I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 203


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    Chapter 203: Born with a Demonic Nature; If Your Husband Dies, You will Become a Widow!

    The Main Hall became very lively as time went by, with many guests gathering there.

    Many powerhouses who were rumoured to be dead also came to personally congratulate Mother Gu[1].

    [1: Gu Changge’s mother.] 

    In their opinion, the Ancient Immortal Gu Family was the most mysterious and long-standing among all the Ancient Immortal Families.

    It had gained the title of being an Ancient Immortal Family way back in the Immortal Period, when not many had the same title.

    After experiencing numerous calamities since the Immortal Period, countless families from the Immortal Period had collapsed, yet only the Immortal Gu Family remained standing. As a result, none could guess just how profound and terrifying the Ancient Immortal Gu Family’s foundation truly was.

    No one dared to take them lightly, no matter what kind of force or background they were from.

    Even Wang Zijin was taken aback when she noticed the presence of a frightening existence from the Human Ancestor Hall, proceeding into the Main Hall of the Gu Family as if they were visiting an old friend.

    It was enough to give her a great shock. 

    Although the Ancient Immortal Wang Family was also titled Ancient Immortal, it truly did seem inferior when compared to the Ancient Immortal Gu Family.

    “A nearly boundless foundation!”

    Wang Zijin shook her head and whispered, realising that her vision was still too narrow.

    Wang Zijin had believed that, as a transmigrator, she would be able to see through the entire world, and that there would be nothing she could not accomplish.

    But reality was harsh. It showed her that she had undoubtedly downplayed and underestimated the people and forces of this world by too much.

    This was a significant blow to the confident Wang Zijin who had always believed herself to be unparalleled, expecting everything to go her way.

    “See Miss? I told you. You’ve underestimated the Young Supremes of the Upper Realm. Everyone knows that no one in the younger generation will be Young Master Changge’s opponent… unless those Heavenly Princes or Ancient Freaks, who once crowned over the world, suddenly come out of seclusion.”

    Xiu’er’s eyes were full of dense admiration for Gu Changge, as if she was a fangirl worshipping her idol to the extreme.

    When Wang Zijin heard the words, she merely smiled “I do indeed hope that those Heavenly Princes and Ancient Freaks you’re talking about would come out of seclusion. I wish to see just how powerful Brother Gu really is.”

    Wang Zijin couldn’t help but feel a desire to compete when faced with the unflappable Gu Changge.

    Prior to this, she had never felt such a sense of drive before.

    And the reason for this change was because of the tremendous pressure Gu Changge gave off, as one of the few people she could not see through.

    If not for the fear of accidentally revealing her identity, she might have already taken a shot at Gu Changge.

    The guests slowly enjoyed themselves inside the magnificent hall, chatting about various topics, offering their congratulations, and so on.

    Gu Lintian, Father Gu, also made an appearance.

    His Cultivation Base was vast and monstrous, reaching an unknown height.

    He walked into the hall with his face obscured, talking to all the guests.

    Eventually, their various conversations inevitably turned towards the younger generation.

    More specifically, to Gu Changge.

    Without a doubt, Gu Changge was currently the most dazzling star in the younger generation, to the point where even the powerhouses of the older generation dare not despise him, and had to be respectful when mentioning him.

    The shocking matter of the Ancient Immortal Continent…

    To think that a young man could actually achieve such a feat.

    It was unbelievable!

    Yet it was also an iron-clad fact.

    The Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, Heir of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace, Young Master of the Primordial Divine Sect, and Heir of the Ancient Deity of Reincarnation.

    And now… the Leader of the Ancient Immortal Clans…

    Multiple titles, each one as awe-inspiring as the last. It left many people dumbfounded for a long while after hearing them.

    In terms of power and prestige, there was no one in the younger generation who could even remotely compare with Gu Changge.

    Even the Emperor Yue Mingkong was half a step behind him in this regard.

    Gu Changge was the face of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family. As such, hearing these flattering compliments, many family members and Clan Elders appeared quite pleased, and their expressions turned bright.

    After all, is there anyone in the world who doesn’t enjoy receiving praises and compliments?

    So what if many of Gu Changge’s methods were gruelling and dishonourable? 

    The Gu Family members were extremely satisfied with the results.

    In particular, he had also brought Gu Xian’er back and reunited her with her lineage, which more or less resolved a lot of their family conflicts.

    In their own opinion, Gu Changge’s status as the Young Master was indeed fitting.

    Why stress about the family being unhappy when you have such a strong Young Master?

    The initial assessment of him… was truly wrong.

    “Sister Mingkong…”

    In a corner of the Main Hall, a little girl with a beautiful and jade-like face called out, dressed in a wide-sleeved immortal dress. 

    Her cold and arrogant temperament shunned all those who neared her, appearing as flawless as a heavenly spirit.

    It was none other than Gu Xian’er.

    She was currently whispering softly while tugging at Yue Mingkong’s sleeve.


    Yue Mingkong’s face had a gentle expression.

    The two reminisced about the past. After parting ways in the Ancient Immortal Continent, they didn’t see each other even once until now, so they both had a lot to talk about.

    Upon returning to the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, Gu Xian’er’s treatment and placement in the family, regardless of status, immediately rose to the level of a priceless pearl in the Gu family’s palm.

    An unexpectedly intense reaction that made her feel a bit overwhelmed.

    However, this sort of treatment was obviously promised by the Elders and the Patriarch of the Gu Family.

    Hence, Gu Xian’er also gradually adjusted to it.

    Moreover, she hadn’t yet forgotten her initial motive, and so utilised her newfound identity to question all the clansmen—especially those Clan Elders from her lineage—about what had transpired that year.

    Gu Xian’er vowed to eventually find out Gu Changge’s hidden secrets.

    As a result, she really did find some clues hidden inside the cracks.

    It seemed that the midwife[2] and other people who were present at the time of Gu Changge’s birth… were no longer in the Gu Family’s residence. No one had any idea where they went. 

    [2: Midwives provide care to a woman during pregnancy, throughout labour and after birth.]

    But they were obviously ‘handled’ by Gu Changge’s lineage.

    Gu Xian’er was taken aback by this information. She wasn’t stupid, and could naturally see the reason behind this kind of thing. 

    ‘When Gu Changge was born, something the world should not know about happened.’

    ‘Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been such a strong reaction from his lineage, to cover everything up with no loose ends.’

    ‘Everyone who knew what had happened that day was secretly dealt with.’

    And though all of this appeared seamless and without any flaws on the surface, upon further inspection, one would find that it had an evident loophole. 

    As long as someone with a bit of brains were to try and look into it, they’ll naturally find out at a glance that Gu Changge’s lineage was actually trying to bury the truth.

    From Gu Xian’er’s perspective, what they wanted to cover up must be Gu Changge’s biggest secret.

    Soon after, she quietly informed Yue Mingkong about everything.

    Except for Yue Mingkong, there wasn’t anyone she knew for certain that she could trust, though even if there was, the large possibility that they might end up betraying her due to the massive implications of the matter was too high to risk.

    Yue Mingkong fell silent after hearing this.

    “This means that when Changge was born, there might have been something wrong…”

    “Over the years, Changge, he…”

    Yue Mingkong’s brows furrowed as she spoke, as if she didn’t know what else to say.

    She was speculating whether or not Gu Xian’er’s revelation had anything to do with the difference in Gu Changge’s temperament between her previous and current life.

    ‘Gu Changge’s reason for going to the Lower Realm should also have something to do with this matter…’

    At that very instant, she felt an idea flash through her mind like a wild lightning bolt.

    It seemed as if just by unwrapping this one, all of the mysteries surrounding Gu Changge could be solved simultaneously.

    This was the most crucial!

    Gu Changge’s parents were also obviously hiding something that they weren’t ready to tell her yet.

    This matter might just be the secret that Gu Xian’er was talking about.

    “Well… for many days now, I’ve had the feeling that Gu Changge had premeditated a plan to dig out my Dao Bones from the very start…”

    “First, he made me hate him, then he found a way to return the Dao Bones to me, and he deliberately acted indifferent to me all the while, intending to make me resent him.”

    “His actual intentions should be to sharpen and strengthen me, but since my power is still weaker than his, it disappoints him.”

    Gu Xian’er nodded and explained in-depth her many speculations to Yue Mingkong.

    Especially her assessment of Gu Changge’s behaviour and actions.

    She wasn’t stupid. She had been taught rigorously by several ancient masters, who were all cunning old foxes. Nevertheless, she still repeatedly hit a wall and appeared naive in front of Gu Changge.

    Many bright lights flashed in Gu Xian’er’s eyes at this moment.

    She didn’t doubt her judgement.

    After returning to the Immortal Gu Family, she had discovered that not only were her lineage members not suppressed by the others, but that they were even granted a better allocation of cultivation resources than before.

    And although there was reason for Gu Changge’s lineage to properly compensate them, it still did not fully explain the situation

    Gu Xian’er herself had no hatred for the Ancient Immortal Gu Family.

    “Now, as long as we can find out what happened when Changge was born… we can easily figure out the secret behind him…” Gu Xian’er stated with a frown.

    It was a fog that would soon clear, but the incredibly vague feeling still drove her crazy, and she couldn’t help but wish she could cut open Gu Changge’s heart to understand what he was thinking.

    Everyone in the Gu Family feigned ignorance about the topic, as if they didn’t know anything.

    The only explanation for this was that Gu Changge’s lineage kept what happened back then well concealed.

    “When Master was on Mountain Peak, he said that Gu Changge was born with a Demonic Nature. This could be the case… but he later reiterated that while Gu Changge’s actions were like a fiend, he was not a demon.”

    Gu Xian’er murmured, recalling the Great Elder’s words when he saw Gu Changge at the Mountain Peak at that time.

    She remembered it very clearly, not forgetting even a single word.

    “Demonic Nature?”

    Yue Mingkong was taken aback when she heard these words. She immediately remembered Gu Changge’s Inheritance of the Immortal Devouring Demonic Arts.

    However, she hadn’t heard anything special about the previous inheritors of the Forbidden Demonic Arts.

    It was purely coincidental that they received the inheritance and then began to cultivate it, later wreaking havoc in the world.

    Even though there shouldn’t be any special connection between these two things.

    Yue Mingkong felt that she needed to investigate this matter further.

    ‘Innate Demonic Nature…’

    ‘Innate Demonic Nature can be possessed by many things; Innate Demonic Soul, Innate Demonic Qi and much more.’

    ‘What kind of reason would cause Gu Changge’s lineage to be so careful to keep it hidden from the family and the outside world?’

    ‘And why did Gu Changge attack the young Gu Xian’er and dig out her Dao Bones?’

    With such doubts, Yue Mingkong returned to her seat.

    And Gu Xian’er, who was uninterested in such a scene, left the Main Hall after seeing Gu Changge conversing with several Young Supremes, planning to regulate her Cultivation and prepare for the awakening of the Gu Family’s Bloodline in the Nirvana Pond next.

    Entering the Nirvana Pond within the Gu Family’s Ancestral Hall was an extremely rare opportunity even for the descendants of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family.

    Allowing no more than five people in each generation.

    Because the consumption of opening the Nirvana Pond was extremely huge and incredible, even for the Immortal Gu Family, this would prove to be difficult.

    Some of the resources required to open the Nirvana Pond were scarce, and replacements were impossible to come by.

    The benefits and fortunes for the young clansmen who enter it will be tremendous.

    Gu Xian’er was also moved by this, and it will improve her cultivation, even if she will have to enter with Gu Changge at the time.

    Then, an Immortal Mist enveloped the Main Hall.

    The banquet wine had arrived, it was extremely fragrant and mellow in colour, having been brewed for at least a million years.

    After a few cups, the guests would become a little drunk if they didn’t regulate it with their cultivation.

    Even many Sacred Realm existences slowly succumbed to drunkeness.

    This was the mystery of the Immortal Wine; people in different Cultivation Realms would taste varying flavours.

    The banquet’s Immortal Fruits and delicacies were numerous, displaying the extent of the Immortal Gu Family’s vast heritage.

    Such as the Divine King’s Fruit of Creation. 

    This palm-sized fruit was crystal clear, with a cloud of Fairy Spirit Qi visible within.

    In addition, it also contained the rules and essence of the Great Dao, which could help even a God King Realm existence refine their Primordial Spirit.

    It was extremely hard to come by anywhere else.

    Many guests tested it, only to experience the spiritual Qi dissolving in their bodies, and mysterious energy emerged from their sea of consciousness.

    The Primordial Spirit, too, was refined a little more.

    The banquet crossed into its middle stages.

    Many Young Supremes took advantage of this opportunity to learn from one another and put their knowledge to the test.

    Many Heavenly Daughters looked at Gu Changge with coquettish and admiring gazes.

    They sparred against each other in front of Gu Changge as well.

    However, their movements weren’t tyrannical and fierce, but instead full of beauty, as if they were Immortal Fairies fluttering in the wind. It was like a dance, pleasing to the eyes.

    For a while, many young men stared at him with envy and jealousy.

    “When will I be able to have so many Heavenly Daughters dance together for me!”

    “How miserable I am! Comparing myself with Young Master Changge is the same as courting death! How could such a perfect man as him exist in this world?”

    Many Young Geniuses had to admit that Gu Changge posed a fatal attraction to women.

    And in the blink of an eye, the banquet continued into the middle of the night.

    “It’s such a pity. Even after I have looked around so much, I didn’t find anyone who is even remotely capable. It seems I had too high hopes for them.”

    “After thinking about it, I’m still too strong. Except for natural talent like Wang Zijin, I guess it will be impossible to find a suitable candidate.”

    Gu Changge was dressed in plain white clothes, standing tall and upright, a perfect symbol of the Orthodox way.

    He had a slight smile on his face, which attracted a lot of admiring glances from the Heavenly Daughters.

    However, no one could hear Gu Changge’s regretful words except for Yue Mingkong, who was sitting beside him.

    His gaze swept across numerous Young Supremes in the vicinity, including Wang Zijin, Ye Langtian, and others, his expression seemingly disappointed.

    Yue Mingkong’s face was calm as she heard this. She was still thinking about what Gu Xian’er had said to her earlier.

    Her fairy-like face was absolutely stunning and flawless, her phoenix-like eyes shining like a pair of flawless jewels. Her hair was silky smooth, and she was dressed in a gorgeous and elegant long dress, sitting side by side with him.

    She glanced at Gu Changge slightly but said nothing.

    In the past, Gu Changge’s sighing words like these would certainly make her feel a chill on her back, considering their sinister nature.

    Because it meant Gu Changge was plotting something, much like when he threw the black pot of the Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor onto Ye Ling’s head last time.

    His speech now made it obvious that he was up to no good once more, and was planning to plot against someone new.

    But Yue Mingkong had grown used to it by now, and felt that there was nothing wrong with it at all… in fact, she even felt that this version of Gu Changge was the one that gave her the most familiarity. 

    In front of her, he spoke those words without any scruples.

    Seemingly talking to himself, but he was clearly saying it for her to hear on purpose.

    “Mingkong, won’t you help your husband solve his problems?”

    But right at that moment, with a smile on his face, Gu Changge suddenly held her jade-like hand under the seat.

    Yue Mingkong was stunned for a moment. After their last separation, this was the first time Gu Changge took the initiative to talk to her.

    And in such an intimate manner too.

    She was stunned, and her head suddenly felt a little dizzy. 

    Yue Mingkong couldn’t understand Gu Changge’s intention for a while.

    It was clear that those words she said in the Baiheng Mountains within the Ancient Immortal Continent had hurt him last time, causing the relationship between the two to drop to a freezing point.

    Did he not mind it anymore and had forgiven her?

    This made Yue Mingkong feel a little surprised.

    “How can I help you?”

    Soon, Yue Mingkong forced herself to calm down and asked.

    But her heart was still beating fast. No matter what, Yue Mingkong could never stay calm in front of Gu Changge.

    She thought that the estrangement created between her and Gu Changge would be extremely difficult to resolve, making it exceptionally problematic to regain his understanding and trust again.

    After all, Gu Changge’s thoughts were hard to fathom and predict.

    “Changge has a place for me in his heart… but that place isn’t very big.”

    This notion, Yue Mingkong never forgot.

    It’s just… that she was willing to wait for Gu Changge. For the day when Gu Changge would truly open his heart to her.

    [TL/N: The development, you love to see it ;D]

    [PR/N: Classic Wuxia BS]

    “Mingkong, what do you think I, as your husband, should do now? I can’t find a suitable person to take the blame. These Young Geniuses are too weak, and the truly important figures have yet to appear.”

    “I’m afraid the people from the Human Ancestor Hall will soon take your husband’s head.”

    “When the time comes, if your husband dies, you will also become a widow.”

    Gu Changge smiled and whispered in her ear, to outsiders, it seemed like an intimate act of a young couple.

    It appeared as if Gu Changge was really encountering difficulties, and had asked Yue Mingkong for help.

    Yue Mingkong simply ignored Gu Changge’s teasing words, calmed down, and asked, “Isn’t that Ancient Freak named Wang Zijin the best candidate?”

    — — —

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  • Host: Gu Changge

    Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain

    Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd


    • True Disciple of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace 

    • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

    Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

    Cultivation: Early Stage of False God Realm (Apparent), Late Stage of God King Realm (Hidden)

    Mystical Abilities:

    • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [9th Layer (30%)]

    • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)

    • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)

    • Void Ability (Talent)

    • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art

    • Infinite Immortal Wisdom


    Destiney Points: 35,000

    Fortune Value: 12,000 (Black)

    System Shop: Open


    • Boundary Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Seal Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Fortune Plunder Card x 2

    Cultivation Realms are arranged in increasing order:

    • Mortal Physique

    • Spirit Ocean

    • Spirit Palace

    • Transcendent

    • Great-Transcendent

    • Saint

    • Conferred Lord

    • Conferred King

    • False God

    • True God

    • Heavenly God

    • God King

    • Quasi-Sacred Realm

    • Sacred Realm

    • Supreme-Sacred Realm

    • Great Sacred Realm

    • Quasi-Supreme

    • Supreme

    • Quasi-Emperor

    • Emperor

    • False Immortal

    • True Immortal

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