How a Disaster-Class Necromancer Retires – Chapter 2


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    — — —

    Chapter 2

    Through several days of research, I’ve confirmed that this is indeed the Earth I know. 

    From the name of the president to local place names, and even the world map – all familiar. 

    But there’s a difference: the existence of Gates, monsters, and beings called “Awakened.” 

    Something seems to have twisted in the process of causality and whatnot, but that’s not what’s important right now.

    “Damn it.”

    The critical issue is that my plan to live a luxurious retirement with my money has been completely ruined.

    “My account balance… 120,000 won.”

    I can sell the gold and jewels attached to the robe I’m wearing to get by for a while, but how long can that last?

    “I need money.”

    I need a stable source of income, or at least a lump sum quickly.

    I said, with a sense of futility,

    “Do I have to worry about making a living even after returning here, at this age?”

    The very thought sends a chill down my spine.

    “A quick and easy way to make money.”

    After a moment’s thought, I muttered,

    “Gates. Awakened.”

    Gates are divided into regular Gates and unstable Gates, depending on when they start spewing monsters.

    A regular Gate gives a week to a month’s grace period before releasing monsters, while an unstable Gate, like the one I encountered, releases monsters immediately upon formation.

    Anyway, unstable Gates, being rare and usually handled by emergency response teams on standby, are not my concern. The regular Gates are where normal Awakened typically operate.

    Awakened hunt as many monsters as they can before the Gate reaches its critical point of closing, selling the by-products obtained from monster corpses for substantial money.

    “High income and I can utilise my magic skills.”

    Certainly, in my current situation, there couldn’t be a better option.


    I said with a deflated look,

    “I don’t want to do it…”

    I was a Necromancer in Seron, leading hundreds of thousands in an undead legion, a symbol of terror.

    I used to solve everything with a flick of my finger, with minions aplenty at my beck and call. Now, I’m expected to hunt monsters personally and maintain my livelihood by selling their corpses?

    “Does that even make sense at this stage in life!”

    I came to Earth to retire with money, avoiding battlefields and corpses, but now I have to earn money more desperately than in Seron.

    My pride and laziness simply won’t allow it.

    “Should I create undead to carry me and hunt on their own?”

    Of course, that’s not easy either.

    People think Necromancers just summon undead and laze around, but that’s far from the truth.

    Initially, undead are just puppets, moving by harnessing residual vital energy from corpses through magic, devoid of any intelligence.

    Naturally, controlling these mindless puppets and directing them in battle is a burden on the Necromancer. The more undead a Necromancer controls, the greater the strain, and each Necromancer has a limit to the number they can control.

    That’s why they could never be the main act in Seron.

    Back then, I broke those limits with my unique methods, leading an army of hundreds of thousands, but even for me, rebuilding an undead legion from scratch is no easy task.

    Of course, even then, it’s far less bothersome than hunting myself.

    “Yeah. I came here to retire, can’t be doing things I never did in Seron! Let’s go with undead!”

    It will be a significant effort to recreate them, but once I do, I can easily gather my retirement funds.

    But as I resolve to do this, one concern nags at me,

    “Will people accept the undead?”

    In Seron, Necromancers were objects of disgust.

    Even I, a hero, was disregarded and shunned by people.


    After a moment of contemplation, I stood up with resolve,

    “Worrying is a waste of time. Let’s just face it head-on.”

    With all kinds of abilities out there, what’s one more undead to the mix going to change?

    Sure, it might not be well-received, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

    “Let’s make that retirement fund!”

    — — —

    To legally enter a Gate, one must be registered as an Awakened.

    So, with a half-doubting, half-hopeful heart, I arrived at the registration office…


    “This is something new!”

    To my surprise, they accepted it quite easily.

    Since my ability wasn’t typical, I was taken to a makeshift laboratory for a separate test. 

    The researchers, upon hearing that I needed monster bones, promptly brought some. 

    When I created a skeleton for them, they were amazed and bombarded me with questions.

    “Can it move?”

    “Want to see?”

    As I conveyed my will through magic, the skeleton started to walk forward.


    “This kind of summoning ability is a first for us.”


    There’s a summoning category here?

    I approached the researcher and asked,

    “Are there similar abilities?”

    “Well… there are abilities to create golems from earth or stone, or soldiers from water.”

    Golem summoning? Water soldiers?

    I thought with interest,

    ‘Similar to magic?’

    At the same time, I understood why the researchers were so easily accepting this.

    Golem summoning is an elemental magic category, and soldiers made of water probably align with something like spirit magic.

    And here lies a fundamental difference from Seron.

    ‘The classification method is completely different.’

    In Seron, golem summoning falls under the elemental category, and water spirits under the spirit category – a vertical classification.

    But on Earth, whether it’s golem summoning or water spirits, both summon something to fight on behalf of the caster, so they’re lumped together into a single ‘summoning’ category – a horizontal classification.

    Meaning, my skeletons are not classified under a Necromancer category but as a type of summoning ability, like golem summoning.

    ‘Good, I don’t need to explain in detail.’

    Then the researcher looked at me and asked,

    “How many can you summon at once? Do you have to keep them with you after summoning? What about their durability and combat power?”

    The questions were numerous and a bit annoying, but I had to start on the right foot.

    My goal is to quietly earn money for retirement.

    “First, I don’t know the maximum number I can summon. And after summoning…”

    I reached out my hand, and a void space appeared.

    The skeleton was then sucked into the void.

    “I can store them like this.”


    “Can you put other things in there?”

    “No, I cannot.”

    I could store any inanimate object, but to keep things simple, I brushed it off.

    “Is that so?”

    But the researcher, suspicious by nature, immediately tried to put a pen in the void space as soon as I finished speaking. However, it didn’t matter.

    Nothing can enter the void space against my will.

    As expected, the researcher’s hand came out of the void space with the pen.

    “It’s true.”

    “Try to trust me a bit more.”

    “There are many who try to deceive us. Haha. Sorry about that.”

    “Is that so?”

    Anyway, it seems like I got through that well enough… What was the last question? Ah, durability and combat power.

    I waved my hand again, and the skeleton popped out of the void space.

    “You were asking about combat power, right?”


    “Go ahead, hit it.”

    The researcher, eyes shining, came back with a club and said, “Then I won’t hold back…”

    Just as the researcher was about to swing full force, I absorbed the vital energy infused in the skeleton, making it as weak as possible. Consequently, the skeleton shattered into pieces upon being hit by the club.


    The researcher said with a disappointed expression,

    “It’s a bit weak.”

    “Seems so.”

    The researcher, looking at the remains of the skeleton, said,

    “I think that’s enough for the test. We’ll go to the conference room and discuss amongst ourselves. We’ll be back soon.”

    The researchers then crowded into the conference room. Watching them go, I quietly said to myself,

    “Enhance hearing.”

    It’s not exactly enhancing hearing, but rather a basic magic that intensifies specific sound waves and directs them to my ears. As I cast the spell, I started hearing the researchers’ conversation.

    – It’s new and refreshing.

    – Indeed.

    – But the ability seems… ambiguous. Low durability and combat power. Even if there are many such bone creatures, they’d struggle to take on a single Awakened.

    Good. Underestimating me works in my favour.

    – A rare but vague ability. F-rank seems appropriate, doesn’t it?

    – I agree. Let’s go with F-rank.

    F-rank, the lowest of the Awakened grades.

    But that doesn’t matter to me.

    I just need the legal right to enter Gates; I don’t care about the rank.

    After finishing their discussion, the researchers returned and informed me,

    “You’ve been rated as F-rank. Don’t be too disappointed; many started at F-rank and climbed to higher grades.”

    Disappointed? Hardly.

    “Also, summoning in the city is prohibited, so be careful.”

    That’s fine.

    “Just tell the front desk your name, and they’ll issue your certification right away.”


    Now I’m an Awakened, legally allowed to hunt monsters for money.

    “Thank you.”

    Now… shall I start earning money?

    — — —

    In the test, I used magic to infuse my will into the skeletons to make them move. This is the typical way Necromancers control undead. However, there’s a clear limit to this method because a person’s mental strength and magic power are not infinite. Meaning there’s a limit to the number of summoned creatures I can maintain.

    So, the method I devised was…


    The skeletons I made from bones gathered during my hunt, laden with magic, started attacking three monsters as per pre-programmed instructions for dealing with large monsters.

    “Let’s see…”

    I meticulously analyzed the battle between the monsters and skeletons, noting,

    “The lower defence is sluggish and awkward. This needs a patch.”

    Just then, one of the monsters suddenly spat green acid at a skeleton. Without any evasion response, the skeleton was hit and its bones slowly corroded.

    “They have that kind of attack?”

    I raised my hand and formed a magic circle.

    “Evade with code 6.”

    Code 6 was an instruction to retreat backward if the enemy performed a specific action.

    “If code 6 is hindered, then use code 7, followed by 8. If that’s also obstructed, block with code 11.”

    First, try to evade, and if environmental factors hinder evasion, then block with one arm using code 11.

    “If code 11 blocking is also impossible, attack with code 17… and then…”

    As I continued to input commands and infused the magic circle with power, it dissipated, merging into the skeletons. From then on, the skeletons began responding appropriately to the green acid, moving organically.

    “That should do it.”

    I sighed,

    “Ah, this is tiresome.”

    This was my unique method that allowed me to command an enormous undead legion. 

    Unlike typical Necromancers who control undead by transmitting their will through magic, I infused magic commands into the undead, creating macros for them to act independently in specific situations. 

    This way, I didn’t need to direct each one individually; they would autonomously react to certain conditions, drastically reducing the maintenance burden.

    Of course, developing this was not easy.

    “I never thought I’d have to do this again.”

    In the beginning, far from combat efficiency, my undead were riddled with bugs, sometimes self-destructing due to command confusion.

    However, just like the recent adjustment for the green acid, years of patches upon patches culminated in a final version capable of responding to almost any situation and even coordinating attacks – almost a perfect macro.

    The main issue was the enormous amount of magical energy required to create each undead due to the volume of commands. 

    However, this was offset by the nearly negligible energy and mental effort needed for their upkeep.

    So, while the initial creation is costly, the maintenance is almost non-existent – once created, it’s incredibly easy to maintain. 

    However, the problem is that the complex macro commands I developed over decades for my undead army vanished along with them.

    “Damn. If only I had a backup…”

    Even as the creator, I couldn’t possibly remember all the complex operational commands and algorithms that took decades to perfect. 

    Originally, I would keep at least one specimen in the void space to copy the magic commands onto others as needed. 

    But now, the original and even the backup files are all gone. 

    Thankfully, I have enough experience to create something passable on the spot, but it’s still far from the original’s efficiency.

    “Well, I have to do it anyway. Once I’ve made them, even roughly, everything else will be easier.”

    A little more effort for a comfortable retirement.

    Then, the skeletons that had finished dealing with the monsters picked them up and lined up around me. 

    Checking the time, I sighed,

    “I’ve been hunting for four hours already.”

    In truth, for someone who has dealt with corpses and battlefields for decades, this is nothing. 

    I’ve survived days without food in battle. But this isn’t Seron; this is Earth where I came to retire. 

    The fact that I have to work here tires me out.

    “Maybe that’s enough for today.”

    I said, weary,

    “Let’s go back.”

    — — —

    As I exited with the skeletons, a merchant hurried over.

    “Hehe. You’re here?”

    Initially, I considered taking the by-products to the market myself, but naturally, I preferred not to bother. 

    So, I chose a small-time merchant and tasked them with selling the goods for me. 

    The merchant gets the products at a low price, and I, at my labour limit, get to rest quickly – a win-win.

    “Put them down.”

    As the skeletons placed the by-products down, the merchant, grinning ear to ear, said,

    “My, you’ve caught a lot today.”

    “I haven’t touched them, so no need to check. Just give me a rough estimate.”

    “Of course.”

    Having never been fooled in our past transactions, the merchant quickly estimated the type and number of monsters and paid me right there.

    “Two million won after taxes.”

    To think that I, who used to carry trillions in the void space, now have to do this for a mere two million won. It makes me even less inclined to work.

    “Please deposit it.”

    “Yes, I will transfer it right away.”

    As the merchant processed the transfer on their phone, I sighed to myself,

    ‘Sigh. It’s a long road ahead.’

    My choice to receive a low rank and frequent low-level Gates was simple. 

    A high rank would draw unwanted attention, and creating undead strong enough for higher-level monsters would be more challenging. 

    It’s easier to create undead optimized for lower Gates and earn money comfortably.

    ‘Just endure the beginning. Once the macros are set, I’m good.’

    Once the macros are complete, the undead will autonomously hunt monsters, and I can earn money effortlessly.

    As I was steadying myself, I overheard a nearby conversation about me.

    “Is that the guy?”


    Unlike typical summoners who can’t summon many creatures, I walk around with at least ten skeletons, which is quite noticeable.

    “That’s a lot of summons, huh?”

    “But they’re incredibly weak.”

    “Well, that’s why he’s F-rank, right?”

    Let them talk. After facing fear and loathing in Seron, this is almost pleasing by comparison.

    But then,

    “If you have that many summons, you can save on porter costs.”

    “That’s true.”

    “Honestly, 30,000 won per hour is too expensive, right?”

    Hearing this, I slowly turned towards them with a stern expression,

    “30,000 won?”

    I had heard about using porters to carry monster by-products from Gates with difficult terrain. But 30,000 won per hour?

    ‘Wait. Porters don’t have to fight. They just need to carry things well and stay out of the way during combat, right?’

    Undead that don’t eat or complain. What could be a more perfect and efficient porter? 

    Moreover, if they are just required to carry loads and follow, the necessary magic commands and algorithms would be overwhelmingly simpler and fewer compared to those needed for combat.

    Then, one of the Awakened shook their head and said,

    “They talk about danger pay and stuff, but honestly, how often do fatalities happen in these low-grade Gates?”

    “Exactly. Why don’t you go ask him if he’d like to join us?”

    “Man, we said we’re not working with summoners. It’s just not coordinated, you know, not in sync.”


    30,000 won per hour.

    Quickly running the numbers in my head, I approached them and said,

    “Excuse me.”


    “You were talking about porters, right?”

    The Awakened looked a bit startled and replied,

    “Oh, did you overhear us? Sorry, we were just talking among ourselves…”

    “No, that’s fine. Are you looking for a porter?”

    “Well, yes, we were just about to look for one…”

    At that, I gestured towards the skeletons lined up behind me and said,

    “How about trying out a new kind of porter? I was thinking of offering a one-time free trial as a grand opening event.”

    — — —

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