I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 205


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    Chapter 205: What an Unlucky Guy; The Perfect Opportunity!

    Yin Mei had a peculiar look on her face as she looked behind her.

    She was sure that Gu Changge was indeed looking at the young servant who was at the end.

    Her entourage should have been waiting outside the palace on this occasion, as they weren’t qualified to enter.

    But the congratulatory gift that Yin Mei brought was rather valuable. So, in order to show her sincerity, she had them bring it into the hall together.

    This little servant, who was usually clever, asked her if he could accompany her to see the outside world.

    Yin Mei accepted since she felt there was nothing wrong with it, assuming that Gu Changge wouldn’t care about him.

    But now she was puzzled… 

    ‘Why is Master staring at him like this? Is there something strange about him?’

    Yin Mei, familiar with Gu Changge’s temperament, knew he wouldn’t show interest in anything easily.

    “What’s wrong, Senior Brother?”

    Yin Mei called out softly, asking Gu Changge.

    “It’s nothing. For Junior Sister to be accompanied by a male servant… I just thought it was a little out of character for you, that’s all.”

    “However, the fact that Junior Sister travelled hundreds of millions of miles to attend the banquet has really moved this Senior Brother.”

    Gu Changge’s expression quickly returned to normal.

    He looked away from the little white servant and greeted Yin Mei with a faint smile.

    His words seemed curious about the relationship between the two, with a bit of teasing lodged within.

    Everyone thought that Gu Changge had a strange expression because Yin Mei had bought her followers, which was somewhat inappropriate.

    However, only Yin Mei knew that Gu Changge was deliberately teasing her, as he was quite clear about where her loyalties lie.

    She gave Gu Changge a coquettish glance, “Senior Brother is joking, he’s merely a servant who feeds my horses.”

    “If I had known that it’d trouble Senior Brother, then I would’ve never brought him.”

    She explained it thoroughly.

    Seeing this scene, many people grew shocked.

    The older generation, who were conversing on the side, had taken their gaze away from the incident, no longer caring about it.

    As even if the younger generation got into minor quarrels, it wasn’t worth their attention.

    But what drew them back was Gu Changge’s attitude just now, surprising them a bit.

    Yin Mei’s words made Gu Changge smile disapprovingly as he replied, “There’s no need for Junior Sister to explain, Senior Brother was simply curious.”

    Yin Mei smiled and said, “It’s rare for Senior Brother to care about me so much, so hearing that touches my heart.”

    It sounded normal.

    But it concealed a strong sense of hidden grief beneath the surface.

    She only dared to act this way towards Gu Changge in front of the crowd.

    When they were alone, she wouldn’t dare to be so casual, let alone complain.

    Yue Mingkong’s phoenix eyes suddenly became chilly as she heard her sly words and tone.

    Then she took the initiative to lean on Gu Changge’s side, vowing herself to his sovereignty.

    Gu Changge, seeing her grief, smiled slightly but didn’t think much about it.

    Yin Mei’s cleverness stemmed from the fact that she understood him to a certain extent and would never cross the line she wasn’t supposed to.

    Gu Changge was very satisfied with Yin Mei’s ability to handle matters.

    “It’s a good thing that you wish to see the world.”

    Gu Changge glanced at the little servant and praised him with a smile.

    “This servant is really fortunate to be praised by Young Master Changge.”

    Many Young Supremes felt slight envy when they heard this.

    A compliment from Gu Changge? To them, it was no different from being on his good side that carried significant meaning.

    “Senior Brother Gu is praising you, thank him quickly…”

    Yin Mei said with a frown as she looked at the little servant, whose expression had been strange for a while.

    ‘He is usually quick to take up on such things, why is he acting like this right now?’

    Paired with Gu Changge’s actions just now, Yin Mei frowned deeper and her eyes changed instantly.

    At this moment, she also noticed the abnormality of the little servant.

    It’s just that there were many powerful cultivators in the Main Hall, so she didn’t dare to speak much.

    “This lowly one isn’t worthy of Young Master Changge’s praises.”

    Hearing that, the little servant named Chu Fan said hurriedly with a terrified expression. His legs went weak and he directly knelt down on the ground.

    At the same time, cold sweat instantly covered his back and his clothes were practically soaked.

    His heart was trembling with unwillingness. He was, after all, the son of Emperor Ying.

    Before this, he was always at the top, overseeing hundreds of millions of people.

    He was so powerful that even Ancient Royal Families feared him.

    Even in such a situation, he didn’t put Yin Mei in his eyes, believing that as long as he seized an opportunity, he could return to his original identity and restore his former status!

    That was why he asked Yin Mei to let him accompany her into the Main Hall under the guise of wanting to see the world. He intended to find a  powerhouse from the Primordial Ten Thousand Races he could rely on.

    However, before he could spot any powerhouse of that level, Gu Changge noticed him as soon as he entered the Main Hall.

    At that moment, he felt chills all over his body, making him tremble as if someone was gazing straight into his soul.

    Although he had yet to leave seclusion, he had still heard the rumours surrounding Gu Changge.

    Knowing that Gu Changge was revered and feared by many, he knew he was a powerful opponent that couldn’t be underestimated. He also felt that he would be one of his most formidable opponents.

    The visit to the Gu Family and seeing Gu Changge were all within his expectations.

    However, the instant he saw Gu Changge, he felt the same crushing and terrifying pressure he would feel facing his Father Emperor[1].

    [1: He calls his father as father emperor, similar to many wuxia out there.]

    This feeling was too familiar!

    As if confronting a divine majesty, young and unrivalled.

    And that was just from Gu Changge staring at him.

    ‘That seemingly relaxed and natural appearance hides a frightening aloofness and icy indifference.’

    ‘This guy is even more dangerous than the rumours describe!’

    At this moment, Chu Fan felt his heartbeat increasing as he became vigilant and fearful.

    Fortunately, he soon controlled his expressions, acting sincere and terrified.

    His expression fell in front of everyone’s eyes, but they couldn’t find any flaws in it.

    Many Young Supremes feared that their performance would be even worse, being praised by someone like Gu Changge.

    The performance of this white little servant was already quite good.


    ‘I didn’t expect this to happen…’

    At the same moment, members of the Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox Family displayed various expressions.

    They had cold shivers on their backs as they thought Gu Changge was upset as a result of Yin Mei’s actions.

    But seeing Gu Changge’s casual and natural attitude, they were somewhat relieved.

    Nowadays, Gu Changge’s strength made everyone’s heart palpate, and they wouldn’t dare to offend him.

    Yin Mei was rescued by Gu Changge and she was also his Junior Sister. 

    If she could get closer to Gu Changge, it would be excellent for the entire Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox Family, and everyone also hoped for such a situation!

    They didn’t care that Yue Mingkong was Gu Changge’s fiancée, even if she had the backing of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty. After all, opportunities always come with some risk. 

    Being targeted by Yue Mingkong was inconsequential in comparison to the chance of firmly hugging Gu Changge’s big thigh.

    After all, how many men don’t have three wives and four concubines in this world?

    Yin Mei was previously the fiancée of the White Tiger Clan’s Young Master, but in this world, annulment of marriage was common, not to mention the White Tiger Clan had annulled it voluntarily.

    Gu Changge was destined for greatness with his strength and background that ordinary people can’t even imagine in a lifetime.

    This was the truth that wouldn’t change with the passing time. 

    ‘This little servant really doesn’t have eyes, we shouldn’t have let him in with us.’ 

    ‘Miss Yin Mei should change her personality from being this soft-hearted to servants.’

    ‘Now is a good opportunity to get closer to Young Master Changge. She must not take the wrong step.’

    Many experts and older cultivators from the Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox Family looked at Yin Mei with some expectations in their eyes.

    As for the white little servant, they have already decided to get rid of him after leaving the Immortal Gu Family.

    Otherwise… it would be bad for them if Gu Changge held a grudge against Yin Mei, which might even affect the entire Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox Family.

    No matter how small the possibility was, they had to make sure it didn’t happen.

    “Get up. I don’t like people kneeling while talking to me. It looks as if I am oppressing others.”

    Gu Changge spoke with a faint smile on his face, ignoring the thoughts of everyone in the hall.

    Gentle and elegant, hard to find the slightest flaw.

    “Miss, is there any problem with this servant?” On the other side, Xiu’er asked curiously.

    ‘He is just a servant; why is he worthy of such praise from Gu Changge?’

    Wang Zijin was also puzzled.

    She couldn’t figure out why would Gu Changge say these words about an ordinary servant.

    She didn’t find anything strange with the servant either.

    “I don’t know. There shouldn’t be a problem from what I can see.”

    Wang Zijin shook his head. As a transmigrator, she was not omniscient and omnipotent. She could only vaguely guess some things based on the knowledge she knew in her previous life.


    “This Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox Clan’s Holy Maiden seems to be interested in Gu Changge.” 

    Her expression was strange as she continued on.

    However, it was not very surprising, since Gu Changge had rescued Yin Mei from the Inheritor of Forbidden Demonic Arts.

    This routine has been popular since ancient times. Although this kind of hero saving the beauty was clichéd and overused in dramas, the effect was absolutely first-class.

    There were actually quite a few cultivators who had the same idea as her.

    “Thank you, Young Master.”

    When Chu Fan heard Gu Changge’s words, he stood up with his voice still trembling.

    He tried his best to hide it, not daring to reveal any flaws.

    In front of Gu Changge, he felt that he had no secrets at all.

    ‘How can there be such a terrifying young man in this world…’ 

    Chu Fan’s heart trembled, even if he regained his original identity, he wouldn’t dare to provoke Gu Changge so easily.

    Soon, the scene passed…

    Many Young Supremes also didn’t care much, but instead started sincerely asking Gu Changge for advice related to cultivation one after the other.

    Gu Changge answered them with a smile, like the leader of the Orthodox Way.

    Yin Mei, on the other hand, graciously sat down beside Gu Changge.

    She didn’t even care about Yue Mingkong’s expression, which was practically screaming that she wanted to slap her to death.

    It seemed as if she was deliberately provoking this Empress’s majesty.

    Gu Changge, in fact, didn’t care about the open and hidden rivalry between the two women.

    Both of them knew their place, and it was impossible for them to do anything to make him angry.

    Yue Mingkong’s prideful, arrogant attitude meant that she would never turn a blind eye towards any slights, especially if some women other than her appeared beside Gu Changge.

    Despite knowing it was impossible for any woman to get into Gu Changge’s heart before her.

    On the other hand, Yin Mei knew that she was very valuable to Gu Changge right now.

    If Yue Mingkong really dared to make a move on her, Gu Changge would definitely stop her.

    This behaviour may even result in Gu Changge’s dissatisfaction.

    As long as Yue Mingkong was not stupid, she will not dare to attack her easily.

    If she dares, it will be just what Yin Mie wants. Once Gu Changge is displeased by Yue Mingkong, her chances will be even greater.

    [Kshn: This author amazes me all the time. He’s now explaining why waifus won’t fight rather than progressing the actual plot. :clap: :clap: :clap:]

    [Blurry: Yuri when?]

    Many Young Supreme who noticed this fierce catfight became envious and jealous of Gu Changge.

    Whether it was Yue Mingkong or Yin Mei, they both were goddesses of the Upper Realm and had countless admirers.

    Yue Mingkong, in particular, was widely known as the top beauty of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty.

    Gu Changge raised his glass, a wine glass made of white jade, to his lips.

    With a slightly playful look, he swept across the little servant who had been standing with his head down in the corner.

    ‘This guy is really unlucky…’

    He already sorted everything out in his head.

    Gu Changge noticed the Fortune Value of the little servant the moment he entered the Main Hall.

    It was not easy to be Yin Mei’s horse-feeder.

    The Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox Family was a lineage of the Ancient Royal Family.

    But the Fortune Value of this little servant was in single digits, much lower than the nearby followers.

    ‘Extremely unlucky.’

    Gu Changge only thought of one possibility, that this little servant had offended a certain Favoured Son of Heaven without knowing.

    According to the system’s message prompt just now, a mortal seized the body of someone strong. To put it bluntly, it was a seamless exchange of souls, difficult for even a Supreme Realm being to see the abnormality.

    And this servant right here was the party whose body was swapped with.

    Among the routines that Gu Changge was familiar with, the route was not easy as it seemed; taking over a strong person’s body and then using it to pretend to be him and continuing the storyline.

    The most obvious loophole in this routine was that after the soul exchange, there was no memory of the predecessor.

    In Gu Changge’s opinion, this may be the price of taking over the body.

    And the most ridiculous thing was just that this person had taken over some bigshot somewhere…

    In the past, Gu Changge didn’t care where the soul of this big shot went. It didn’t matter whether it was silently annihilated or devoured.

    But now, this soul had naturally gone into the body of the person who took over his body.

    ‘So now this little servant’s body actually hides the soul of the person whose body was taken away? Interesting.’

    ‘And this little servant replaced his identity…’

    Gu Changge quickly figured out all this.

    ‘The newly-appeared Favoured Son of Heaven is obviously this little servant, no, it’s the enemy of this little servant.’

    ‘Perhaps…. he himself is confused, not knowing why he was suddenly stripped from his status and was reduced to a horse feeder.’

    Of course, Gu Changge didn’t feel any sympathy. On the contrary, he had to get the information he wanted from this little servant.

    And soon, the banquet finally ended.

    But not all the guests said goodbye and left, many forces decided to stay at the Immortal Gu Family’s house for a few days.

    The journey was long and it was difficult to come back to Immortal Gu Family. Naturally, they have to take a good tour and see its heritage.

    Gu Changge also left the Main Hall. He secretly ordered Yin Mei to keep an eye on the movements of the little servant, Chu Fan.

    “Understood master.”

    Yin Mei accepted without asking why.

    Moreover, she could also see that something was wrong with Chu Fan, after all, even if he tried his best to hide something, there were still some flaws.

    Especially now, under Yin Mei’s deliberate investigation, it was even more obvious.

    Chu Fan followed the Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox Family members to the residence arranged by the Immortal Gu family.

    He didn’t notice at all, but Yin Mei was quietly paying attention to him at the moment. He was relieved to leave Gu Changge’s field of vision and even felt a sense of escape.

    He experienced a terrifying psychological process just now.

    A young character like Gu Changge was a complete monster, his every word and action gave him a great sense of palpitations in his heart.

    In particular, Chu Fan felt that Gu Changge seemed to have noticed him… he hoped that it was just his imagination.

    Now he only hoped that the time would pass quickly, and he‘d get to leave the Immortal Gu Family soon and then find a way to get rid of Yin Mei’s status as a horse feeder and go his separate way.

    Today, he did meet a lot of powerhouses from Primordial Ten Thousand Races. If he had his previous identity, these people would have treated him with immense respect.

    But now, Chu Fan was not qualified to interact with them, let alone explain anything to them.

    And even if he told these Daoists, who would believe such a fantastical story?

    How can one be stripped of their identity without a good reason?

    ‘I am afraid they will just consider me stupid and say that I am just talking nonsense.’

    ‘It would be great if my sister Ying Yu was here, she would definitely recognize me.’ 

    Chu Fan muttered to himself in his heart.

    He was convinced because he knew that the little thief who had stolen his identity had absolutely no memories of the past.

    There are many things about that time that only he and his sister know of.

    It was absolutely impossible that the little thief would know about it.

    And this was the thing he could take advantage of to prove his identity.

    — — —

    [On the other side]

    After returning to the palace, Gu Changge began to refine the Great Sacred Realm puppets left by the Ancient Deity of Reincarnation, turning them into the fake Inheritors of Forbidden Demonic Arts.

    From the outside, they were not much different from ordinary human cultivators and even the material was very similar to the skin and bones of cultivators, but there were many fine black and white lines on the inside.

    This kind of refined puppets were no different from real cultivators, and this involves the more profound use of the Samsara Laws.

    But Gu Changge didn’t care much about them.

    His eyes fell on the puppet’s Central Core.

    There was a shimmering glow on it, and a chain of divine rules and laws flowing like a waterfall, which looked extremely stunning.

    Gu Changge closed his eyes, and in an instant, a strange figure with an indescribable appearance appeared in his mind, shrouded in mist, endlessly mysterious.

    The appearance could exhaust the imagination of the living beings, making them fall into a never-ending madness.

    This was a Visualisation Technique of his Immortal Devouring Demonic Arts.

    The deities visualised came straight from Gu Changge’s imagination.

    As such, of course, the Deities visualised varied depending upon who used the technique.

    Gu Changge was a transmigrator, so he naturally understood that the so-called imagination was almost inexhaustible and best represented the unknown.

    “The indescribable in this fantasy world is just beyond description…”

    Gu Changge’s eyes flashed with black and white colours.

    At this moment, the Myriad Changes Demonic Physique faintly appeared behind him, and his aura was constantly rising, reaching the Sacred Realm.

    The void began to crumble as faint cracks appeared.

    He raised his palm, breaking the stars to explore the sun and moons.


    The next moment, this black and white colour suddenly transformed into a clanging Immortal Sword, running towards the core of the puppet.

    With a puff, the body of the Great Sacred Realm puppet was cracked open.

    Many formations began to intervene, extracting the aura from Heavens and Earth making the entire palace surge.

    However, no aura was leaked from this palace, where Gu Changge cultivated, as it was concealed from the other palace using various arrays.


    A terrifying aura intertwined in the void, and the rune from the Black Dao Bottle was rapidly slipping into the cracks on the puppet.

    In the end, many black runes faded and were absorbed within the body.

    The original pure Qi was like a rich black colour mixed in the light at this moment, revealing a Demonic aura.

    “Many Daoist Sects are gathered here just in time, I can take advantage of this…”

    “All the preparations are done, now I need to wait for the perfect opportunity.”

    Gu Changge’s eyes narrowed.

    He glanced at the puppet in front of him and nodded with satisfaction.

    The puppet had already been infused with the aura of his Immortal Devouring Demonic Arts.

    Any cultivator could feel its origin aura and identify that it was an Inheritor of Forbidden Demonic Arts.

    Gu Changge didn’t intend to use this puppet to deceive everyone. He just wanted to use it to temporarily divert the world’s attention from his goal.

    Afterwards, Gu Changge infused the other puppets with the origin of his Forbidden Demonic Arts and kept them for emergencies.

    “Now… who should I start with?”

    Gu Changge started planning, he wanted to deceive the world into thinking that more than one Inheritor of the Forbidden Demonic Arts appeared in this era.

    Depicting figures like Ye Ling just as a pawn, or the kind that could be abandoned at any time.

    Soon, Gu Changge set his eyes on Wang Zijin, a fellow transmigrator.

    To the outside world, Wang Zijin was extremely mysterious and powerful.

    Just enough to compete with a Great Sacred Realm Inheritor of the Forbidden Demonic Arts and hold on till Gu Changge could “rescue” her.

    “Wang Zijin’s hidden identity will also be crucial in this, making it reasonable for Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor to attack her.”

    “As for how to reveal her identity? It doesn’t really matter.”

    “All I have to do now is carefully cover my tracks.”

    Gu Changge already had a foolproof plan in mind.

    [Kshn: I tried to lessen the word count in this chapter and it only got reduced by around 400 words. Clearly, if we want to keep it as close as the original, the word count will not lessen by much.]

    — — —

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  • Host: Gu Changge

    Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain

    Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd


    • True Disciple of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace 

    • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

    Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

    Cultivation: Early Stage of False God Realm (Apparent), Late Stage of God King Realm (Hidden)

    Mystical Abilities:

    • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [9th Layer (30%)]

    • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)

    • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)

    • Void Ability (Talent)

    • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art

    • Infinite Immortal Wisdom


    Destiney Points: 35,000

    Fortune Value: 12,000 (Black)

    System Shop: Open


    • Boundary Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Seal Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Fortune Plunder Card x 2

    Cultivation Realms are arranged in increasing order:

    • Mortal Physique

    • Spirit Ocean

    • Spirit Palace

    • Transcendent

    • Great-Transcendent

    • Saint

    • Conferred Lord

    • Conferred King

    • False God

    • True God

    • Heavenly God

    • God King

    • Quasi-Sacred Realm

    • Sacred Realm

    • Supreme-Sacred Realm

    • Great Sacred Realm

    • Quasi-Supreme

    • Supreme

    • Quasi-Emperor

    • Emperor

    • False Immortal

    • True Immortal

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