I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 143


Chapter 143: Binding Successful; Pretend To Be The Most Powerful And Get The Most Poisonous Beating.

At the same time, outside the domain of the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan…

Hidden in the ruins, Gu Changge was devouring and refining the Origin Essence of an Ancient Corpse in the Sacred Realm. His ears moved slightly as he detected the sound of a living being approaching from the outside.

Amidst the sounds, he could hear his name be mentioned.


Gu Changge stepped forward and suddenly appeared, a palm fell, directly suppressing several young creatures who were in the middle of the discussion.

“Spare… life…”

Their faces were full of fear and horror, some of them were so scared they even wet themselves.

Gu Changge was too lazy to talk nonsense and searched one creature’s soul directly.

And soon, he got the news he wanted.

At this moment, he was practically living in seclusion, so he had no clue what was happening everywhere else.

“Long Teng, the descendant of the True Dragon Clan, wants to challenge me?” He couldn’t help raising his eyebrows, a little puzzled.

He wondered… he’d never seen Long Teng before, so how could he catch his attention to the point that Long Teng would threaten to kill him and take everything?

Gu Changge’s first reaction was to declare Long Teng as a retard.

But after putting together what he knew of Long Teng from the Ancient Immortal Race, he quickly came to a conclusion.

‘I must have been pitted against him by Yue Mingkong.’

‘After Gu Xianer’s pit was finished, Yue Mingkong made another one.’

Gu Changge felt that he was too kind to them, and both of them angered him.

“But it’s true that Long Teng’s brain has a problem.”

“Even Long Aotian[1] himself is not so arrogant. Just because he’s the True Dragon he thinks he can simply take everything away from me? I’m afraid he won’t even have the courtesy to come to me himself.”

[1: A legendary figure in Wuxia.]

Gu Changge couldn’t help but sneer at such a trivial matter.

He already knew that Long Teng’s purpose was nothing more than Yue Mingkong, intending to grab his fiancée.

Even if someone disliked Mingkong, they had to admit her face was peerless.

Otherwise, Gu Changge would not be so “in love”.

No man would not be tempted after seeing it.

Long Teng was the very definition of a popular stud, so he was no exception.

After all, no matter when and where it all depended on the face.

If Yue Mingkong was an ugly woman, Gu Changge wouldn’t have bothered to be so nice to her.

Once he’s squeezed her dry, he’d be sure to throw her aside.

Although Gu Changge was not a superficial person, he too was an avid lover of beauty.

In line with this, Changge felt that he was already tolerant enough of Yue Mingkong. He would’ve never put up with her if she was just some ordinary woman.

And yet… this lass dared plot against him.

This made Gu Changge’s eyes narrow.

‘Forget it, for the sake of her good performance a few days ago, I won’t embarrass her. But this Long Teng needs to die…’

As he thought of this, Gu Changge couldn’t help but laugh.

He was always the one to covet what others had, but here was Long Teng, so bold and so daring.

Gu Changge felt that he kept too much of a low profile, allowing this group of Ancient Immortal people to dare step on his face.

But right now, he closed his eyes slightly. With the Immortal Binding Art, he saw a scene of the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan’s Hei Ming in his mind, taking a look at his progress.

If time permitted, he was considering whether he could first solve the eyesore Long Teng.

In the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan, on a mountain peak…

There was a dimly lit courtyard.

Behind Hei Ming, a pair of black wings spread out. Black light flowed, a mix of snow and dark.

He was cultivating with a frenzied look as he said to himself, “I only tried this Immortal Binding on three people, and yet it has already brought me such great benefits. Now, even if I cultivate without external aid[2], the speed is still several times faster than usual.”

[2: He is talking about pills and medical baths used to increase the cultivation speed.]

“This Cultivation Technique is too heaven-defying, and soon I will be able to surpass everyone, becoming an existence that towers above all else!”

His incomparable excitement has verified the powerful and terrifying aspects of the Immortal Binding Technique.

‘I just taught the Cultivation Technique of the Immortal Binding to three attendants.’

‘And the next day, I found out that my cultivation talent was much stronger, my Cultivation Base rising by a whole small realm.’

‘At this rate, it won’t take long for me to break through the Conferred King Realm and enter the False God Realm. After that, I’ll catch up with Big Sis and become one of the tops in the younger generation.’

‘These are just minor obstacles.’

And now, Hei Ming had greater ambitions.

Knock! Knock!

At this moment, from outside the courtyard, there was a knock on the door.

Hei Ming’s body flashed with brilliance as he hurriedly restrained his own fluctuations. Then, he happily strode over to open the door.

“Big Sis, you’re here!” He said.

Though the girl outside was Hei Ming’s older sister, she only looked about seventeen or eighteen years old. She had delicate features, was dressed in white, and was surrounded by clouds of mist.

Her black hair was like a cloud, with nine phoenix hairpins inserted on it and she wore a splendid river-mountain jade woven dress. She was as pure as a Divine Lotus, possessing unparalleled beauty.

She was Hei Yanyu, the pride of the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan, a genius with a very high Cultivation Base.

“Hei Ming, what do you want me to do?” Hei Yanyu asked softly.

There was no extra emotion in her words for this waste brother of hers.

He was her little brother, and she would always care for him, protecting him from those who would otherwise bully him. Unfortunately, Hei Ming’s cultivation talent was just terrible. Even after using up so many resources for so many years, he showed no progress with his cultivation.

She felt helpless, and she eventually gave up, just letting him be a Marconi disciple.

Today, Hei Ming said that he wanted to show her something, so Hei Yanyu took some time to see what it was.

“Big Sis, come in quickly, I have something important to tell you.”

Hei Ming had a serious look on his face as he looked around. When he found that nobody was following Hei Yanyu from behind, he felt relieved.

According to his research, there was neither danger nor harm in the Immortal Binding part of the Cultivation Technique.

On the contrary, it contained a few very profound truths and insights regarding the Truth of Dao.

He was planning to pass on this part of the Cultivation Technique to his Big Sis.

For himself and Hei Yanyu, it was mutually beneficial, a win-win situation.

When she heard this, Hei Yanyu followed Hei Ming with a little bit of doubt.

She asked, “Hei Ming, is there something wrong? Did you cause trouble again?”

She subconsciously thought that Hei Ming had encountered some sort of trouble again and needed her Big Sis to come forward and solve it.

“No, Big Sis. This time, I wanted to surprise you with something good.”

Hei Ming spoke with a bit of excitement as he took out the handwritten copy of the Immortal Binding part from his arms. He made up a random excuse, saying he found it at a stall by chance.

“What is this? An Ancient Technique?” Hei Yanyu frowned disapprovingly.

At first, she didn’t believe a word of it.

But when her eyes fell on the second and third lines of the Cultivation Technique, she couldn’t move her eyes away. She was a little surprised, shocked even.

“What a profound ancient method, how fortunate you are……” Hei Yanyu was surprised, her face unable to conceal her shock and delight at this news.

At the same time, she felt a little relieved.

‘Hei Ming is really a good little brother. After he found such a mysterious Ancient Technique, he told me first.’

“Big Sis, please remember this Cultivation Technique. If it’s useful to you, you can pass it on to father and even the Elder.”

Hei Ming also calmed down at this time, suppressing his inner excitement, not allowing himself to act suspiciously.

“Hei Ming, you really have a good heart! Despite how the clan treated you, your first reaction after getting this technique was to give it to the clan.”

Hei Yanyu also sighed a little as Hei Ming showed off his puppy eyes.

Hei Ming’s behaviour today really made his Big Sis proud.

“Big Sis, you should also know, I’m just a waste with mediocre cultivation talents. If this Cultivation Technique stays by my side, it’ll be a complete waste. It’s better to give to the family and make the family stronger so that I can continue being a Marconi. I’ll live a better life with the help of this!”

Hei Ming replied with a smile when he heard her words. He seemed calm, but there was a hint of self-deprecation mixed in.

Hei Yanyu fell silent. She sighed, “These years have been really hard on you, huh? But Hei Ming, don’t worry, I’ll be sure to tell father and grandfather personally. The clan will be sure to give you all the credit, not a single bit less.” 

“With the words of Big Sis, I’m relieved.” Hei Ming nodded when he heard the words, also very happy and satisfied.

After that, the two of them talked about some things.

Hei Yanyu expressed her concern for Hei Ming before she left the courtyard, planning to discuss the matter with the Clan Elder.

After all, the overall strength of the clan was involved and it should not be ignored.

She had a vague feeling that this Ancient Technique involved immortality!

Thus, Hei Yanyu was also a little excited.


From the courtyard, he watched Hei Yanyu leave… and Hei Ming couldn’t hold it in any longer. He was so excited that he couldn’t help but shake all over!

He knew that if he just passed the Ancient Technique to his Big Sis, she’ll pass it to the clan when the time comes.

After that, he could enjoy the benefits with the help of the Immortal Binding Technique.

Hei Ming couldn’t help but smile excitedly when he thought of this.

“All this is thanks to the Supreme Being!” He was so emotional, even more in awe of the Supreme Being who he had only met once!

But Gu Changge, who was tens of thousands of miles away, witnessed all this with Hei Ming’s eyes with a deep smile.

‘His acting is really good!’

‘It seems that sometimes even waste wood can be useful. Hei Ming has plans and ambitions, not bad at all.’

Gu Changge couldn’t help but laugh, very satisfied.

All this was a pleasant surprise.

Hei Ming overplayed his hand.

After all, ……he was the real origin of the Immortal Binding Technique, and even Hei Ming was just one of the branches.

The branches that are added by Hei Ming will also be under his control when the time comes. The Immortal Binding did not contain the slightest danger, and it would not affect the cultivator at all.

On the contrary, it even contained many mysteries including the Truth of Dao… the best bait.

Unfortunately, the Immortal Binding was also a thread that controlled life and death.

As long as Gu Changge willed, this thread could be cut instantly, killing the person.

After all, this was all part of the plan!

‘When all the high-ranking members of the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan cultivate this technique and become sub-branches, it’ll be time for me to show up. By then, the benefits would be far greater than simply looking for Ancestral Tombs everywhere!’

Gu Changge smiled.

‘However, this process will take some time.’

Thus, Gu Changge got up and left, preparing to deal with Long Teng first.

At this time, the news of Long Teng’s departure quickly swept the area, causing a huge sensation among the many Immortal Clans in the Ancient Immortal Continent.

The outside cultivator may not know it, but for the natives of the Ancient Immortal Continent, Long Teng was the most powerful representative and symbol of the younger generation.

Even those listed among the top ten of the younger generation were afraid of just speaking about Long Teng. They were envious and could only comfort themselves by thinking that they were not Long Teng’s opponents.

Now that Long Teng had moved out, it naturally shocked the Ancient Immortal people, astonishing even those in the older generations.

“Lord Long Teng said he’ll personally suppress the young man named Gu Changge from the outside world and take away everything that is his.”

These were the Ancient Immortal people. As such, these words held grave importance to the younger generations of the outside world.

The Ancient Immortal people knew very little about Gu Changge.

But for the Young Supremes outside, it couldn’t be clearer. Gu Changge’s strength had reached the rank of Young Asura.

Even if someone said that Gu Changge was the leader of the outside world’s younger generation within the Ancient Immortal Continent, there would simply be nothing wrong with it.

“What kind of retard is this Long Teng? He dares to threaten the Young Master Gu? What a joke.” At that moment, the ridicule of the Young Supremes could be heard across various areas.

“Hahaha, I almost laughed my head off! If he said he wanted to suppress any other Young Supreme, I would’ve thought it was possible…”

“But he wants to kill Young Master Gu. I think he just doesn’t know what a Young Asura is!”

“Crazy, really crazy. Finally, I have the opportunity to see the saying ‘the most pretentious one is the most ignorant one’ in action. I can’t wait to see how this guy named Long Teng will get face-slapped.”

Many Young Supremes who heard the news were giggling like crazy, shedding tears as they burst with laughter.

The size of the Upper Realm was simply indescribable.

In terms of size, it simply couldn’t be compared.

But even then, in the inner region, the name of Gu Changge was known to everyone as a True Immortal that had been enlisted in the ranks of the Young Asura.

How can any cat and dog bark in front of him?

That’s right, in their opinion, this young man named Long Teng was just a jumping clown.

After all, which one of Gu Changge’s achievements of killing people was not based on his terrible strength?

Some time ago, even the Seventh Princess who was said to be invincible in the Sea King Palace was easily killed by Gu Changge.

With such a record, no one dared to say anything lightly.

Of course, the main reason behind their support was that Gu Changge was also an outsider, not a native. They were naturally offended at the intimidating tone of these natives.

The Ancient Immortal people were very strong, but that was only thanks to their home-field advantage.

“Brother Gu’s strength is unfathomable, but this Long Teng is also a tricky figure.”

“However, just how many methods can he force Brother Changge to reveal?”

On a mountain peak, raising his palm to kill a terrifying python in front of him and plucking a strange flower, Ye Langtian couldn’t help but shake his head as he spoke.

As for what he thought of these pieces of news, he simply did not care.

At any rate, he began to see through less and less of Gu Changge.

Comparatively, Long Teng, who had a terrifying reputation in the Ancient Immortal Continent, was worth none of his worries.

‘The real powerful existence is the kind of horror that you can perceive is strong but don’t know how strong.’

‘And Brother Gu always gives me this feeling…’

“When the time comes and the two meet each other, I should go and take a look. If I can get a glimpse of Brother Gu’s real strength, it would be a worthwhile trip.”

As he thought of this, Ye Langtian turned around and went in a different direction, eagerly hoping that the two would meet as soon as possible.

Scenes like this were happening everywhere, and the Young Supremes from the outside world were shaking in their hearts.

The advantage of Long Teng was the powerful talent and advanced Cultivation Base, but the power of Gu Changge was the unknown and unfathomable kind, the kind of power that would shake the hearts of people with cold ice.

No matter who it was, they dared not go against Gu Changge, instead, they avoided him.

But now with Long Teng’s words, their eyes couldn’t help but brighten.

“This idiot didn’t even inquire about Young Master Gu’s situation; that’s why he dares.”

“That’s right, he did what we always wanted to do but didn’t dare to do. Young Asura…does he think that Young Master Gu’s true strength is only at that level?”

Young Supremes were whispering everywhere. In the past, they also wanted to challenge Gu Changge but because they couldn’t gather the courage to do so, they have been procrastinating until now.


In front of a jade-like lake, divine light swam in waves with a gleaming dim light… an Immortal Flower, crystal clear, bearing a few seeds.

A shocking battle broke out here as many people aimed to attain this Immortal Flower.

There were Young Supreme from the outside and also many young generations from the Ancient Immortal Continent who took their shot.

Finally, from the void, Yue Mingkong in her hunting dress slashed across space with several of her people behind her. Her slender fingers pointed out as the powers of heaven and earth emerged with awe-inspiring vitality, like a majestic Emperor.

‘I am the only King under the heavens.’

A terrifying aura spread across, like rain covering the ground, as everyone retreated in shock.

She swept outwards as she stepped on the lake, snatching the Immortal Flower.

“A few fairy seeds containing a breath of Immortal Spiritual Qi.”

Yue Mingkong nodded, having finally taken the seeds without any effort.

She was confident that she could quickly step into the False God Realm with the help of this.

‘When the time comes, I would easily achieve the flawless Immortal Foundation Base with the help of the Fairy Seeds.’

“Princess, about the threat of Long Teng …”

Yue Mingkong planned to leave this place and find a place to retreat and cultivate first after this.

However, a follower behind her suddenly stepped forward and reported the incident.

When Yue Mingkong heard the words, it seemed that she was not surprised by this matter. Instead, her eyes moved slightly as she asked, “Do you know what Changge is doing?”

She didn’t come to the Ancient Immortal Continent in her previous life, so she didn’t even encounter Long Teng.

The various opportunities and so on that she found here were all thanks to plans she formed from various rumours and news she heard in her previous life.

At that time, Long Teng did not have a grudge against Gu Changge.

She guessed that Gu Changge was busy planning a major event and simply chose to ignore Long Teng.

But in this life, Long Teng was so arrogant that he even planned to snatch her away.

Going by Gu Changge’s character, it is certain that he wouldn’t let Long Teng go.

After all, this matter… was deliberately set up by her when she mentioned Gu Changge in passing.

Occasionally planning against Gu Changge was her way of having a little fun.

‘Gu Changge always likes to tease me, this is what he deserves.’

‘Of course, this kind of obstacle is so insignificant it wouldn’t affect Gu Changge at all.’

‘Even if Long Teng’s talent is strong, he cannot be Gu Changge’s opponent.’

‘When he encounters Gu Changge, Long Teng will only meet a dead-end.’

Yue Mingkong simply didn’t see any other way it could end.

‘Pretend to be the most powerful and get the most poisonous beating.’

This was what she thought in her mind. Long Teng’s personality was such that he thinks himself invincible. To him, there were none who were even worthy of being looked at by him.

What she wanted to know now was what area Gu Changge was in. After all, it had been a while since he disappeared.

“Reporting to the Princess, we haven’t seen a trace of the Young Master Changge all this time…”

Then, after getting a reply from her followers, Yue Mingkong was not surprised. Even she couldn’t find Gu Changge if he truly tried to conceal himself, so how could a mere follower of hers find even a trace of his location?

‘When the time comes, with his shrewdness, I am afraid that he will easily guess my plan to push him to the forefront of the storm.’

Yue Mingkong felt that it was not a good time to meet Gu Changge and that it would be better to avoid him for now. She was, after all, trying to be a bit cautious.

Gu Changge obviously intended to develop secretly.

However, by mentioning him to the dragon-horned lady, she directly implicated him. It would be strange to think that Gu Changge would be in a good mood and won’t find her to settle the accounts.

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Demonic Translations

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Host: Gu Changge

Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain

Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd


  • True Disciple of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace 

  • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

Cultivation: Conferred King (Late Stage)

Mystical Abilities:

  • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [8th Layer (90%)]

  • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)

  • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)

  • Void Ability (Talent)

  • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art

  • Infinite Immortal Wisdom


Destiney Points: 20,000

Fortune Value: 3,500 (Black)

System Shop: Open


  • Boundary Breaking Talisman x 1

  • Seal Breaking Talisman x 1

  • Fortune Plunder Card x 3

Cultivation Realms are arranged in increasing order:

  • Mortal Physique

  • Spirit Ocean

  • Spirit Palace

  • Transcendent

  • Great-Transcendent

  • Saint

  • Conferred Lord

  • Conferred King

  • False God

  • True God

  • Heavenly God

  • God King

  • Sacred Realm

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