How a Disaster-Class Necromancer Retires – Chapter 6


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    — — —

    Chapter 6

    A new operational method was introduced where porters trained in operating Transport Skeletons are paired with the skeletons in teams for rental. 

    This method proved to be extremely effective. 

    It completely offsets the limitations of skeletons, which only move according to commands, by combining them with humans. 

    Moreover, it turned the porters, who had been harbouring complaints against me, into eager applicants vying for a chance to work with the skeletons.

    “Please assign a skeleton to me!”

    “I was first!”

    The team leaders, earning a stable high income due to the ability to work continuously and safely for a wage of 25,000 won per hour, naturally became the envy of other porters. 

    Consequently, many porters eagerly competed to be assigned a skeleton.

    At this point, Kang Chan-su stepped in to manage the porters, saying, “Wait! Acting like this won’t get you assigned first! Calm down, everyone!” 

    I had taken a particular liking to Kang Chan-su and appointed him as a direct employee, in charge of new team leader training and overall management.

    With the skeletons doing the work, the team leaders managing the skeleton operations, and Kang Chan-su overseeing everything, I was now literally just sitting back and creating skeletons, watching the money come in.

    Then Kang Chan-su asked me, “Boss, how many are we assigning today?”

    “I made four, so two people.”

    Kang Chan-su looked troubled as he spoke, “Two people, you say? Then who should I choose…?”

    “Just handle it yourself,” I replied.

    The porters all raised their hands eagerly, saying, “Me! Me!”

    “I can do it really well! I’ll only take 20,000 won an hour!”

    “What?! 20,000? Hey, that’s crossing the line!”

    As the situation started to heat up, Kang Chan-su, in a desperate tone, said, “I used to pick good people I knew, but now, I really…”

    “Hmm…” I thought. Kang Chan-su wasn’t the boss, and even with the authority I gave him, he couldn’t make such decisions on his own.

    “Let’s see…” I pondered the fairest and most acceptable method of selection. 

    Given that the porters’ resumes were all similar, there was no way to distinguish who was better suited for the job. 

    Rather than unfairly comparing them and causing everyone’s dissatisfaction, I decided to randomly pick them using a game. 

    Even though those not selected might feel unjust, they could still hope for and pursue another opportunity.

    “Today’s the 7th, so July-born, step forward.”

    The porters who walked forward with bright expressions were then addressed by me, “Check their IDs.”

    “Yes,” Kang Chan-su responded and started verifying their birth months. One porter’s ID, however, showed August as their birth month.

    “That’s my solar calendar birthday, but my lunar calendar birthday is in July.”

    Considering this, I thought, maybe I should bring a lottery box next time. I said with a look of annoyance, “Solar or lunar, only the birthday on the ID counts. No excuses about registration or anything.”

    Some porters subtly stepped back and rejoined the crowd. 

    After all checks were complete, Kang Chan-su nodded to me, indicating the process was done.

    “Let’s settle it with rock-paper-scissors. If you don’t play, you lose. Rock-paper-scissors!”

    The porters began playing desperately. At first, there were continuous draws, but eventually, one by one, they were eliminated until only three remained.

    “Again. Rock-paper-scissors.”

    Finally, the ultimate winner was determined.


    The two losing porters looked at me with pleading eyes, probably hoping to play rock-paper-scissors for the last spot. 

    However, if we did that, it would be unfair to those who didn’t get a chance at all.

    “The rest are out. This time, add 3 to 7, making it October. Why 3? Just because it’s my favourite number.”

    Although it was an arbitrary method of selection, no one among the present porters could object to my decision.

    “October! I was born in October!”

    “I’m definitely going to win this time!”

    After Kang Chan-su finished checking IDs, another round of rock-paper-scissors began.


    “I won!”

    Finally, the ultimate winner among the October-born porters was determined.

    “That’s it for today.”

    Despite having much to say, the porters left, promising to return next time. Watching them, I couldn’t help but smirk and say,

    “Not a bad feeling.”

    It had been a long time since my skeletons had received such sincere welcome.

    “Good. Let’s keep it up like this.”

    — — —

    The business was smooth sailing. I was making money just by sitting and creating skeletons, just as I wanted. But,

    “It’s a bit tantalising.”

    Wary of spreading fear of the undead like in Seron, I had cautiously increased the number of skeletons. But, unlike combat ones, these seemed to be well-received by people.

    “Why not just mass-produce them?”

    I wanted to create more indiscriminately to earn a lot of money quickly. 

    But expanding to that extent would inevitably draw public attention. 

    Usually, summoners can manage up to ten creatures, but I had already surpassed that number. 

    What if I suddenly added dozens more each day, operating hundreds or thousands?

    The overwhelming attention was certain.

    “I really dislike trouble…”

    While pondering as I walked around my house, I suddenly paused and said,

    “Wait a minute.”

    Why was I even worrying about this?

    “If I’m earning money on a large scale, I can’t avoid attention anyway.”

    Anyone with such wealth in Korea is among the elite. It’s impossible for such a rich person to go unnoticed.

    “Was I being too timid?”

    I had been avoiding attention due to my dislike for hassle, but considering my ultimate goal, it was an impossible task. 

    Whether I slowly increase skeletons and receive attention later or do it explosively now, what’s the difference? 

    Especially since I was already gaining some fame in the area with my unique transportation method.

    “So, let’s just go for it.”

    I was just offering my abilities in exchange for money. 

    Transport Skeletons, unlike an undead army, didn’t possess combat power. 

    My reluctance to attract attention was solely because of my dream of a peaceful retirement. 

    But if it’s inevitable, why worry?

    I immediately called President Park.

    -Yes, boss?

    “Increase the purchase amount from tomorrow.”


    He sounded delighted.

    -How much should we increase? Double, triple, just say the word…

    “Right now, I have 32 million in my account, so let’s start with 32 million won’s worth!”


    Understandably, he was taken aback. 

    My daily income had already surpassed ten million won from renting out dozens of Transport Skeletons. 

    Now, I planned to invest all my earnings into buying bones to significantly expand the business.

    Quick retirement was the goal!

    -Is that sudden?

    “Yes. Start with 32 million, and from now on, invest all earnings into buying bones. Move quickly!”

    After a moment of silence, Park shouted,

    -Thank you! I’ll gather the freshest ones for you!

    After ending the call, I closed my eyes and thought,

    “I’ve delegated bone purchases to President Park. What else do I need? Hmm… a company?”

    As the amount I earned increases, so would tax issues. It was time to formally establish a company.

    “Alright. Rent a warehouse, set up a company, and if I start scattering dozens a day…”

    I paused, then shook my head, dismissing the thought,

    “No, no, that’s a lower strategy.”

    In war, continuously sending small units one after the other is just asking to be defeated piecemeal. 

    It’s better to gather a large army and strike forcefully to minimize losses. 

    The same principle applies here. 

    While it’s impossible to avoid attention, if I want to minimize the ensuing hassle, I shouldn’t scatter a few at a time but rather deploy a massive amount all at once, enough to astonish everyone.

    I chuckled and said, “Yeah. Let’s go all in.”

    — — —

    The Gate Management Bureau oversees not only Gates and monsters but also Awakened individuals as a whole. 

    The bureau’s registration offices, beyond simple certification of Awakened individuals, also act as a sort of local branch, managing nearby Gates and Awakened.

    “Is there anything special to report?”

    Thus, periodically compiling comprehensive information about registered Awakened individuals is part of their duties. 

    Among the Awakened, there are those who go astray and commit crimes not against monsters but humans, wielding their power. 

    Such Awakened criminals have an impact far greater than ordinary criminals.

    “Nothing speci… Ah!”

    The researcher speaking suddenly remembered.

    “What about that special management target?”

    “Special management target? Who are you talking about?”

    “Han Ji-hyuk.”

    “Ah, Han Ji-hyuk. The Transport Skeletons?”

    Han Ji-hyuk, who modified weak summons into Transport Skeletons and maintained as many as 32 summons, had attracted significant attention, even being registered as one of the special management targets of the registration office.

    “What was it? I heard he made up to 32.”

    “That’s right. He hasn’t produced any new skeletons since a month ago.”

    However, Han Ji-hyuk had not introduced any new skeletons for a month, and naturally, everyone thought his summoning ability had reached its limit. 

    Interest in Han Ji-hyuk rapidly waned.

    “Remove Han Ji-hyuk from special management?”

    “No, it’s not that. Han Ji-hyuk has started a company. What? Seron Corporation? Anyway, it opened today.”

    “A company? Wow.”

    The director said with admiration.

    “That’s the right way to use abilities. Who knew those weak skeletons could be utilized like that? And now he’s even started a company? Must have made quite a bit of money?”

    “Rough calculations suggest his monthly earnings are in the hundreds of millions.”

    “Better than many Awakened.”

    “Anyway, I mentioned Han Ji-hyuk’s company opening today. Nothing else is special.”

    “Hmm. Should we remove him from special management then? He has many summons, but it seems he’s reached a limit, and more importantly, those Transport Skeletons have no combat ability. Doesn’t seem like we need to keep an eye on him anymore.”

    “I agree.”

    “Let’s proceed with that then…”

    But just then,


    An employee rushed in, pale-faced, and exclaimed,

    “Did you hear?!”

    The director, puzzled, asked,

    “…Hear what?”

    “About Han Ji-hyuk!”

    “The company he started?”

    “No, about the Transport Skeletons! Han Ji-hyuk is indiscriminately scattering skeletons after inviting a bunch of porters!”

    Surprised, the director asked,

    “He’s deploying more? Not just 32? Hmm. So he hadn’t reached his limit? And isn’t this amount of summons almost a record?”

    A researcher added,

    “He already broke the record a month ago. The previous record was 27 by an Awakened from Cuba.”

    “Wow. Impressive. Should we keep him on special management for a while?”

    As the director and researcher casually continued their conversation, the employee, beating his chest with his fist, said,

    “It’s more than that!”

    “More than that?”

    Realizing something was off, the director asked with a stern expression,

    “Tell me straight. How many more is he deploying? Ten? Twenty?”

    Panting, the employee replied,

    “Th… three…”

    “Thirty? That means, in total, 62? Managing so many summons is…”

    The employee interrupted,

    “Three hundred! And that’s just so far!”

    — — —

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