I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 150


Chapter 150: Not Prepared To Be An Unsung Hero; Mind If I Join Too?

In the depths of the Ancient Immortal Continent, amidst a vast, endless, and pristine range towered a group of majestic mountains that stood overlooked the rest. These mountains were enveloped in an endless mist and surrounded by an immortal brilliance whose divine light rose to the skies.

Powerful waves of Qi and blood were visible in the sky, causing the mountains to rumble and shake like an earthquake.

It was a bleak scene, and many people of the clan could not help but wail in anguish.

“The Young Master of the True Dragon Clan has been killed!”

“And none were even able to retrieve the corpse!”

A group of draconic creatures knelt before an Ancient Palace, their faces white pale and bloodless, as their very souls seemed to tremble.

This was an event so terrifying that it shook the entirety of the True Dragon Clan.

Long Teng was the only hope of their generation.

A number of the clan elders even thought that Long Teng possessed the True Dragon’s Talent and would be able to rule the heavens in the future, sweeping away everything and becoming invincible across the world.

But now, Long Teng has been killed!

The entire True Dragon Clan was outraged, and many still were shocked, unable to believe it.

How could a man as powerful as Long Teng be killed by one of his peers?

And yet, this was the truth of the matter.

It would have been fine if the person who killed Long Teng had been of a more ordinary status, but the opponent was the Young Master of an outside Ancient Immortal Family as well as the Heir of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace.

With such status, the True Dragon Clan had no way of dealing with him.

If they really dared cross that bottom line…

They would not only be up against one or two Daoist sects, but also many other forces from the outside world.

The entire Ancient Immortal Continent would be turned upside down!

“We must endure this incident no matter what! Our clan has no complaints about being defeated by someone of their own generation!”

Within the palace, a terrifying old man with dragon horns wore a face full of grief as he spoke with a tyrannical voice.

“However, now that Long Teng is dead, we must retrieve his corpse. This is already the biggest compromise we can make!”

If the body could not be retrieved after death in battle, it would be a disgrace for a clan such as the True Dragon Clan who proclaimed themselves royalty.

It would also be difficult for Long Teng’s spirit to rest in peace.

Moreover, the blood of a True Dragon in Long Teng’s body was something they cannot afford to lose since it was something that they could use to develop another heir!

“Third Elder, what if the Young Master of the Gu Family does not agree?”

In the middle of the palace, someone couldn’t help but ask, worried that Gu Changge wouldn’t return Long Teng’s corpse.

“He will return it, and if he doesn’t…”

“In that case, I will use the Dragon Emperor’s decree to unite the rest of the races and carry out a great purge of the younger generation from the outside world!”

The grief on the Third Elder’s face had disappeared as he spoke coldly.

He didn’t believe Gu Changge would be able to withstand such oppression by then.

Once the Dragon Emperor’s Decree was issued, the entirety of the Ancient Immortal Continent’s hereditary clans would have to obey their orders.

To avoid crossing that bottom line, all the Young Creatures in the Ancient Immortal Continent would have to unite.

That way, even if they angered the outside world, they would have no reason to take action.

After all, the two sides had agreed beforehand that the older generation would not be allowed to intervene!

From his point of view, no matter Gu Changge’s strength, even he would have to back off when confronted with the combined might of the Ancient Immortal Races.

After all, to return Long Teng’s corpse was not an unreasonable request.



At the same time…

In the midst of the vast mountains and ruins, a stream of light pierced through heaven and earth, sweeping into the distance.

Many cultivators and creatures who saw this scene turned pale and retreated in all directions.

They dreaded coming across this group, for the young man at its head was someone that they were all quite familiar with.

He was the one who killed the rising star of the Ancient Immortal Clans, Long Teng.

This event caused an uproar in the Ancient Immortal Continent, stirring up the clouds.

Needless to say, there are few Young Creatures or even Young Supreme today who would not turn pale at the sight of Gu Changge.

“He is a true Young Asura, his strength is boundless.”

“In the future, if you see him, avoid him at all cost.”

On a mountain peak, a Young Supreme was solemnly teaching this lesson to his junior brothers and sisters.

“So what brother? He killed a young man from the Ancient Immortal Clan and shocked many creatures, and yet we are to avoid him?”

A rather naive and innocent young girl looked at the distant figure of the immortal-like young man as she could not help but blush slightly in amazement.

“Don’t think he’s a good guy just because he looks handsome, you should know that many Young Supremes have died in his hands!”

The senior brother spoke with hatred towards him.

At this moment, Gu Changge’s followers could be seen rushing to places where the divine light rose to the sky all over the Ancient Immortal Continent.

However, he did not appear in person.

When his followers appeared alone, none dared to seize them, stopping in their tracks.

There was one person who could not accept such an injustice, trying to seize a Divine Artifact anyway, only to be blown to bits on the spot.

The incident sent a chill down the backs of many Young Supremes.

The Ancient Immortal Continent was full of opportunities, but if Gu Changge happened to come across them, they would have no choice but to retreat.

As such, they could only pray that Gu Changge wouldn’t bump into them whenever they came across something good.

After all, with his strength, Gu Changge can do just about whatever he wants nowadays.

Putting aside the Young Supremes for a moment, even the opportunities of the disciples of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace were snatched by him.

Such blatant robbery made many Young Supremes too afraid to even speak.

As of now, Gu Changge was busy hunting someone, not knowing that he had already been targeted by the True Dragon Clan deep in the Ancient Immortal Continent.

But of course, even if he did know, he wouldn’t care. In fact, he would’ve even laughed a little at such a timely coincidence.

After all, he was also after the Ancient Immortal Races.

As a matter of fact, among them, the True Dragon Clan was his main target.

Gu Changge knew very well that the future emergence of the Fairy Spirit would come as a complete surprise to the older generation, spreading to many forces outside of the Daoist Sects.

By then, it would all come crashing down.

Naturally, the Ancient Immortal Races would not be spared, and with the True Dragon Clan having the most profound heritage…

‘The figure in the shadows had been spying on me since the beginning, having chased me for many days, yet it has not shown itself even once.’

Gu Changge slightly narrowed his brows.

The only witness to the incident where he handed over Long Teng’s corpse to Yue Mingkong was this person.

Since Long Teng had the blood of a True Dragon within his body, his corpse would be a hidden danger.

Gu Changge wondered if the rest of the True Dragon Clan members knew about it[1].

[1. Quick recap: True Dragon Clan isn’t made up of True Dragons, they’re just a far-flung bloodline who use the name because it sounds cool.]

If they knew, then they would definitely find a way to retrieve Long Teng’s corpse.

After all, a drop of True Dragon blood was equivalent to the blood of an Ancestor. Such a thing was precious and bears quite the significance to the Ancient Immortal Clans, who valued their bloodlines.

Hence, there was a high likelihood that he would become the target of the True Dragon Clan for quite a while.

After all, the True Dragon Clan believes that he has Long Teng’s corpse.

Little did they know that he had already handed over the corpse to Yue Mingkong.

And the only witness was the man he was chasing today.

Gu Changge already had plans set in motion, so it was only natural he would not allow its reveal.

Moreover, he had killed Long Teng, so if the True Dragon Clan knew that he didn’t have Long Teng’s corpse, they would simply go after Yue Mingkong and implicate her in this matter.

So what did this mean? Did he screw over Yue Mingkong?

This thought never even crossed his mind.

Although Yue Mingkong had occasionally cheated and plotted against him in secret, Yue Mingkong did love him deeply.

Gu Changge wasn’t heartless and could naturally feel it.

Why else would be so indulgent to the point of spoiling Yue Mingkong?

Now, Gu Changge was planning to solve the potential danger, ensuring that Yue Mingkong would not be implicated.

‘But of course, I can’t do this for free, I need to make sure Yue Mingkong finds out.’

As Gu Changge thought of this, he couldn’t help but smile.

He wasn’t prepared to be an “unsung hero”.

What would be the point of doing good deeds if no one knew about them?

He wanted Yue Mingkong to immediately know how he took the initiative to protect his woman, to make her feel special.

“Well, how come you’re not running away?”

Gu Changge’s thoughts abruptly returned to reality as he noticed the aura that stopped ahead.

Other than a relatively isolated city in the middle, there was nothing but mountains nearby.

The city wasn’t that large. At best, it could accommodate a population of a few hundred thousand.

However, the majority of the population was natives of the Ancient Immortal Continent, with very few cultivators from the outside world.

The aura that Gu Changge had felt was probably hidden in the city.

Without the slightest hesitation, he rushed off with his followers behind him.

‘After so many days of running away, are they planning to come for me? Or are they waiting for me in that city ahead with a trap set in advance?’

‘Or are they planning to blend in with the others and conceal their aura so that they can escape?’

Gu Changge narrowed his brows.

For him to have chased this person for so long, it was clear that the opponent was powerful and unlikely to be of the younger generation.

Regardless, he was not concerned in the slightest.

The fact that Long Teng’s Corpse was not in his hands now was something that could not be revealed for the time being.

“Seal off the city ahead of us.”

“Capture or kill anyone suspicious.”

Gu Changge instructed the group of followers behind him.

After that, he took the lead as he turned into a divine rainbow and left.

“Yes, Master!”

Before long, a group of powerful creatures and cultivators all headed for the Ancient City ahead.

Surging divine beams of various colours appeared from all eight directions, with the intention of sealing off the various parts of the sky.


At the same time, in the middle of the city…

A middle-aged woman with golden wings was currently strolling through the streets, fleeing no more.

She pondered with a frown, her face gloomy…

“I shouldn’t be this anxious about Long Teng’s death and the True Dragon Clan’s rage. After all, none of this is my concern… but who the hell has been chasing me these past few days?”

She muttered to herself, feeling constantly uneasy.

It was such a horrible feeling that no one would believe it even if she told them.

So she kept running, not daring to stop.

She didn’t leave right after witnessing the battle between Long Teng and Gu Changge. Instead, she observed from the shadows for a while.

She had a feeling that this was not going to be as simple as it seemed, and that she might be able to use it to curry favour with the True Dragon Clan, improving her position.

In the Ancient Immortal Continent, the True Dragon Clan was the absolute hegemon, the royal family that ruled over everything.

‘At any rate, I think it it’s that Gu Changge… the Young Asura from the outside world, he appeared to have noticed me back then.’

‘But why me? Could it be because I saw him handing over Long Teng’s corpse to his fiancée?’

As she thought of this, the middle-aged woman showed a sharp look in her eyes.

‘What exactly is hidden inside Long Teng’s corpse? And why did it lead him to kill Long Teng?’

‘Or was it for some other reason?’

At this moment, the unease in her heart grew even stronger.

The middle-aged golden-winged woman’s face suddenly changed as she sensed several powerful auras coming from the sky, knowing it was they who had been chasing her.

There were a few of her junior clansmen within this city, so she intended to take this opportunity to inform them to come to her aid.

She never imagined that she would be chased by a youngster.

However, her opponent’s strength was so formidable that it made even her heart palpitate. Even as a being in the Heavenly God Realm, she felt fear and was unsure if she could take him down.

“Third Aunt, what brings you here?”

At that moment, in front of a pavilion, appeared several Young Creatures. They were both males and females, some of whom recognized the golden-winged woman. When they did, they couldn’t help but shout in surprise.

“Xue’er, Yu’er, what are you all doing here?”

With a frown on her brow, the middle-aged woman with golden wings hurriedly walked towards the pavilion, the vague uneasiness in her heart intensified.

At the same time, she glanced outside the city and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that no one had landed there.

Soon, a few young creatures led her to the pavilion.

“Third Aunt, I heard that you went to watch the battle this time, did Lord Long Teng really fall?”

On the way, several young creatures, wearing sorrowful and disbelieving expressions, asked her.

The leader of the younger generation, Long Teng, had fallen in that battle, leaving them devastated and unwilling to accept it.

Many people still couldn’t believe it.

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged woman with the golden wings frowned and asked, “Why are you asking this? Besides, why are there so many people gathered here?”

She had noticed that there were many Young Creatures in the pavilion, all of them belonging to the younger generation of the Ancient Immortal Races.

“We were discussing how to avenge Lord Long Teng and find a way to kill that evil man named Gu Changge.”

In response to these words, a young woman came forward, with beautiful features and a pair of wings behind her.

The mere mention of Gu Changge was charged with so much hatred and murderous it was as though she intended to cut him into a thousand pieces.

She was one of Long Teng’s admirers.

However, when Long Teng was defeated in battle and subsequently killed, his reputation was shattered, causing a great stir among the various Clans of the Ancient Immortal Continent.

It was particularly devastating for those who had always admired Long Teng.

For them, Long Teng was a myth of invincibility.

Even now, many people still refuse to believe this truth.

Most of them have never even met Gu Changge, but this did not affect their hatred for him.

Among all the Young Supremes who had come to the Ancient Immortal Continent from outside, they only kept track of Gu Changge.

The middle-aged woman with the golden wings slightly sighed at these words, although she also wanted to take down Gu Changge and offer her assistance to the True Dragon Clan.

However, at present, under the watchful eyes of many people, she did not dare to do so.

Moreover, she felt that she wouldn’t be able to do it with her own strength alone.

“Stop talking about this matter, just keep your words to yourselves, Gu Changge’s strength is quite formidable, and it’s not something that can be solved by just negotiating.”

She shook her head and splashed cold water on the youngsters.

“Impossible, Gu Changge must have used some sort of trickery. He could never have been strong enough to defeat Lord Long Teng otherwise!”

These young creatures didn’t believe it, their faces a suffocating red.

“In my opinion, Gu Changge is nothing but a despicable villain. If he had fought Lord Long Teng properly, he would have been the one to die!”

The woman who had spoken earlier also expressed her hatred, without a trace of resignation.

Hearing those words from the middle-aged woman with the golden wings was like an explosion that had been ignited at once.

All the Young Creatures in the pavilion shouted with resentment and righteous anger.

They said that Long Teng was too powerful to be defeated and that his opponent was a despicable villain who had won through dishonest means.

In response to these remarks, the middle-aged woman with the golden wings slightly changed her face and felt a sense of hopelessness.

She was present at the scene and naturally knew that these rumours were just made up by the Ancient Immortal Races to discredit Gu Changge and elevate Long Teng.

However, at this moment, she could not afford to throw cold water on them.

It would not be a bad thing for them to unite and fight against the outside cultivators.

Besides, she also needed Gu Changge to act as a scapegoat for the younger generation of the Ancient Immortal Clans to vent their anger.

Therefore, she looked at the angry and hateful faces of the young beings.

Then she nodded and said, “What you have heard is correct. I was there, and Lord Long Teng did die in a very humiliating way… His opponent was despicable, full of all kinds of dirty tricks that were not on the table, but Lord Long Teng did not care for them…”

The middle-aged woman with golden wings suddenly felt a chill, as if she was being stared at by some terrifying being.

At the entrance of the pavilion…

A young man dressed in a crescent-white feather coat, with his hands behind his back, walked in leisurely as he casually smiled, “Sounds interesting, mind if I join you?”

The middle-aged woman with the golden wings looked at him, her pupils shrunk as a terrible chill spread from her back.

Her entire body felt as cold as if she had fallen into an ice cellar.

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Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

Cultivation: Conferred King (Late Stage)

Mystical Abilities:

  • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [8th Layer (90%)]

  • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)

  • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)

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  • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art

  • Infinite Immortal Wisdom


Destiney Points: 20,000

Fortune Value: 3,500 (Black)

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  • Boundary Breaking Talisman x 1

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  • Fortune Plunder Card x 3

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  • Great-Transcendent

  • Saint

  • Conferred Lord

  • Conferred King

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