I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 225


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    Chapter 225: Be Less Pretentious; A Bit Over the Top.

    Jiang Yang didn’t care about the reaction of everyone in front of him. 

    All of this seemed as a matter of course to him.

    He was the ancestor who stands on top of all races. Although many of his previous life memories had still not awakened, the personality and habits of being high above and looking down on everyone in the past were deeply rooted in his soul. 

    A mere Immortal from the Upper Realm, where could he have the qualification to let him go and meet him?

    The number of Gods, Demons, fierce Beasts and many other great existences of various races who knelt down in front of him was countless. 

    Each of them was an existence with sky-high Qi and Vitality, capable of cracking the heavens.

    And in Jiang Yang’s view, the cultivator who would come to a lower realm was most likely here to look for him.

    Before he returned to his peak, they came to show their loyalty, trying to follow and take him back to the Upper Realm.

    And then enjoy a great position just by staying with him.

    The purpose of that Supreme Immortal, he knew at a glance, otherwise why would they treat his Little Sister, who lived the small Beishen VIlage, so well?

    In the end, it was all just to please him. 

    After all, with the benefits, as long as one is not stupid, they’ll know what to do. 

    The Human Ancestral Hall he built back then has an extremely transcendent position in the Upper Realm. At this time, they should have sensed his existence and come to look for him! 

    Jiang Yang knew this well. 

    “Jiang Yang, have your cultivation gone to your head? Don’t let the Immortal hear what you just said.” 

    “Otherwise, there will be no place for you to eat and walk around freely.”

    At this time, several Elders reacted, their expressions changed drastically, and they yelled at Jiang Yang. 

    His words made them cold and sweaty. 

    They were afraid that if the Immortal heard it, it’ll bring an unimaginable disaster.

    These words made Jiang Yang frown, but his face was still indifferent. 

    These Elders were no different from ants in his eyes. 

    Naturally, there was no need to care about their ignorance and stupidity. 

    At that moment, Jiang Yang faintly said, “If I were you, I wouldn’t be so stupid to say such things. Instead, I should first ask the so-called Supreme Immortal, would he dare to let me wait?”

    • “Do you dare to let me wait?” 

    It contained indescribable confidence and didn’t care about the Immortal even a bit.

    This changed the expressions of several Elders again as they began to stare at Jiang Yang suspiciously. 

    ‘Even if he is a madman or a fool, is it possible that he really has this confidence?’

    “Follow Jiang Yang’s words.” 

    At this time, Zhao Yi’s figure appeared and said lightly to several Elders. 

    She chose to believe in Jiang Yang.

    In Jiang Yang, she saw a kind of self-confidence, which would make people can’t help but be convinced. 

    Therefore, she felt that Jiang Yang’s words were not for no reason, and even had a slight expectation of him. 

    Judging from Jiang Yang’s reaction just now, he seemed to have expected that the Immortal would come for him. 

    “Yes, Supreme Elder.” 

    Seeing that Zhao Yi had said so, the Elders didn’t dare to say anything more, their complexions were pale, as they started heading back to the great hall.

    They came to call Jiang Yang, but instead of going, he asked the Supreme Immortal to come here in person?

    Although this was simple, who would dare to speak like this to the Immortal?

    Several Elders were crying and weeping, as if they had lost their parents, they could not just hope that Jiang Yang’s words will do some miracle.

    Otherwise, who would dare to protect them? 

    And soon, several Elders left in a hurry. 

    “You have a good eye. Although your talent is not good, as it took so many years to reach the Sacred Realm.”

    Jiang Yang glanced at Zhao Yi and said calmly, “But, in future, you can still be a sword-bearer1An official who carries a sword for a sovereign or other dignitary on formal occasions. by my side.”

    After hearing that, Zhao Yi’s expression froze, she had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, and she was also regarded as a goddess in the Tian Domain.

    Young Supremes the same age as her were beaten senseless by her.

    But, for Jiang Yang, her talent was ‘not good’?!

    ‘A sword-bearer?!’

    However, considering the confident look when Jiang Yang said this, it was difficult for Zhao Yi to refute it for a while, but at the same time, she found him more profound and unpredictable.

    At this time, an angry voice sounded in Jiang Yang’s mind. 

    “I’m going to see Yaoyao. The Immortal is very kind to Yaoyao. How can you have this attitude toward him?” 

    Jiang Yang only said indifferently, “You will see her eventually, but you are thinking too much. Without my existence, do you think that the Immortal would be so good to Yaoyao?”

    In his opinion, all this was just to please him. 

    ‘That person indeed has some brain.’

    [On the other side, the Great Hall.]

    “Jiang Yang is the one who said these words, it has nothing to do with us!” 

    “Please, don’t blame us Supreme Immortal.” 

    Hearing the words of a few Elders who were kneeling with their faces pale.


    Suddenly there was dead silence, making it possible for a needle drop to be heard.

    ‘It’s over!’

    This was the first reaction of everyone including the Holy Lord of Xianlun. Their faces were pale and their spirit and bodies were trembling.

    They couldn’t wait to find Jiang Yang and slap him to death.

    •  “Instead, I should first ask the so-called Supreme Immortal, would he dare to let me wait?”

    This sentence echoed in everyone’s mind. Although Jiang Yang wasn’t present here, such a sentence made them feel his arrogance and confident attitude.

    But the person in front was someone ordinary.

    It was someone who could destroy Lingxu Divine Mountains with just a palm, someone with an unfathomable Cultivation Base.

    If the Immortal was offended, can Xianlun Sacred Land continue to exist? 

    Their ancestor was a Supreme, but can the methods left by him capable of competing with the Immortal?

    “This sentence is really what Jiang Yang said?” 

    The Holy Lord of Xianlun turned pale, hating Jiang Yang to death at this moment. 

    He had been very optimistic about him before, and now he can’t wait to slap him to death a few times. 

    2Kshn: Anos Voldigoad moment?

    “At that time, the Supreme Elder was by Jiang Yang’s side. She gave the permission for this sentence.” 

    At the critical moment, several Elders did not hesitate to sell out the Supreme Elder. 

    After all, everyone can see that the Immortal had a deep expression and terrifying aura like a vast galaxy.

    Everyone was almost out of breath! 

    “Dare to let him wait?”


    Gu Changge finally spoke, his expression was very calm and deep, but his tone showed interest.

    The many Xianlun Sacred Land Elder below felt that they couldn’t breathe, their legs were soft, and they were about to kneel on the ground! 


    “Big Brother… He…”

    At this moment, Yaoyao beside him was also very surprised, with an inexplicable expression on her little face, worried that Gu Changge would be angry because of her brother’s words. 

    She really didn’t expect her Big Brother to say such a thing. 

    Let the master go to see him in person?

    In the past, her Big Brother had a simple and honest character and wouldn’t say anything like this.

    ‘Sure enough, he changed.’

    ‘Being in such an environment, one can’t help but become arrogant…’

    ‘Huh? When did Jiang Yang become like this?” Granma Yinhua sighed. As Jiang Yang’s relative, she was very disappointed in him.

    Jiang Yang, who was honest and kind at the beginning, turned out to be like this. 

    “Don’t worry, for your sake, the master will not be angry.” Gu Changge said to Yao Yao, with a very gentle expression.

    “But it seems that this Big Brother of yours is a bit arrogant.” 

    His words were very straightforward. 

    The faces of everyone in the Xianlun Sacred Land were pale.

    Several Elders who came back to their lives at this time couldn’t wait to go straight and smack Jiang Yang’s mouth. 

    ‘What’s the point of pretending without any reasons?’

    ‘Is this the time for such things?!’

    ‘I think he went crazy, but did the Supreme Elder also go crazy being with him? Pushing the Xianlun Sacred Land into this kind of abyss with no change of restoration.’

    “Master, I’m sorry” 

    Yaoyao was very moved, Gu Changge was still thinking about her at this time. 

    If it wasn’t for her, anyone who said this would have to be slapped to death by him.

    “This matter has nothing to do with you.” Gu Changge smiled slightly. 

    In fact, he was not surprised that Jiang Yang would do this. 

    It sounds nice, saying ‘Memory Awakening’ but it was close to rebirth.

    Actually the same as the rebirth routine of the God King Realm3Leak No. 2 – Lin Tian. Brother of Lin Qiuhan (the girl at Supreme Amethyst Pill Sect currently). that he encountered in the Lower Realm at the very beginning. 

    ‘Right now, the Human Ancestor’s reincarnation should have recovered a lot of memories.’ 

    ‘Otherwise, he wouldn’t say such a thing.’

    ‘Just like I expected from the ancestor.’

    Gu Changge’s smile seemed a bit playful. 

    He understood the R​eincarnation of the Human Ancestor’s idea very well. 

    But what Human Ancestor’s Reincarnation didn’t expect was probably that Gu Changge just wanted to squeeze his fortune, swallow him and replace him.

    ‘System, does the source of the fortune of the Human Ancestor’s Reincarnation involve the destiny of the Tianchen Realm?’

    Gu Changge asked about the system in his mind. 

    The system replied, [“Yes, the destiny of the Tianchen Realm is closely related to the Human Ancestor’s Reincarnation.”] 

    [“When Human Ancestor reincarnated in this realm, his and this realm’s fortune were already entangled.”]

    After getting the answer, Gu Changge’s thoughts became more clear. 

    It was almost the same as his guess. 

    Fortune has always been illusionary. 

    The Human Ancestor’s fortune was not only related to the Tianchen Realm but also his karma.

    Including Yaoyao, they were all actually related to it. 

    Even the faith of people believing him in the world – hundreds of millions of people – were all related to the Human Ancestor’s fortune.

    Now that his memory was not fully awakened, the fortune that involves the faith of hundreds of millions of living beings was to not likely to have an effect on Human Ancestor.

    Therefore, it was Gu Changge’s plan to break Jiang Yang’s relationship with his relatives. 

    But now this plan does not actually need to be considered anymore. 

    The attitude of Yaoyao and her Grandma, towards Jiang Yang, had already changed a lot.

    Now, he just needs to convince Yaoyao that the current Jiang Yang was no longer the Big Brother she used to know. 

    ‘Don’t blame for this, you’re the one who caused all of this. Being the so-called Human Ancestor and pretending to be someone else occupying his body in front of me? Not a chance!’

    Gu Changge didn’t believe that the Human Ancestor, who has yet to return to the Upper Realm, can cause any waves.

    At this moment, even if the Human Ancestor reincarnated with the fortune of the entire Tianchen Realm tried to go against him, it’ll be of no use.

    “Supreme Immortal, please rest assured, I’ll personally bring this arrogant brat to you and make him apologize.”

    Xianlun Holy Lord’s expression changed for a while, and he hurriedly said with cupped hands. 

    Now, no one cared if he was Yaoyao’s Big Brother.

    He had offended the Supreme Immortal himself, no one could save him! 

    If Gu Changge gets angry. The Xianlun Sacred land won’t be able to bear it.

    After that, the figure of the Xianlun Holy Lord was blurred, turning into a divine rainbow, with a green face, and went to the place where Jiang Yang was practising. 

    The rest of the Elders also rushed out, even if they once came back empty-handed once, they need to bring him this time around.

    In the Great Hall, Gu Changge looked unwavering. 

    Turned to toast and drank tea. 

    “Yaoyao, after this, you will go to the Upper Realm with your master.” 

    “Well, Yaoyao will listen to Master.” 

    Yaoyao nodded. 

    Now, the sad feeling of missing her Big Brother faded a lot.

    It didn’t even matter if she sees him or not. 

    Gu Changge nodded as he heard the system’s message prompt.

    [Ding! Yaoyao is extremely disappointed in her Big Brother. The fortune of Samsara’s Favoured Son of Heaven was impaired; the host obtained 8,000 Fortune Value and 40,000 Destiny Points.]

    ‘It seems like I don’t even have to do anything.’

    ‘This girl looks young but her heart is like a glass, crystal clear.’

    Gu Changge smiled in his heart, but his face was calm and composed. 

    And soon, a shocked Jiang Yang was brought to the Great Hall after being suppressed by many Elders.

    Behind Jiang Yang, there was the Holy Lord of Xianlun with an angry expression, and Elder Zhao Yi with an expression of bewilderment. 

    “Reporting to the Immortal, Jiang Yang has been brought!” 

    Several Elders said respectfully and then looked at Jiang Yang as if looking at a dead person.

    Their Cultivation Base had reached the Quasi-Sacred Realm, and Jiang Yang, who only just reached Transcendent Realm, wasn’t able to resist at all and was quickly caught by them.

    When the Holy Lord himself came, even the Supreme Elder, Zhao Yi, couldn’t do anything.

    She was thinking about why things were different from what she imagined, different from what Jiang Yang said.

    Coupled with Jiang Yang’s confident and indifferent face at the time, it really made her angry.

    ‘It turns out that his expression at the time was just pretending?’

    [Ding! Slapped the Favoured Son of Heaven, Jiang Yang, obtaining 1,000 Fortune Values and 5,000 Destiny Point.]

    At this time, the system sounded once again in Gu Changge’s mind.

    However, he didn’t care. 

    If you pretend to be arrogant in front of him, you need to be ready for some face-slapping

    “Big Brother…” 

    After looking at the young man in front of her, various complex expressions were displayed on Yaoyao’s small face. 

    Judging from his face, he was still the Big Brother she was familiar with. 

    It’s just that the temperament was completely different. 

    With a luxurious and exquisite robe, many extraordinary accessories, flowing through the charm and rune, it can be seen that he has a very good life in Xianlun Sacred Land. 

    At this moment, his brows were frowning and his expression remains calm. 

    But his eyes didn’t look at her, nor did he look at the Grandma behind her. 

    Instead, he looked at her master. 

    What does this show? 

    It was indeed an unnatural reaction after seeing them after so long.

    This unfamiliar Big Brother was no longer the kind and honest kid she knew.

    And without Yaoyao noticing, a peach-like pattern on the centre of her eyebrows flashed by and quickly disappeared at this moment.

    Gu Changge, who had been paying attention to her, saw this scene, a little interested.

    But soon, Gu Changge looked at Jiang Yang below. 

    “Are you Jiang Yang?” 

    Many thoughts flashed in his mind, but Gu Changge’s expression seemed very calm and indifferent as he asked aloud. 

    “I am Jiang Yang.” Jiang Yang said calmly. 

    Although being watched by everyone in the Great Hall, there were especially many terrifying auras surging in all directions. 

    But he seemed to be unable to feel one person’s aura and was also looking at Gu Changge seriously. 

    Judging from the appearance, he looks very mysterious, and can’t see the truth hidden by a layer of mist. 

    Even Cultivation Base was also the same. 

    If one wants to break through the realm, they need Divine Artifacts or an extremely high Cultivation Base; at least a Great Sacred Realm or Quasi-Supreme Realm.

    And this scene of Jiang Yang calmly looking at Gu Changge made many people secretly surprised, was there really something peculiar about Jiang Yang? 

    Otherwise, how can one explain his costume.

    ‘Huh, what an arrogant guy.’

    Xianlun Holy Lord snorted coldly in his heart. Gu Changge didn’t blame Xianlun Sacred Land for this, that was already fortunate for them.

    At this time, he was afraid that Jiang Yang would do anything disrespectful to Gu Changge. 

    “Oh, then do you remember Yaoyao?” 

    Gu Changge put down his teacup as he slowly asked staring at Jiang Yang, “She came to see you all the way, but you have such an attitude. As a brother, don’t you think it is wrong to do this?” 

    Hearing this, Jiang Yang frowned and looked at Yaoyao beside Gu Changge. 

    To be honest, what happened today made him very surprised, even completely unexpected. 

    The Immortal in front of him didn’t even know his identity. 

    His previous thoughts were all wrong and even made him lose face. 

    If he knew his identity, would he still dare to do this? 

    He’d be kneeling on the ground if he did so.

    This made Jiang Yang feel a little uncomfortable, finding Gu Changge an eyesore.

    From beginning to end, things were always under his control.

    Now that Gu Changge appeared, everything went out of his control. 

    “Yaoyao is my Little Sister, I naturally remember, how can I forget her?”

    At the moment, Jiang Yang said lightly, “As for the attitude, I think you should reflect on yours. I hate when someone talks down to me and you’ll regret doing so in the future.” 

    As soon as this sentence was finished, everyone’s face changed colour.

    Elder Zhao Yi’s expression also changed drastically. She felt that Jiang Yang was crazy and wanted to die. 

    For a moment, there was dead silence in the Great Hall. 

    Everyone dared not speak anymore, their complexion turned pale and silent. 

    As for pleading for Jiang Yang? No one would do so unless they want to die with him. 

    Everyone felt that Gu Changge would be angry. 

    Even Yaoyao didn’t dare to say anything at this time. Previously, it could be explained as Jiang Yang’s arrogance, but now this was clearly a provocation. 

    He was provoking Gu Changge! 

    “Oh, it seems that you think that if you’re Yaoyao’s Big Brother this deity won’t do anything to you right?” 

    Gu Changge didn’t get angry when he heard the words. He looked like he was looking at the ants jumping toes at random. 

    With contempt and carelessness. 

    This look made Jiang Yang frown, his expression faintly cold. 

    He was about to speak, but was interrupted by Gu Changge. 

    “Forget it, today I will teach you – brat who doesn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth – a lesson in place of Yaoyao.”

    His tone was regretful and pitiful. 


    With a palm of his hand, the entire Great Hall seemed to be shrouded in a vast starry sky, rune flashed by, rules hanging down, making a trembling sound. 

    The terrifying big palm print was heavy, as if the blue sky smashed down.

    Everyone’s back was cold, their souls were trembling, their legs were soft, and they couldn’t help but knell on the ground! 


    The calm on Jiang Yang’s face finally could not be maintained. 

    He subconsciously wanted to evoke the phantom of the ancestor of Xianlun Sacred Land, just like that day, to contend with this strike. 

    But The next moment, a pop! 

    This palm fell, and the speed was too fast, and immediately shook his body. He laid directly on the ground, vomiting blood constantly, and a lot of his bones were broken. 

    If it weren’t for Gu Changge’s control. 

    Under this palm, he would have exploded directly.

    “It is better for young people to keep their feet on the ground and be less pretentious.” 

    Gu Changge shook his head with a slight sigh and did not continue to do it. 

    But what he said made Jiang Yang’s complexion ugly, almost like a pig. 

    He didn’t expect Gu Changge to shoot so quickly, he didn’t let him react, and he didn’t even have time to use the countermeasures! 

    Otherwise, he would never be so embarrassed! 

    — — —


    • Lingxu Divine Mountains = Void Spirit Divine Mountains.


    — — —

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  • Host: Gu Changge

    Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain

    Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd


    • True Disciple of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace 

    • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

    Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

    Cultivation: Early Stage of False God Realm (Apparent), Late Stage of God King Realm (Hidden)

    Mystical Abilities:

    • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [9th Layer (30%)]

    • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)

    • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)

    • Void Ability (Talent)

    • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art

    • Infinite Immortal Wisdom


    Destiney Points: 35,000

    Fortune Value: 12,000 (Black)

    System Shop: Open


    • Boundary Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Seal Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Fortune Plunder Card x 2

    Cultivation Realms are arranged in increasing order:

    • Mortal Physique

    • Spirit Ocean

    • Spirit Palace

    • Transcendent

    • Great-Transcendent

    • Saint

    • Conferred Lord

    • Conferred King

    • False God

    • True God

    • Heavenly God

    • God King

    • Quasi-Sacred Realm

    • Sacred Realm

    • Supreme-Sacred Realm

    • Great Sacred Realm

    • Quasi-Supreme

    • Supreme

    • Quasi-Emperor

    • Emperor

    • False Immortal

    • True Immortal

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