I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 137


Chapter 137: Not Qualified To Even Stand In Front Of Gu Changge; Shaken Thoughts

“Lord Long Teng?”

Yue Mingkong’s indifferent eyes moved slightly when she heard the name mentioned by the dragon-horned lady in front of her, essentially confirming her identity.

But she still didn’t care about it.

She knew Long Teng from her previous life, he was a frightening individual and was the best among his generation.

After leaving the Ancient Immortal Continent and going to the outside world, he was invincible, even against some ancient freaks who awoke from their age-old slumber.

But in the end, he disappeared as if he had vanished into thin air, which was a strange case.

Many cultivators felt sorry for Long Teng, it was not impossible for him to compete for the highest position in the future with his Dragonic Talent.

However, he disappeared without a trace, making many cultivators sigh with regret.

Many people thought Long Teng had accidentally entered some deadly forbidden area, a spatial rift, or a world dimension. It was then that he was either trapped or died.

But in this life, Yue Mingkong felt that it was very likely that Long Teng had probably encountered Gu Changge’s poisonous hand.

She still remembers the names Gu Changge whispered softly in her ears that fateful day in her previous life, and among them was Long Teng.

‘Gu Changge has the Immortal Devouring Demonic Arts, so how could he not try to find the Origin of the True Dragon?’

‘According to his character, it’s absolutely impossible for him to let Long Teng go.’


Her thoughts flew back to the present, Yue Mingkong looked cold and indifferent. Her palm fell as the plain jade-white handprint glowed as clear as crystal.

The Emperor-grade Technique was exceedingly tyrannical, despite her Realm on the surface stating that she was still only in the middle stage of the Conferred King Realm.

However, her explosive power had already reached the level of those in the True God Realm, shocking many cultivators nearby.

If Yue Mingkong and the dragon-horned lady in front of her were in the same Realm, she most definitely wouldn’t be Yue Mingkong’s opponent.

The dragon-horned lady’s complexion changed slightly. She relied on her strength and her strong physique to exchange blows with Yue Mingkong.

However, she was still in a disadvantageous position.

She cast a strong Body Technique. A brilliant aura flowed around her as she resisted the strike, though she couldn’t help but retreat a few steps back.

“Lord Long Teng asked me to gather some of the best women from the outside world this time. If you follow him of your own will, he will be most pleased.”

“A woman like you, only Lord Long Teng is qualified to possess.”

[Proofreader’s Note: Oh boy, look at the time… looks like it’s time for a beating!]

As they fought she continued trying to entice Yue Mingkong with her offers.

A Favoured Daughter of Heaven like Yue Mingkong is extremely rare, even among the Ancient Immortal Race.

Such rarities are not seen even after hundreds of thousands of years.

Dragons are lustful, and Long Teng had an obsessive hobby of collecting beauties from various races.

Therefore, this dragon-horned lady had planned to capture as many Daughters of Heaven from the outside world as possible and bring them to Lord Long Teng to claim the credit.

Even though she was a woman herself, she was shocked as she found herself unable to look away when she saw Yue Mingkong.

What would happen for a man?

At that moment, she wanted to take down Yue Mingkong. She didn’t think it would be so difficult, but after battling for half a day, she was in a state of anxiety.

Yue Mingkong’s strength was the same as her face, extraordinary. She was surprised by this, even envious to a certain degree.

[Editor’s Note: No arguments here.]

Thus, she tried to persuade her. She spoke to her in the outside world language that she knew well.

After all, Long Teng’s talent can be said to be the most fearsome of their clan in millions of years, topping his peers and simply sweeping away all of his enemies.

The Elders of the Clan even called him, Lord Long Teng, who can compete for the title of the True Dragon in the future.

The True Dragon, a great existence that surpasses even the True Immortals!

In her heart, she respected Long Teng to the extreme.

It’s a pity that a face such as hers isn’t something that Lord Long Teng would even look at.

“The first thing you need to do is to pray that this Empress’ fiancée doesn’t hear this…”

At this moment, Yue Mingkong reflected on her experiences with Long Teng during her previous life as she couldn’t help but shake her head slightly with a touch of mockery that couldn’t help but show itself on her otherwise indifferent face.

‘In front of Gu Changge, just who were these so-called Young Supreme and Ancient Freaks?’

‘They didn’t even have the qualifications to stand in front of him.’

[Translator’s Note: She admitted it, let’s go bois!!]


When the dragon-horned lady heard this, her face changed drastically. With an ugly look, she spoke fiercely, “Your fiancée will die if he tries. To this day, any woman that Lord Long Teng wanted, he got it without exception.”

Yue Mingkong didn’t care, the clouds were light and breezy.

She was simply considering whether or not she should reveal some of her methods to kill this annoying girl.

However, she still chose not to do so.

The dragon-horned lady in front of her wasn’t worth it. Besides, she might have a trick or two up her sleeves too.

As for her opponent, she also knew that it would be difficult to win against Yue Mingkong, and she was more than ready to leave right that instant. Right now, she needed to report this matter to Lord Long Teng above all.

The Ancient Immortal Race dominated many natives in the Ancient Immortal Continent. They have long known that Young Supremes from the outside will eventually come in to train and find opportunities.

The Immortal Treasure is actually an Immortal-Grade Artifact of the Ancient Immortal Race that diffuses an obscure glow.

All of this was actually part of their plan to attract people from the outside world to come here.

The Ancient Immortal Continent has been closed for a long time, and the younger generation of theirs should also go out and walk the world, experience it. And while doing so, they will promote the prestige of the Ancient Immortal Race in the process.

Long Teng is the leader of the younger generation of the Ancient Immortal Race.

The strength of the dragon-horned lady facing off against Yue Mingkong wasn’t even in the top ten.

However, by the standards of the outside world, she was a Young Supreme. After all, the Spiritual Qi and cultivation resources in the Ancient Immortal Continent were richer than many other places in the outside world, not to mention the many opportunities hidden there.

For example, there were countless Supreme Stone Inscriptions in addition to the buried treasure of many Ancient Emperors…

This made the younger generation of the Ancient Immortal Continent much stronger than those in the outside world.

She even felt that she didn’t need Long Teng to take action personally to win against the younger generations in front of her.

“Long Teng, how long can you live in this life?”

Yue Mingkong watched her opponent flee but did not chase her behind.

Her expression seemed very calm and natural. The most important part of all this was that she knew her opponent was already dead.

“I just hope that Gu Changge doesn’t think I’m trying to pin their hatred on him…”

Yue Mingkong’s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly. At this moment, she was trying to guess Gu Changge’s thoughts in accordance with his usual temperament.

Although she put a lot of precautions on Gu Changge, she didn’t really believe in Gu Changge.

Once bitten, twice shy[1].

[1: An unpleasant experience makes someone more cautious.]

Yue Mingkong has her own ideas.

She knows that her relationship with Gu Changge now seemed to be much closer.

Gu Changge confessed his secret of the Forbidden Demonic Arts, listened to her, gave her a Divine Artifact, and he even said sweet words that touched her heart.

But ultimately, it was only because she was now more useful to Gu Changge than she was before.

Yue Mingkong wasn’t drunk enough to be played around with just because of Gu Changge’s current attitude toward her.

Of course, she also hoped that she was just thinking too much, hoping that everything was just a big misunderstanding she had for Gu Changge.

She wanted to be the good wife that stood by his side, to give birth to his sons and daughters, to help him rule the world, to overlook the heavens as they stood tall together.

Of course, the premise is that there should be no “Fox Spirit” to come in between. Otherwise, that “Fox Spirit” will die.

Gu Changge is only hers!

[TL/N: First a tsundere now a yandere? Gu Changge just can’t catch a break.]

“About Xian’er…”

Soon, Yue Mingkong remembered something important. Her complexion changed slightly as a slight bit of worry showed itself. With that, she rushed to the place where Gu Xian’er was trapped.

Many followers behind her also came with her, their numbers astonishingly vast.

Up until now, Yue Mingkong had relied on her knowledge of the future to seize many opportunities in advance.

There was even the Emperor’s Path Inheritance.

She was also planning to find an opportunity for her Cultivation Base to break through to the False God Realm.

Her current Cultivation Base, the middle stage of the Conferred King Realm, only served to confuse the public.

It can be said that she learned this from Gu Changge.


A myriad of divine lights travelled through the sky!

Not long after, Yue Mingkong rushed to the area where Gu Xian’er was trapped by a large number of sea creatures.

Along the way, she didn’t see a single cultivator, which puzzled her just a bit.

Taking into account Gu Changge’s temperament, it is very likely that he wouldn’t care whether Gu Xian’er’s lived or died.

Although she knew that Gu Xian’er’s encounter was nothing short of surprising as she also knew that Gu Xian’er would even manage to experience a breakthrough in her Cultivation Base but as her future sister-in-law, how could she not be worried?

But here in front of her, there was a rich aura of fresh blood. Many of the surrounding mountains and forests had all but turned to dust with large cracks spreading across the ground.

“Princess, we have gathered new information… Young Master Changge, he just left here not long ago.”

“The Seventh Princess of the Sea King Palace was also killed by Young Master Changge.”

“Miss Xian’er is fine now. Right when the battle was about to take a turn for the worse, the Young Master Gu Changge appeared… and killed all the sea creatures from the Sea King Palace .”

It was a female follower behind her who had come forward to respectfully report this to Yue Mingkong.

“If he’s been here, it’s no wonder there’s so much blood.”

Hearing this, Yue Mingkong was a little shaken, but she quickly nodded with relief in her heart.

Deep down, her emotions were in turmoil. She never expected that Gu Changge would actually show up to rescue Gu Xian’er.

Even the Seventh Princess of the Sea King Palace was killed.

‘If I remember correctly, the Seventh Princess of the Sea King Palace was slain by Gu Xian’er’s sword. She even suffered the wrath of the Sea King Palace because of it.’

‘How come the Seventh Princess of the Sea King Palace died so quickly in this life?’

‘Gu Xian’er didn’t even encounter any noteworthy dangers, and she didn’t have a breakthrough either?’

‘The trajectories are too different.’

‘Have I really misunderstood Changge? Just what is his plan?’

Yue Mingkong rubbed her eyebrows. If she was honest, her thoughts were disturbed at this moment.

‘If one time is a coincidence, what about two times? Three times?’

‘Did I have too deep of a prejudice against Gu Changge in this life because of my experiences in my previous life?’

‘Did I hold on too tightly to my preconceived notions to notice the bigger picture behind everything?’

At this moment, Yue Mingkong began to wonder if her past experiences had even been real in the first place.

‘If it is false, then why was the experience so real? Every day, every night, and every emotion, everything felt so real and vivid.’

‘If it is true, then why does this life have so many variables?’

‘Forget it, this matter will become clear sooner or later. What caused the difference between the Gu Changge in my previous life and the Gu Changge in this life?’

‘His attitude towards Xian’er is indeed very different. After the incident on the Ancient Immortal Continent, it seems I have to find an appropriate opportunity to go to the Immortal Gu family and ask Uncle Gu himself.’

After that, Yue Mingkong also left. After all, she didn’t come to the Ancient Immortal Continent just so she could improve her cultivation to the False God Realm.

She had bigger ambitions.

At the same time, there was an area close to the Ruins of the native people on the east side of the Ancient Immortal Continent.


A black and white divine light rushed past, containing a strange and mythical power as the terrifying beast in front of him suddenly turned into an incredibly hideous pile of withered bones.

A young man with a fair face quickly struck to get rid of the fierce beast in front of them.

“So strong, Brother Ye’s strength is truly worthy of admiration.”

This scene shocked the young men and women behind him.

The man in front of them that was being heavily admired.

It was none other than Ye Ling.

Before, they had mocked him, blind to his awesomeness.

“Brother Ye’s strength has truly advanced by leaps and bounds. Soon, he will soon break through the Conferred King Realm.”

A petite woman with feathered clothes and fair and delicate skin spoke with admiration in her voice.

“Yes, a beast in the False God Realm was killed with a single strike. Many of the other Young Supremes couldn’t have managed it so easily.”

A charming woman in a red dress and a shimmering foxtail also smiled. With her curled eyes, looking at her, his heart couldn’t help but be moved.

Hearing that, the young man in front of them smiled even more with satisfaction.

After all, that was the whole point of showing off his strength to everyone.

What’s the point if you don’t show off?

If you don’t show off, how can you capture the hearts of beautiful women?

Along the way, they saw majestic mountains and lush, ancient forests.

The sky was covered with thick leaves and branches.

The place was filled with immortal fog and clouds, full of vitality and Immortal Intent.

Many powerful auras were hidden among the remains of the mountains. Divine powers intertwined and emitted a glorious light that created an atmosphere fit for war.

A certain ancient artifact appeared, overflowing with light and colour.

An Ancient Immortal herb, the fragrance of the medicine permeated through thousands of miles.

Many cultivators were keen on grabbing such opportunities.

Many fierce beasts that existed in the Heavenly God Realm also appeared, striking with terrifying fluctuations, the divine light rushing across and shaking the sky.

The battle was chaotic. Both outside cultivators and powerful native creatures were fighting against one another.

However, under the leadership of Ye Ling, they had gained a lot and were even lucky enough to never encounter any real danger after they arrived.

“Old Turtle, are the things you said that the Reincarnation Ancient Deity left for me, really here? Why are they in the native area? Going by my current strength, isn’t this suicide?”

Right then, Ye Ling looked at the faint outline of a city in the distance.

He was asking all this to the Old Turtle in his pendant.

“Where else do you think it would be? Ye Ling, the Ancient Deity was a character from the Ancient Immortal Period. At that time, he was strong and powerful. The inheritance is naturally kept in a safe place.”

“It’s true that there are many strong people inside, but you are the Inheritor of the Ancient Deity of Reincarnation, so why don’t you show a bit more courage?”

[PR/N: This Old Turtle is going to be the death of this guy…]

The Old Turtle in the pendant sounded quite displeased by Ye Ling’s questions.

When Ye Ling heard the Old Turtle’s response, he put aside his doubts. After all, the Old Turtle was reliable and would never lie to him.

It’s just that this was the matter of the Ancient Deity of Reincarnation’s Inheritance. It would be highly unwise to let others know.

Ye Ling would not take the initiative to expose this secret.

Otherwise, he will definitely become a target, alarming and encouraging many powerful individuals to snatch it from him.

As he thought of this, Ye Ling came up with a simple idea before tossing a wink at Yin Mei and Chi Ling.

To him, these two women were not outsiders.

Chi Ling and Yin Mei understood as they immediately waved away their group of followers.

“Ye Ling, what’s the matter with you?”

Chi Ling asked. She was actually unsure of why Ye Ling wanted to take the initiative to lead the way, which eventually brought them here.

“I need to go into the Ruins ahead and do something. If you believe me, you can sneak in with me.” Ye Ling said seriously, the two women have a lot of methods at their disposal. In fact, it would be much safer if they went with him.

Yin Mei’s eyes moved slightly as she spoke without hesitation, “I believe you.”

She actually knew that, at this moment, Gu Changge had already arrived and was not that far behind.

Because of the Black Dao Bottle, some of Gu Changge’s orders can be given to her directly.

Seeing Yin Mei trust him so much, Ye Ling was deeply moved.

‘Sneaking into the territory of the native people of the Ancient Immortal Continent, even I don’t know how dangerous it will be.’

‘However, Yin Mei is not afraid in the slightest and I can see her trust in me.’

And soon, Chi Ling also agreed, believing in Ye Ling’s personality.

Then, Ye Ling began to discuss with them his plans and arrangements for when they sneak into the Ruins.

At this moment, atop another mountain peak, Gu Changge’s figure appeared. He looked at the ruins from a distance with an amused smile.

Thanks to the traces that Yin Mei had left for him, he found them very quickly.

And this time, he didn’t bring along any of his followers.

After all, being high profile at a time like this would be just plain stupid.

“According to Yin Mei’s report, Ye Ling’s opportunity should be hidden in these Ruins. But before that, it will take some time for him to sneak into it.”

“In the meantime, I can finish the matter of the other Ancestral Tombs first.”

As he thought of this, the space in front of Gu Changge blurred as he stepped into it, disappearing in an instant.

‘Thanks to my previous experience, the tomb-digging should go much smoother and feel much more routine than the last…’

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Demonic Translations

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Host: Gu Changge

Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain

Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd


  • True Disciple of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace 

  • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

Cultivation: Conferred King (Late Stage)

Mystical Abilities:

  • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [8th Layer (90%)]

  • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)

  • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)

  • Void Ability (Talent)

  • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art

  • Infinite Immortal Wisdom


Destiney Points: 20,000

Fortune Value: 3,500 (Black)

System Shop: Open


  • Boundary Breaking Talisman x 1

  • Seal Breaking Talisman x 1

  • Fortune Plunder Card x 3

Cultivation Realms are arranged in increasing order:

  • Mortal Physique

  • Spirit Ocean

  • Spirit Palace

  • Transcendent

  • Great-Transcendent

  • Saint

  • Conferred Lord

  • Conferred King

  • False God

  • True God

  • Heavenly God

  • God King

  • Sacred Realm

  • Great Sacred Realm

  • Quasi-Supreme

  • Supreme

  • Quasi-Emperor

  • Emperor

  • Immortal

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