I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 214.5


    Author – Blurry

    Proofreader – Samael

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    Chapter 214.5: A Saintess’ Fall from Grace [A DemonicTL Originals]

    Under Gu Changge’s overwhelming palm, Jiang Chuchu’s futile resistance was easily dismantled.

    With a single hand, he pinned her to the ground, holding her jade-like wrists in a tight grip.

    “W-what are you doing, Gu Changge?!”

    Jiang Chuchu’s features paled behind the thin veil. Her entire body was completely powerless, as if shackles had tied up every one of her limbs.

    Gu Changge’s usually indifferent face carried a hint of something more sinister.

    “What do you think? I can’t possibly let a loose end like you wander about, right?”

    His other hand lightly stroked her cheek…

    Before he roughly took her by her chin, looking straight into her eyes.

    “But since I can’t kill you. . . I think some other methods of ‘persuasion’ are in order.”

    Jiang Chuchu struggled fiercely against his domineering strength.

    To no avail.

    “Gu Changge! I’ve already promised you the token, so don’t you dare!”

    “I won’t betray the Ancestor no matter how much you torture me!”

    The scholar-like man paused for a moment. He seemed somewhat puzzled.

    “Torture?” Gu Changge faintly smiled, as he softly brushed aside Jiang Chuchu’s flowing hair.

    “I guess you can call it that.”

    A finger like the edge of a knife. It slid carefully past her throat, past her collarbone, further and further down, until it cut into the first bit of fabric on Jiang Chuchu’s body.

    “You’re always wearing that veil and changing your voice. Makes me wonder why… What could you possibly be hiding behind all these walls, dear Saintess?”

    Her large robes tore just a little bit more. Jiang Chuchu’s pupils shook in realization.

    “How about we find out?”

    “You b*****d—!”


    Jiang Chuchu went still with shock, silent. It was as if time’s flow had ceased. A frozen lake broken by the brief scratch of clothes hitting the floor, and the abrupt chill that suddenly invaded her body.

    The cool air blew past her bare skin.

    “W-what. . . ? Y-you dare. . .” 

    “My, oh my. How unexpected. To think that the highly renowned and respected heir to the Human Ancestral Hall doesn’t wear undergarments. . . simply scandalous.”

    Left in nothing but the thin veil covering her face.

    Jiang Chuchu was now—effectively—butt naked. 

    The tips of her ears visibly reddened as tears filled the corner of her eyes. Yet Gu Changge seemed to not care at all and continued to mutter condescending insults.

    “Or perhaps, this is the Human Ancestral Hall’s tradition? Raising girls like you to become sluts for that Human Ancestor of theirs? Becoming a mere plaything in order to quench his thirst?”

    The Saintess clawed at his hands as he raised her up. Her expression was still harsh and defiant.

    “You have no right to insult our Ancestor, you beast! The Human Ancestral Hall will not stand such slanderous comments! You’ll pay for your actions!”

    Gu Changge did not look even remotely impressed.

    “Humph. A mere tool dares talk back to me?”


    A single tear trickled down her face.

    Jiang Chuchu was stunned once again, as the painful, stinging sensation of shame made her skin turn red. As a descendant of one of the most powerful forces in the Upper Realm, when had she ever suffered such an embarrassment? She was a Saintess! A figure revered by everyone in the Human Ancestral Hall!

    So why then, was getting hit by this brutal, ruthless man…

    Making her face go so hot?

    “Urgh~ Gu Changge, I-I’ll kill you for subjecting me to this humiliation!”

    The white-robed man only smirked in response.

    “Your mind and your body are saying different things.”

    “And one of them is more honest than the other.”

    His wandering hand slipped beneath her waistline. Five fingers ‘accidentally’ brushed against her ‘immortal cave’, touching the folds of flesh that clenched tightly together, an impregnable fortress that had never been breached before.

    ‘Well, there’s a first time for everything.’

    “Ah~” An odd, unnatural noise slipped through angrily pressed lips.

    A virgin indeed. For a woman to not know how to even moan properly, what a joke. He would need to teach her how to pleasure a man the correct way. And there is, of course, only one way to learn: repeated, extended, and intensive one-on-one personal training sessions.

    Jiang Chuchu herself looked mortified by her strange reaction, the vivid blush upon her dainty face finally blossoming into a lovely expression of tormented arousal. One she could no longer hide…

    Gu Changge leaned over and softly caressed her head.

    “See? Isn’t it better to let go, instead of resisting so hard? Holding it in isn’t healthy for you.”

    Even a normal woman would have times when their s*x drive went out of control. So how about the virgin Saintess who had never even experienced a man’s touch? Exactly how many years of denial, pent-up sexual frustration, and libido, would there be?

    There was only one way to find out:

    He needed to break her. Completely.

    A chair manifested out of the void, and Gu Changge sat on it comfortably, placing the Saintess on his lap. She was as immobile as a pretty doll. A toy to satisfy her owner’s desires. 

    Seeing Gu Changge’s ominous look, Jiang Chuchu began to tremble in fear.

    “I-if you stop here and let me leave, I promise I won’t say anything to the Human Ancestral Hall. I will also ensure that they never find out about your true identity.”

    It was an obvious lie; however, the Saintess did not have any other options available to her now, as Gu Changge had taken away even her ability to commit suicide.

    She could only hope and pray he accepted her concession.

    But unfortunately, Gu Changge was not a very forgiving person.

    And much less so to his enemies.

    “Ah! Ugh~”

    As if punishing her for running her mouth, Gu Changge attacked her dripping cave with more vigour than before, almost coating his entire hand in her viscous fluid.

    Heaving shallow breaths of air, Jiang Chuchu’s involuntary yelps and moans quickly turned more and more natural. Her flawless body twitched. It spasmed at his touch. The virgin body of a Saintess gave in slowly but surely to the scholarly man’s otherworldly skills, unable to resist in the end.

    Yet her eyes still held murderous intent.

    Huff. . . Huff. . . Gu. . . Gu Changge. . . !”

    Droplets of Yin Qi splashed and pooled onto the soaked floor.

    “I’ll kill—urgh~”

    A coarse finger found its way into the depths of her immortal cave.

    “Y-you won’t get away with this—ahn~”

    Two fingers. Three. Jiang Chuchu fell silent, as laborious breathing replaced her previous threats, a cute, tiny tongue sticking out disobediently from her talkative mouth. Even as her body surrendered, it would seem that the Saintess’ rather repetitive droning was not impeded in the slightest.

    ‘Hm. Perhaps it’s time to plug it up, then.’

    Jiang Chuchu barely reacted when Gu Changge flipped her over. Caught up in the throes of pleasure, the Saintess was too slow to respond to the restraints that abruptly pulled her onto the floor, locking down her rebellious hands.

    With her arms and legs restrained, all that was left was the ability to shift her head and torso. 

    Jiang Chuchu’s blushing features regained some of their lost steel because of the sudden change.

    The Saintess tried to ignore the vulgar condition she was in, instead choosing to organize whatever titbits of information she had gained, with the hope of possibly resolving this horrid situation.

    ‘I only have a single advantage here. And that’s because Gu Changge does not plan to kill me yet, for my death would undoubtedly alert the Human Ancestral Hall. If I can endure this humiliation just a bit longer… I can escape and notify the hall of his identity!’

    Gu Changge was casually taking off his outer robes while Jiang Chuchu reigned in her thoughts. A fog of heat briefly clouded her mind upon seeing Gu Changge’s peerless physique, his every muscle filled with rippling strength, carrying an almost invasive, dominating pressure.

    The fine piece of heavenly art made even Jiang Chuchu temporarily lose her wits.

    ‘H-he. . . has to leave at some point, so I’ll take the opportunity and search this place for any flaws. If I can pinpoint the source and destroy it… I might be able to escape.’

    The Saintess gritted her teeth, trying to avert her gaze from the tempting view in front of her.

    ‘After that, I’ll chop this b*****d into a thousand pieces and feed his flesh to the—’

    A set of inner robes dropped onto the floor. Jiang Chuchu felt something inside her suddenly twitch.


    As she stared at Gu Changge’s mighty dragon, revealed in its full glory, thump down heavily onto her shoulder. It was as if a switch had been flipped, one she never knew existed before. 

    Yin Qi burst from her entrance like a fountain!

    Jiang Chuchu looked up at Gu Changge’s mocking expression, and her sanity almost slipped away.

    ‘I’ll die. . . He’s going to kill me. . .’

    As for Gu Changge, who knew exactly what she was thinking at this very moment? He merely chuckled.

    Then, he grabbed the back of her head with both of his hands.

    “Now, why don’t we put that mouth of yours to good use.”

    Jiang Chuchu resisted him using all her strength, keeping her lips tightly pursed against Gu Changge’s ‘little brother’, even though its musky smell made her legs squirm. But how could anyone thwart Gu Changge this easily? The scholarly man sneered. His hands simply wrapped around her thin neck in a vice grip, before slowly applying more and more force, similar to a snake’s stranglehold.

     “Keuk. . . ! Cough, cough!”

    The Saintess’ pale face quickly turned beet red, then a sickly blue.

    And as soon as Jiang Chuchu’s consciousness started slipping—


    His big, bulging rod, as thick as her own fist, slammed into her throat without an ounce of hesitance.


    Its entirety was stuck inside her tiny oesophagus, buried so deep she thought it’d reach her stomach. It was too much. Too large. She could barely breathe. She couldn’t even bite down on it, because her jaw wouldn’t work, clogged full by the monstrosity that was choking her.

    Glistening saliva drooled from her mouth, coating his member in her spit.

    Jiang Chuchu was helpless. ‘What a terrible look for a respected Saintess.’

    Fragile arms twitched against the shackles chaining her to the floor, straining until red marks riddled her fair skin. Yet, as if disdaining her effort, Gu Changge had stopped moving completely, deciding to let his dragon just rest in her throat, still holding her head firmly.

    Unfortunately, after a short and useless struggle, Jiang Chuchu soon passed out cold.

    “Not even a minute. A virgin is a virgin in the end, huh? What pathetically weak endurance. ”

    Gu Changge tutted at the unconscious lady at his crotch, before breaking out into a devilish grin.

    “I guess I should wake her up. I’ve had enough of her terrible oral skills anyway.”

    Stretching an arm out into the void, he plucked a sealed bottle from seemingly nowhere. The bottle contained a purplish liquid, which glinted slightly in the dim lighting, and there was a warning label imprinted on the glass in an eye-catching manner:

    • Caution: Keep away from exposed skin

    So he obviously did the absolute opposite.

    Popping the cork, Gu Changge dribbled a quarter of the bottle’s contents onto Jiang Chuchu’s back, then another two quarters along her chest and thighs, before pouring the last of it straight into her mouth without a second thought.

    The glimmering liquid traced over her supple curves. It slid enticingly down her twin peaks, glossing her fair skin. The Saintess subconsciously shivered as the purple slime crept further and further. To below her navel, slipping beneath her slender waistline, before finally reaching her luscious folds of pink flesh and bountiful bosom.

    Some of it had even directly entered her most sensitive parts.

    “Argh~ Ouggghhh~!” Jiang Chuchu shot wide-awake, screaming in ecstasy.

    She felt like her whole body was burning from the inside out.

    An insatiable urge filled her every pore as her rabbit-like tongue stuck out of its own accord.

    “G-gu Changge! Urgh~ What did you do to me?!”

    The Saintess was almost unable to stand, her trembling legs giving out from under her. The floor had pooled with bodily juices, forming a shallow puddle beneath her, while more and more continued to drip from Jiang Chuchu’s exposed cavern.

    However, because of Gu Changge’s invisible chains shackling her hands and feet, Jiang Chuchu found herself unable to reach down and actually relieve that burning hot lust.

    Instead, her affliction simply grew worse and worse as the seconds ticked by.

    Until she no longer had the ability to speak a coherent sentence.

    Gu Changge, smiling brightly at the degenerate mess the respectable Jiang Chuchu had turned into, raised his marbled foot, and stepped onto her ‘little sister’.

    “I’m merely helping you let go of your useless inhibitions, and embrace your true self.”

    It was an act of degradation. A disrespect so blatant that none would have tolerated it. . .

    Not to mention an heir of the Human Ancestor Hall.

    And yet, all the venerated Saintess could do was press even harder against that vile insult, hoping for some form of release. Hoping for salvation.

    “See? Just a dog in heat. This is what you are.”

    He added a touch of downward force, eliciting a vulgar response.

    “This is all you will ever be.”

    Jiang Chuchu seemed not to hear him, her pupils clouding over in a haze of bursting desire.

    Nevertheless, how could Gu Changge let her succeed so easily? Right as the Saintess reached climax, he casually took off his foot and dangled it just outside her reach. There was a thrill in denying that pleasure. A thrill in seeing Jiang Chuchu squirm in frustration, unable to hold back from panting.

    In that position…

    She was almost like a s**t begging for her master’s touch.

    The scholarly man felt a sense of bestial satisfaction flood him. It made his throbbing dragon roar as if he himself had downed a potent aphrodisiac. But he managed to not lose his cool, breathing in the chilly air, letting his mind slowly clear.

    The best was yet to come.

    The grand finale of this Saintess’ fall from grace.

    With a flick of his wrist, Gu Changge lifted Jiang Chuchu up into the air, before placing her in front of him, straddling his hips as she held onto his shoulders for support. Her breathing was rough. Breathy sounds of arousal filled the surroundings with a pleasant aroma, like the smell of lilies.

    “How about you prove my theory, then? Show me grit befitting of the Human Ancestral Hall’s heir, or drown in intoxication, losing yourself to depravity.”

    Gu Changge gently twisted her sensitive peaks as he whispered into her ear.

    “On the one hand, you will have proven me wrong, and I’ll let you leave intact.”

    “On the other hand. . .”

    The Demonic Arts Inheritor smiled a devil’s grin.

    “You will be allowed to taste what is mine.”

    The primed and vigorous pillar had finally entered full-mast at this very moment.

    Its tip poked the young woman’s navel, laying erect against the length of her crotch and belly.

    A smouldering heat that torched her skin. A monster that would completely destroy her~

    And Jiang Chuchu, who had already descended into lustful madness, only started positioning herself. Lost in want, the proclaimed Saintess was on the verge of insertion.

    Before Gu Changge stopped her once more.

    “Use the other hole. A b***h like you deserves no more than that.”

    Jiang Chuchu paused, a mortified and ashamed expression temporarily overriding her heat. Was it her last shred of dignity? Was it a shame too great to bear? It did not matter. The aphrodisiac, in the end, consumed even that final piece of resistance and threw it to the winds.

    The Saintess W***e planted her bosom onto his fearsome rod. . . and started to push.

    What tightness! It was as if her flesh wished to force him out, and was strangling his tower with all their might. The folds of pink walls, undulating and squeezing, gave him a sensation he’d never felt before. Not with Yin Mei nor with Yue Mingkong.

    This was the insides of a woman who had remained chaste her entire life.

    This was the perfect insides of a Saintess he would soon make his own!

    His beast broke free of his control. Gu Changge, breathing rather ruggedly now, pulled Jiang Chuchu towards him. Outstretched hands took hold of her petite waist, so cute and small, and—


    In a single, long, sudden thrust, Gu Changge shoved the entire length of his c**k up her tight a*s.


    Following a prolonged moan of pain and utmost pleasure, Jiang Chuchu quickly fell unconscious, only to then be woken up again by the next thrust, before passing out to the one after that. It was a cycle of carnal torture. Her inability to handle his surging vitality, coupled with an inability to properly pass out, made the Saintess constantly flicker between consciousness and unconsciousness, unable to do anything but scream her heart out.

    She was not the same as Yin Mei and Yue Mingkong.

    Thus, she could not be treated the same as Yin Mei and Yue Mingkong.

    And Jiang Chuchu was still his enemy.

    Thus, he would treat her like an enemy, in the harshest way possible.

    Gu Changge would break her. Mind, body, and spirit.




    Continuously. Unrelentingly. He pounded her until she begged and cried; each thrust on the verge of perforating her guts. He pounded her until she went limp and unresponsive, then pounded her back to life in a torrent of Yin Qi.

    “Please, s-stop! Ahn~ I’ll die! I’m begging you! I’ll die from your massive—Oughhhh~”

    Jiang Chuchu was going insane.

    Her expression underneath the veil now looked identical to that of a common w***e.

    Tongue lolling outside unabashedly, eyes rolling backwards, fingers clawing a man’s back.

    Jiang Chuchu also felt the rod inside twitch at the same time, and a terrible premonition struck her.

     “I-I can’t take it—at my limit! My Yin Qi is going to—!”

    “Just shut up and take it, you w***e of a Saintess.”

    Gu Changge leaned over and sealed her lips with his own, stealing her first kiss as his mighty dragon exploded inside her.

    Yang Qi spewed crazily. Gushing and pumping straight into Jiang Chuchu’s stomach, a precious juice for breeding, wasted inside her guts. The sheer volume was monstrous, bloating her belly so much so that she seemed pregnant. And a pregnant virgin was truly a sight to behold.


    As the storm of Yang Qi finally ceased, Jiang Chuchu’s mind gradually returned to its unaltered state.

    ‘At last, it’s over. . . I can now rest. . .’

    ‘I’ve held out against this humiliation—’

    The Saintess’ thoughts trailed off, but Gu Changge’s voracious dragon had not gone flaccid at all.

    Instead, he had suddenly brought out several more bottles of the same type as before.

    He was not finished. Not by a long shot. The scholarly man laughed at her naivety mockingly.

    “Did you really think that once would be enough? How foolish, dear Saintess.”

    “We’ll have to go ten more rounds till we’re done.”

    Jiang Chuchu felt terrified, only to be followed by an exciting chill creeping down her naked spine.

    ‘Ah. . . I’m screwed~’

    — — —

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  • Host: Gu Changge

    Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain

    Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd


    • True Disciple of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace 

    • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

    Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

    Cultivation: Early Stage of False God Realm (Apparent), Late Stage of God King Realm (Hidden)

    Mystical Abilities:

    • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [9th Layer (30%)]

    • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)

    • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)

    • Void Ability (Talent)

    • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art

    • Infinite Immortal Wisdom


    Destiney Points: 35,000

    Fortune Value: 12,000 (Black)

    System Shop: Open


    • Boundary Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Seal Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Fortune Plunder Card x 2

    Cultivation Realms are arranged in increasing order:

    • Mortal Physique

    • Spirit Ocean

    • Spirit Palace

    • Transcendent

    • Great-Transcendent

    • Saint

    • Conferred Lord

    • Conferred King

    • False God

    • True God

    • Heavenly God

    • God King

    • Quasi-Sacred Realm

    • Sacred Realm

    • Supreme-Sacred Realm

    • Great Sacred Realm

    • Quasi-Supreme

    • Supreme

    • Quasi-Emperor

    • Emperor

    • False Immortal

    • True Immortal

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