I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 202


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    — — —

    Chapter 202: Gu Changge is the problem?; A Boot-Licking Dog’s Wishful Thinking.

    Hearing this question, Gu Changge also spoke up.

    Everyone listened carefully for fear of missing a single word.

    “If I’m being honest with all of you, this is actually something that I have been rather puzzled about recently. When I fought against Ye Ling that day, I found that he always seemed very confident no matter what. He looked fearless, unafraid of anything.”

    “That is why, in the end…”

    Gu Changge trailed off with a bit of helplessness and guilt.

    “In addition, I was seriously injured, so I simply watched him escape and didn’t choose to pursue him in fear of being led into a trap.”

    The Young Supremes couldn’t help but widen their eyes, shocked at this revelation.

    Many people’s heads suddenly became blank.

    To be honest, they really did not expect Gu Changge to tell the truth.

    A terrifying cold sensation crept down everyone’s back.

    The implications of Gu Changge’s words were obvious.

    “Ye Ling… he is not alone. He has people backing him. That must be the reason he has no fear.”

    A Young Supreme said in a trembling voice, his mouth drying up.

    The numbness in his scalp spread to the rest of his body as if he had been submerged into an endless river of ice.

    Even Ye Langtian felt chills creep down his back at this time.

    Just a single Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor was already extremely terrifying.

    But what if he had more people backing him? An organization, even?

    How terrifying was that?

    It was unimaginable.

    No one doubted Gu Changge’s words at all.

    “The Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor will definitely not be so simple. After all, the hundred-footed worm does not die easily.” Wang Zijin nodded.

    From her point of view, a role capable of causing chaos in the world was definitely not something that could be easily solved. Without powerful means, how would he dare to jump around and kill people without worry?

    “If I didn’t try to capture and kill him, I guess Ye Ling wouldn’t be as mad as he is now.”

    Gu Changge spoke with a bit of self-blame and guilt on his face.

    “Brother Gu is not in the wrong. After all, you were also severely injured at the time. If the people behind Ye Ling really did show up, the situation might have become extremely unfortunate.”

    At that moment, many people heard the words and began to persuade Gu Changge so that he would not have to feel guilty since it was not his fault.

    “That’s right. If Ye Ling did not have support behind him, he wouldn’t be able to flee from that place just as we got there, leaving no trace…”

    “We should have thought of this before.”

    Ye Langtian sighed.

    For a time, many Young Supreme beings felt like they were all in danger, and things would inevitably grow even more chaotic in the future.

    Seeing this, Gu Changge’s mouth flashed with a playful smile.

    But no one noticed.

    Although the target he would place the blame on had not yet been found, it did not prevent him from planning and placing some arrangements in advance.

    — — —

    [At the same time. Within the Heavenly Dao Ancient City, Immeasurable Heaven.]

    High in the sky, a figure whose face was wrapped in an endless mysterious mist was speeding past.

    The figure soon landed in the Ancient City of Heavenly Dao and appeared on the street.

    Yet the cultivators and creatures nearby seemed to be blind and could not sense her existence.

    This figure then walked through the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace, her lips pressed into a tight frown as she paid attention to the residual breath and fluctuations nearby.

    But searching like this was not preferable. She did not have much time to spare.

    “According to the rumours I’ve heard, the Forbidden Demonic Arts Inheritor and Gu Changge had fought in the Ancient Immortal Continent just recently, leading to the Demonic Inheritor fleeing from the scene after being gravely injured.”

    “This is very odd. None of the previous Forbidden Demonic Arts Inheritors had been defeated just by a single person before, as their methods and trump card are near endless.”

    “And although this Gu Changge has the title of being the reincarnation of a True Immortal… judging from his rumoured strength, does he really have such an ability? Was he really capable of severely damaging the Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor?”

    “At first, it was Bai Lie, the young master of the White Tiger Clan; the fiancé of Yin Mei, the Holy Maiden of the Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox Family, and the sworn brother of Ye Ling.”

    “I learned from Bai Lie’s followers that Yin Mei helped Bai Lie to see Ye Ling’s true face. Afterwards, he went to settle accounts with Ye Ling and was found dead soon after.”

    “In the Ancient Immortal Continent, Ye Ling didn’t choose to kill Yin Mei and let her live… was he really planning for her beauty?”

    This figure was whispering. After leaving the Human Ancestral Hall, she came looking for the Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor, hearing all kinds of news on her way.

    She was the other descendant of the Human Ancestral Hall, Jiang Chuchu, who was known as the Reincarnation of the Ancient Immortal.

    In her eyes, there were colourful runes spinning, like an ancient pattern, which could clearly see the traces of truth.

    As long as there were some traces left, she could find clues.

    It was a pity that Jiang Chuchu still hadn’t found out what happened with this secret technique of hers.

    She frowned, but her expression was calm, as if she had no emotion at all.

    “It all seems so natural, like it’s the way it should be; there’s nothing out of the ordinary.”

    “But only the facts cannot be trusted. Even if everything is reasonable, like it is arranged layer by layer, you never know what people’s hearts are like…”

    “All of this is too natural in the first place, as if everything was first arranged and then the characters were put in…”

    “Ye Ling, who was said to be the centre of this whole matter, was mostly on the passive side, being led away by others.”

    “Yin Mei plays an indispensable role in all of this.” Jiang Chuchu said softly.

    “She should be fine; Gu Changge is probably the problem.”

    “Hopefully, my perceptions and speculations are wrong.”

    [Kshn: Are we finally getting an intelligent waifu? Let’s Go!]

    Thinking of this, Jiang Chuchu’s figure moved, quickly soared into the sky, and went to the territory of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family.

    As a descendant of the Ancestral Hall, she could find out if there was really a problem with Gu Changge. And if what she thought was true, then the scope of this matter would be terrifying.

    She was so terrified that she didn’t dare to make a decision lightly, even not revealing the truth carelessly even after knowing it.

    Along with way, she also learned some things about Gu Changge’s terrifying power.

    It was true that the status of the Human Ancestral Hall was transcendent, but if it was really compared with the Immortal Behemoth like the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, it was not enough…

    Unless she had sufficient evidence to prove to all Daoist Sects and Immortal Clans that there was something wrong with Gu Changge and that he had an inseparable relationship with the Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor.

    After all, it’s all her opinion and guesswork.

    She also hoped… that all these speculations were wrong and that Gu Changge would prove to be innocent.

    Otherwise, even under huge pressure, she can only make a move for a bright and peaceful world.

    — — —

    [Territory of the Immortal Gu Family.]

    Nine snow-white Pegasus were pulling a carriage, rumbling past.

    Behind the carriage followed a group of knights riding fierce beasts.

    At this moment, a little maid scolded a young man with a pale face and an embarrassed look.

    “Chu Fan, what’s wrong with you? Why are you always making mistakes nowadays? You can’t even remember what kind of spirit grass you have to feed to Xiao Bai!”

    “I know Sister Qiao’er, and I will never make such a mistake again next time.”

    Hearing the words, the young man nodded hastily and agreed, but in his heart, many emotions swirled; depression, anger, even murderous intent.

    Before this, he was a noble, the son of Emperor Ying. The respect he received was indescribable; even if the Ancestor of the Ancient Royal Family appeared in front of him, he had to be respectful. No one ever scolded him, not to mention a little maid.

    Who would have thought that he would have such a day, even a little maid could bully him, and he couldn’t even say anything!

    This kind of thing made Chu Fan angry, aggrieved, and even desperate!

    Because he couldn’t resist and couldn’t even say a word back.

    Suddenly, his soul was exchanged, and there was no time to adapt to everything. Except for some memory, everything was the same as the original body.

    Feeding horse?

    He didn’t know a single thing about feeding a hose!

    He didn’t even know who was doing this kind of lowly thing when his father used to rule all races and directions.

    Even his hunting mounts were pure-blooded beasts with the purest bloodlines. How could he feed horses?

    This made Chu Fan want to roar in anger.

    In front of his true identity, even the Ancestors of the Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox Family would not dare to neglect him in the slightest.

    But now, a maid of that same family wants him to feed the horses for the Holy Maiden!

    This huge gap made him reconciled, making him mad.

    “Even the Divine Soul Soldier that my father personally forged for me has disappeared. What is the difference between me now and a cripple?” Chu Fan couldn’t help but despair.

    Although he remembered many exercises and secret techniques, all of them were related to his bloodline and the constitution of his original body.

    So now, he can’t do anything except feed the horses!

    “No, I still have a chance. As long as I come into contact with the people of the Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain, I can prove my identity and expose the impostor!” Chu Fan’s eyes couldn’t help but show a strong ruthlessness.

    He was not someone anyone could provoke.

    And in his opinion, all of the blame for this exchanged soul should be carried by the imposter.

    Why would the imposter do something like this if he had good intentions?

    Yin Mei, wearing a long red dress, sat in the carriage in front and rubbed her brows in confusion.

    Hearing that the maid following the carriage scolds her horse-feeder, she was really helpless.

    She didn’t know why, but the little servant, who looked very smart on normal days, couldn’t even feed a horse now.

    And even says some weird nonsense from time to time.

    If it weren’t for the long-distance travel, she wouldn’t have taken him with her for fear of starving the horses on the road.

    Seeing him pitiful at first, Yin Mei felt sympathy and took him in.

    Moreover, she was worried that others would ridicule and dislike him, so she arranged to feed him horses and even passed on a simple cultivation technique.

    Over the years, although she knew him, Yin Mei didn’t even remember his name and only knew that his last name was Fan.

    It wasn’t that she was ruthless and didn’t want to remember his name after helping him that day, but she felt there was no need to remember this kind of thing.

    Her sympathy was only a momentary thought. If someone else would’ve been present other than him at that time, it would be the same for them too.

    ‘After the mountain range in front of us has passed, we will reach the territory of the Immortal Gu Family.’

    ‘And I’ll be able to meet the master.’

    Yin Mei’s eyes were slightly curved, and her face couldn’t help revealing anticipation and joy. Nine fluffy snow-white fox tails behind her also swayed gently.

    “Chu Fan, you have confused the spirit grass that Xiao Bai wants to eat again. Have you been daydreaming too much recently? Or is your head dizzy? What is the Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain? Did your head get kicked by a donkey?”

    “Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain is a place you can name at will?”

    At this time, the voice of the little maid’s reprimand came from behind again, which made Yin Mei couldn’t help but laugh, thinking it was very interesting.

    ‘This little servant actually dreams of becoming the heir of every race in the Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain.’

    ‘When the time comes, I can tell this to master….’

    [Kshn: Why does she want to share a strange fantasy of her Horse-feeder with Changge?]

    Yin Mei laughed, but she didn’t think it was strange. Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain did have unusual meanings for the Ancient Royal Families.

    But everyone in these families knew about the existence of Emperor Ying.

    The words ‘Ying Tian’ [1] were enough to see his invincibility.

    [1: His name literally means ‘To win the Heavens’]

    There were even rumours that Emperor Ying had defeated several Heavenly Emperors in the Immortal Period. After becoming enlightened thousands of years ago, he started his journey to the Immortal Realm, and his cultivation base overwhelmed the universe.

    — — —

    [Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain]

    Just when many Daoist Sects rushed to Ancient Immortal Gu Family to attend the banquet…

    A great hall hidden in the void, shrouded in endless chaos.

    The Divine light surrounded everything like a tide, and all kinds of surging Dao Chants and Immortal Mists were intertwined here, like an Ancient Heaven and Earth Temple, resounding all kinds of Dao.

    A handsome young man, dressed in white, surrounded by Immortal Runes, various patterns and Divine light, looked extremely transcendent.

    There was an innate Dao Chant that emerged around him.

    The sun, moon, stars, mountains, rivers and seas were as vast as a galaxy.

    He sat cross-legged here, just like the centre of the world, breathing slowly; however, his aura was filled with strength.

    At this moment, a beautiful girl with silver hair spoke.

    “Brother, I heard that you are going to leave seclusion?”

    She was tall and slender, with soft blue silk, bright silver light in her eyes, dressed in colourful Immortal Clothes intertwined with the Law and Rules.

    Even the various accessories on her body were extremely powerful Artifacts, with a chain of rules hanging down.

    Her Bloodline, Talent and even her status were not weaker than the handsome young man in front of her.

    The two were brothers and sisters, and their father was Emperor Ying, the one who sealed[2] them from the Immortal Period till now, not letting them leave seclusion.

    [2: Not sealed literally, he just didn’t let them leave the Palace and make them cultivate all the time, probably.]

    However, the silver-haired girl heard that her brother was going to leave seclusion today, which shocked her, and she couldn’t help but come to ask her brother about it.

    According to her father’s words, it was not yet time for them to leave the seclusion.

    Although the Cultivation Base of the two was much stronger than many Young Supremes of today, it didn’t mean they got to leave the seclusion on their own.

    In their father’s deduction, they must leave seclusion around the time of Immortal Road’s emergence.

    Wasn’t this too early?

    Both of them were nobles, being the son and daughter of the Emperor. Once they leave seclusion, it would cause waves in all directions.

    Even today’s Primordial Ten Thousand Races[3] will not be able to sit still.

    [3: This is the same which was mentioned when Bai Lie and Chi Ling were introduced. All of them are under Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain probably.]

    Hearing this, Ying Shuang opened his eyes and said indifferently, “Sister, do you have any problems regarding this matter?”

    There was no trace of abnormality in his expression.

    Even his sister, Ying Yu, didn’t find anything strange.

    During this period, he mastered most of the Ying Shuang’s habits and his way of talking, not to be noticed by others because of these little things.

    Therefore, it was not difficult for Ying Shuang to adapt to this identity.

    It’s just that he didn’t get all the memories, so he had to be extra careful not to expose himself.

    Although he had never eaten pork, he saw others eat it.[4]

    [4: Meaning, even though he never acted like a noble, he could copy these things as he had seen nobles many times.]

    So, even if he leaves seclusion at this time, who would dare to doubt his identity and say he was a fake?

    The decision was just a matter of guts.

    Not even the Divine Soul Soldier that Emperor Ying himself had refined showed any abnormalities.

    So, what else does he have to worry about or care about now? He just needed to continue pretending.

    Prince Ying, a character he used to talk about day and night, having envy and jealousy even to the point of madness.

    ‘Unexpectedly, a day like this came….’

    Thinking of this, Ying Shuang couldn’t help but feel a little excited in his heart.

    Now, he was Prince Ying Shuang!

    He controlled the entire Emperor’s Mountain and was also the future owner of the Emperor’s Mountain. Even the entire Primordial Ten Thousand Races had to respect him when they saw him, not daring to be disrespectful.

    And he had the terrifying Talent and Physique of the prince, including the invincible body and surging mana forged with various precious blood and immortal materials!

    If Ying Shuang left seclusion, he would be invincible everywhere; even Gu Changge, the strongest person of the younger generation, would not be able to compete with him.

    “No problem. Since it’s my brother’s decision, then I will naturally follow my brother.”

    Although Ying Yu was confused because Ying Shuang didn’t explain anything, she didn’t continue to ask.

    And after staying in the Emperor’s Palace for a long time, she also wanted to go to the outside world instead of practising day after day like this.

    She once proposed to Ying Shuang that she wanted to go out and have a look, but Ying Shuang severely reprimanded her.

    And now, Ying Shuang took the initiative himself, so he must have his reasons.

    “When I was a horse-feeder, you were a cloud in the sky, and I was a drop of muddy water in a puddle, separated by a heaven and earth, destined to be out of reach.”

    “But now… with this body, I have become the most special person in the Primordial Ten Thousand Races….”

    He murmured after seeing Ying Yu leave. Ying Shuang’s eyes were filled with trance and yearning.

    He would never forget when he was about to starve to death, the one who stepped in and rescued him, the person who became the light and illuminated the darkness for him.

    The one who passed on a Cultivation Technique to him and let him embark on the path of cultivation.

    “Miss, I know that you don’t just feel pity towards me. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have stepped up when I was ridiculed and bullied. In your eyes, I’m different from the other horse-feeders….”

    At this moment, many visions appeared in Ying Shuang’s eyes.

    After feeding Xiao Bai every day, he was waiting with joy, waiting for miss to come to see Xiao Bai and smile at him.

    “Because of my identity, you couldn’t reveal too much, miss. I know it, and I understand your painstaking efforts.”

    “But it doesn’t matter now. I’ll be standing in front of you…”

    “Yin Mei, if you want to restore the Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox Family, I’ll help you…”

    [Kshn: Did he just say his owner’s name directly? Protags really need some slapping to understand their positions.]

    In Ying Shuang’s eyes, an emotion called obsession gradually emerged, as if he was willing to do anything for her.

    If Gu Changge was here, he would call this a boot-licking dog’s wishful thinking!

    Ying Shuang knew Yin Mei’s next whereabouts. Although he was only a horse feeder, he also knew that some time ago, when the Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor tried to harm her, Gu Changge saved her.

    Now that every clan were invited to Gu Changge’s mother’s birthday banquet, Yin Mei would definitely go there in order to repay the kindness.

    Afterwards, the entire Emperor’s Mountain became the centre of sensation, and many of the followers left behind by Emperor Ying were shocked…

    Because Prince Ying was going to leave the seclusion early, even ignoring everyone’s dissuasion and obstruction and insisted on doing it.

    — — —

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  • Host: Gu Changge

    Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain

    Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd


    • True Disciple of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace 

    • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

    Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

    Cultivation: Early Stage of False God Realm (Apparent), Late Stage of God King Realm (Hidden)

    Mystical Abilities:

    • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [9th Layer (30%)]

    • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)

    • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)

    • Void Ability (Talent)

    • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art

    • Infinite Immortal Wisdom


    Destiney Points: 35,000

    Fortune Value: 12,000 (Black)

    System Shop: Open


    • Boundary Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Seal Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Fortune Plunder Card x 2

    Cultivation Realms are arranged in increasing order:

    • Mortal Physique

    • Spirit Ocean

    • Spirit Palace

    • Transcendent

    • Great-Transcendent

    • Saint

    • Conferred Lord

    • Conferred King

    • False God

    • True God

    • Heavenly God

    • God King

    • Quasi-Sacred Realm

    • Sacred Realm

    • Supreme-Sacred Realm

    • Great Sacred Realm

    • Quasi-Supreme

    • Supreme

    • Quasi-Emperor

    • Emperor

    • False Immortal

    • True Immortal

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