How a Disaster-Class Necromancer Retires – Chapter 3


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    — — —

    Chapter 3

    Three Awakened team members wander through the forest within the Gate, frequently glancing back. 

    Behind them, skeletons carrying monster by-products diligently follow. I beam with excitement,

    “This… has potential.”

    Even with just removing the combat commands and adding one to follow, the skeletons convincingly perform their role as porters. 

    After all, the basic algorithms for movement and evasion are already embedded.

    Then, one of the skeletons gets caught on a tree, dropping its load – a problem that hadn’t occurred when I was leading them myself.

    “I need to increase the evasion radius.”

    Without any hesitation, as my magic circle is only visible to me, I quickly modify it.

    “Increase the evasion radius to correlate with the load’s volume… Okay.”

    After this simple adjustment, the skeletons now skillfully navigate through the trees, properly carrying the by-products.

    I chuckle with excitement,

    “If I employ skeletons as porters, I can make money without lifting a finger.”

    Although there are quite a few aspects that need patching, it’s still significantly, overwhelmingly easier than creating combat skeletons.

    Suddenly, monsters appear, and the Awakened team readies for battle. 

    One of the monsters targets a skeleton porter. Following pre-programmed instructions, the skeleton deftly spins around the Awakened, avoiding the monster.

    “Good, good.”

    As the battle concludes, the Awakened team looks on in amazement,

    “Wow… this is convenient!”

    “Right, no worries about the porter.”

    Apart from fighting, the Awakened also have the duty to protect their human porters. 

    But these are lifeless skeletons.

    “If we just strap a bag on it, it would be perfect.”

    “What if it gets destroyed, though?”

    A new concern from the clients.

    I pause, pondering,


    If a skeleton porter is destroyed while I’m not around, what happens to the load it carries? 

    Sure, human porters face the same risk, but maybe there’s something special needed for skeleton porters.

    “Wait. A bag?”

    Porters carry bags for storage. Bipedal creatures are inherently unsuited for carrying loads.

    ‘Hold on. If I combine these ideas…’

    I turn to the Awakened team,

    “Can you give me a moment? I just had a great idea.”

    — — —

    The Awakened team, heeding Han Ji-hyuk’s request, decides to take a break.

    “Not bad, right?”


    “The skeletons following us felt weird at first, but it’s actually much more convenient than I thought.”

    One of them comments with a tinge of concern,

    “But it looks so flimsy, kind of makes me nervous.”

    The skeletons, being just bones, seem as if they might crumble with a single hit. If they break, the amount of by-products they can carry back, and thus the income, would decrease.

    “Let’s just enjoy today since it’s free. If they break, he’ll just make more.”


    As they chat, Han Ji-hyuk approaches, pulling something behind him.

    “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

    “Ah, are you done…?”

    As the Awakened turn towards Ji-hyuk, they’re speechless at the sight following him.

    “What is that?”

    A large, bone-made, oval-shaped basket with a skull attached to its front, and beneath it, three pairs of bone legs.

    Han Ji-hyuk, with a confident expression, announces,

    “Introducing the Hexapod Transport Skeleton MK.1!”

    I am regarded as the greatest Necromancer in the history of the Seron continent when it comes to creating undead. 

    To me, such modifications are trivial. 

    I began transferring the by-products the skeletons were carrying into the bone basket of the Transport Skeleton MK.1, saying,

    “If you put them in the basket like this? No risk of dropping them, and it’s perfect. Plus…”

    I turned to the Transport Skeleton and commanded,

    “Monster approaching.”

    Immediately, the legs of the Transport Skeleton neatly folded, and it sat quietly like a real basket.

    “Monsters target living beings, right? But this is just a basket to anyone looking. Just wait quietly like this until the battle is over and then say, ‘Let’s go.'”

    The skeleton then quietly stood up again.

    “And then, if you walk like this?”

    The Transport Skeleton obediently followed me.

    “What do you think?”

    The Awakened were astounded,


    “Is that even possible?”

    “It looks so convenient.”

    “I think I saw something like this. Weren’t they developing some sort of gate transport robot in the US? Something similar to this.”


    I have competitors?

    Of course, they can’t beat the cost-effectiveness of my skeletons, but still, let’s show them what we’ve got.

    “Try a test run. Let’s go!”

    “Ah. Yes.”

    As we all moved on, impressed with my Transport Skeleton MK.1, we encountered another monster.

    “Monster approaching!”

    The Transport Skeleton automatically sat down quietly in place.

    And the result…


    Just as I expected, the monsters didn’t even recognize the Transport Skeleton as an enemy. It looked more like part of the pile of by-products, some of which were bones anyway. The monsters focused only on attacking the living Awakened.

    “Perfect, absolutely perfect.”

    The perfect worker to ensure my retirement.

    Once the macro is fully established and the skeleton is rented out as a porter to the Awakened at a reasonable price, I can be freed from this tedious labour.

    Moved, I closed my eyes and thought,

    ‘There’s always a way out.’

    Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. I found a new way to overcome my laziness.

    While I was absorbed in my thoughts, the Awakened, having finished hunting, began excitedly loading the monster by-products onto the Transport Skeleton.

    “This is really convenient!”

    “Amazing, absolutely amazing.”

    I spoke up, playing the part of a good salesman,

    “It’s an eco-friendly summon that doesn’t need fuel or rest. Please feel free to use it.”

    The Awakened, thrilled, asked,

    “How much are you selling this for?”

    This skeleton can carry the load of at least three human porters. Considering the cost of one human porter is 30,000 won per hour…

    “I’m not selling, only renting. The rental fee is 30,000 won per hour. This one can do the job of three porters. Depending on how you load it, it might carry even more.”

    The Awakened exclaimed excitedly,

    “30,000 won per hour?”

    “That’s a third of the usual cost!”


    It’s a total bargain.

    “Just spread the word well, and I’ll give you an even better deal.”

    “Hahaha. You sound more like a businessman than an Awakened.”

    If being a businessman is more comfortable, why not?

    I just want to earn money comfortably.

    “All loaded.”

    “Just say ‘Let’s go,’ and it will stand up and follow you. Oh! I haven’t registered your voice yet.”

    I quickly formed a new magic circle and injected new commands into the Transport Skeleton.

    “Try saying something.”

    “Let’s go.”

    Upon the Awakened’s command, the Transport Skeleton rose to its feet.


    However, perhaps due to overloading it with too many by-products, some of the load spills out during the process of standing up.

    “Ah, maybe I loaded it too much.”

    “Hmm… Just wait a moment.”

    I dismantled another skeleton and added more bone to the basket’s perimeter before setting additional commands.


    The bones automatically encased the by-products in the basket, securing them.

    Proudly, I announced,

    “Here we have it! The Hexapod Transport Skeleton MK.2 with added lid functionality!”


    “That’s an option costing an additional ten thousand won per hour. What do you think?”


    “It’s like a real robot!”


    This business is definitely going to work!

    Confidently, I said,

    “Let’s go! Until we perfect the ultimate Transport Skeleton!”

    — — —

    “Why are we heading this way?”

    An Awakened, persuaded by a friend, heads towards a new Gate.

    “Is it close to its threshold? Are we hunting the leftovers?”

    When a Gate reaches its threshold, it expels all remaining monsters before completely vanishing. 

    It’s common for Awakened to hunt continuously before the threshold, but it’s typical not to exterminate every hidden monster. 

    So, when a Gate reaches its threshold, Awakened gather to eliminate the last monsters that emerge. 

    It’s a chance to hunt a large number of monsters without moving.

    But the friend shakes their head,

    “No, it’s not that. There are still a few days left.”

    “Then why go all the way here? There are similar grade Gates near our neighborhood.”

    The friend grins and says,

    “This one’s a bit special.”


    “You’ll see.”

    As the Awakened team arrives at the Gate, one of them, rubbing their eyes in disbelief, exclaims,

    “What is that?”

    An Awakened hands over money to a man sitting at a stall, and a strange creature with a bony basket and three pairs of bone legs follows them into the Gate.

    “It’s called a Transport Skeleton. It’s a summon that works as a porter, much more convenient and cheaper.”

    “I’ve never seen anything like that.”

    “Fascinating, right? That’s why I wanted to try it.”

    “Is it safe? It won’t suddenly stand up and attack, will it?”

    “How could it? It doesn’t even have hands. Plus, if it were that dangerous, people wouldn’t be using it so casually.”


    “Let’s go.”

    As they head to the stall, the man sitting there, enjoying his coffee, welcomes them,


    “We’d like to rent one.”

    “I recommend taking two. Each can carry a load of more than three porters. Though they can’t gather the by-products for you, their superior storage capacity means you can just bring the monster carcasses whole. The cost is 30,000 won per hour for each. Renting two is still much cheaper than paying for six porters.”

    An Awakened, surprised, says,

    “One does the job of three but costs only 30,000 won per hour? That’s less than half the usual price. Is this for real?”

    “Absolutely. If you have any doubts, ask others who have used it.”

    Another team, already renting two, gives a thumbs up,

    “Definitely use it. Especially MK.2. MK.2 has a lid feature, so if you pack it right, it can carry even four people’s load.”

    The man at the stall chimes in,

    “Just make sure not to overload it beyond its capacity, alright? That’s your responsibility.”

    “Ahh, it can handle that much easily.”

    “Well made, so that’s no surprise, but still, please adhere to the usage guidelines.”

    An Awakened, astounded, adds,

    “It can carry four people’s load?”

    “If that’s the case, we could bring whole monsters back.”

    The purpose of gathering by-products is to prioritize and reduce the load for the most valuable parts. But this all-in-one transport solution eliminates all such concerns.

    The Awakened inquired at the stall,

    “What’s MK.2?”

    “That’s the one with the lid option, MK.2. The lid costs an additional ten thousand won, and MK.3, with automatic gathering features, is an extra twenty thousand won.”

    “Uh… Which one’s better?”

    “MK.2 is most popular. The MK.3’s automatic gathering isn’t bad, but it’s still in beta, so it’s not perfect.”

    “Then give me two of the MK.2.”

    “Thank you! Have a great hunt.”


    Money is coming in even as I sit here.


    I took another sip of coffee, took out my newly bought portable game console to pass the time, and said,

    “This is paradise.”

    Why work at all?

    Just let the skeletons do it.

    It’s so enjoyable.

    “Good thing I became a Necromancer.”

    This is how I earn money – diligently running my skeletons.

    I’ll live comfortably and play, no more hard work like back in Seron.

    “Let’s see… which game should I play now?”

    As I was fiddling with the game console, a new customer arrived.

    “I’d like to rent MK.2, please.”

    I apologized with a regretful expression,

    “Ah, I’m sorry. Both the basic and MK.2 models are out. Only MK.3 is available.”

    “MK.3? Ah, man. I heard its automatic gathering feature isn’t great.”

    “It’s still in beta…”

    “Can’t you just rent it without the automatic gathering? I just need the lid.”

    “I’m afraid that’s not possible.”

    “Sigh. No choice then. Give me MK.3.”

    “Sure! Thank you!”

    The Awakened reluctantly rent MK.3 with an unnecessary feature. Option selling is the very basics of business.

    As the team took MK.3 and entered the Gate, I leaned back in my chair, resumed playing on my game console, and muttered,

    “Business is booming.”

    In no time, my transport skeleton business became the hottest item in the area.

    — — —

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