I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 115


Chapter 115: Looking after your sister-in-law is a different story; prepare for a good show!

In the middle of the pavilion, a divine light loomed and intertwined with the fragrant atmosphere, making a harmonious and lively scene.

Bai Lie drank another glass of wine and – as he said this, his face could not help but show his complacency and excitement.

Although he and Yin Mei have met on several occasions over the period of time, he even took her to meet some of his friends, including Ye Ling. However, Yin Mei was very reserved, she always kept a distance of at least three feet from him.

He couldn’t even touch her once.

This saddened Bai Lie’s heart, but on the other hand, it also made him see this kind of reserved and self-love quality of Yin Mei, causing him great joy.

The small displeasure that he experienced at the Myriad Dao Banquet just a short while back also dissipated.

After all, things were unavoidable at that time, and Yin Mei was also forced with no other choice available.

He would chop off the hand of Gu Changge that touched Yin Mei’s foxtail one day anyway.

Today, Yin Mei took the initiative to contact him, causing Bai Lie’s heart to burst with happiness. The relationship between the two seemed to have gradually warmed up, even to the point of familiarity… Perhaps it could get even closer today.

Thinking about it, the smile on Bai Lie’s face deepened.

He smiled at the few people in front of him and said, “I told Yin Mei to come directly to me, all of you shouldn’t have any objections, right? 

Upon hearing this, the Young Supremes hurriedly shook their heads and laughed, “Brother Bai Lie has said so, how could we be unwilling?”

“We all have heard about Brother Bai Lie’s fiancée Yin Mei, she is the Holy Maiden of the Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox Family. She is also unparalleled in terms of might and beauty, having such a fiancée can really make one envious.”

“Also, at the Myriad Dao Banquet, we heard that the Holy Maiden, Yin Mei, faced Young Master Gu without flinching.”

“For Brother Bai Lie’s sake, she dared to stand up against Young Master Gu. Despite being a disciple of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace, she was able to perform such a feat.”

“The character of the Holy Maiden, Yin Mei, naturally needs no introduction. How many women in the world can accomplish such a feat? This achievement alone makes countless others pale in comparison.”

“We admire her greatly, and she is indeed a heavenly match for Brother Bai Lie.”

When they heard this, the Young Supremes, both male and female, began to toast and compliment Bai Lie who found their words very pleasing to the ear.

Although he was a little upset that Gu Changge was mentioned, the thought of Yin Mei coming had dispersed of slight annoyance.

Ye Ling sat on the other side, dressed in all black, looking as ordinary as possible.

However, there was an inexplicable air of  self-confidence all over his body, and he stood out among the flattering Young Supremes.

He naturally heard about the events of the Myriad Dao Banquet some time ago.

That Gu Changge truly bullied people too much, humiliating Bai Lie in public if not for Bai Lie’s fiancée, Yin Mei, standing up for him at the critical moment.

Maybe Bai Lie would have had to suffer even greater humiliation.

Regarding Yin Mei, Ye Ling has also met her a few times, she is indeed very beautiful, and he has always been attracted to jade beauties.

But in the end, she is the fiancée of brother Bai Lie, so he gave up on such thoughts. Although he loves jade beauties, he still has standards.

Of course, if Bai Lie was not around… taking care of his sister-in-law would be a different story.

At this moment, Ye Ling noticed the gloomy look in Bai Lie’s eyes when Gu Changge was mentioned, and he couldn’t help but say, 

“Brother Bai Lie cares about that Gu Changge too much. After all, he is just a half-step ahead of you in terms of cultivation speed. When you break through to the Middle Stage of the Conferred King Ream, you need not keep face with him anymore.”

Hearing this, Bai Lie also smiled and said, “My good junior brother does understand my heart. I am not afraid of him. The offensive power of my White Tiger Clan is not weaker than anyone in the same realm.”

Bai Lie was confident in his invincible nature. 

When he had first withdrawn from Gu Changge at the Banquet of Myriad Dao, it was due to his inferior cultivation level against his opponent’s.

But now, he had already felt the shackles of the Middle Stage of the Conferred King Realm loosen. At any moment, an opportunity to break through might be found..

Then, he would defeat Gu Changge, make him lose face, and make him regret what he had done that day.

“By the way, speaking of Gu Changge, why do you also have a grudge against him? I even heard that you plan to challenge him?”

Suddenly, Bai Lie frowned as he thought of something and looked at Ye Ling as he asked, “It’s not that I don’t think you don’t have a chance. After all, I’ve seen your talent with my own eyes.”

“You were able to defeat stronger opponents despite being weaker, and even Ye Liangtian, who is on par with Gu Changge, hardly managed to resist you. When your cultivation level catches up, I don’t think Gu Changge will be a match for you anymore”.

The recent rumours have already spread throughout the Immeasurable Heavens, and all the Young Supremes here were aware of them, and they naturally admired Ye Ling.

Ye Langtian was known as the Reincarnation of an Ancient Emperor, and  many rumours were circulating about him in the Upper Realm.

Ye Ling’s victory over a strong opponent despite being weak had clearly shocked many people.

If this was not the case, how could a junior like him call Bai Lie his brother?

“Brother Bai Lie is unaware that since Gu Changge is your enemy, he is naturally my enemy as well. Not to mention his fiancée, you know her, right?”

Hearing this, Ye Ling couldn’t help but laugh, speaking without putting Gu Changge in his eyes at all.

He wasn’t afraid of the rumours, even if they were true, he had the courage and ability to be so!

“Gu Changge’s fiancée? Do you mean the Fourth Princess of the Immortal Dynasty, Yue Mingkong? She is indeed a woman of incredible brilliance! Could it be that you’re thinking of hitting on her?”

Bai Lie drank a cup of wine, but when he heard Ye Ling’s words, his eyes lit up.

Yue Mingkong, in particular, was indeed outstanding. Although the boundaries of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty were far from the Immeasurable Heavens, he had recently heard that Yue Mingkong had travelled to the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace to look for her fiancée, Gu Changge.

This truly made him envious!

All the young men’s eyes on the side also visibly lit up, listening intently with great interest.

Who didn’t want to be with a beautiful woman?

They did not expect Ye Ling to have the guts to hit on Yue Mingkong, which made them admire Ye Ling even more.

At that moment, Ye Ling narrowed his eyes again and said, “I don’t know what I did, but that Yue Mingkong devised a plan to kill me for no reason. Fortunately, I made it out alive”.

As he said this, he touched the black pendant around his neck, the events of that day in the Immeasurable Heaven Ancient City were still vivid in his mind.

‘I was hoping to get a glimpse of her, but I never thought that I would almost lose my life there.’

When he thought about it, a cold glint flashed across Ye Ling’s eyes.

This made Bai Lie a little stunned, but thinking about his junior brother’s temperament, he thought his junior just didn’t want to admit it, so he lied, saying he was almost killed. He found it a bit funny.

Now that the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace was preparing to open up the Immortal Road. The group of Young Supremes laughed and began to discuss the next step they should take and the group was transforming into a mini social-circle.


[At the same time.]

In the middle of the Ancient City where Ye Ling and the others were, a very ordinary-looking carriage slowly arrived.

The old man in black who was driving also looked very ordinary but had an ethereal presence.

When the cultivators around them saw him, they stepped back as they guessed that the person in the carriage was not someone simple.

Inside the carriage, two figures were sitting across from each other, it was none other than Gu Changge and Yue Mingkong.

Yue Mingkong’s phoenix eyes were slightly narrowed as she was thinking about some things from her past life.

Bai Lie, the young master of the White Tiger Clan, was one of the few true friends Ye Ling had.

She knew that Gu Changge was planning to take action against Bai Lie.

As for how to put the black pot of Forbidden Demonic Art on Ye Ling’s head, she was also curious as to how Gu Changge was going to do it.

After all, this kind of matter could not be resolved just by discussing it with Ye Lantian.

If they really were to investigate, they would easily find out that Ye Ling had nothing to do with Forbidden Demonic Art.

What other tricks did Gu Changge have up his sleeve that no one was aware of?

She glanced up at Gu Changge and noticed that he was very quiet at the moment.

The moonlight falling on his handsome face gave him a divine charm.

If this was his true nature, just how good would it be?

This made Yue Mingkong shake her head slightly, shrugging this unrealistic thought to the back of her mind.

The two of them were preoccupied with their own thoughts.

The atmosphere was peaceful and quiet.

The strong fragrance of wine and sandalwood made Gu Changge appear somewhat relaxed, slightly squinting his eyes.

“Old Ming, find a mansion to rest in. I’m going to watch a good show tonight.”

Then, Gu Changge spoke casually and said to the old man in black who was driving.

“Understood, Young Master.” Old Ming replied.

The Heavenly Dao Ancient City wasn’t far from here.

Because the Heavenly Dao Ancient City had been unusually lively recently, with various sects gathering there, many cultivators had arrived at the nearby Ancient City to rest.

After leaving the Heavenly Dao Ancient City, Gu Changge did not return to the mountain gate, nor did he alert the enemy, but kept a low profile along the way.

After all, he had come to watch the show and to help push things forward so that nothing would go wrong.

He still had a few more tricks up his sleeve to throw this black pot of Forbidden Demonic Arts out into the open.

For now, he opened the System Panel, which he hadn’t opened in a long time.

The attribute screen hadn’t been looked at in a long time.

[Host: Gu Changge

Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain

Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd

Identity: True Disciple of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace | Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

Cultivation: Conferred King (Middle Stage)

Mystical Abilities:

Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [8th Layer (60%)]

Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)

Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)

Void Ability (Talent)

Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art

Infinite Immortal Wisdom


Destiney Points: 12,000

Fortune Value: 2,500 (Black)

System Shop: Open


Boundary Breaking Talisman*1, Seal Breaking Talisman*1, Divine Concealment Talisman*1, Fortune Plunder Card*3.]

What Gu Changge didn’t know was that his Fortune Value had risen to 2,500 points at a rather fast pace.

Apart from the Fortune Value provided by Su Qingge and Lin Qiuhan, there were definitely some from Gu Xian’er.

Of course, there were also the two quest lines of the Favoured Daughter of Heaven, which had been provided by Su Qingge and Lin Qiuhan.

All that was left in front of Gu Changge now was to solve Bai Lie’s randomised system quest first..

After all, it was 1000 Fortune Value and 5000 Destiny Points, which wasn’t bad at all

It was time for Bai Lie to be of use and fulfil his final act.

In his plan, Bai Lie had a great role to play, and he couldn’t find a better choice than him.

“Looks like it’s been a while since my last breakthrough, I should make a breakthrough again.”

Right then, Gu Changge scanned his current realm again. Honestly, after getting used to the Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art, he realised that although it was great to add more points to Immortal Dao Codex, it was still quite inferior to the Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art.

Of course, there were still much better ways for him to gain Destiny Points.

However, until his true cultivation could be used to move the world around, he would have to honestly add points and maintain his apparent cultivation level.


“System, add more points.”

Gu Changge gave a command, and immediately a familiar feeling of coolness brushed over his body, and a strange power began to spread from his limbs and bones.

At the same time, the progress of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex was advanced to [8th Layer (90%)].

The late stage of the Conferred King Realm, a breakthrough!

“This guy has somehow broken through…”

Yue Mingkong also noticed the change in Gu Changge’s Qi just now and was a little surprised.

She had always been curious as to how Gu Changge managed to control his surface cultivation so seamlessly that it was difficult to find a single flaw.

If it wasn’t for the experience of her previous life, she wouldn’t have known that Gu Changge has always been hiding his greatest trump card.

She was shocked to discover that Gu Changge’s methods were truly beyond comprehension.

Could it be that he could break through to the Void God, True God, or even a higher realm at any time if he wanted to?

Although she had been looking everywhere for opportunities, her true cultivation level was still the same as Gu Changge’s.

Naturally, she had only just reached the early stages of the Conferred King Realm.

With the experience from her previous life, she knew the importance of hiding her true cultivation level and she would not reveal it so easily.

As such, even Gu Changge did not realise that Yue Mingkong’s true cultivation level was actually at the late stage of the Conferred King Realm.

This alone was enough to make her feel proud among the Young Supremes of today.

Of course, this didn’t matter to Gu Changge, as he didn’t care about it at all.

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Demonic Translations

[Translator – Zain ]

[Proofreader – Samael ]

Host: Gu Changge

Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain

Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd


  • True Disciple of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace 

  • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

Cultivation: Conferred King (Middle Stage)

Mystical Abilities:

  • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [8th Layer (60%)]

  • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)

  • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)

  • Void Ability (Talent)

  • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art

  • Infinite Immortal Wisdom


Destiney Points: 12,000

Fortune Value: 2,500 (Black)

System Shop: Open


  • Boundary Breaking Talisman x 1

  • Seal Breaking Talisman x 1

  • Divine Concealment Talisman x 1

  • Fortune Plunder Card x 3

Cultivation Realms are arranged in increasing order:

  • Mortal Physique

  • Spirit Ocean

  • Spirit Palace

  • Transcendent

  • Great-Transcendent

  • Saint

  • Conferred Lord

  • Conferred King

  • False God

  • True God

  • Heavenly God

  • God King

  • Sacred Realm

  • Great Sacred Realm

  • Quasi-Supreme

  • Supreme

  • Quasi-Emperor

  • Emperor

  • Immortal

We’ll continue to add as we move forward.

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