let her run away like that?’

    Ya Jing was floating leisurely in the air, spinning around playfully as he asked his question. 

    It was nearly an hour after Ya Jiao’s conversation with Xiao Xian. The little fairy seemed quite scared that her identity as the Young Lady of the Middle Realm had been exposed, and she had ran away mere moments later, leaving not a trace behind.

    “Not a problem. I’ll be able to track her even if she runs, provided she doesn’t cross into another realm. Moreover, it seems that she has some unfinished business here, so there’ll be many more opportunities for us to meet in the future. . .”

    From his observation, he deduced that Xiao Xian had been living in the Jiang River Village for quite a while now. 

    The fact that they even managed to find an abandoned alleyway in the bustling marketplace was all due to her guidance, after all. It wasn’t a feat any random bystander could accomplish. 

    At the very least, the little fairy possessed knowledge of the area far surpassing Ya Jing, who was a bona-fide native of Jiang River Village.

    For someone of her strength to remain in such a backwater place for so long. . .

    She was either actively searching for something. Or waiting for something to happen.

    Ya Jiao smirked.

    “Xiao Xian is my ticket up. There’s no way I’ll let her go so easily.”

    ‘What do you mean?’

    “You’re smart, so just think about it.”

    “Why would the Young Lady of a Middle Realm Clan be in the Lower Realms? Where is her clan? What are they doing right now? And most importantly, ‘will they come back for her’?” 

    ‘So you plan to take advantage of that possibility, and make your way up to this ‘Middle Realm’?’


    The white duck picked up a pebble from the ground with his beak, and then spat towards the high heavens above. The pebble shot like an arrow into the sky, before slowly losing speed, falling back into Ya Jiao’s beak in an instant.

    Lower Realm.

    Middle Realm.

    Heavenly Realm.

    This backwater place was certainly not part of the Heavenly Realm; he had decided that much very early on. And now, with the appearance of Xiao Xian, he could cross out the Middle Realm as well. 

    Of course, it was not mere speculation on his part either. The question he had asked her was ‘what a Middle Realm Young Lady was doing in the Lower Realm’. It established a basis of her being from the Middle Realm, while also stating that they were currently situated in the Lower Realm.

    She did not refute either statement.

    In fact, Xiao Xian had explicitly confirmed his hypothesis by tearing up and fleeing from the scene. It had given him all the evidence he needed and more.

    Ya Jiao gritted his ducky teeth as his ducky brows furrowed duckily. The Lower Realms were different from the Middle and Heavenly Realm. The vast assortments of Lower Realms were collectively called the [Outlands] for a reason, and not a good one.

    The Middle Realm, commonly known as the [Connection], acted like a bridge between the Heavenly Realm and the Lower Realms in the past. Unfortunately, this bridge was soon rendered obsolete, as the Lower Realms became cut off from both the Middle and Heavenly Realm.

    This meant that there was no easy passage for him to head straight to the Heavenly Realm from here.

    ‘What a predicament.’

    Much like the falling pebble, the higher he tried to climb, the faster he would fall to the ground.

    That said, instead of Gravity, his opponent would be the natural barrier between Realms. 

    One would need a cultivation base far surpassing [Foundation Building] to even attempt it.

    But that wasn’t the only thing weighing on the white-feathered duck’s mind. Though it must be said that Ya Jiao did not feel a single shred of remorse for plotting against a child, he did – in fact – find it to be extremely distasteful and embarrassing.

    Moreover, that child. . .

    She seemed to have some odd ability to rile up his emotions. The anger he had felt when he saw her being attacked was not normal in the slightest. Sure, Ya Jiao did have moments where he went crazy and killed people, but that was due to his innate madness, not some outside factor.

    The Huai Family goons did not touch any of his inverse feathers. At most, he should have only taken an arm from them as per his plans, and acted in accordance with his schemes.

    And although he did follow through with it as intended in the end. . .

    At that time—

    Ya Jiao had found himself only wanting to tear them into shreds.

    His rationality had not been warped by his insanity, but instead overwhelmed in some form.

    ‘Tch.’ It even affected him now.

    This dreary, sour feeling that sat in the pit of his stomach. A sickening thing that should not be. That all-too-familiar sensation of ‘guilt’, gnawing at his mind. It made him feel like shit.

    “Urgh. It’s driving me crazy.” 

    Feeling his frustration rise, the white-feathered duck spat out the pebble once more, perhaps with a bit too much force behind it this time.


    And to the absolute horror of the Huai Family trio, the entire right wall of the alleyway almost came crashing down on them, as web-like cracks formed all over, even spreading throughout the earthen floor!

    It was a show of strength far surpassing what a Bronze Body cultivator could achieve.

    Huai Maobing, Huai Xiguan, and Huai Chengji huddled together, paralyzed with fear.

    The monstrous waterfowl turned around and glared at them.

    “What the quack are you ducks doing?! Follow me; we’re leaving right this instant!”


    “Y-young Master, these three are. . .?”

    “Brother, who are these people?”

    ‘Ugh. My stash of crackers. . .’

    Nesting leisurely in the arms of a beauty, the Duck Lord munched on his snacks, looking carefree.

    “Them? Beggars I picked off the street. A suave, handsome Young Master was beating them up, to the point where he even chopped off all their right arms as punishment for offending him. I felt a sense of pity for the three brothers, who had resorted to evil acts in order to survive, so I decided to bring them along with me instead.”

    Ya Jiao nodded like a wise sage, stroking his imaginary beard feathers.

    “This will not only turn them away from the path of wickedness, but also help cultivate the karmic seed of saving others. Indeed. . . a splendid idea on my part.”

    The rotund guard’s eye twitched as he looked at the prideful duck.

    “Young Master, I am not sure if this is a good idea—”

    “Nonsense! Xiao Tou, can’t you see that these poor brothers are currently suffering? Look at them,   to not even have proper clothing on, they must be freezing!”

    Ya Xiong’s righteous tone shattered any opposition. Her eyes were filled with sympathy, compassion, and kindness. It was too damn bright. The three goons, who had only their underwear left, all blushed in unison, embarrassed to no end.

    As to the reason why they were wearing only underwear? Who knows? Ya Jiao carefully polished his sharp duck claws as the Huai Family goons shivered in the background.

    “Young Lady, you of all people should be well aware of the Family’s, uh, current state. . .”

    The guard’s words trailed off slowly, as if he was reluctant to finish his statement.

    Ya Xiong paused for a moment. Her attitude was unwavering as she replied:

    “Nonetheless, we cannot allow my brother’s guests to go unwelcomed. Bring them inside.”

    Heavy footsteps suddenly rang from a distance.

    “Humph. Our Ya Family has not fallen to the point where we cannot take care of three beggars.”

    Startled by the voice, Ya Xiong and the guard quickly turned around, clasping their fists together in a hasty greeting. Ya Jiao simply leapt off his sister’s arms, before settling comfortably on the ground.

    Ya Jing, on the other hand, stiffened up. His movements in the air grew sluggish.  

    “We greet the Family Head.”

    The gaunt man waved his sleeve to accept their greetings, before continuing:

    “Bring them in as Xiong’er says. However, they must work for their own meals. The Ya Family does not welcome those who cannot fend for themselves.”

    Ya Jing’s face turned incomparably gloomy when he heard this sentence.

    His spectral hands clenched into trembling fists, as his gaze slowly lowered to the floor.

    “Give them a bath, clothes, and one meal. After that, it will be up to themselves. Be it hard labour, cleaning, or otherwise. The Head of General Staff will arrange it properly.”

    “As the Family Head commands!” The guard respectfully bowed, and then took his leave.

    Seeing that the guard had already left, Ya Xiong joyfully skipped up to the gaunt man, and gave him a big hug. Her bright smile seemed capable of melting ancient glaciers.


    Even her father’s solemn face slipped for a brief second, as he patted her head affectionately.

    “Your mother has cooked us a great feast. You should head in before the food grows cold.”

    “A feast?! Alright! Brother, let’s go!”

    The man’s face immediately froze over like winter. He held out a large arm to block her path. 

     “Go in by yourself first, Xiong’er. I need to have a word with your brother.”

    His dagger-like gaze stabbed towards Ya Jiao’s beady pupils, as if wanting to see right through him. The duck and the gaunt man stared each other down at the front steps to their own house.

    A chilling glare and a nonchalant smirk now clashed for the second time.

    The gaunt man opened his mouth first.

    “My son.”

    “. . .”

    “Are you not going to greet your father?”

    — — —

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