I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 192


Chapter 192: Not Naming Nonsense; The Trope of a Smooth Sailing Protagonist!

Gu Changge subdued the whole Divine Crocodile Clan with little effort; after all, under the terrifying control of the Immortal Binding Art, he could determine the life and death of the Divine Crocodile Clan’s three Quasi-Supreme Realm ancestors with a single thought.

If it came to it, he could just kill a few more people again in order to make the rest of them more fearful and obedient.

Hence, Gu Changge was naturally not afraid of them rebelling.

Because even if they did, it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

He merely wanted a sword capable of killing and fighting for him.

He didn’t actually care if the sword got damaged or shattered into pieces; he could simply discard it and replace it with a new one at any time.

In Gu Changge’s opinion, the major clans of the Ancient Immortal Continent were the best tools for the job.

They were especially blessed in terms of their innate bloodline talent, far exceeding the myriad collection of human cultivators and beasts races from the Upper Realm.

Therefore, Gu Changge intended to train a powerful army within the Ancient Immortal Continent, an army that would be capable of slaying Young Supremes and sweeping through the myriad realms in the near future.


Soon after receiving Gu Changge’s orders.

“Greetings, Master!”

The Divine Crocodile Clan’s three remaining Quasi-Supreme Realm ancestors knelt before Gu Changge and greeted him respectfully.

They assumed that they were being conrolled by Gu Changge using the slave seal, never once doubting that the real culprit was the Ancient Technique that they had obtained from the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan with great difficulty.

Regardless of who it was, no one would be able to figure out that the root actual cause of their subservience was the Ancient Technique, no matter how hard they racked their brains.

And even if they did find out, they wouldn’t dare to believe it.

Gu Changge’s methods could only be described as meticulous, marvels of cunning; to call his plans seamless would be an understatement.

“I am not an indiscriminate killer; if you work hard for me, you will naturally enjoy some benefits…” Gu Changge replied to them nonchalantly, making hollow promises as his gaze drifted far ahead.

“Select all the brave and skilled fighters in your clan above the True God Realm.”

“Henceforth, they shall be known as my Divine Crocodile Army.”

Gu Changge said with a deep, mysterious smile.

At that moment, a beam of light descended with a wave of his sleeve, and he bestowed them a skill known as the ‘Great Art of Heavenly Creation.’

He didn’t bother naming it something grand; being memorable and distinct was enough.

“Yes, master.”

Although the three Quasi-Supreme Realm ancestors knew that Gu Changge wouldn’t be so kind needlessly, who among them would dare to refuse him at this moment?

The people of the Divine Crocodile Clan, whose expressions were incomparably bitter, could but begrudgingly accept this technique.

‘The Great Art of Heavenly Creation?’

If the technique was truly as the name suggested, how could that evil Gu Changge bestow it upon them so easily?

The clan members who hadn’t reached the True God Realm yet were grateful at their incompetence and heaved sighs of relief.

There were many powerful people in the hall today, including up to thirteen Sacred Realm beings.

In Gu Changge’s eyes, this was still a force that couldn’t be underestimated.

Following that, the entire Divine Crocodile Clan received an order from their ancestors. The Divine Crocodile Clan had submitted to Gu Changge.

Soon after, recruitment for the Divine Crocodile Army started!

The entire clan was at Gu Changge’s disposal.

At first, the whole clan was baffled by this order.

However, no one dared to disobey since it was the ancestor who ordered it so.

And as for Gu Changge, they were naturally not unfamiliar to him.

Which clan in the entire Ancient Immortal Continent was unaware of Gu Changge’s terrifying reputation?

But they never expected that their great clan would actually end up submitting to Gu Changge.

The news was simply too unexpected.

A while later, news from the top echelon of the Divine Crocodile Clan was released, explaining that Gu Changge was the heir of the Ancient Deity of Reincarnation.

Back then, their ancestors followed the Ancient Deity of Reincarnation, so it was only logical that they would now follow his heir, Gu Changge.

For the sake of their old faces, they couldn’t reveal that they were forced to do so by Gu Changge’s slave seal.

Thus, Gu Changge had completely subdued the entire Divine Crocodile Clan in a mere three days, and immediately started training his army.

But the news of this did not spread. Gu Changge was deliberately keeping it under wraps.

He was waiting for the perfect opportunity to have this sword of his strike a fatal blow to the Ancient Immortal Continent as a whole.

Bringing along the Divine Crocodiles Clan’s three ancestors, Gu Changge then left for the territory of the Ancient Serpent Clan. 

Black Heavenly Eagle, Ancient Serpent, and Divine Crocodile. These three clans appeared to be united on the surface, but had a lot of friction with one another behind the scenes, contending with each other all the time.

Nonetheless, among the clans left behind by the Ancient Deity of Reincarnation, these three were the most powerful and long-standing

The rest of the clans were ultimately weaker than them.

Even in the vast Ancient Immortal Continent, there weren’t many clans as strong as these three.

Soon, several terrifying forces tore through space and plunged from heaven and earth into the Ancient Serpent Clan’s territory, as though the sky itself was crashing down.

“My lord, we are now in the Ancient Serpent Clan’s territory.” 

One of the Divine Crocodile ancestors who had led Gu Changge there bowed and stated.

‘Brother, even if you die, I won’t die. Because why should I die, when you yourself will not?’

Basically: If I need to die, why not drag other people into the mud with me?

This was the mentality of many of today’s Daoist groups. 

This saved Gu Changge the trouble of finding them.

For a while, the entire Ancient Serpent Clan was in a huge uproar!

Many of the Ancient Serpent Clan’s elders and senior members began gathering in the main hall.

There was a solemn and respectful expression on everyone’s face as they looked at the young man in the centre.

They had already sensed Gu Changge as soon as he arrived. Especially since Gu Changge was currently accompanied by three ancestors of the Divine Crocodile Clan, making the purpose of their visit more than self-evident.

“My clan is willing to submit to the Young Master; we are willing to go through fire and water and be at the Young Master’s disposal.”

The Ancient Serpent Clan’s senior members were all extremely intelligent and cunning.

Why would the Divine Crocodile Clan be so submissive if it was possible to resist?

Even if one thought only with their toes, one would definitely feel something amiss with the situation.

Now that it has come to this, they choose to just be smarter and avoid the unnecessary casualties.

Gu Changge smiled slightly and said, “Very good, you people are very clever. You have saved this Gu’s time.”

The members of the Ancient Serpent Clan remained silent.

Gu Changge then established the Ancient Serpent Army in the Ancient Serpent Clan, selecting powerful people above the True God Realm and bestowing them with The Great Art of Heavenly Creation.

Gu Changge didn’t bother coming up with a proper name, as he was simply too lazy.

Although these forces were not yet fully prepared, they were already radiating with a terrifying might.

Unfortunately, when putting it bluntly, the Tiangou Clan, Black Heavenly Eagle Clan, and now the Divine Crocodile and Ancient Serpent Clan, were all merely Gu Changge’s slaves.

He would need but one word to make these clans start a bloodbath for him in the Ancient Immortal Continent!

— — —

In the blink of an eye, several days passed.

By Gu Changge’s prediction, it was about time for the Great Elder to receive the True Dragon Clan’s decision.

So he sent out an order. A call summoning the powerful individuals of the Primordial Divine Sect stationed in the Supreme Peak. They came rumbling through space, driving the Ancient Warship, and descended right outside Dragon Island!

Directly above the city! 

When the news broke, numerous cultivators and creatures were astonished by Gu Changge’s sudden action.

Gu Changge, who had been away for a long time, abruptly returned to the Ancient Immortal Continent to stir up an endless bloodbath!


In a flash, a divine rainbow rushed forward and converged outside Dragon Island. 

“I thank the Great Elder.” 

Dressed in a feathery white robe, Gu Changge’s handsome figure emerged atop an ancient warship, smiling slightly at the Great Elder who was watching over the place. 

“I hope you will keep your promise.” The Great Elder couldn’t help but sigh, unable to do anything about the devious Gu Changge. 

This scene made numerous cultivators and creatures gasp, becoming even more terrified, it seemed that even the Great Elder was being coerced by Gu Changge!

Dragon Island was now glowing. The clan had activated their protective array in the mountains, as all the clansmen knelt down to pray, sending out a heaven-shattering dragon roar. 

— — —

[Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of miles from Immeasurable Heaven. Within the Heavenly Domain.]

Clouds and mists swirled as mountains rose and fell. Beautiful landscapes appeared, with lakes as clear as jade, looking magnificent and breathtaking. 

Pure white clouds, on a journey to the ends of the world. 

In the sky above, a carriage with a red fiery trail was galloping along, driven by nine heavenly horses of the finest quality. 

Behind it, a group of powerful armor-clad cavalrymen followed, mounting all sorts of terrifying beasts, their aura domineering. 

The carriage pressed its way through the rolling white snow of the sky, its body faintly flashing with what appeared to be the fluctuations of various powerful talismans. 

The old coachman’s face was calm and peaceful, carrying all the weight as if it were mere feathers. 

A feat that undoubtedly highlighted the nobility and extraordinary nature of the person inside the carriage. 

Many cultivators nearby witnessed this scene and chose to turn back instead of approaching. 

From their viewpoint, the people in the carriage were either very wealthy or noble, people they couldn’t afford to offend.

“I told you to quit following us! Go back and tell your Young Master not to waste his time, the Young Miss isn’t interested in him in the slightest.” 

“And if he still doesn’t understand, then don’t blame the Young Miss for being rude.” 

At that moment, the curtain of the carriage suddenly lifted and the head of a small maid with bright eyes and white teeth peeked out, her braided hair flowing in the wind. 

The little maid was around eleven or twelve years old and looked quite pretty. 

She frowned and glared at the cavalrymen following behind her,  snorting with dissatisfaction. 

“Miss Xiu’er, this matter was ordered by the Young Master, so we have no choice! Please don’t give us a hard time. Once we escort Holy Maiden Zijin outside of the Heavenly Domain, we will return, absolutely not staying a moment longer.” 

The leader of the cavalrymen, a middle-aged man with a sturdy build wearing golden battle armor, smiled bitterly and replied. 

“Tch. It’s that annoying Zhao Tianxing again, why doesn’t he ever give up?” 

The maid named Xiu’er didn’t look happy at all.

The Young Master behind this group of cavalrymen was annoying as hell. 

And the reason was very simple. 

The one sitting in the carriage was one of the current descendants of the Human Ancestral Hall, Holy Maiden Zijin. The maid had always been responsible for taking care of the Young Miss’s daily needs. 

And the master backing this group was none other than the Primordial Zhao Clan’s Young Master, Zhao Tianxing, a renowned Young Supreme in the Heavenly Domain.


‘I don’t know where that Zhao Tianxing got the news that the Young Miss was leaving the Human Ancestral Hall. Sending his cavalry to escort her and acting like a self-righteous protector. What a creep!’ 

They could not hide from such things even if they wanted to. 

This group of thick-skinned people came all the way to the border of the Heavenly Domain, and now they were almost at the boundary of the Inner Domain. 

This matter had made Xiu’er’s attitude towards Zhao Tianxing take a turn for the worse, but she still showed some courtesy due to his position. 

Now there was absolutely none left. 

Moreover, Xiu’er knew that her lady must have been very unhappy with Zhao Tianxing’s constant harassment as well.

Previously, on several occasions, they were unable to help using some physical persuasion, and Zhao Tianxing was left seriously injured. 

However, the more that happened, the more determined Zhao Tianxing became. He was completely undeterred in pursuing the Young Miss, simply like a masochist. 

His cowhide-like face made her Young Miss feel immensely frustrated. 

If Zhao Tianxing’s father hadn’t intervened and pleaded for mercy on his behalf at that time, this Zhao Tianxing would have been beaten half to death, unable to walk for months. 

“Zhao Tianxing doesn’t dare to show up himself, so he sent you guys instead. If not for the Young Miss’s kindness, you would have been slapped to death by now.” Xiu’er humphed unhappily.

She was completely disregarding Zhao Tianxing’s identity as the Young Master of the Primordial Zhao Clan now, her small face full of intense dissatisfaction.

‘Protection on the road? More like stalking, you mean.’ 

It made her feel utterly disgusted to the point of wanting to puke.

So she could only imagine how much more disgusted the Young Miss would be.

“Our master is the young master of the Primordial Zhao Clan, yet Holy Maiden Zijin has not been treating him with the respect he deserves. The young master did this out of the kindness of his heart. He was afraid accidents might occur on the way, so he has sent us all the way here.”

“Even if there’s no merit to be had in this action, it still has many hardships.”

“Miss Xiu’er, along the way, do you know how many potential dangers were nipped in the bud by us? Or are you unable to see these things?”

Hearing her barbed words, the group of cavalrymen also spoke up one after another in dissatisfaction.

“Tch, if you still don’t understand, then don’t blame me for speaking harshly. The Young Miss has so many suitors in the Heavenly Domain, where does this Young Master of yours even rank?”

Xiu’er’s face darkened and she spoke with a cold tone.

Although she looked very young, her cultivation level wasn’t weak in any way.

She even possesses a special kind of spiritual body and had been personally taught by the Young Miss, so her strength was actually quite impressive.

The expressions of the cavalrymen changed in response to the young maid’s insult. Their faces contorted, looking unsightly and infuriated, but they could only suppress their anger to avoid any conflict.

Having to escort a carriage until its destination with no merit or reward, wasting so much time and effort.

Yet they did not receive any semblance of a warm response from the protected party.

Like pasting a hot face on a cold butt.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the other party was the heir of the Human Ancestral Hall, a dignified status which cannot be provoked, they would have most likely moved to teach them a lesson by now.

Especially the brat of a maid, who used the Holy Maiden Zijin as her backing and continuously mocked and sneered at them, causing them problems to no end.

Naturally, they didn’t know the true origins of the Holy Maiden Zijin.

Even in the Human Ancestral Hall, not many people knew of the true power behind her.

Even the elder who brought her to the Human Ancestral Hall for cultivation didn’t mention anything about this matter.

“I detest guys who act self-righteous the most. I’ll give you guys a chance to get out of here before I get angry, so I urge you to quickly grab it.”

Suddenly, from within the carriage rang out a melodious, sweet, and angelic voice.

However, the fairy-like voice carried a chilling murderous intent, accompanied by the surging ferocity of a runic ocean.

Sharp, blue ice crystals filled the space as a bust of icy light emerged from Heaven and Earth.

The frightening chill swept through all directions, causing the heavens to tremble as the divinity surged forward, as though it could submerge the entire realm. 

As if a terrifying blizzard was about to descend on this place. 

“Holy Maiden Zijin, you. . .” 

The cavalrymen’s expressions changed drastically, and their bodies went cold, a terrifying chill creeping down their backs. 

It was the first time on the road that the Holy Maiden Zijin had spoken. Before this, she had treated them like air and ignored all of them. 

And it seemed evident that the Holy Maiden was about to get really, really angry with them.

This made their expression grow increasingly unsightly, while at the same time making them reluctant and puzzled. 

Acting self-righteous? When did they do that? Their minds were in a daze. 

They were unable to figure out why their good intentions would cause her to be so displeased. 

That said, their fear did not stem from the Holy Maiden’s personal strength, but instead from the influence of the Human Ancestral Hall backing her.

In their opinion, although Holy Maiden Zijin’s true strength was very mysterious, she rarely ever fought.

And the strength she demonstrated did seem more unfathomable than that of the other descendent who was claimed to be the Reincarnation of an Ancient Immortal. 

But she was ultimately only a junior, so how could she compete with people like them who had cultivated for more than hundreds of thousands of years? 

[Kshn: I bet this author-san never passed his Mathematics exams.]

Nevertheless, they would much rather not offend a supreme power like the Human Ancestral Hall, no matter how much they boasted of their great strength.

Especially with the recent news of the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor reappearing in the world.

“Scram! And tell Zhao Tianxing, if he dares to enter my line of sight  next time, even his father won’t be able to protect him.” 

“That is what I, Holy Maiden Wang Zijin, decree. If he fails to comply with my decision, then I will take him on even if the Jade Emperor were to block my path.” 

The angelic voice from the carriage, with a cold and domineering intent, sounded again. 

Thousands of rattling Divine Swords formed from the chilling aura in the sky, dazzlingly bright. They seemed to emit a terrifying sharpness, wanting to cut everything in their path.

Such words made the group of cavalrymen’s faces pale even further, although her statement sounded a bit roundabout, they understood the implications hidden within. 

The next time their Young Master dared to pester the Holy Maiden, he would be met with a fierce and merciless assault. 

“If you wish to live, then get lost.” 

“Once the Young Miss becomes angry, the consequences will be very severe.” 

The old man who had been driving the carriage also opened his eyes. 

Within his murky yet profound eyes was a wisp of golden intent. It was similar to a certain kind of snake. . .

He opened his mouth and spoke casually, but the mighty pressure of a Great Sacred Realm permeated and shook the dome of the sky. 

“This… he turned out to be a Great Sacred Realm…” 


“How can this be? Why is the strength of this old coachman so terrifying?” 

This scene caused this group of cavalrymen to stagnate, their eyes widening and souls trembling, unable to help but be horrified. 

In the next moment, they regained their senses and rode on their mounts, not daring to stay any longer. The band of ‘protectors’ hurriedly turned into divine rainbows and ran off into the distance. 

Prior to this, no one had ever told them that the old coachman of the Holy Maiden Zijin was a Great Sacred Realm being. 

With such an existence at their side, the escort was no doubt unnecessary! 

Thinking about their attitude just now, everyone shivered. A Great Sacred Realm Cultivator could absolutely capture them all in that place if he really wanted to! 

It appeared that the Holy Maiden Zijin was far more mysterious than they had originally thought. 

“I didn’t expect that such things would bother Grandpa Snake.” 

Then, after a brief moment of silence, the voice from the carriage rang out in a gentler tone, thanking the old man outside. 

“Not at all, Miss. Please don’t get angry over such a trivial matter. It’s not worth it.” 

The old coachman smiled slightly when he heard these words and regained his indifferent face. 

“It seems like I was right, the real cultivation of Grandpa Snake is definitely not as simple as it seems on the surface. . .” 

“He was concealing it until now.” 

At that moment, the beautiful eyes of the woman inside the carriage flashed with cunning intent, her aqua-blue dress fluttering about.

As if she had just seen something extremely amusing. 

When she spoke, her eyes couldn’t help but narrow into a crescent shape, appearing extraordinarily delicate and charming. 

Needless to say, she was a woman of the highest standard, at least in terms of appearance.

As if an orchid in an empty valley, a misty fog in an enchanting forest, she possessed an otherworldly and serene beauty that was outside of the mundane world, paired with cunning eyes that could see through anything and everything.

It was the perfect harmony of heaven and earth as if she was part of the natural beauty of the world. 

A sense of flawlessness. 

Her flowing, black hair gently danced; her long skirt swayed. 

Not only did she possess an attractive face, but she also carried a temperament that was beyond comparison. 

Untainted by mortal dust and worldly desires, it made all who viewed her feel ashamed as if all the beautiful scenery in the world had suddenly lost their lustre in front of her presence. 

‘Absolute Perfection’.

That would be the two words that come to mind if a man ever saw her true face.

One of the two Descendants of the Human Ancestral Hall, Wang Zijin. 

Such was her beauty.

At this moment, her charming features revealed a satisfied look, and it was impossible to see the anger and coldness from before. 

“Miss… earlier you mentioned something about ‘acting self-righteous’. What did you mean by it?” 

The little maid named Xiu’er peeked her head outside again and asked in confusion. 

She had heard yet another word from the Young Miss’s mouth that she failed to comprehend. 

“Xiu’er, how come you have so many questions all day long?” 

Wang Zijin tapped the little maid on the forehead with an expression of slight displeasure. 

As for the name Xiu’er, she thought it was funny at first and chose it casually, but she didn’t expect it to be used for all these years. 

In fact, Xiu’er herself didn’t think there was anything wrong with this name. 

She even thought it sounded nice, filled with an aura of spirituality. 

“Miss, you’ll explain it to me, right?” 

“Acting self-righteous? Hm. For example, if a man gifted you a spiritual elixir, divine medicine, or martial technique, then asked you to marry him, would you be willing?” 

Wang Zijin smiled faintly and explained it as such. 

In her opinion, the group of cavalrymen before, including her numerous suitors before, were precisely the same type of self-righteous people who thought they were entitled to her hand in marriage.

To impose something upon her, and then make her have to repay them according to their own wishes. 

Regarding such people, Wang Zijin only had one thing to say to them, “F**k you.” 

[Zain: I like her already 😀 ]

“Oh, so that’s how it is. I would hate to have to marry them. ” 

The little maid shook her head like an impersonation of a rattlesnake, showing a reluctant expression. 

Her lady was always so intelligent and knowledgeable about these complex and hidden things.

Thus, Xiu’er had a deep admiration for Wang Zijin, as she felt that her Young Miss was capable of doing almost anything. 

“Miss, you know so much!” Xiu’er exclaimed with an admiring expression. 

“I know so much?” 

At these words, Wang Zijin was suddenly slightly stunned and her expression became a bit dazed. 

She was a bit saddened for a moment, as it had been more than 20 years in the blink of an eye. 

It wasn’t that she knew more compared to others, but rather that the people in this world were much simpler than the people she had come across in her previous life. 

A lot of things that were common knowledge in her previous life, in this world, had to be explained carefully several times in order for people to understand. 

Yes, that’s right. 

Wang Zijin was not from this world.

But from an era of information, an era of modernisation. She was from a green planet, from a historical country with more than 5,000 years of fascinating cultural traditions. 

Based on a word she knew in her previous life, she was a bona fide Transmigrator. 

In her past life, she was born into a wealthy family with successful parents. She had no concerns about food or water and was a rich girl that everyone envied. 

However, God was also cruel to her, because when she came into the world, she was accompanied by several incurable chronic diseases, which made her body incredibly weak.

Up until the age of 20, Wang Zijin had spent all of her time on a hospital bed.

Her only happy days were spent learning about the outside world through the internet on the other side of a screen. She was a superb keyboard warrior who fought against the most powerful men and women in the world, and she also had two loving parents back in her homeland. . .

To say the least, there was no one in the entire world who was more nerdy than her. 

There were only a few times in her life when she went outdoors. 

As a result, on the day after her 20th birthday, Wang Zijin passed away from that world forever. 

[TL/N: This is what happens when you don’t touch grass for a long time.]

[Kshn: Really? I haven’t left my house for 4 years now.]

When she woke up again, she had already become a child of one of the world’s most powerful families, known as the Immortal Wang Family. 

According to the information Wang Zijin obtained, not only had she traversed into a new world, she had traversed into a terrifying fantasy wuxia world. 

In this world, the strong can shake the universe with a raised palm, and use one puff of air to split the sky, while the weak could also move mountains and shake the land, soaring away into the sky. 

A cultivation world.

Furthermore, her innate talent was very frightening, a plotline that she was unfamiliar with in her previous life: the novels she read usually used the ‘rise of a waste third princess against all odds’ and other bullshit tropes. . .

In short, with regard to her sudden reincarnation, Wang Zijin held the attitude of ‘whatever happens, happens’.

When compared to her previous life, this life gave her a more realistic and natural feeling, as she would no longer be lying in a hospital bed, only learning about the outside world via a screen. 

Wang Zijin’s position in this world was one that was different from the usual waste trope.

Born with an invincible physique, the favoured Daughter of Heaven and Earth, and far beyond many of her peers in terms of background and strength.

Her life did not have the various counterattacks and face-slapping schemes that she had in mind. 

At first, Wang Zijin wondered whether she would have a fiancé who would fall from grace overnight, and her role would be the villainess who would break off the engagement. 

But soon, she discovered that there was no such thing. 

The reason being that her talent was too strong, so hardly any young heavenly genius could match her, and naturally, there was no such thing as a clichéd engagement rejection segment. 

It would seem that her position was that of a smooth sailing protagonist.

— — —

Demonic Translations

[Translator – Zain]

[Proofreader – Blurry]

  • Host: Gu Changge

    Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain

    Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd


    • True Disciple of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace 

    • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

    Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

    Cultivation: Early Stage of False God Realm (Apparent), Late Stage of God King Realm (Hidden)

    Mystical Abilities:

    • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [9th Layer (30%)]

    • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)

    • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)

    • Void Ability (Talent)

    • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art

    • Infinite Immortal Wisdom


    Destiney Points: 35,000

    Fortune Value: 12,000 (Black)

    System Shop: Open


    • Boundary Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Seal Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Fortune Plunder Card x 2

    Cultivation Realms are arranged in increasing order:

    • Mortal Physique

    • Spirit Ocean

    • Spirit Palace

    • Transcendent

    • Great-Transcendent

    • Saint

    • Conferred Lord

    • Conferred King

    • False God

    • True God

    • Heavenly God

    • God King

    • Quasi-Sacred Realm

    • Sacred Realm

    • Supreme-Sacred Realm

    • Great Sacred Realm

    • Quasi-Supreme

    • Supreme

    • Quasi-Emperor

    • Emperor

    • False Immortal

    • True Immortal

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