I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 198


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    Chapter 198: Ensnaring Believers All Throughout Heaven; The Beginning of a Tragic Drama.

    [On the other side, The Supreme Immortal Dynasty.]

    “Reporting to the Empress, the spatial coordinates of the Tianchen Realm have been determined…”

    “The Supreme Army already has 500,000 listed candidates, and a second group is now being formed.”

    A female general had her hands clasped respectfully.

    Inside the palace, Yue Mingkong, standing with her hands behind her back, was staring out of the curtained window. Her face was a mask of unfathomable depth and calmness, but it was difficult to hide the proud posture that radiated from her flowing dragon robes.

    She was currently immersed in her thoughts, her beautiful, fairy-like features looking a bit dazed as the solemn words interrupted her daydream.

    Yue Mingkong nodded. “Very good.”

    The Tianchen Realm was exactly the information she had learned from the memory of her previous life. The Human Ancestor’s reincarnation had walked out of that realm before he finally returned to the upper realm.

    She had spent a lot of time confirming its location.

    In addition, the Supreme Army’s formation, which she had spent much of her energy on, had not yet been fully consolidated.

    Yue Mingkong planned to solve this hidden danger for Gu Changge first.

    If she couldn’t do it herself, then it was best to just find Gu Changge and tell him about it, letting him deal with the matter himself.

    But it would not benefit Gu Changge to be noticed by the Human Ancestor Hall early on.

    Once his identity as the Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor was exposed, he would be bound to face a situation where the entire world turn into his enemy.

    ‘If I go to Tianchen Realm now, I might miss some matters over time. . .’

    Yue Mingkong’s expression showed some rare reluctance and entanglement.

    On the one hand, she was afraid of losing some opportunities due to time constraints, but on the other hand, the Human Ancestor’s reincarnation would be at its weakest during his infancy. Dealing with him would be the easiest at this stage.

    If people from the Human Ancestral Hall begin their search for him, it would become tougher for her to deal with them, and the difficulty might increase exponentially.

    That said, Yue Mingkong didn’t plan to rely on her current strength to deal with that Human Ancestor’s reincarnation either, and could—at most—attempt to delay his return for a while.

    ‘Tianchen Realm is infinitely far away from the Inner Domain, and the Human Ancestor will not be found by the Human Ancestral Hall so easily. . .’

    ‘If they wish to determine where the Human Ancestor is, they’ll have to spend much time and effort.’

    Yue Mingkong thought about it for a long time but ultimately decided to wait before leaving for Tianchen Realm.

    Because Gu Changge’s mother would hold a birthday banquet for herself in a few days.

    And Yue Mingkong had always been grateful to this person, who treated her like her own daughter, in her previous life.

    Her biological mother passed away early, so the only familial affection she’d experienced in her past was actually from Gu Changge’s parents.

    Thus, she did not want to miss her birthday banquet in this life when she still had the chance, since going to Tianchen Realm would definitely delay her business for quite a while.

    During this period of time, she had also been carefully paying attention to the situation in the Ancient Immortal Continent.

    The final result was not much different from the direction of her previous life.

    The only difference was that in the previous life, Gu Changge did not reveal himself as the Heir of the Ancient Deity of Reincarnation, but instead utilized other means to control the Ancient Serpent, Black Heavenly Eagle, and other races.

    Ye Ling had died to Gu Changge earlier on in this life, so he naturally took the easy route and blatantly changed his identity.

    Yue Mingkong was not surprised by this.

    It was simply a flawless approach.

    ‘The descendant of Human Ancestral Hall will soon leave seclusion to enter the outside world, and their strength is unfathomable. Only those Ancient Freaks can match them… with my strength as it is now, I cannot be their opponent.’

    ‘It seems that I have to go to the Ancestral Land to receive the sorely needed Emperor’s Qi empowerment, and refine the remaining wisps of the Fairy Spirit along the way. . .’

    After that, Yue Mingkong pondered for a moment, before commanding her generals to resolve some court matters. She then set off for the Ancestral Land of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty.

    Every supreme Immortal Emperor had an opportunity to empower their Emperor Qi.

    This was the Supreme Immortal Dynasty’s inheritance method, which has stood as its lasting foundation of immortality since the beginning.

    Needless to say, each generation only had one such chance to enjoy the benefits of Emperor’s Qi empowerment.

    Yue Mingkong was originally planning to accept it only when she broke through the Sacred Realm.

    But now, with the arrival of the Human Ancestral Hall’s descendants, she felt a strong pressure telling her that she needed to improve her cultivation.

    In addition to the Emperor’s Qi, there were still the wisps of Fairy Spirits given to her by Gu Changge.

    Yue Mingkong had an ominous premonition that if she did not refine and fully absorb these two things, there would not be a place for her in the future world of Young Supreme and Ancient Freaks.

    — — —

    Following the unification of the Ancient Immortal Races, Gu Changge was still quite busy as he began his search for treasures everywhere, though he obtained a lot of good things in return.

    Ancient Scriptures, Wisdom of former Sages, Supreme Stone Glyphs…all kinds of Rune Formations, Divine Elixirs and Immortal Medicines, Divine Weapons and Daoist Tools…countless of them at that.

    The cultivation resources Gu Changge had after that were abundant, far incomparable from before.

    The resources accumulated by the major clans of the Ancient Immortal Continent were truly amazing. Even a Quasi-Supreme Realm existence would be jealous of this unimaginable wealth.

    Gu Changge obviously took this opportunity to initiate a breakthrough into the Sacred  Realm in one fell swoop.

    On the surface, the Heavenly Dao Immortal Codex cultivation base had also broken through to the True God Realm. A power strong enough to cheat and lie his way out of tricky situations.

    Gu Changge knew that many people had suspicions about his true cultivation, which must be far more than the True God Realm. But what was the use of doubting? They weren’t capable of revealing his true strength anyways.

    Moreover, Gu Changge didn’t care about it himself either.

    His momentum had already reached a level unmatched by the younger generation. Even if the descendants of the Human Ancestral Hall were to arrive, they would still need to bow their heads down when they saw him.

    During this time, Gu Changge also looked up information about the mysterious Human Ancestor’s reincarnation.

    Combining the previous classics and novel tropes, he was trying to speculate how likely it would be to replace that reincarnation of the Human Ancestor.

    In the end, he concluded that such a possibility was unlikely, though that did not mean that it was impossible.

    He needed to find the Human Ancestor’s reincarnation first if he wished to enact such a plan.

    But how big was the Upper Realm and how vast was the Lower Realm? He had no clue how many world planes were included in the lot.

    To the point where it was called an endless world.

    Therefore, Gu Changge didn’t plan to search for them by combing the realms one by one. It was not realistic at all and he also found it immensely troublesome.

    Currently, Gu Changge was surrounded by these troubles.

    He thought of two ways to fix the issue and find this so-called reincarnation of the Human Ancestor.

    The first was to obtain some clues through Yue Mingkong. However, his confidants, who had gone to investigate Yue Mingkong’s whereabouts, all reported that she had left for the Ancestral Land.

    She had not taken a step away from the Supreme Immortal Dynasty’s territory as of now.

    And the second option was to find the Human Ancestor’s reincarnation through the Human Ancestral Hall itself, cutting their opportunity and using it as his own.

    Unfortunately, this method was chock full of difficulties, as it was impossible for the Human Ancestor Hall to have no means of protecting themselves.

    Gu Changge might even end up losing both his head and his army there, with his identity as the Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor exposed to the whole world.

    Furthermore, judging from Wang Zijin’s attitude, she didn’t seem to have much interest in finding the Reincarnation of Human Ancestor. Though it was expected, how could a bonafide transmigrator with a golden finger be willing to be a slave?

    Therefore, Gu Changge was trying to figure out exactly how to turn Wang Zijin into his pawn.

    This process cannot be completed in a short time.

    He temporarily put the matter regarding the Human Ancestor’s reincarnation on hold, intending to wait for Yue Mingkong to return from her Ancestral Land before thinking about it.

    In addition, during this period of time, Gu Changge carried out some evolution to his Inner World using Destiny Points.

    Based on past observations, a magnificent ancient scene of the Immortal Garden from myth was soon constructed.

    In the vast, boundless world of mystery, many golden palaces were formed from tiny fragments, as sacred lights shifted and moved like the sea. 

    Hundreds of millions of stars fell to the ground, while chaos rampaged in the scenery.

    An unparalleled, brilliant atmosphere.

    Even a Sacred Realm existence would be suppressed in this divine land, unable to help but kneel down in worship under this kind of coercion, much less ordinary people.

    Gu Changge’s next plan would require the involvement of this Inner World.

    As such, he had to arrange it properly, otherwise, the force would not be enough to scare and intimidate others, and he wouldn’t be able to attract the leeks he wanted.

    “Everything is ready, I need only wait for a suitable time and place, it’s time to find someone to test it out on.”

    Thinking of this, Gu Changge set his target on Hei Ming of the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan.

    The former waste young master had now transformed into a dazzling star of the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan, with monstrous power and prestige.

    His status was second only to his sister Hei Yanyu.

    This made Hei Ming become overly proud, and he even began to think about how he could help the family get out of the sea of ​​misery that was Gu Changge.

    He had no idea that all this was all because of the scourge he himself had brought upon his entire race.

    “I greet the master!”

    Soon, Gu Changge appeared in the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan.

    His arrival alarmed the entire Black Heavenly Eagle clan, and everyone came to pay their respects in unease, not knowing what he was here for.

    “No need to be so polite.”

    Gu Changge nodded in return and took a look at the training results of the Family during this period of time.

    He was quite satisfied that the entire Ancient Immortal Races were now under strict control and had begun operations to secretly train a terrifying force for him.

    With these large armies in place, he would be considered a powerful force in the future when he finally bares his fangs.

    However, that was not what he came here for.

    “Is Hei Ming here?”

    Gu Changge asked with a deep smile.

    “Reporting to the master. . . Hei Ming is present, might this lowly one know what business the master has with him?”

    The clan elder’s complexion quickly changed as he hurriedly replied, his voice trembling.

    Gu Changge was no doubt terrifying to the extreme.

    “Bring him to me.”

    Gu Changge spoke lightly with an inscrutable expression, his back turned to everyone as he just silently stood in the hall.

    No one could guess what he was thinking.

    This kind of overwhelming presence made everyone terrified to the point of trembling like they were walking on thin ice.

    “What has Hei Ming done. . .”

    The expression of Hei Yanyu in the crowd changed slightly, her face turning pale as potential possibilities churned in her head, worrying that Hei Ming had offended Gu Changge.

    Because Hei Ming had told her just a while ago that he would definitely find a way to rescue the family and escape from Gu Changge’s claws.

    Thus, the first thing Hei Yanyu thought about when trouble arose was this matter. What if Gu Changge had noticed this scheme of his and was now planning to kill him?

    And soon, amongst the uneasy and frightened expressions of the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan, Hei Ming was brought up by several clansmen.

    Nowadays, he was no longer the mediocre, helpless, and useless boy that he used to be.

    There was a confidence and spirit in him that differed from the rest.

    But even Hei Ming’s face was confused. Shock, fear, and worry filled up his expression like raindrops filled up a cup.

    He didn’t understand why Gu Changge wanted to see him so suddenly.

    Against this young man who was in charge of the life and death of his entire clan, Hei Ming felt fear from the bottom of his heart. But he also felt a burning hatred towards him, as he did not want his own life and the life of his clan to be controlled by him.

    Gu Changge’s demand to see him truly made him uneasy.

    “Master, Hei Ming is here.” A Black Heavenly Eagle Clan member’s voice trembled slightly as he reported.

    “Alright. Hei Ming stays, you all are dismissed.” Gu Changge ordered them casually.


    Following his command, the Black Heavenly  Eagle Clan members quickly retreated, leaving only Hei Ming and Gu Changge were left in the hall.


    Hei Ming opened his mouth first, forcing himself to calm down and relax.

    But Gu Changge didn’t seem to hear him speak.

    He still didn’t turn around.

    Hei Ming didn’t dare to speak another word. His forehead was covered with sweat, his face pale, and his body shaking.

    “I’ve heard from someone that you wish to unlock your clan’s slave mark…”

    Finally, when Hei Ming couldn’t take it anymore, Gu Changge finally spoke up.

    He turned around with a faint smile on his face.

    For a while, Hei Ming’s whole scalp seemed to explode.

    He had just thought about this matter in his heart and only told it to his sister Hei Yanyu.

    So how in the world did Gu Changge know?

    At this moment, Hei Ming’s expression instantly turned desperate. He subconsciously thought that after Gu Changge understood his intentions, he would kill him on the spot, in order to make an example out of him.

    Under the control of the slave seal, it would be impossible for him to escape even if he tried. He would be easily suppressed by Gu Changge.

    And then he would die.

    Even ancestors who are close to the Supreme Realm can’t resist!

    “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you for your mistake. You are the one chosen by the Supreme Being after all. . .”

    At this time, just as Hei Ming was becoming desperate, Gu Changge spoke again with a somewhat playful smile.


    Hei Ming’s eyes widened when he heard this, incredulous and shocked.

    Did he just hear the two words, “Supreme Being”, from Gu Changge’s mouth?


    It was as if his head had been hit by a giant bell, as its roar deafened and made his mind blank!

    ‘Could it be that. . . Gu Changge is also one of the Supreme Being’s followers?’

    Thinking of this, Hei Ming was even more shocked, and it was difficult to describe his emotions at the moment.


    This was Hei Ming’s biggest secret. He didn’t expect it to be revealed by Gu Changge like so.

    But Hei Ming also figured it out soon enough.

    No wonder he had always felt a sort of familiar aura around Gu Changge before. It turned out that he was also a follower of the Supreme Existence!

    “The Supreme Being has sent me to tell you that as long as you think sincerely, everything can be achieved.”

    “Whoever recites his true name will see eternal life in reincarnation!”

    Gu Changge looked at Hei Ming and his shocked face, the smile on the corner of his mouth deepened

    After all, the involvement of his Inner World was the key component in his plan to fool others into thinking he was a “Supreme Being”.

    It’s enough for the Supreme Being to show up once. If the elusive show up often, then wouldn’t it be too outrageous?

    So he needs to act as such a spokesperson. Who would think that the real Supreme Being was actually he himself?

    What was the identity of the Supreme Being?

    Does it really matter? Lord God, or Immortal King? What about some indescribable deity from ancient times?

    Too many options…

    Of course, during this process, Gu Changge used Destiny Value to build a grand place for communicating with the so-called Supreme Being.

    After all, Destiny Value was omnipotent within the system mall and the Inner World as well.

    And it didn’t take too much Destiny Points for him to do that.

    The most important thing was the strength of the individual and the spatial distance between them.

    Obviously, there will be a lot of consumption.

    But Gu Changge didn’t plan to have this consumption come out of his own pocket.

    For any creature, to see the legendary “Supreme Being”, they must first have faith in him.

    Gu Changge could absolutely establish a lot of tricks in this. For example, when a creature is talking about its ‘true name’, he would immediately know and judges its position according to the place of belief.

    Through this method, he could also know the amount of Fortune Value that person had.

    After determining the amount of Fortune Value, Gu Changge would then decide how to harvest them.

    But how did faith come about?

    This was simple. Through the Immortal Binding Art, it will spread to the heavens and the earth, using itself as a net to cover all planes and Lower Realms.

    As long as they practice the Immortal Binding Art, then these beings were all believers of the “Supreme Being”.

    ‘The so-called belief is just a saying. It is only a line, a line that connects back to me, so that I may control them all.’

    Gu Changge had already thought of a plan.

    So he planned to experiment with Hei Ming first.

    At this moment, hearing Gu Changge’s words, Hei Ming suddenly became ecstatic.

    His expression became extremely excited, sweeping away the previous depression.

    Sure enough, the last time he saw the Supreme Being was completely by accident.

    If you want to see the Supreme Being on normal occasions, you need to recite their true name.

    “The Supreme Being has now given you a task.”

    “Within three months, find thirty devout believers for the Supreme Being.”

    “And when the time comes, you will be able to see the Supreme Being again by reciting his true name.”

    Gu Changge smiled lightly and began to announce the first task for Hei Ming.

    Whether it can be done or not, it didn’t matter.

    He was just experimenting.

    Gu Changge didn’t care how Hei Ming went about completing this task, if he can’t even do this, then the pawn will no longer be used.

    “Please rest assured, master, I will definitely complete the task of Supreme Being!”

    Hei Ming accepted the order and exclaimed with enthusiasm.

    Gu Changge nodded and took a step. The void blurred as he disappeared from there.

    If this experiment goes well, he could then start the second step of the plan.

    “The All-Devouring Sky is near, and the Human Ancestor is now…”

    Gu Changge’s expression became profound and unreadable. 

    For the people of the world, the All-Devouring Sky was a great terror that couldn’t be avoided, but in Gu Changge’s eyes, it was a great opportunity to bring good fortune.

    Leaving behind the Ancient Immortal Continent, Gu Changge returned to the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace. He needed time to digest all the various harvests he had obtained.

    The strength that had already broken through to the Sacred Realm stabilized again after he swallowed a few Physique refining resources.

    In addition, Gu Changge used his Destiny Points and purchased four more pieces of Transcendent Bone, making it a total of thirteen pieces.

    From physical form to transcendent form, the control over the rules of Heaven and Earth and the Origin of many Laws of Dao will obviously become higher.

    With his many methods at hand, Gu Changge would not need to be afraid even in the face of a Great Sacred Realm existence.

    Time passed quickly.

    Everything was peaceful.

    With the exception of when Gu Xian’er would run to the foot of the mountain to provoke him from time to time.

    But Gu Changge’s attitude towards her was one of indifference. He simply ignored her completely, which made Gu Xian’er gnash her teeth in anger.

    On the other side, Gu Nanshan had chased and killed all the way to the depths of the Sea King Palace, finally forcing the Sea King Palace to seal off the Endless Sea so that no sea creature was allowed to leave within the next 100,000 years.

    This incident caused a huge sensation. At that time, there were even people who witnessed a black sword light piercing through the heavens and earth.

    A Supreme Realm existence from the Sea King Palace was struck hard by that sword.

    Some say that the sword light was sent out by an ancestor of the Immortal Gu Family, who found it hard to see that their family member was being bullied.

    But more think that it came from a mysterious powerhouse.

    “It seems that one of the masters behind Gu Xian’er has finally appeared…”

    Gu Changge was not surprised when he learned about this.

    At this moment, there was also a letter from the Immortal Gu Family in his hand, a jade slip that quietly unfolded.

    “Mother’s birthday banquet. Let us take Gu Xian’er back there together.”

    With a calm expression, Gu Changge scanned the contents written above.

    His eyes narrowed.

    In his view, this was an opportunity.

    A good opportunity to get in touch with the Peach Village behind Gu Xian’er.

    It would be a wonderful start to the tragic drama that he had paved for Gu Xian’er.

    — — —

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  • Host: Gu Changge

    Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain

    Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd


    • True Disciple of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace 

    • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

    Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

    Cultivation: Early Stage of False God Realm (Apparent), Late Stage of God King Realm (Hidden)

    Mystical Abilities:

    • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [9th Layer (30%)]

    • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)

    • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)

    • Void Ability (Talent)

    • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art

    • Infinite Immortal Wisdom


    Destiney Points: 35,000

    Fortune Value: 12,000 (Black)

    System Shop: Open


    • Boundary Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Seal Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Fortune Plunder Card x 2

    Cultivation Realms are arranged in increasing order:

    • Mortal Physique

    • Spirit Ocean

    • Spirit Palace

    • Transcendent

    • Great-Transcendent

    • Saint

    • Conferred Lord

    • Conferred King

    • False God

    • True God

    • Heavenly God

    • God King

    • Quasi-Sacred Realm

    • Sacred Realm

    • Supreme-Sacred Realm

    • Great Sacred Realm

    • Quasi-Supreme

    • Supreme

    • Quasi-Emperor

    • Emperor

    • False Immortal

    • True Immortal

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