I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 173


Chapter 173: Yue Mingkong Reflects on Herself; Pondering the Reason for Being Treated So Well!

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[Baiheng Mountains]

Among the vines and ancient trees, the mountains formed a continuous chain of peaks, emitting a spiritual aura dense enough to create a wave.

At this moment, in the depths of a hidden ruin, in front of an ancient stone gate, a beautiful and noble figure sat.

Immortal rain fell, as the stone gate emitted a faint light.

The figure was dressed in a broad white-jade robe, adorned with an ancient sea of stars, giving a lofty and exquisite appearance. The figure had a calm, profound aura that appeared to transcend the mundane world.

Three thousand green threads fluttered[1]. A fairy-like face and crystalline eyes as runes of the Immortal Dao flickered and floated around.

[1. Metaphor for hair. This author really…]

It was none other than Yue Mingkong.

She had been cultivating here for almost a month.

With her current abilities, it was still difficult for her to unlock the Fairy Gate.

However, she was afraid that if she went to Gu Changge for help, he would not be kind to her and would ultimately deceive her.

So in the end, Yue Mingkong decided to make a breakthrough here.

Coincidentally, she’d also obtained a mysterious scripture on the Immortal Dao from the Fairy Gate.

“This Immortal Scripture can help me obtain a flawless Immortal Physique[2]

[2. Not the same as the flawless Immortal Foundation Base previously mentioned. They are probably something like a set… probably.]

As Yue Mingkong murmured to herself, a hazy rain of light containing immortal aura emerged from the gateway.

The immortal rain carried immortal runes that were being refined into her body.

Whether the subject in question were her bones or physique, they were all transformed.

Even her aura changed, becoming more unearthly, as the world before her began to dim.

But soon, Yue Mingkong sensed something, frowning.

She stood up, returning to her former demeanour of an emperor who sat on the throne. Powerful, confident, indifferent, and in complete control of everything…

“Someone triggered the formation that I had laid out…”

As she said that, she turned into a divine rainbow and rushed into the sky.

Many of her subordinates and followers who hid in various places simultaneously appeared as well.

Over this period of time, she had used her formidable strength to take control over the lives and deaths of many, making them submit to her.

[PR/N: Mommy Mingkong can make me submit to her-]

Her followers now even included many of the Ancient Immortal Races.

Yue Mingkong also possessed secret techniques she could use to control others. And to contend with Gu Changge’s Immortal Devouring Demonic Technique, she had combed through various books.

It’s from those books that she had obtained a divine controlling technique.

Currently, those who surrounded her were her subordinates, subordinates whose lives and deaths she could control with a single thought without fear of betrayal.

I’ve set up a formation within a 3,000-mile radius of the Baiheng Mountain Range…’

‘There’s no mistaking the fluctuation just now, several powerful auras are coming this way.’

Yue Mingkong appeared atop a mountain with indifferent eyes as terrifying waves coalesced atop the palms of her hands.

She looked in the direction from which the disturbances came.

There was a vague sense of discomfort in her heart.

In fact, the person she was worried about the most was Gu Changge.

Apart from Gu Changge, there was no one else who knew about the Fairy Spirit that was about to appear.

She had no idea how Gu Changge could have figured out where the spirit was.

In her mind, Gu Changge was practically omnipotent with how many tricks he had up his sleeves.

Nothing she ever thought of seemed impossible for Gu Changge.

Even now, Gu Changge’s schemes had dragged the Ancient Immortal Races into the mud. she could have never thought of such means.

Poor Ye Ling, who had to carry the blame for Gu Changge even in death…

These things needed no further explanation.

Therefore, Yue Mingkong was now worried that Gu Changge actually knew that there would be a Fairy Spirit that would emerge from the Baiheng Mountain Range.

When Gu Changge arrives, how would she explain herself?

She might even make Gu Changge suspect her again because of the Fairy Spirit.

The relationship between the two of them, which had been eased and brought closer, would probably be reduced to a cold stage again.

At that moment, all sorts of thoughts flashed through Yue Mingkong’s mind.


Suddenly, in the distant sky, a multitude of divine rainbows appeared, heading in her direction.

The young man in the lead was dressed in feathered clothes with wide sleeves. His face is as handsome as jade, and his appearance was like that of a young immortal walking on the earth.

Who was it but Gu Changge, the man she wanted to see the least.

“He really is here…”

At that moment, the look of indifference on Yue Mingkong’s face grew stiff.

At that moment, what she had imagined as the worst possible scenario had become reality.

Not only had Gu Changge come, but he had also brought along a large number of followers, including even that fox-spirit, Yin Mei.

Such a scene brought even greater discomfort to Yue Mingkong.

Her cold eyes grew colder, her expression like an iceberg as she emitted a chilling and murderous aura.

However, her cold gaze was not directed at Gu Changge, but rather behind him, Yin Mei, who was dressed in a red dress, her nine fox tails waving in the air.



At that time, Yue Mingkong’s followers and servants looked at her with puzzled expressions.

After all, the person who came… was none other than Gu Changge.

Wasn’t this situation a big problem for Yue Mingkong?

After all, the two were an unmarried couple.

“Stop him for me.” Yue Mingkong ordered coldly.

A silver crescent moon seal, the size of a palm, floated around her body, exuding an awe-inspiring pressure.

Initially, she contemplated how she would face Gu Changge, but now… she wouldn’t stand for it any longer.

Yin Mei accompanied Gu Changge so that they could put on a big show together.

Such an act was enough to demonstrate the relationship between Yin Mei and Gu Changge.


Upon hearing such an order, the group of followers all looked at each other, feeling somewhat helpless.

However, they couldn’t disobey Yue Mingkong’s orders.

At once, they rushed towards the approaching Gu Changge, attempting to intercept him.

“Oh? Mingkong is here too? What a coincidence.”

Gu Changge looked quite surprised, as though he’d just noticed Yue Mingkong.

With a gesture of his hand, all the people behind him halted.

“Young Master Changge, we were ordered by Empress Yue, we…”

The followers of Yue Mingkong bit the bullet as they helplessly blurted out what they were ordered to do.

How could they take action against Gu Changge?

Not unless they were trying to court death.

These days, there was hardly anyone who didn’t know of Gu Changge’s strength and how he was unrivalled among the younger generation.

Moreover, he was one of their own.

Yue Mingkong was probably making a fuss for some unknown reason.

They were caught in the middle of a private affair between two people, placing them in a difficult situation.

“It’s nothing, I suppose I’ve made Mingkong upset again.” Gu Changge waved his hand carelessly and spoke with a knowing smile on his face.

Yue Mingkong threw a cold glance at Gu Changge but said nothing in response.

‘He knows he has made me upset?’

Gu Changge looked as if he didn’t know why she was so angry and asked with a faint smile, “What’s wrong, Mingkong? Aren’t you happy to see your husband?”

Yue Mingkong glanced at Yin Mei and asked, “Why are you here?”

Yin Mei noticed Yue Mingkong’s expression and was slightly startled.

She had always heard about this future empress, the daughter of heaven.

However, the power she displayed today was nothing short of astonishing.

Ordinary cultivators would probably bow in front of her subconsciously.

Yet Yin Mei didn’t care.

She could sense Yue Mingkong’s hostility and killing intent toward her.

‘The future empress wants to kill me, despite having only met me for the first time?’

‘It seems she is already aware of the relationship between me and Master.’

‘Moreover, it is likely that she knows of Master’s possession of the Immortal Devouring Demonic Technique.’

The relationship between Yue Mingkong and Gu Changge seems to be quite complicated.

Yin Mei felt a bit envious.

She would never have dared to treat Gu Changge in such a manner as Yue Mingkong did.

From Gu Changge’s words, she could even hear a hint of indulgence.

The usually cold and indifferent Gu Changge had shown such emotion for Yue Mingkong, making her wonder if she had misread the situation.

‘Just how fortunate is this woman?’

However, she also suspected that Gu Changge was deliberately putting on a facade.

Either way, Yin Mei was confident that Gu Changge would never let Yue Mingkong kill her.

“I’m quite curious also. How come you’re here too? It seems that not too long ago…”

After hearing Yue Mingkong’s question, Gu Changge couldn’t help but ask with a smile.

Just as he said this, his eyes suddenly narrowed, as if he became somewhat interested.

He looked like he was keen to find out more about this matter.

When she saw this, Yue Mingkong’s heart fluttered. Before, she suspected that Gu Changge had already known of the Fairy Spirit that was about to appear.

Hence, the reason why he was surprised and curious about her presence here.

Given Gu Changge’s character, her presence here would definitely arouse his suspicion.

Yue Mingkong also knew that this was not the time to be overly concerned about Yin Mei.

“My intention is the same as yours.” She said coldly, shifting the focus to Gu Changge’s intentions.

“Oh, is that so?”

“That’s right.”

Gu Changge smiled, seemingly unconcerned.

He didn’t question Yue Mingkong’s words either.

Then he took a step forward, and in a blur of the void, he arrived in front of Yue Mingkong in an instant.

“Gu Changge, you-“

Yue Mingkong was slightly startled.

She didn’t believe Gu Changge would take action against her over this matter right this instant.

Her eyes shone like jewels and stared at him in silence, serene and moving.

“When your husband was injured, a while ago, you didn’t come to pay a visit, you have made your husband quite sad.”

Gu Changge spoke as he naturally took hold of her supple body.

She was as delicate and flawless as the finest of Immortal jades, exuding warmth and serenity.

However, he carried a slight tone of regret in his voice.

The scene caused the followers to retreat and leave the place to the two of them.

Yin Mei was envious of the sight, but she inevitably retreated to another place as well.

“You…” Yue Mingkong had not expected Gu Changge to suddenly do such a thing in front of everyone.

Her brain buzzed for a while, leaving her unable to react.

But soon, she remembered that he had done the same thing in front of the two families’ heads when they were in the Gu family hall.

Yue Mingkong quickly composed herself.

This was Gu Changge’s usual tactic, so how could she be rattled by it?

“With your strength, how could you possibly be injured?” 

“You can fool everyone else, but you cannot fool me.” Yue Mingkong replied.

She wasn’t lying, she truly believed in these words.

However, Gu Changge merely shook his head and sighed, “To hear your praise is something to be happy about, yet why can’t I feel happy?”

Yue Mingkong was not about to be moved by his nonsense.

“Would you be happy if I told you something that was not in my conscience?” She asked in return, a sour feeling in her heart.

‘When exactly did Gu Changge become involved with Yin Mei?’

She didn’t know about such a thing in her previous life.

However, she didn’t know how to ask Gu Changge about it either.

“Why wouldn’t I be happy? After all, you are my lucky star.”

Gu Changge smiled and spoke words laced with a deeper meaning.

Yue Mingkong’s cold eyes revealed doubts as she glanced at him.

There was a feeling of something quite sinister in his smile.

“You killed Ye Ling already, didn’t you?”

She suddenly asked.

“I helped you kill him. There shouldn’t be any problem with that, no?”

Gu Changge didn’t deny it, and his gaze fell to the hidden ruins below.

“What do you mean, you helped me kill him? Clearly, you are the one who wanted to kill Ye Ling for his inheritance.”

Yue Mingkong had long been familiar with Gu Changge’s shamelessness, yet she couldn’t help but be furious at this moment.

It sounded like she had to thank him for stealing her prey.

“You shouldn’t say such things. If it wasn’t for you, why would I have bothered with Ye Ling?”

“You’re a culprit too, so I can’t take all the credit.”

Gu Changge spoke as he casually patted her head.

[PR/N: I do love gaslighting.]

Though Yue Mingkong had always been a calm and gentle person, at this moment, she was extremely furious.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she couldn’t beat Gu Changge, she would have smashed her jade fist into his face.

“Alright, I won’t tease you any more.”

“How could your husband forget your share of the benefits? This is a part of the Inheritance that Ye Ling received. The rest is gone.”  

As Gu Changge smiled and spoke, the Enlightenment Platform woven with black and white vines appeared in his hand, intertwined with rich Dao energies.

Astonishing symbols of reincarnation flashed across it, faint and indistinct.

Its aura gave off a sense of enlightenment.

For Gu Changge, it was tasteless to eat, but a pity to throw it away, after all, he didn’t need it in order to achieve enlightenment. 

It was the perfect gift for Yue Mingkong.

‘She should be able to use it well.’

It was a small compensation for having bullied her for so long. After all, he had given Gu Xian’er 10 Divine Weapons.

“An Enlightenment Platform?”

Yue Mingkong naturally knew what she was looking at and recognised the Platform, her crystal eyes growing more puzzled.

Such a good treasure would make even beings in the Sacred Realm salivate.

It was even imbued with the Reincarnation aura, making it even more precious.

Was Gu Changge actually willing to give it to her?

However, when she thought about it, she had already refined the drop of five-coloured True Dragon Blood contained within Long Teng’s corpse from last time.

At that time, Gu Changge had not only given her the drop of True Dragon Blood.

He was also concerned that she might be pursued by the Dragon Clan for revenge, so he took care of the witnesses and carried the blame for her.

Yue Mingkong was well aware of this.

And now he was going to give her a gift as precious as the Enlightenment Platform without hesitation?

‘What exactly is he thinking?’

Suddenly she felt as if… she had been wrong about Gu Changge all along.

The fact is that he was not as bad to her as she expected?

“Gu Changge, why are you treating me so well now?”

Yue Mingkong looked into Gu Changge’s eyes and asked in a quiet voice.

Her voice trembled slightly, being considerably softer than it was before.

Then, in Gu Changge’s head, the System Prompt sounded again.

[Ding! The Favoured Daughter of Heaven, Yue Mingkong, has reflected on the host’s change in attitude. Awarding 2,000 Fortune Value and 10,000 Destiny Points.]

[PR/N: Greetings! It is now the end of the chapter, and I’d like to say thank you to everyone who voted to allow for the notes again! I shall make good use of it B) ]

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Host: Gu Changge

Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain

Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd


  • True Disciple of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace 

  • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

Cultivation: Early Stage of False God Realm (Apparent), Late Stage of God King Realm (Hidden)

Mystical Abilities:

  • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [9th Layer (30%)]

  • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)

  • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)

  • Void Ability (Talent)

  • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art

  • Infinite Immortal Wisdom


Destiney Points: 35,000

Fortune Value: 12,000 (Black)

System Shop: Open


  • Boundary Breaking Talisman x 1

  • Seal Breaking Talisman x 1

  • Fortune Plunder Card x 2

Cultivation Realms are arranged in increasing order:

  • Mortal Physique

  • Spirit Ocean

  • Spirit Palace

  • Transcendent

  • Great-Transcendent

  • Saint

  • Conferred Lord

  • Conferred King

  • False God

  • True God

  • Heavenly God

  • God King

  • Sacred Realm

  • Great Sacred Realm

  • Quasi-Supreme

  • Supreme

  • Quasi-Emperor

  • Emperor

  • Immortal

We’ll continue to add as we move forward.

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