Duck Emperor Chronicles – Chapter 0 Prologue 2


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    — — —

    Prologue 2: Futility! Revealing the perpetrators behind the scene.

    Splash. Bright red blood straight from the heart splattered onto the ground, as Lu Mao passed out and briefly saw the face of God. . .  alongside the image of Ya Jiao ducking his wife. The Warlord awoke out of sheer rage, accidentally biting his tongue in the process.

    “I-I WILL KILL YOU!!!”

    Before the cold finger could stop him, the incensed Lu Mao rushed forward, swinging his Halberd. A vision of a fiery Qilin accompanied the absolute force, slashing towards the barehanded Ya Jiao. The space ruptured as cracks slithered across the region. Nine Heavenly Visages glimmered in the air, a visual representation of the Warlord’s might.

    The strongest attack he could muster. 

    [Dance of the Qilin God: Worldly Rage.] 

    “Humph. A small fry is a small fry to the end.”

    Ya Jiao moved. A single claw strike, straightforward and effortless. It looked dismissible compared to the boundless profundities of the former’s slash. Moreover, it was a weak and pearly white hand against the monstrous Demon Slaying Halberd. The army fully expected the Duck Lord to, at the very least, lose an arm after this futile exchange.

    In spite of that, the claw strike somehow evaded the fiery hell. Ya Jiao’s finger tapped silently on the Halberd’s blade, altering its course completely, before his claws clamped down strongly on Lu Mao’s vulnerable neck.

    The crushing pressure made Lu Mao instinctively drop his weapon to claw desperately at the hand currently strangling him. The Demon Slaying Halberd fell weakly into Ya Jiao’s open palm.

    “This won’t do. You treat even your weapon like a toy. No wonder your wife left you.”

    The Duck Lord caressed the handle of the Halberd, gently comforting it. The weak resistance it had put up told Ya Jiao everything he needed to know. A blade was like one’s lifelong companion in the Road to the Dao, to treat it with such carelessness was unforgivable.

    The Demon Slayer Halberd gave up the last of its resistance at his warming touch.

    The Warlord looked terrible. That weapon had never yielded to him, no matter what he did. In the end, he had used power and forcibly tamed it. To see it fall so readily into someone else’s hand. . .


    “No matter! Kill me if you wish, you still won’t return from here alive.”

    Lu Mao coughed up another mouthful of black blood.

    “The Four Supreme Sects have all gathered to end your life. Elders much stronger than me. . . have come to collect your head! AHAHAHAHAHA!”

    Ya Jiao looked on, unamused.

    “Pitiful. You do not even realize your own predicament. Sacrificial pawns sent to die.”

    His gaze was chilling, like an Immortal Deity from the Nine Firmaments. A serene expression, as if all possible fluctuations in the realm lay within his expectations, knowing all causality and inevitabilities. Godlike radiance emanated from Ya Jiao as the figure of a grand duck appeared behind him.

    Perhaps the fear of mortality finally sunk in, because the Heavenly Warlord burst out in cold sweat. 

    “I-If you spare me now, I assure you we will leave you with a complete corpse.” 

    He stammered over his words, no matter how much he wanted revenge, throwing away his life for it was both reckless and foolish. A powerful Heavenly Warlord like him could not just die here.

    Ya Jiao chuckled in response. “Really?”, he asked. 

    “But you remind me of someone filthy, so I have a far more interesting alternative for you.”

    The claw holding the tiger’s neck rotated, swinging him along an axis. That seemingly simple move from before was actually a show of utmost perception and experience. The precision to nullify even the most profound arts using a mere touch. The knowledge to block off every Qi channel, rendering an enemy defenceless. The Duck Lord Ya Jiao’s impeccable arts.

    [Duck Fist, Seventh Form: Throwing the Fox to catch the Dragon.]

    You want to continue hiding in the darkness? Dream on!

    Lu Mao’s body spun like a ball and chain along the centrifugal point imposed by the Duck Lord. His limbs snapped as blood spurted everywhere, an extremely ghastly sight. In less than a second, the man who first resembled a deity was no more. Hair untied. Skin Ripped. He flew towards a random spot in the sky, a meteor of flesh and bone.

    However, this was no mere coincidence.

    At that seemingly random spot, a spatial fluctuation rippled the air. A stone cold palm appeared out of nowhere and exploded the mighty Warlord’s body with a single slap. The remaining blood mist rained down on the horrified army, stunned into dead silence. An ant. . . was just an ant, after all.

    Realizing his cover was blown, the individual behind the hand materialized. A decrepit old man who carried a walking cane made of shaved bone. His eyes were cloudy with cataracts; the palm he sent out was shaking ceaselessly. He looked as if he had one foot already in the grave, but the army dared not make a peep in his presence. 

    This ancient figure was not to be underestimated.

    The old man glanced around, his primordial spirit scanning millions of miles at once.

    “Stop searching, old codger. I’m right here.” A delicate hand gripped the archaic being’s shoulder.

    “Hah, though I do have to say I am quite surprised. To think the mysterious Ghost Clan First Elder, Wu Yingwei, would come personally to take this one’s life. I’m honoured. Truly.”

    The grip suddenly grew to a crushing and inestimable weight.

    “Unfortunately, this time you’ll really become a wandering ghost in hell, not just in name.”

    The Ghost Clan Elder plucked the white-jade hand away effortlessly, eyes narrowing.

    “Hohoho. . . youth is so admirable. A young calf indeed does not fear the grown tiger.”

    Ya Jiao did not bother replying.

    “Anymore of you old farts? Hiding in the shadows is quite unbefitting of your statuses, no? I’d like the chance to see if you all are worthy enough for this mighty duck to keel over and die to!”

    His eyes flashed with immortal light.


    The Heavenly Duck Lord’s supreme prestige erupted! A tremendous shockwave spread out, covering half the realm in its golden glow. Not one person would escape and go unnoticed. His immortal glare pierced the high Heavens.

    Seeing this, a number of unseen sighs stifled the entire realm in their suffocating breath. Many mortals even perished on the spot, reduced to blood mists by the accidental exposure. Hooded figures began to emerge from the empty void following the calamity. It was a collection of pressures so frightening, the entire Heavenly Realm fell into a gloomy depression save for a few mighty locations. 

    “Ya Jiao. . . why do you needlessly complicate things? Can’t you just sit down quietly and die?”

    The lead figure brushed back the cloth hiding their identity, revealing a head of crimson hair.

    An air of overwhelming dominance bore down upon the world. Primordial Qi flooded the air with its leaden touch, as the cries of the fallen Thousand Ancient Beast Races tore through the surroundings. The barbaric deity shows his hand.

    Merciless Hunter God of Slaughter. 

    Boundless Brutality, Barbarian Tribe Leader Long Aotian. 

    Ya Jiao finally began looking a tad more serious. A splendid white long-sword unfolded from the void before him, trailing immortal light. The sharp screeching of the blade made even the Ghost Clan First Elder Wu Yingwei wince in pain, forcing him into a hasty retreat.

    “Long Aotian. You sure have guts showing up before me. That day, if it were not for Sister Bai, I’d have killed you right then and there. A man who needs a woman to plead for them should not be a man! Especially given how you treated her!”

    The usually composed Ya Jiao could not help but get angry. Reliving the past simply made his hatred soar! Bai Yunshuang—the Holy Maiden of the Floating Snow Sect—was a woman of peerless beauty and temperament, wed to Long Aotian because of an arranged marriage between the two forces.

    However, instead of treating her well, the b*****d frequently beat her in fits of rage or neglected her to chase other beauties. A man no better than a dog. Even the salacious Duck Lord Ya Jiao treated his women with respect and dignity, though he had a talent of picking them up left and right.  

    He still remembered that fateful day when he visited Beast Skull Peak for a banquet and first met Bai Yunshuang. Her celestial demeanour and forlorn eyes had captured his heart in an instant. Ya Jiao initiated a conversation, and surprisingly, they got along like a house on fire. Her charming laughs intoxicated him, comparable to the best wine the Heavenly Realm could offer.

    Ao Longtian shattered that magical moment. Livid at the sight and drunk beyond belief, he struck at Sister Bai with such force that Ya Jiao needed to intervene for fear of her death. The lingering waves ended up ripping her sleeves, revealing bruises and still-healing scars that marred her skin, still purple and fresh.

    It became clear at a glance what they were, and who had caused them.

    Heavenly Duck Lord Ya Jiao lost all reason at that point. The celebration banquet almost became an ominous funeral. If not for Sister Bai. . . the barbarian’s gravestone would have three inches of grass growing on it by now.

    A sentimental heart is both a blessing and a detriment.

    “Fine then. Tonight, I shall finish what I started. Sister Bai is not here to save you this time.”

    The Duck Sword unsheathed its glory, illuminating Heaven and Earth!

    — — —

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