I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 256


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    Chapter 256: Unwashable; More Dangerous than the Forbidden Demonic Arts’ Inheritor.

    “Young Master Gu.”

    Ying Yu was startled, and her silver eyes widened.

    She didn’t expect Gu Changge to come here and stand up for them.

    It seems that he was going to help them again?

    “Greetings, Young Master Changge!”

    The people of Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain were not stupid. Seeing that Gu Changge made a move, it seemed that he was about to help them solve the problem so they all greeted Gu Changge in a respectful manner.

    Especially the man in black, Agu, his expression was even more passionate.

    Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain and Gu Changge should be on opposite sides.

    But at this moment, he was willing to stand up for them and clear their name for them.

    This reminded him of the last scene in the pavilion. If it wasn’t for Gu Changge, they would have already offended the crowd.

    ‘The Young Master Changge is indeed a generous and gentle person, no wonder so many young Supremes follow him willingly.’

    “Miss Yu.”

    Gu Changge turned back to look at the stunned Ying Yu and gave her a slight smile.

    His voice was as calm and gentle as always, making people feel like a spring breeze, and it was hard to find anything wrong with it.

    “Gu Changge…”

    Ying Shuang, who was slowly healing his half-exploded body, trembled slightly.

    At this time, he reacted, and his back couldn’t help but feel a terrifying chill, and his hands and feet were colder than ever before.

    This was the first time he saw Gu Changge.

    Before that, he had only heard of him through rumours.

    When he was still a horse feeder, he had heard about Gu Changge from Miss Yin Mei, and knew that he was a man of great reputation.

    He knew that his great power and influence were what Miss Yin Mei admired.

    Speaking of which, the person he was most envious of at that time was Gu Changge.

    The second was Ying Shuang.

    He would rather face Wang Zijin, the descendant of Human Ancestral Hall, than Gu Changge.

    Although this person always had a smile on his face and had a pure jade-like appearance, but he feared Gu Changge a thousand times more than Wang Zijin.

    This was his intuition.

    It was likely that Gu Changge already knew about his greatest secret.

    That’s why he never dared to face Gu Changge directly.

    Moreover, he felt that the timing of Gu Changge’s appearance was too coincidental.

    It was as if he and Wang Zijin had deliberately arranged it all.

    “Gu Changge, do you want to stop me?”

    Wang Zijin looked a little surprised, as she didn’t expect Gu Changge to appear suddenly.

    She thought that he would just hide in the shadows and was planning to watch the show or something.

    If he was going to show up, then why didn’t he tell her beforehand?

    Or was Gu Changge actually using her as well? Or was it just a sudden decision on his part?

    1TL/N: Ding Ding Ding!!! You have won an unreconciled death by Gu Changge’s hand for guessing the answer correctly.

    Wang Zijin felt that it was necessary for Gu Changge to know that although she was interested in him, it did not mean that he could lead her by the nose in everything.

    “How about stopping today’s matter here?”

    “Whether Ying Shuang is the Inheritor of Forbidden Demonic Arts is still up for debate.”

    Gu Changge didn’t know what Wang Zijin was thinking, but he still had a smile on his face, “Saintess Zijin, please give me face on this matter.”

    “I don’t want to.”

    Wang Zijin shook her head, her expression seemed a little cold, and she turned to Ying Yu and said with a bit of interest, “Could it be that you are interested in this girl and due to that you protect her many times?”

    “Can’t Brother Gu not see such an obvious abnormality in Ying Shuang?”

    She also didn’t know why Gu Changge, who had always been indifferent and ruthless, was doing this?

    ‘Is he acting?’

    ‘But why is he putting up an act for Ying Yu? Just what is going through his head…?’

    Wang Zijin felt that he couldn’t guess what Gu Changge was thinking, he was too elusive.

    “I indeed think there is something strange about this matter. But since Miss Ying Yu’s temperament is more straightforward and honest, I don’t want to see her being implicated for no reason.”

    Gu Changge stood in front of Wang Zijin and said with a calm expression.

    His words surprised Ying Yu behind him, and then she thought of something, and her face couldn’t help but turn a little red.

    On the contrary, Ying Shuang’s expression became a little gloomy, but it was only for a fleeting moment. He quickly recovered his calm appearance, devoid of any emotions.

    During this period of time, he had given his all in perfecting his temper.

    “Okay, since the Young Master Gu Changge said so, what else can I do? I don’t think I would be able to beat you in a fight.”

    Wang Zijin was helpless in this matter.

    Gu Changge’s sudden reversal caught her off guard.

    But considering this man’s character, she couldn’t say anything more.

    After all, the current state, according to the words of her previous life, was equivalent to her chasing Gu Changge, so what if she accommodated him a little?

    And she was telling the truth, if Gu Changge insisted on protecting Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain and others, with her current strength, she might not be Gu Changge’s opponent.

    Gu Changge was far from being as simple as he seemed.

    Sometimes she wondered whether Gu Changge’s identity might be some kind of hidden boss.

    “Thank you.”

    “I will remember this favor.”

    Gu Changge’s usual indifferent tone was filled with a bit of gratitude.


    “No, no, no, the way you’re being polite with me, it really makes me uncomfortable.”

    Wang Zijin waved her hand, a little uneasy.

    Gu Changge’s tone made her feel uncomfortable, but thinking about it, was he a little moved now?

    As she thought this, she moved and disappeared like smoke.

    The people nearby looked at this scene with different expressions including envy.

    It seems that the relationship between the descendant of Human Ancestral Hall and the Young Master Changge seems to be very good, and they seem to be very close, otherwise they would not communicate in this way.

    The descendants of Human Ancestral Hall are high above and have a transcendent status.

    Not to mention that behind Wang Zijin was the Immortal Wang Family.

    It was very difficult for ordinary people to even see her, and only in the All-Devouring Sky’s Battlefield, where many younger generations gather together, can they see her like this.

    As for the suspicion that Gu Changge was in cahoots with Wang Zijin?

    Except for Ying Shuang, no one had even thought about this.

    Gu Changge had thought about this, so he didn’t mention it to Wang Zijin in advance, just because he was afraid of any flaws.

    “Thank you, Young Master Gu for helping us.”

    “Thank you, Young Master Changge for helping us.”

    After seeing Wang Zijin’s departure, everyone in Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

    If Ying Shuang hadn’t made a mistake, they would not have been in such an awkward situation as they are today.

    Usually, Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain was like a holy place for the Primordial Ten Thousand Races. It was revered and worshiped by every clan.

    It can only be said that they were too unlucky. Wang Zijin, regardless of identity or strength, was at the top of the order, and they were completely overwhelmed.

    “This is what I should do.”

    “However, Brother Ying… you don’t seem alright.”

    Gu Changge waved his hand and looked at Ying Shuang, who was recovering from his injuries, with scrutiny.

    Ying Shuang was very uncomfortable by this, but still tried to maintain a calm face.

    “Greetings, Brother Gu.”

    He bowed slightly to Gu Changge and said, “Thank you Brother Gu for your kindness today, if you ever need me in the future…”

    “No need.”

    Gu Changge interrupted him with a smile, “Seeing Brother Ying is in such a state, I don’t think there will be such a day.”

    Ying Shuang’s expression froze, he didn’t expect him to be so direct, and he didn’t give him face at all.

    As it seemed that Gu Changge didn’t have a good impression of Ying Shuang.

    Ying Yu said softly, “Young Master Gu, thank you for your kindness. You have helped us many times. If you ever need us in the future, you just need to let me know.”

    “As long as it is within my power, We, Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain, will do our best.”

    She felt that Gu Changge seemed to be looking out for her, so she made a move.

    He had told her where the All-Devouring Sky’s Battlefield was, and he had also helped to relieve the situation.

    She didn’t believe that Gu Changge had no ulterior motives.

    “Speaking of which, this matter has happened because of me. If I hadn’t told you the entrance to this place, you would not have encountered Saintess Zijin.”

    Seeing that Ying Yu seemed to have something to say, Gu Changge spoke again and explained.

    “I mainly explained because I’m afraid of being misunderstood by you. I don’t want you to think I had some ulterior motive when I told you about the entrance to this place. As a person, I don’t like being misunderstood.”

    Hearing this, Ying Yu and the others were a little stunned.

    “I see.”

    “Young Master Gu worries too much. We are not the kind of people who will confuse a gentleman’s benevolence with a petty man’s scheming.”2Idiom meaning, “to be cynical; to be skeptical of the integrity, sincerity, or motives of others.”

    They hurriedly opened their mouths and said.

    Ying Shuang’s heart became more and more gloomy.

    It turned out that it was Gu Changge who told the entrance to the All-Devouring Sky’s Battlefield. He really didn’t feel at ease at how he was pretending to be a good person again and Ying Yu believed in him.

    “Brother Ying, did you perhaps switch to some other cultivation technique? In my opinion, your current strength does not match your strength from before.”

    At this moment, Gu Changge suddenly looked at Ying Shuang and asked in surprise, “I don’t believe you were showing weakness on purpose, or is there something wrong with your cultivation?”

    “For example, maybe something went awry with your soul during cultivation…”

    “Changing the cultivation method?”

    Hearing Gu Changge’s words, everyone was a little surprised.

    Ying Shuang was the heir of the Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain and could learn more divine techniques than one can count. Was there any technique in this world that was worth changing his current technique?

    But the next moment, they thought of the recent rumors, and their expressions suddenly changed… 

    There was one, the Forbidden Demonic Arts!

    These three words were like an invisible and terrifying mountain, pressing down on their heads, almost making them unable to breathe.

    “Brother Gu, what do you mean by that?”

    “Why would I switch to another technique?”

    Ying Shuang didn’t expect Gu Changge to be so straightforward, almost asking him if he was practicing the Forbidden Demonic Arts, which made his face a little ugly.

    But he calmed down and asked rhetorically.

    On the contrary, the words that there was a problem with his soul made his heart skip a beat, and his legs were almost weak. This was his biggest secret.

    Gu Changge really knew this, that’s why he said it like this.

    “Oh, it seems like I’m overthinking it.”

    Gu Changge smiled casually.

    “Brother did tell me that there was a problem with his soul during cultivation and he had lost some part of his memory…”

    At this time, Ying Yu, who faintly felt that something was wrong, couldn’t help but murmur, and suddenly silver light appeared in his eyes, one wisp after another, with amazing sharpness.


    “Is there more to this?”

    Everyone on the Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain was extremely surprised. And for the first time, they were looking at Ying Shuang with incredulous eyes.

    Ying Shuang then started explaining what happened during that time.

    Gu Changge’s expression suddenly became interested.

    Ying Shuang also knew that this matter could not be concealed, so he simply nodded and said, “When I was cultivating some time ago, something went wrong and I accidentally cut off a part of my memory…”

    The Artifact in his soul was still there.

    Therefore, Ying Shuang was very calm, and was not afraid of being suspected of his true identity. After all, it was a symbol and recognition of his identity, and it was a Divine Artifact refined by Emperor Ying.

    If he explained this, who can doubt his true identity?

    Even Gu Changge, who knows his tricks, would not be able to reveal his origin at this time.

    After listening to what Ying Shuang said.

    The expressions of everyone in Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain became cloudy and uncertain. Ying Shuang had never mentioned this matter before.

    Now suddenly saying this, what was his intention?

    It sounded like nothing more than a last resort.

    Forbidden Demonic Arts!

    Almost in an instant, they thought of these three words, and a storm surged in their hearts.

    Before, they had always felt that Ying Shuang was being wronged.

    But now all these signs are showing that he was inseparable from the Forbidden Demonic Arts.

    Ying Yu couldn’t help but feel a chill on her back.

    ‘He was really planning to drag the whole Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain down with him.’

    Seeing that the time was almost up.

    With a smile on his face, Gu Changge also got up to leave without saying anything more.

    “Young Master Changge, take care!”

    “I can’t thank you enough for your kindness today!”

    Everyone in Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain started to speak, and they were extremely grateful to Gu Changge. Not only did they help them clear the situation, but also for waking them up.

    Gu Changge smiled and mentioned it kindly, “Oh, by the way, Brother Ying, please pay attention, Saintess Zijin may come at any time.”

    “She’s not as reasonable as this Gu.”

    The void became blurry and he was already gone after taking a step.

    It seems that he came here just to be a peacemaker, and to ask Ying Shuang something.

    Of course, Ying Shuang was indeed overthinking.

    Gu Changge had no intention of revealing his true identity at all. For Gu Changge, whether it was Ying Shuang or the little servant, it was the same, as long as they took the blame for him.

    His purpose was just to let Ying Shuang take the suspicion of the Inheritor of Forbidden Demonic arts and make it more believable!

    To the point where it’s like coal that can never be washed clean.

    But Ying Shuang was worried that Gu Changge will reveal his identity.

    As for whether he was an Inheritor of Forbidden Demonic Arts or something, for him, it was not as important as his current status.

    [Ding, Favored Son of Heaven, Ying Shuang, is suspected by the Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain. His Fortune is greatly damaged…]

    The sound of the system prompt kept coming into his mind.

    Gu Changge’s smile grew even wider.

    ‘What does Gu Changge mean?’

    ‘Is it because after knowing that he can’t expose my identity, he retreated?’

    After seeing Gu Changge disappear, Ying Shuang couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief, but his back was already wet with cold sweat.

    ‘This man is really scary! He hadn’t even made a move, but it gave an unparalleled terrifying pressure.’

    Ying Shuang didn’t know that the people around Heavenly Emperor’s Mountain had changed the way they looked at him, showing expressions of fear, suspicion, and doubt.

    Even Ying Yu became wary of him.

    The rest of the young beings nearby also had different expressions at this time, and their eyes flickered.

    They naturally listened to what Gu Changge and Ying Shuang said just now.

    Inheritor of Forbidden Demonic Art!

    Now it seems that Ying Shuang was inseparable from these five words, even if he has been trying his best to hide it, and has not shown any fluctuations of the Forbidden Demonic Arts.

    It still can’t be washed away!

    — — —

    “After watching it for so long, it’s time to come out, right?”

    After leaving the area where Ying Shuang and the others were, Gu Changge’s figure appeared from the deserted peak, in a calm and relaxed manner.

    “So this was your purpose.”

    Wang Zijin’s figure appeared behind him.

    Her expression was one of astonishment and dismay.

    In fact, she didn’t leave very far, and kept watching Gu Changge’s actions secretly, wondering what his purpose was.

    Therefore, she also saw that Gu Changge made a lot of words come out of Ying Shuang’s mouth.

    And these words are enough to make Ying Shuang no longer able to clear the identity of the suspected Inheritor of Forbidden Demonic Arts.

    This made her feel astonished as a transmigrator.

    Gu Changge’s methods were far more amazing than she thought.

    This man was even more dangerous than the Inheritor of Forbidden Demonic Arts!

    “What will Saintess Zijin do next?”

    At this time, Gu Changge’s expression changed to a thoughtful look.

    “Naturally, I’ll wait for Ying Shuang to reveal his intentions, and then take care of it altogether. But I am afraid this matter has to be handed over to Jiang Chuchu.”

    Wang Zijin thought for a while and replied, the reason she did it just now was just to vent her anger.

    If she really wanted to deal with the inheritors of Forbidden Demonic arts, she felt that Jiang Chuchu would be more suited.

    “But Jiang Chuchu went to the All-Devouring Sky’s Battlefield alone, and now I don’t know what to do now.”

    “How about we go find her? That place seems dangerous.”

    Wang Zijin thought for a while, and asked worriedly, she didn’t know what the relationship between Gu Changge and Jiang Chuchu was like.

    Logically, the two have met only twice.

    But many people think that Jiang Chuchu and Gu Changge have a very good relationship, otherwise she would not have expressed her admiration and respect for Gu Changge many times in the outside world.

    But when she mentioned Gu Changge in front of Jiang Chuchu, Jiang Chuchu’s expression was very cold, and it was many times colder than usual.

    “Oh, since that’s the case, then this Gu will not interfere.”

    Hearing this, Gu Changge shook his head, as if he had other things to do.

    He found a few ancient monsters with good talent, and knowing that they are also in the All-Devouring Sky’s Battlefield, he intends to take the opportunity to break through to the middle stage of the Supreme Sacred Realm.

    — — —

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  • Host: Gu Changge

    Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain

    Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd


    • True Disciple of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace 

    • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

    Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

    Cultivation: People just fail to find his actual Realm (Apparent), Supreme Sacred Realm (Hidden)

    Mystical Abilities:

    • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [9th Layer (30%)]

    • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)

    • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)

    • Void Ability (Talent)

    • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art

    • Infinite Immortal Wisdom


    Destiney Points: 100,000

    Fortune Value: 20,000+ (Black)

    System Shop: Open


    • Boundary Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Seal Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Fortune Plunder Card x 1

    Cultivation Realms are arranged in increasing order:

    • Mortal Physique

    • Spirit Ocean

    • Spirit Palace

    • Transcendent

    • Great-Transcendent

    • Saint

    • Conferred Lord

    • Conferred King

    • False God

    • True God

    • Heavenly God

    • God King

    • Quasi-Sacred Realm

    • Sacred Realm

    • Supreme-Sacred Realm

    • Great Sacred Realm

    • Quasi-Supreme

    • Supreme

    • Quasi-Emperor

    • Emperor

    • False Immortal

    • True Immortal

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