How a Disaster-Class Necromancer Retires – Chapter 5


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    — — —

    Chapter 5

    “Did you bring them?”


    The porters who had followed Kim Yong-ki exclaimed in surprise,

    “Was it Kim Jong-hyuk’s team?”

    Kim Jong-hyuk’s team, consisting of E-rank Awakened, was a notable force in the local low-tier gates. They were the support behind Kim Yong-ki.

    “If it’s Kim Jong-hyuk’s team, dealing with that summoner would be a piece of cake.”


    As the porters murmured among themselves, Kim Jong-hyuk stepped forward and said,

    “You must know by now, but we’re going to deal with that guy today. Honestly, I’ve used his skeletons myself… they’re incredibly cheap and convenient, almost making you wonder why you’d need porters.”

    Despite Kim Jong-hyuk’s words, the porters remained silent.

    “But my situation is different, right? Here.”

    Kim Jong-hyuk patted Kim Yong-ki’s shoulder and continued,

    “This guy has been making a fair bit of money for me, so it’s only right that I step in to protect the rights of the porters, isn’t it?”

    The porters vigorously nodded in agreement.

    “That’s right!”

    “We need to make a living too!”

    Kim Jong-hyuk looked pleased and began to outline the plan,

    “Soon, that guy will head home. He’s punctual about his leaving time. Anyway, you all confront him then. Be blatant, provoke him to the point where he can’t hold back. The moment he reacts, we take photos as evidence, then step in to handle him.”

    The porters chuckled and commented,


    “So, if the skeleton guy strikes first, there’s no problem for us?”

    Kim Jong-hyuk smirked and added,

    “Of course, we’ll need to get paid for our intervention. The tribute goes from 15% to 25%.”

    Kim Yong-ki, taken aback, protested,

    “Wait, that was not part of the deal…”

    But his protests were silenced by Kim Jong-hyuk’s cold gaze.

    “You thought dealing with an Awakened would be free?”

    Faced with a tough choice, Kim Yong-ki reluctantly agreed,

    “I’ll comply with your request.”

    “Good. We understand each other. See you in a bit.”

    As Jong-hyuk’s team left, the porters who had been quietly observing finally spoke up.

    “Really? He’s taking 25% now?”

    “After taxes and now this? What are we supposed to live on!”

    Kim Yong-ki, frustrated, yelled,

    “Shut up!”

    He looked at Han Ji-hyuk, who was lying on a recliner sofa, playing a game, and said,

    “This is all because of him. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t be losing our jobs or resorting to this!”

    The porters remained silent, unsure of what to say.

    “If you don’t like this or that, then move to another area! You think there won’t be any territorial issues there?”

    Resigned, the porters didn’t respond.

    Kim Yong-ki, having calmed the porters, glared at Han Ji-hyuk with bloodshot eyes,

    “We need to take action. It’s about protecting our livelihood!”

    — — —

    As evening approached and Han Ji-hyuk began packing up, Kim Yong-ki signalled,

    “Get ready!”

    At that moment, Chan-su burst onto the scene,

    “Wait! Wait!”


    Kim Yong-ki frowned,

    “What now?”

    “Calm down, everyone. This is not the solution.”

    “And what is the solution, then?”

    Chan-su replied with a bright expression,

    “I’ve spoken to him separately!”

    Kim Yong-ki stood up angrily,

    “What did you do?!”

    “What? You’ve already run off and spilled everything to him? You traitor!”

    “No! I didn’t say anything else! I just requested him to consider our plight and asked for a way to make a living. And he said he’d find a way!”

    Seeing the porters starting to get agitated, Chan-su felt empowered and spoke up,

    “There’s got to be a way we can work together! Even with his summoning abilities, he’s still alone! Even machines need someone to manage them!”

    Then one of the porters asked,

    “What is the way then?”

    Chan-su hesitated and then said,

    “I can’t tell you that just yet.”

    Kim Yong-ki scoffed in disbelief,

    “This is ridiculous. So you’re telling us to just stop based on some vague promise? How can we trust that?”

    Chan-su replied,

    “Of course, I can’t give you details right now. But he’s not a bad person. We can definitely solve this through talking!”

    Chan-su looked at the wavering porters and said,

    “If you can’t trust him, trust me. I’m Chan-su. You know me!”

    Hearing this, some porters began to side with Chan-su,

    “We can trust Chan-su.”

    “He’s the one who lent me money when I was in trouble…”

    As some porters began to shift sides, Kim Yong-ki yelled,

    “What do you know! Do you really want to die doing this?!”

    But even against Kim Yong-ki’s threats, some porters still sided with Chan-su,

    “Right, we’ll trust Chan-su’s words.”

    “I was too desperate for money, I guess. Sorry, Chan-su.”

    Chan-su smiled broadly and said,

    “Great! Let’s go together! Okay?”

    Unable to bear it, Kim Yong-ki snapped,

    “Fine, you’re leaving? I accept that. But remember this: once we deal with him, there’ll be no more jobs for you here. I guarantee it.”

    Some of the porters hesitated but remained silent in the end.

    Kim Yong-ki, having quelled the dissent, pointed at Chan-su,

    “You… You’re going to thwart me till the end?”

    “It’s you who’s been obstructing the other porters.”

    “Damn it.”

    Although Chan-su had not revealed his plan, Kim Yong-ki, unable to fully trust him, began to worry.

    Then, noticing Han Ji-hyuk starting to move, Kim Yong-ki grew anxious,

    “If we don’t finish this today, he’ll demand even more tomorrow…”

    Eventually, Kim Yong-ki pointed to a few porters,

    “You and you! Keep an eye on them. If they so much as touch their phones, let me know.”

    He then turned to Chan-su with a threatening gesture,

    “If you’ve tipped him off about our plan… after him, it’s your turn.”

    Chan-su replied confidently,

    “I’m not a liar like you.”

    Despite disliking him, his trustworthiness was evident – Chan-su was known for not lying.

    “Let’s go!”

    Leaving a few behind, Kim Yong-ki led the rest towards Han Ji-hyuk.

    One of the porters who had changed sides looked worried,

    “Shouldn’t we tell him? He said he’d find a way. If something goes wrong…”

    “It’s not him we should be worrying about right now.”


    “If only you had listened to me and left earlier.”

    Chan-su looked sadly,

    “I just hope they don’t go too far…”

    — — —

    Humming to himself, Han Ji-hyuk descended the mountain.

    “Should I order some pork hocks tonight?”

    Games, movies, and food were his only joys.

    “Yes, tonight it’s pork hocks and soju. Ah, this is the life.”

    As he cheerfully made his way down the mountain, suddenly,


    A group of porters blocked his path.


    Han Ji-hyuk looked surprised and asked.

    “Could it be that these porters have come to protest against me?”

    At my words, Kim Yong-ki frowned and said,

    “Kang Chan-su, that b*****d… He must have told him everything!”

    “Hmm? What about him? He only asked me for a favour. That’s why I said I would hire him as a part-timer.”

    Kim Yong-ki, momentarily flustered by my response, said,

    “Ah, a part-timer?”

    Kim Yong-ki seemed confused, stammering in his attempt to grasp the situation.


    Originally, I planned to play along and tease them a bit, but let’s just get this over with.

    I raised my hand and said,


    Suddenly, the porters all froze as if caught by something invisible.

    I had deliberately made the skeletons appear weak and concealed my own power to avoid drawing unwanted attention and the hassle that comes with it.

    But honestly, it’s more bothersome to worry about every troublemaker’s gaze.

    It’s much easier and simpler to deal with them firmly, making them too frightened to speak or look at me.

    “Come here.”

    To my surprise, not the porters, but a team of awakened beings carrying cameras, who had been hiding in the forest, flew through the air and gently landed in front of me, frozen stiff.

    I tapped the head of one of the frozen awakeners and said,

    “Starting to get the picture? You’ve messed with the wrong person.”

    The awakeners and porters, desperately trying to speak but unable to utter a word, just rolled their eyes in fear.

    “You should have backed off when Chan-su gave you the hint. I gave you a chance, but you refused it.”

    I smirked and said,

    “Now, shall we have some fun?”

    — — —

    [The next day.]

    “Th-thank you so much!”

    The porters, persuaded by Kang Chan-su, kept thanking me for offering them part-time work.

    “You’re welcome. I needed people anyway.”

    Suddenly, everyone started to look at me cautiously.


    What’s going on?

    Why are they acting like this when I’ve agreed to hire them?

    Then, Kang Chan-su cautiously stepped forward and asked,

    “What… what did you do to those people?”

    “I persuaded them, told them not to harbour such ill intentions again.”

    Of course, it was a persuasion aided by both physical and magical means.

    Thanks to them choosing a secluded location, I could make skeletons, empowered with my magic, from the bones I had prepared without anyone noticing, and give them a good thrashing.

    I even mixed in some illusion magic, so they probably remember being surrounded and beaten by a vast undead legion for hours.

    But I was considerate enough to use healing magic on them and sent them back after calming them down, right?

    “When I asked about yesterday, they were too terrified to say anything…”

    Looks like my soothing worked.

    “Seems like the persuasion worked. Anyway, why does that matter now? Are you here for the part-time job, or just to ask about that?”

    Let’s just gloss over it.

    No point in making a fuss.

    “Ah, okay.”


    “Then let’s get to the main point. The hourly wage will be a bit cheaper than usual, 25,000 won.”

    The porters seemed disappointed, though they didn’t show it too much.

    But then,

    I smirked and said,

    “Instead of lacking work, I’ll ensure there’s so much work that you won’t have time to take on any more.”

    The reason I gathered these people is simple.

    Every time I rent out to someone new, I have to register their voice, and I’m the only one who can do that.

    But what if, instead of registering new voices, I link the voice-registered person with the skeleton and rent them out together?

    People already registered can then act as intermediaries between the awakening teams and the skeletons.

    Of course, if it was just that, there would be no need to hire expensive porters.

    So, I took out my space storage and unveiled my latest creation.

    “Ta-da! Introducing the Hexapod Transport Skeleton MK.4, now featuring human riding capabilities.”

    I said cheerfully,

    “From now on, part-timers can take this and go work at other gates.”

    — — —

    “I heard the skeletons in the next town are pretty good.”

    “Yeah, they’re said to be good. But because of them, a lot of people are flocking there, so the earnings seem to be the same.”

    “Really? I’m curious to try them.”

    “I heard that guy can make a lot of them. Do you think he might expand to our area?”

    As the Awakened chatted, one of them spotted something unusual in the distance.

    “Is that the skeleton?”

    “Looks like it. Is he really expanding here?”

    “But it’s slightly different from what I heard.”

    Indeed, there was a peculiar sight: a six-legged walking basket made of bones, but with a small seat attached to the back where a man was sitting.

    When the man pointed towards the Awakened team, the skeleton walked up to them.

    “Are you looking for a porter?” the man asked.

    “Well, we haven’t found one yet…”

    The man smiled and offered,

    “Why not try our team? Our team consists of me, the leader, and two Transport Skeletons. The price for the whole package is 120,000 won per hour. For the cost of hiring four porters, you can get one human and two skeletons, each capable of carrying the load of at least three porters.”

    One of the Awakened expressed interest,

    “The price isn’t bad, but it’s the first time I’m hearing about a human being part of the deal. Can’t we just rent the skeletons?”

    The man shook his head,

    “Sorry, but our team operates as a unit.”

    The Awakened team discussed among themselves,

    “The price is good, but do we really need to pay extra for a person? Feels like we’re being overcharged.”

    “Let’s try it out of curiosity.”


    They decided to go with it, and the man assured them,

    “You won’t regret it!”

    — — —

    The Awakened team, initially just curious about the skeletons, soon realized the benefits of having a human as part of the team. After hunting,


    The leader of the Skeleton Team dismounted the basket and began loading the monster carcasses onto the first skeleton.

    Once everything was loaded, he climbed back, drew a dagger, and prepared to depart,

    “Just head out. I’ll take care of the rest while we move.”

    Usually, the Awakened would wait for porters to finish processing the carcasses. However, with the Skeleton Team, they could move on immediately, as the leader could handle the task during transit.

    Swoosh! Swish!

    Efficiently working atop the smoothly moving skeleton, the leader processed the carcasses, discarding unnecessary parts and sorting valuable ones into the second skeleton.

    “Looks good,” one Awakened commented.


    “Can we book you for tomorrow’s hunt?”

    “Of course! You’re always welcome!”

    Thus, the new Skeleton Team, combining human and skeleton efforts, began to slowly revolutionise the monster byproduct industry with its unmatched efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

    — — —

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