I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 235


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    Chapter 235: It was learned from Gu Changge; the Power of Pure Lotus Nirvana Physique.

    [In the Great Hall.]

    “Jiang Yang, what the hell is going on? Why do all the Divine mountains and Restricted Areas say you stole their artefacts?”

    In the hall, the atmosphere was oppressively silent, like a volcano about to erupt.

    All the elders and disciples looked angry, frightened, disturbed, and panicked as if catastrophe was imminent.

    The Holy Lord of Xianlun was the first to speak.

    His face was also very gloomy and angry, staring at Jiang Yang as if to see through him completely.

    Now outside the Xianlun Sacred Land, all the prominent figures from the mighty Divine Mountains and Restricted Areas were gathered in front of the Mountain Gate, asking them to hand over the disciples who stole their Divine Artifacts.

    The dissension was going to start soon, and there would be bloodbaths everywhere. This alarmed the entire Tian Domain, causing all the cultivators to feel a chill in their back.

    And the cause of all this was Jiang Yang.

    Although the people outside were saying Xianlun Sacred Land was the root cause of this and Jiang Yang’s incident was only a small trigger.

    But the Holy Lord of Xianlun was very clear that this matter has nothing to do with Xianlun Sacred Land at all.

    It was all caused by Jiang Yang!

    They had the Supreme-grade Weapon to suppress them as a backup. Unless the Divine Mountains and Restricted Areas were really stupid, then wouldn’t dare to attack the Mountain Gate like this.

    Now they don’t care about it at all… This can only be explained if Jiang Yang has done something, which has made the Divine Mountains and Restricted Areas extremely angry, and no longer cares about the Xianlun Sacred Land’s possession of the Supreme-grade Artifact!

    A few days ago, Jiang Yang escaped from the Mountain Gate in a state of blood and embarrassment. Holy Lord of Xianlun still remembers that, and even Zhao Yi, the elder at that time, was also severely injured.

    What does this mean?

    It means that the two sneaked into the Divine Mountains and Restricted Areas and stole their Divine Artifacts, and even the Supreme Artifact was taken away by the Supreme Elder Zhao Yi.

    This statement was unanimously approved by all the elders of the Xianlun Sacred Land.

    “Jiang Yang, you must give me an explanation, or you will be suppressed and sent outside today!”

    Several elders opened their mouths to make trouble, their expressions cold, not ready to suffer this unwarranted implication because of their relation with Jiang Yang.

    “Yeah, it’s this guy to blame, who brought us this kind of calamity. Who can stop the massacre of the Divine Mountains? Even the phantom of the Ancestor is no longer invoking!” Some elders were angry.

    “I think Jiang Yang was just lucky at the beginning and deceived everyone. It’s better to take this opportunity to expel him at the Mountain Gate otherwise, he will cause even more terrible disasters!”

    For a time, the hall was filled with rebuke, scolding, and blaming voices.

    At this moment, the only person still standing beside Jiang Yang was the Supreme Elder Zhao Yi, but her authority was not same as before, as several ancestors of the Sacred Land had appeared.

    Her words held no weight.

    Zhao Yi was willing to help Jiang Yang, but it was useless.

    She was the only one who still believes in Jiang Yang here, after all, she witnessed Jiang Yang being ambushed by the mysterious woman from the Upper Realm that day.

    But what’s the use of her explanation?

    Even her position as an elder was not stable.

    “They are framing me and you actually believed them, even if the phantom of the Xianlun’s ancestor doesn’t show up, with Xianlun Seal we can suppress everything, do we still need to care about the Divine Mountains and Restricted Areas?”

    This scene made Jiang Yang, whose face was not very good, even more distorted.

    All these unfortunate series of events.

    Now even the Xianlun Sacred Land was messing with him.

    The fortune of the entire Xianlun Sacred Land gradually shifted and no longer converged on him.

    Jiang Yang even felt that there was a pair of invisible big hands that plundered his fortune.

    It made him feel uneasy.

    This was the first time that he felt this so strongly, and has never experienced it before.

    However, Jiang Yang’s heart was also strong, so he forced himself to calm down.

    ‘Who is plotting against me? What is the origin of the mysterious woman that day? Why did she already know my identity?’

    He was very gloomy.

    “It’s useless to talk too much. At this moment, you still want us to be implicated by you? Take responsibility for what you have committed?”

    When they heard Jiang Yang’s words, the expressions of the other elders in the hall changed greatly, and they seemed even angrier.

    They almost pointed at Jiang Yang’s nose and yelled shameless and ungrateful to him.

    Xianlun Sacred Land kindly nurtured him, but he not only caused trouble for Xianlun Sacred Land, but at this moment, he also took it for granted and was ready to let everyone accompany him and bear this?

    He was truly an ingrate.

    Hearing this, Jiang Yang frowned even more tightly, and said in a low voice, “Shut up, you’re just a bunch of idiots who can’t tell right from wrong.”

    The ancestor of Xianlun Sacred Land has a great relationship with him, and he was enlightened by him at that time, and this sect has been established since then.

    Without him, where would Xianlun Sacred Land come from?

    These idiots are still blaming him?

    “This arrogant…!”

    “You are counting death!”

    Jiang Yang didn’t say anything, but when he did, the crowd became even more enraged and their faces turned blue, not expecting him to be so arrogant and presumptuous.

    The day Jiang Yang offended the mysterious immortal, many people were very angry with him, but because of Yaoyao’s identity, they dared not blame Jiang Yang too much.

    Now with his temperament, he was really going to bring great calamity to the Xianlun Sacred Land!

    “No need to say anymore. Someone, escort Jiang Yang to the Mountain Gate, and hand him over to someone from Divine Mountains and Restricted Areas.”

    “Today Jiang Yang was expelled and has nothing to do with my Xianlun Sacred Land anymore.”

    At this moment, the Holy Lord of Xianlun, whose face was already extremely ugly, waved his hand and directly said that he wanted to forcefully take Jiang Yang down.

    As his words fell, several elders with tyrannical auras rushed into the hall and surrounded Jiang Yang.


    Seeing this, Zhao Yi’s expression changed slightly and wanted to stop it, but a supreme holy ancestor snorted coldly, reached out with a big hand, and shot at her, treating her as a traitor.

    Recently, the mysterious Immortal’s fall in the Yunhua Heavenly Pond caused the situation in the Tian Domain to change.

    Many forces and cultivators are deeply affected and are eager to move.

    The first to bear the brunt was of course the Xianlun Sacred Land.

    Now all the outside forces knew that the cause of the dissension was the Xianlun Sacred Land.

    If handing over Jiang Yang can quell the anger of the outside world, they will actually breathe a sigh of relief.

    “Expel me from the sect?”

    In Jiang Yang’s eyes, a chill flashed through, he didn’t expect Xianlun Sacred Land to really dare.

    The words of the Holy Lord of Xianlun contained great spiritual power, and the words were instantly spread from the hall and echoed in the sky outside.

    Everyone who heard this sentence had different expressions like shocked, puzzled, confused, etc.

    ‘Jiang Yang was expelled from Xianlun Sacred Land?’

    ‘It seems that Xianlun Sacred Land is willing to compromise.’

    During this period of time, dissension broke out, and the Xianlun Sacred Land became the most eye-catching place in Tian Domain, and many forces and cultivators were gathered outside.

    “It seems that this Xianlun Sacred Land is still smart and knows what to do at this moment.”

    Outside the mountain gate of Xianlun Sacred Land, a burly, double-horned creature, shrouded in a thick black fog, couldn’t help but sneer and said as divine pressure radiated from his body. He was the Lord of a Divine Mountain.

    The vast number of mighty creatures like a large black cloud covering the sky and blocking the sun, stood on the horizon, wanting to go at war with the Xianlun Sacred Land.

    “Hand over that disciple, or Xianlun Sacred Land will be buried here today!”

    The Lord of the Divine Mountain opened his mouth. His voice was like thunder, and it exploded in the sky, making countless hearts tremble.

    In the other direction, there were many existences from the Restricted Areas and lords of Divine Mountains, their aura surging with fierce and alarming blood lust, wanting to besiege the Xianlun Sacred Land.

    This dissension had swept through the Tianchen realm, and today it was even more eye-catching, with all eyes converging on this place.

    The words of the Holy Lord of Xianlun were an indication of his attitude.

    “Jiang Yang was expelled from Xianlun Sacred Land?”

    Yue Mingkong’s expression was profound and calm. Her figure appeared on the top of a mountain, standing far away, but everything that happened outside of Xianlun Sacred Land could be clearly seen.

    Behind her, there were a number of terrifying beings kneeling in fear, either shrouded in precious radiance or hidden by runes, surrounded by laws.

    If the rest of the powerhouses in Tian Domain were here, their eyes would have widened in shock.

    These creatures were all terrifying existences in the Divine Mountains and Restricted Areas.

    And they were actually kneeling in front of a woman?

    This was too shocking.

    “But that’s not enough, Jiang Yang will have to use all of his methods, otherwise he won’t be able to escape…”

    Yue Mingkong said indifferently.

    She knew the origin of Jiang Yang and the ancestor of Xianlun Sacred Land, so she would obviously not take Jiang Yang lightly, and she also understands the power of Jiang Yang’s Reincarnation Seal.

    It was unlikely that she will be able to kill Jiang Yang, but she can use many means to get rid of Jiang Yang’s methods.

    After all, didn’t the Xianlun Sacred Land break the relationship with Jiang Yang?

    This was just as she expected, Xianlun Sacred Land cannot be an enemy of the world because of one disciple!

    Her way of framing people was completely learned from Gu Changge. Although she didn’t have the intensity as Gu Changge, it was enough to oppress Jiang Yang at this moment!

    After receiving the order of Yue Mingkong, the group of kneeling powerhouses got up one after another and rushed to the outside of the Xianlun Sacred Land.

    “Hand over that disciple, or Xianlun Sacred Land will be destroyed here today!”

    A mighty voice sounded outside the Xianlun Sacred Land.

    Accompanied by the shocking murderous aura, many disciples of the Xianlun Sacred Land below turned pale and were extremely frightened, as if they had encountered a disaster.


    There was a Supreme Sacred Realm being who raised his palm and shot below.

    The runes were so vast that they evolved into a large and powerful law!

    It was as if the sky was falling down, covering everything, causing the great mountain protection formation of Xianlun Sacred Land to make a terrifying cracking sound.

    At a critical time, a tyrannical Sacred aura rose from the Xianlun Sacred Land into the sky, blocking the palm, and did not let it fall, so as not to destroy the mountain protection formation.

    How terrifying was the strike of a Supreme Sacred Realm being?

    If it was outside the domain, just the breath could shatter the ancient stars, and its power was boundless.

    At this moment, all the cultivators felt a dazzling light, and if it contained the power of countless laws, exploded with a bang!

    In the sky, it seemed like a dazzling sun had burst.

    The light was blinding, and the void was blown apart, leaving a vast expanse of white.

    The forces and powerful beings that were secretly watching are now all shocked and frozen!

    “Not good, the mountain protection array cracked ……”

    In the Xianlun Sacred Land, countless disciples were shocked and stunned when they saw that scene from a distance.

    Because, with the rupture of the mountain protection formation, the mighty creatures from the Divine Mountains and Restricted Areas outside the Xianlun Sacred Land will slaughter them.

    It was originally a serene land.

    But at this moment, it was full of murderous intentions and unwilling roars, and the divine island had collapsed, turning it into rubble and broken walls.

    The runes boiled like an ocean.

    The battle was fierce, the blood was everywhere in ruins, and the sound of slaughter was everywhere.

    At this moment, everyone was cursing and resenting Jiang Yang.

    Why did he invite this kind of trouble for no good reason, and dragged them along with him to suffer? To lose their lives?

    “Jiang Yang really deserves to die! Quickly hand him over to appease the wrath of those Lords of Divine Mountains and Restricted Areas! I don’t want to be buried with this guy ……”

    “Jiang Yang, why don’t you go to hell ……”

    “Let Jiang Yang get out of my Xianlun Sacred Land, we don’t want everyone to bury with him!”

    Everyone was yelling and cursing.

    For a time, a strong sense of resentment began to appear in the buildings and on the peaks of the Xianlun Sacred Land.

    “Since you insist on doing this, then there is no need for the Xianlun Sacred Land to continue to exist!”

    In the hall, seeing someone move against him, Jiang Yang’s expression suddenly became very cold.

    He had already given Xianlun Sacred Land the last chance. He had planned to drive back the enemies outside before heading to Yunhu Heavenly Pond.

    But at this moment, Xianlun Sacred Land has become his enemy!

    It was the first time such a thing had happened in his countless reincarnation.

    As the words fell, Jiang Yang began to make a decision!

    His methods were amazing, a dazzling brilliance emerged under the palm of his hand as if it were raining light, accompanied by the aura of Great Dao.

    The Xianlun Sacred Land was trembling!

    Under the ground, as if there is something about to wake up, the four directions of the world are rolling in, turning into a surging and amazing power of heaven and earth, to be used by Jiang Yang!


    “What’s going on? How did Jiang Yang’s strength suddenly become so strong?”

    “How is this possible… How could the Xianlun Seal be used by Jiang Yang? This…”

    The expressions of the elders of the Xianlun Sacred Land, including the Holy Lord, changed greatly and they were shocked by Jiang Yang’s methods.

    Then a chill ran through their spine, their souls trembled, and they felt a deep sense of danger.

    Under this kind of aura, they almost fell to their knees, and their body collapsed!


    It was at this moment that a terrifying aura that was about to destroy the world appeared from the depths of the Xianlun Sacred Land.

    An incomparable large crystal seal with a terrifying Chaotic Qi, flowing with the supreme aura, rose there.

    With the help of his many other cards, Jiang Yang once again urged the Xianlun Seal, and this time the divine might was far more terrifying than the last time!

    “This is… Xianlun Seal…”

    “How is this possible……”

    “Who are you? Why can you easily use this thing, it is difficult for even a Supreme Sacred Realm existence to activate it to this extent!”

    The Lords of the Divine Mountain and the Forbidden areas who appeared on the horizon were extremely shocked, as something unexpected had happened.

    They don’t know Jiang Yang’s identity, but the immortal from the Upper Realm behind them wanted to kill him so they will naturally not ask more.

    They just didn’t expect that Jiang Yang would be able to use such means at this moment.

    Jiang Yang’s move shocked the world!

    At this moment, when Jiang Yang heard the words, he simply stood on the horizon, looking at the enemies from all directions, his expression was indifferent, and he was contemptuous.

    “Just you people? You dare to take action against me. All those who come here today will be destroyed here.”

    “I, Jiang Yang’s actions, are you worthy to judge?”

    At this moment, he no longer needed to explain, he just needed to use the opportunity to let the world understand.

    He was not someone anyone can bully.

    As the words fell, Jiang Yang raised his hand, and the terrifying terrain turned into a surging force, rushing into the Xianlun Seal.

    This was the Spiritual Qi accumulated over the millions of years of the Xianlun Sacred Land from the four directions of heaven and earth!

    Now, it’s all for him to use!

    “Very well, Jiang Yang uses this method at this moment, I don’t believe he has many means left…”

    “Once the cards are exhausted, the chance to kill him will be even greater. Fortunately, this is not the Upper Realm. In the Tianchen Realm, there are not many backhands that the Human Ancestor’s reincarnation can use.”

    In a distant place, Yue Mingkong looked at this scene calmly, all kinds of thoughts flashed in her mind.

    She was not surprised at all and even had a strange feeling.

    The plan and action to plot against Jiang Yang this time was too smooth, wasn’t it?

    So much so that she had a feeling that someone was helping her in the dark.

    Otherwise, how can one explain the previous accident?

    Jiang Yang went to the appointed place and mistook her for the descendant of the Human Ancestral Hall. Was it really a coincidence? Yue Mingkong didn’t believe that Jiang Yang would be so stupid.

    And she subconsciously thought of Gu Changge.

    ‘Could it be that Changge noticed my whereabouts and secretly followed me to the Lower Realm?’

    Yue Mingkong thought of the mysterious immortal some time ago.

    The more she thought about it, the more likely she felt that.

    ‘First come to the Tian Domain, unifying all the forces there, and then in the name of recruiting disciples, he was actually looking for the Reincarnation of the Human Ancestor?’

    ‘It’s just that, there’s a big loophole in it.’

    ‘If the mysterious Immortal was Changge, why did he not deal with Jiang Yang after he came to the Xianlun Sacred Land, and let him live until now?’

    So Yue Mingkong felt that either she thought too much, or there was something else she didn’t consider.

    The immortal was suspected to have gone to Yunhua Heavenly Pond.

    She didn’t believe such news unless she saw it with her own eyes.

    “Not good!”

    “This Jiang Yang is so cruel, he wants to kill us, too!”

    “Why can he activate Xianlun seal…?”

    The next moment, everyone in the Xianlun Sacred Land reacted and their expression contained despair, horror, and disbelief as their faces turned pale.

    Accompanied by a dazzling divine light that emerged from the Xianlun Seal, appearing incomparably bright.

    “You all brought this upon yourself.” Jiang Yang said coldly and indifferently.

    At the same time, in the corner of his hand, a supreme formation pattern was revived, and the beams intertwined as if they became the only colour between heaven and earth.

    Everyone’s expression changed, and they were extremely frightened. At this moment, there was no other emotion except despair, resentment, and regret.

    “Something has happened… The Supreme-grade Artifact of Xianlun Sacred Land is revived, and everyone is going to be killed.”

    “This guy is crazy… He doesn’t even plan to spare the Xianlun Sacred Land!”

    All the creatures and cultivators were fleeing far away, afraid of being affected by this aura, their faces were pale and frightened, and their hearts palpitated.


    The next moment, no matter what kind of existence, as long as they dared to be within a hundred thousand miles, were blasted into pieces, all turned into black ash and dissipated in the wind.

    The powerful beings and cultivators who were watching this stop in the distant sky were also terrified and horrified to the extreme.

    Seeing with their own eyes the Supreme power of Xianlun Seal, destroying the heaven and earth, making the universe tremble, and destroying all the incoming enemies!

    Of course, the original location of Xianlun Sacred Land was also turned into powder under this aura.

    The power that had existed for more than a million years, could not resist under the divine power of a Supreme-grade Weapon and was destroyed in a matter of minutes including all the disciples and elders.

    Jiang Yang’s move made everyone stunned, and a chill ran through their spine!

    ‘How many enemies had been killed?’

    ’Even the Xianlun Sacred Land was not spared?’

    “Jiang Yang will likely escape after this…”

    Runes flickered in Yue Mingkong’s eyes, and the Quasi-Supreme-grade Weapon behind her burst into dazzling light, resisting these aftermaths and penetrated deep into the ruins of Xianlun Sacred Land.

    Sure enough, Jiang Yang wasn’t there.

    After destroying the enemies from eight directions, Jiang Yang had already left.

    As for where he would go, Yue Mingkong had already guessed it, but Jiang Yang destroying the city wall made her laugh a bit.

    It can only be said that he was worthy of being the Reincarnation of the Human Ancestor, and the means were really tough and ruthless.

    But only in this way, Jiang Yang lost his most beneficial helper, which was equivalent to cutting off his arm.

    Thinking like this, Yue Mingkong also considered going to Yuhua Heavenly Pond. Without the help of Xianlun Sacred Land, she didn’t believe he had any stronger cards.

    Soon, the Xianlun Sacred Land was destroyed and turned into ashes. The fact that the inheritance of millions of years was destroyed in one day caused a sensation in the entire Tian Domain.

    The many creatures of Divine Mountains and Restricted Areas and others who started the dissension that day died which shocked people in every direction, making them terrified.

    Of course, those guys themselves were recruited by Yue Mingkong as cannon fodder to consume Jiang Yang’s card.

    Even if they didn’t die here, in the end, she will find a way to get rid of them, so as not to leave traces of her existence.

    In a flash, the story of a disciple of the Xianlun Sacred Land who used the Xianlun Seal to destroy the Xianlun Sacred Land spread throughout the world, causing countless people to palpitate in horror.

    As for how he activated the Xianlun seal, it had become a mystery and suspense, no one knows!

    The Supreme-grade Weapon left by Xianlun Supreme eventually destroyed the sect he left behind.

    How ironic was this?

    The fortune accumulated in the Xianlun Sacred Land for millions of years also shifted because of this matter.

    The changes in the fortunes of the Tianchen Realm were particularly clear.

    Gu Changge, who was in the depths of the Yuhua Heavenly Pond, felt the change most clearly.

    [Ding! The Favoured Son of Heaven, Jiang Yang, was expelled from the Xianlun Sacred land…]

    [Ding! The Favoured Son of Heaven destroyed the Xianlun Sacred Land…]

    Under a series of system prompts, he inexplicably obtained a lot of Fortune Value.

    Although all the hard work was done by Yue Mingkong, she was his woman and her fortune was naturally closely related to Gu Changge.

    The amount of Fortune Value alone was more than 20,000 and even the Destiny Points had reached a huge one hundred thousand.

    1Kshn: Finally! Finally, we have a number or some rough values for his points.2

    To be honest, Jiang Yang was worthy of being a Reincarnation protagonist, and the Fortune Value he carried was on a level that could be called heaven-defying.

    With the emergence of Jiang Yang’s many methods, his Fortune Value was still growing and changing.

    However, now Jiang Yang’s Fortune Value, no matter how much it grew, had fallen to a level that can be called a trough!

    In Gu Changge’s eyes, there was only one last straw left that will break the camel’s back.

    After all, according to the normal routine, Xianlun Sacred Land will definitely serve as a springboard for Jiang Yang’s development, allowing him to spend the early period safely.

    Now Jiang Yang personally destroyed his springboard.

    This was tantamount to the self-destruction of the city walls.

    “Mingkong gave me some peace of mind this time. She is much smarter than before, and she knows how to use the plot to suppress people…”

    “It gave me a lot of time.”

    Gu Changge couldn’t help but smile, still sitting on the lotus body of the Pure Worldly Lotus, intending to completely refine it away.

    The strength of the Pure Lotus Nirvana Physique depends on the power of the world.

    But now Gu Changge devoured this terrifying talent with his devil heart, and the sixty trillion cells in his body were all undergoing transformation.

    In the end, a single cell was an ancient and vast cosmic world, with infinite power, which can suppress everything.

    Only this kind of body can accommodate the power of human ancestors to unite the world.

    Otherwise, the Human Ancestor would not have calculated for so long and spent so much effort.

    With this kind of body, there was no need to worry about things that it can’t withstand.

    But now, this good thing, came cheap to Gu Changge.

    His own physical strength, although tyrannical, has not reached the point where it was unparalleled in all ages.

    With this Pure Lotus Nirvana Physique, the power has definitely transcended to another terrifying level.

    In the blink of an eye, a few days passed, and the area outside the Yuhua Heavenly Pond was full of magnificent mountains and rivers and towering ancient trees.

    Two people – one old and one young – came in a hurry. The young one was wearing a plain long dress.

    It was Yaoyao.

    Next to her was Grandma Yinhua. After the two left the Xianlun Sacred Land, they rushed here non-stop. Because they didn’t have warships, flying boats, etc., the speed was not very fast.

    It took many days to get here.

    Regarding the life and death of her master, Yaoyao had to personally come to confirm the truth, even if her master dies, she will find the body of her master.

    To put his body to rest for him.

    With such a thought in mind, she was now looking at the towering mountain range in front of her that was shrouded in a chaotic mist, her face was also a little pale, and she can’t help but feel a heart palpitation.

    Within a radius of 10,000 miles, it appears to be very quiet, not to mention the cultivators, not even a single beast could be seen.

    Under this deadly atmosphere, it can be seen that the Yuhua Heavenly Pond was definitely a dangerous place, and this journey would not be too smooth.

    “Master, he is inside, I don’t need to be afraid, Master also said that I am a big girl, I want to go find him!”

    Yaoyao was talking to herself, clenching her little hand and cheering herself up, to not be afraid at this moment.

    “Yaoyao, you really are here. How can you come to Yuhua Heavenly Pond? Your brother has been looking for you for a long time.”

    “After returning to the Xianlun Sacred Land, you disappeared, and you didn’t tell your brother anything, which really worried me.”

    However, at this moment, Yaoyao, who was thinking about where to enter the place, suddenly heard her familiar voice.

    Grandma Yinhua who was vigilant beside her suddenly stood on end, and a shiver ran down her spine

    Behind a huge rock, there were footsteps.

    Jiang Yang’s figure appeared, with Zhao Yi, the former Supreme Elder of Xianlun Sacred Land behind him, looking at Yaoyao with emotions of surprise and concern.

    Finding Yaoyao here surprised him.

    He guessed that this girl would definitely not be able to bear it, and came to the Yuhua Heavenly Pond, wanting to find her master.

    Jiang Yang’s surprised expression was not fake. He didn’t care about the destruction of the Xianlun Sacred Land. A force like this was completely incomparable to Yuhua Heavenly Pond.

    Yaoyao’s existence, for him, was the same.

    — — —

    [Author’s Note:- I’m a bit stuck on the story, I have gone bald by scratching my head, and I still owe you guys a chapter today]

    [TL/N: Yes, this is the actual author’s note. Now we know why even after thousands of words, the story didn’t seem to progress. It was because he didn’t know what to write.]

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    • Boundary Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Seal Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Fortune Plunder Card x 2

    Cultivation Realms are arranged in increasing order:

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    • Great-Transcendent

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    • Conferred Lord

    • Conferred King

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