I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 164


Chapter 164: Hitting Gu Changge’s Sore Spots; I, Gu Xian’er, Truly Am a Hypocrite!

Naturally, a mere third of an immortal medicine was nothing in the face of the real thing.

This went doubly for souls, its effects only slightly surpassing that of ordinary divine medicines.

It was plausible that even Ye Ling wouldn’t have imagined that the Old Turtle would be a part of an immortal medicine.

“Master, Miss Xian’er has requested to see you and is currently waiting outside the ruins.”

Gu Changge finished absorbing the medicinal energy of this third of the immortal medicine as various thoughts flashed through his mind.

It was at that moment when one of his followers came and informed him.

Xian’er? She’s actually here?’

Gu Changge narrowed his eyes slightly. Frankly, he was a little surprised.

But after giving it some thought, this was definitely something that Gu Xian’er would do.

‘So it seems she’s worried about her dear brother’s injury. She’s such a stubborn bart with a sharp tongue but a soft heart.’

Gu Changge’s mouth could not help but reveal a smile that tinged with a deeper meaning before he said, “Let her in.”

By pretending to be injured, he would be able to turn things to his advantage.

The trip to the Ancient Immortal Continent was also nearing its end, and the Immortal Gate was expected to appear soon.

And now, Gu Xian’er had taken the initiative to visit him.

This was precisely the type of opportunity he’d been waiting for.


Outside the ruins, Gu Xian’er looked aloof and calm, yet she carried an ice-cold aura that spoke of loneliness.

Her face was exquisite and flawless, shimmering with luster, and her eyes glittered like jewels.

She stood in the pavilion wearing a long blue dress, pure and beautiful.

She had already inquired about Gu Changge’s current location from various cultivators.

After the battle with the Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor, Gu Changge had been severely injured and had eventually chosen this place to recuperate.

When she arrived, she felt the divine sense of several cultivators sweeping down to confirm her identity.

Such thorough examination caused Gu Xian’er to feel a bit uncomfortable.

It seemed that Gu Changge’s injury was genuine. Otherwise, security wouldn’t be so tight.

Since the incident involving the Sea King Palace, many young geniuses knew of her identity alongside the strange relationship between her and Gu Changge.

As such, no one made things difficult for her.

“Miss Xian’er, please go ahead. The Master is waiting for you in the inner hall.”

Soon, one of the creatures who had gone to report came back and said  respectfully before escorting Gu Xian’er

She maintained a cool, indifferent and unconcerned appearance. But in reality, she was secretly surveying the surrounding ruins.

The number of cultivators had greatly increased, emitting powerful auras..

It was obvious that, at this moment, Gu Changge was gaining more and more followers, creating a formidable force.

In contrast, she had never been anything more than a solitary person, never having anyone to call a follower except for the red bird on her shoulder.

If there was even a hint of malicious intent towards Gu Changge, then this place would become a dragon’s den in an instant.

At this moment, she deeply felt the frightening nature of Gu Changge’s power.

But after they realized who she was, the tyrannical aura relented, unable to help but show respect.

In her heart, Gu Xian’er was slightly surprised.

It was obvious that the closer the cultivators were to the depths, the more they were valued by Gu Changge, and it would not be an exaggeration  to say that they were his inner circle.

However, she’d never imagined that they would show her such respect.

‘Did Gu Changge order them to do so, or did they misunderstand my relationship with him?’

Gu Xian’er thought as much when she was met with such a reception.

At the same time, she was certain of one thing… Gu Changge had never told anyone about their hostile relationship.

Gu Xian’er’s heart was in turmoil, for this was completely unexpected.

‘It seems that Gu Changge really is hiding something. Though he pushed me around through various means, he’d never truly done so with the intent to kill…’

Gu Xian’er’s clear cold eyes fell on her surroundings, her previous doubts growing firmer.

The incident back then had many mysteries, mysteries that were only known to be the person in question – Gu Changge.

Unfortunately, he’s made it clear that he wouldn’t tell her.

Even stranger was the fact that Gu Changge wanted her to become stronger… to the point that she would be able to defeat him, even kill him.

At this moment, Gu Xian’er was sure that Gu Changge’s purpose had to do with what happened in the past.

Gu Changge would toughen her up, but he wouldn’t kill her.

But as for his reasons… they remain unclear to her.

Gu Xian’er planned to investigate the matter after she’d departed from the Ancient Immortal Continent.

Before now, the conviction that sustained her drive for cultivation was revenge, to keep getting stronger and to defeat Gu Changge – her greatest enemy.

However, revenge wasn’t all that important anymore.

This grudge between them has lost its purpose.

Now, she was desperate. She wanted to understand what truly happened that year, unwilling to be kept in the dark.

“Gu Changge, is he badly injured?” Gu Xian’er spoke up at that moment, unable to resist asking the creature leading the way in front of her.

“Miss Xian’er should go and see for herself. The Master has been staying deep in the ruins, remaining out of sight. As his subordinates, to obtain a mere glimpse of the Master at this time is a rarity.”

“Presumably, however, I believe that the Master’s injuries are quite severe. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have secluded himself in such a manner”

Upon hearing this question, the cultivator led the way in front with a bitter smile as he explained with a sigh.

“Thank you for informing me.” Gu Xian’er nodded her head.

And soon, she was also brought to the front of a magnificent palace.

The afterglow of the setting sun spilled over it, creating a sacred atmosphere, like an immortal palace situated on earth.

“Miss Xian’er, the Master is inside.”

The creature leading the way excused himself after he said so.

Truthfully, Gu Xian’er suddenly felt a little nervous.

She didn’t know why, but she did.

After all, this could be considered the first time she and Gu Changge would meet alone.

Whenever the two had met before, there were always the other people around them.

In other words, the two would face each other without any disturbances…

‘Even if I’m wrong and Gu Changge does try to kill me, there’s no need to be afraid. I’m confident in the growth I’ve experienced since last time.’

Gu Xian’er reassured herself.


Just as she entertained these wild thoughts, the door of the palace before her suddenly opened as a thick immortal mist erupted, filling the surrounding area.

It was like she’d entered this paradise.

Gu Changge looked at ease, dressed in a broad white robe, sitting in the middle of the palace… as if waiting for her to enter.

“Since Xian’er has come all this way, why don’t you come in?”

At that moment, Gu Changge spoke with a faint smile as he beckoned for Gu Xian’er to enter.

However, his complexion was a pale shade of white. His lips barely had any blood in them, creating a very twisted look.

Gu Xian’er was stunned.

She couldn’t believe it. When she saw Gu Changge’s current appearance, she couldn’t help but compare him to the high and mighty Gu Changge who used to indifferently overlook the world.

Unless he truly was severely injured, Gu Changge’s haughty and contemptuous nature would’ve never allowed others to see him in such a state.

‘No wonder Gu Changge is currently in seclusion.’

‘For his followers to see him in such a state would simply be unacceptable.’

“Gu Changge…”

But soon, Gu Xian’er restrained her complicated expression.

She then walked casually to the middle of the main hall.

The two of them simply stared at each other.

“I’m relieved to see that you’re not dead.” Gu Xian’er spoke in a clear and light manner, concealing the uncomfortable feeling in her heart.

She did not want Gu Changge to notice the change in her emotions.

“Oh? With your deer brother dead, your revenge would be fulfilled, wouldn’t that be great?” Upon hearing this, Gu Changge asked as he let out a faint laugh.

He did not say anything against Gu Xian’er’s words.

“Your life can only be taken by me. I’ll kill anyone who dares to kill you before I do.”

“Before I kill you, you can’t die.”

Gu Xian’er spoke coldly, but in her beautiful eyes that were like flawless jade, there was a look of gratitude to Gu Changge.

Although Gu Changge was only pretending to be injured, he was still quite amused by Gu Xian’er’s words.

He couldn’t help but look at her, his eyes gradually deepening before letting out a snicker, “Gu Xian’er, could it be that you haven’t fought for a few days, leaving your skin itchy yet again?”

“Or do you think that just because I’m injured, you can turn the sky upside down and unearth the tiles in this room? With your ability, even if I were to be severely injured, it would still be easy to suppress you.”

“Maybe you’re even taking this opportunity to even taunt me a little?”

Having said that, Gu Changge’s smile disappeared.

Gu Xian’er was still a little worried about Gu Changge.

But as soon as she heard this, she became annoyed.

This guy really didn’t understand her kind words.

But in front of Gu Changge, she couldn’t say anything nice, and even the words just now were considered a sign of her hostile attitude.

‘Can’t he just accept my goodwill?’

“Gu Changge, you are overthinking it, I don’t have the habit of striking out at the injured. To defeat you, I will do so in a dignified manner, without using even the slightest bit of trickery.” Gu Xian’er said indifferently.

This was the truth from her, as well as her pride.


“Oh, so now you’re taking pity on me?”

Gu Changge gazed into her eyes and uttered words that made it difficult for Gu Xian’er to answer.

“I’m not reduced to the point of having you come and pity me. Gu Xian’er, you should get lost before I change my mind.”

The smile on Gu Changge’s face had already disappeared, revealing a cold indifference.

A terrifying might emerged in the middle of the hall as if a white sun and blue sky had emerged and begun to fall.

Gu Xian’er’s face slightly changed.

She did not expect Gu Changge’s power to be so terrifying even though he was injured.

Normal cultivators would probably have been stunned at this point in time, their legs going weak and kneeling down.

The speed at which events had taken place left Gu Xian’er a bit speechless, seeing as how he’d been smiling just a few moments ago.

But in the blink of an eye, she said something that displeased him, violently shifting the situation.

Even a tyrant wouldn’t act in such a manner.

He was without a doubt the Gu Changge she was familiar with.

He was so arrogant that he wouldn’t even accept the slightest bit of kindness.

Of course, she wasn’t worried that Gu Changge would strike to kill her.

But Gu Xian’er still couldn’t help but frown, “Gu Changge, why are you still acting tough at such a time?”

“You’ve already injured your Origin. At this moment, using your cultivation will only serve to make your injuries worse…”

“I have a Divine Healing Pill with me, something that is very effective in healing injuries related to the Origin. On account of the fact that you saved my life earlier, I will give it to you.”

As she said that, a divine pill with a faint glow and a strong medicinal fragrance suddenly appeared in her jade hand.

Just one sniff of it made one’s pores feel as if they could ascend to heaven.

However, Gu Changge did not even glance at it, completely indifferent.

He sat on top of the great hall, as indifferent as an immortal descended from the Nine Heavens without a trace of emotion.

“You…” Gu Xian’er’s brows knitted together.

She suspected that she had struck a sore spot on Gu Changge.

Does he not need to accept the kindness of others nor even their concern?

‘Why on earth is he doing all of this?’

‘Why is Gu Changge trying to tear apart a relationship that could be maintained so easily  just by acting normally?’

‘What is the reason for all this? Just what is he really thinking?’

“Gu Xian’er, do you think I need your pity?” Gu Changge looked at her indifferently, with an attitude that said he didn’t care about Gu Xian’er’s good intentions.

“Gu Changge, how can you be so ungrateful?” Gu Xian’er had also become more annoyed by now.

The amount of determination she mustered as she rushed to visit Gu Changge was only something she knew.

However, she didn’t expect Gu Changge to have such an attitude, not only did he not treat her well, but he even threatened her.

She guessed that it was because she had triggered something in Gu Changge’s mind that had caused him to be like this.

Looking at Gu Changge’s weakened appearance, she could not afford to get angry, so she had to suppress it with all her might.

“I don’t need anyone’s good intentions, especially yours.”

Gu Changge continued to speak, looking at her indifferently, but it was at this moment that his voice began to slow.

“Remember this, Gu Xian’er, don’t hold any lingering emotions for me. In the end, your emotions will only cause you harm, and nothing good will come of them. You just need to cultivate well and take revenge against me in the future.”

“For the rest, you don’t need to think too much about it.”

“Gu Changge, you’re overthinking this situation! Who would have any lingering emotions for someone like you?!”

Hearing these words, Gu Xian’er immediately exploded and shouted lightly, a hint of panic flashing across her face.

It was as if something had pierced her heart.

‘He must’ve just been overthinking, how could I possibly hold onto any form of lingering emotions for him?’

‘I was just worried about his injuries, afraid that he would be killed by others, that’s all.’

Gu Xian’er will take her revenge, but it would be impossible to do so if her enemy was long dead before then.

“That’s good.”

At that moment, Gu Changge also nodded, his expression unchanged, “I’ll take your medicine, but I won’t take advantage of you.”

With a wave of his hand…


Suddenly, a brilliant and dazzling golden light appeared behind him as a vast and mysterious collection of divine weapons emerged from the void, the various weapons surging with divine light as they emitted a low hum.

Seeing this scene, Gu Xian’er’s breath was caught in her throat.

She was stunned by the “paradisical” aura that greeted her, but her beautiful eyes couldn’t help but widen slightly at this new sight.

Her first thought was, how could Gu Changge be so wealthy?

Her fanatic nature for wealth exploded.

She couldn’t move her eyes at all.

“Choose ten of them in exchange for this Divine Pill.” Gu Changge’s light-hearted voice rang out.

Gu Xian’er came back to her senses with a bit of struggle.

Her eyes were almost blinded by the hundreds of Divine Weapons.

After thinking about her dry and empty spatial ring that contained a mere five or six Divine Weapons, apart from the things bestowed by her masters.

But in contrast, when Gu Changge raised his hand, he revealed hundreds of weapons, each forged with spiritual Dao marks. None of them of the ordinary.

To call him fat and greasy[1] would be insultingly insufficient.

[1. Very rich.]

For a moment, Gu Xian’er felt a bit of resentment as she clenched her jade hand.

She was kind enough to have brought a Divine Healing Pill to Gu Changge… only to have Gu Changge show off all this to her?

This was too much!

“Gu Changge, you don’t need to humiliate me. Even if I have to break down that door, I will be staying here…”

Gu Xian’er spoke with a hint of resentment.

Staring daggers at Gu Changge, countless knives of ice that wanted to pierce thousands of holes in Gu Changge’s body.

If eyes could kill… there was no telling how many times she would have killed Gu Changge.

“You don’t want it?” Gu Changge interrupted her.

“I do!” Gu Xian’er glared at him angrily.

Truly a hypocrite!


Demonic Translations

[Translator – Zain]

[Proofreader – Samael]

Host: Gu Changge

Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain

Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd


  • True Disciple of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace 

  • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

Cultivation: Early Stage of False God Realm (Apparent), Late Stage of God King Realm (Hidden)

Mystical Abilities:

  • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [9th Layer (30%)]

  • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)

  • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)

  • Void Ability (Talent)

  • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art

  • Infinite Immortal Wisdom


Destiney Points: 35,000

Fortune Value: 12,000 (Black)

System Shop: Open


  • Boundary Breaking Talisman x 1

  • Seal Breaking Talisman x 1

  • Fortune Plunder Card x 2

Cultivation Realms are arranged in increasing order:

  • Mortal Physique

  • Spirit Ocean

  • Spirit Palace

  • Transcendent

  • Great-Transcendent

  • Saint

  • Conferred Lord

  • Conferred King

  • False God

  • True God

  • Heavenly God

  • God King

  • Sacred Realm

  • Great Sacred Realm

  • Quasi-Supreme

  • Supreme

  • Quasi-Emperor

  • Emperor

  • Immortal

We’ll continue to add as we move forward.

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