I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 265


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    — — —

    Chapter 265: Preparing a gift for Su Qingge; Forbidden Demonic Inheritor

    It wasn’t all that difficult for Gu Changge to uncover Su Qingge’s location.

    Within the vast Profound Heaven, there were only a few locations where the All-Devouring Battlefield could possibly appear.

    And since he possessed informants everywhere, it didn’t take much effort to keep an eye out for one person.

    The main problem right now was actually that Su Qingge herself did not know Gu Changge had already noticed her actions and was doubting her real identity.

    Therefore, for Gu Changge, what he truly needed to consider was what kind of appearance he would use to meet Su Qingge.

    “I might end up startling her if she notices me first.”

    Afterwards, Gu Changge flew towards the area reported by his subordinates.

    He didn’t intend to go and see Su Qingge directly.

    That lass was very smart, and would probably sense something amiss from any little clue.

    Thus, Gu Changge had to prepare a big surprise for her, so as to not let Su Qingge guess his plans…

    — — —

    [On the other side.]

    [Inside a newly formed All-Devouring Battlefield, Southern Profound Heaven]

    Withered ancient trees and barren lands littered as far as the eye can see. A scene of desolation.

    The grey mist surged, flowing endlessly from the dark sky.

    A large number of All-Devouring Creatures had gathered there.


    They bared their fangs, eyes gleaming red with rage.

    And although many of these beings seemed humanoid in shape, most of them could no longer be differentiated from mere monsters, their original race and form warped beyond recognition. 

    Dominating aura on par with a True God Realm cultivators emanated from their bodies.

    At this moment, a group of young men and women in uniform were fighting against these creatures, shouting commands left and right.

    In the eyes of an expert, it would be clear as day that these people were from an extraordinary supreme force.

    As they struck in sync, divine light surged in all directions, bearing an earth-shattering momentum.

    All kinds of Divine Weapons passed through the Heavens and thundered down, a terrifying rain of immortal rays, like stars exploding one by one, blasted the swaths of All-Devouring Creatures to death.

    Many mountain peaks were turned into dust under this Qi, collapsing into rubble.

    Among these cultivators, there were a few distinguished members with high cultivation, surrounded by Supreme Law and Order. They were able to clash against the All-Devouring creatures with relative ease.

    Among them was an elegant young man wearing a light blue gown.

    With a crystal folding fan in one hand, he radiated a scholarly air.

    With a single shake of his sleeves, brilliant runes flew out one after another, turning into multicoloured hurricanes that stormed forwards without pause.


    The nine-coloured hurricane, imbued with the power of Laws, swallowed the many creatures in an instant, no matter how numerous they were in number.

    Under such terrifying might, even a living being in the True God Realm would be turned into flying dust in the air, destroying both body and spirit on the spot.

    The cultivators—both male and female— standing behind the elegant man were astounded.

    Many female disciples even cast reverent and admiring eyes at him.

    “Brother Zhao’s strength is becoming more and more unfathomable. Now that he has entered the True God Realm, those at the same realm stand no chance against him.”

    “That’s right, Senior Brother Zhao is worthy of being the young lord of the Confucianism Academy. It’s no exaggeration to say that he’s comparable to Senior Brother. Perhaps, during this trip to the All-Devouring Battlefield, Brother Zhao’s points will be as high as Senior Brother’s.” 

    “In the future, we might have to change our tune and refer to Brother Zhao as Senior Brother instead…”

    Seeing the spectacular scene, many younger disciples praised him, admiring the elegant young man.

    The azure-clothed Brother Zhao could not help but smile slightly upon hearing these praises, before shaking his head in a humble fashion. 

    “It’s just a small trick of mine. I’m far inferior when compared to Senior Brother.”

    “Your flattery is unfounded.”

    The reply seemed light and devoid of arrogance.

    But it only triggered the other disciples to spout another wave of flattery and admiration, one after another, to the point where Brother Zhao had to wave his hands helplessly in response.

    Brother Zhao’s full name was Zhao Xiaoyao, the second Senior Brother of the Confucianism Academy for cultivators, someone who could be regarded as a leading figure within the younger generation.

    And the Confucianism Academy was an orthodox sect that specialized in cultivating the literati spirit – an ancient, long-standing cultivation method.

    For a powerful member of this sect, a single mouthful of spoken morale, under their silver tongues, would easily shatter the stars and crush the sky.

    Zhao Xiaoyao possessed the strength of the True God Realm.

    Although it was not as good as those sealed Ancient Freaks within the academy…

    His strength was good enough to rank at the top of the younger generation.

    As such, he would be responsible for leading a team within the All-Devouring Battlefield.

    “Oh, by the way, where did Miss Su learn from? I can see that your mystical abilities and spells are quite special. Although they are powerful, they always feel a bit unorthodox.”

    At this moment, Zhao Xiaoyao suddenly spoke up.

    Glancing at the veiled woman in white, the elegant man asked with some doubts.

    Her abilities were truly interesting and widespread, but they were extremely different from the skills of most Orthodox forces that he was familiar with. 

    So he couldn’t help but be a little curious.

    The woman in white had arrived at the entrance of the All-Devouring Battlefield alongside them.

    She was alone, and she didn’t appear to be very strong. Seeing this, he had asked her to join them and travel together out of pity.

    After all, the All-Devouring Battlefield was different compared to the outside world. The dangers of the All-Devouring Qi and its creatures were already a source for concern, but even more so was the threat of crossing paths with the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor, rumoured to be lurking nearby.

    Not to mention, this white-clothed woman had no companions either, so if she were to encounter a pack of these creatures, being outnumbered would be a major issue.

    And this was just the tip of the iceberg of potential issues…

    So much so that Zhao Xiaoyao felt a bit impressed that she still dared to come here alone.

    Unfortunately, his simple invitation quickly resulted in a large misunderstanding among the disciples, who all thought that he must have some ‘ulterior motive’ for approaching the woman in white.

    The situation caused Zhao Xiaoyao to feel a bit helpless, but he didn’t care to explain it to them.

    “My apologies, Mr. Zhao. My Master’s name cannot be told so easily in public.”

    When the woman in white heard the question, she merely replied in a calm tone, seemingly sorry.

    “It’s no problem, Miss Su. It was a bit rude of me to ask.”

    However, he couldn’t help but laugh, “Having witnessed your ability in person, shouldn’t Miss Su be quite famous? I’m afraid your master must be a hidden powerhouse as well.”

    The other party had only given the surname Su when asked about her identity.

    However, after searching thoroughly, he found that there seemed to be no such Young Supreme in the world, at least according to the records.

    Thus, Zhao Xiaoyao ended up treating her as a mysterious cultivator, backed by an old monster.

    “Young Master Zhao’s praise is unwarranted. With my meagre abilities, there’s no way I can make a name for myself. I’m just a nameless, wandering cultivator.”

    “Haha, Miss Su is truly humble, your ‘meagre ability’ is not weaker than some Young Supremes…”

    Zhao Xiaoyao smiled, with a very elegant and easy-going look, “Perhaps we will have to rely on you for this trip to the All-Devouring Battlefield.”

    To be honest, he possessed quite a decent impression of this white-clothed woman, who talked well and had a stunning appearance.

    Of course, these good impressions came from their various conversations during the past few days.

    It was almost certain that this lady wasn’t the type of casual woman he found sickening, seeing how she constantly kept a distance of more than three feet apart from anyone, no matter who she talked to.

    This coincided well with the Confucianist and Taoist teachings practised by Zhao Xiaoyao.

    Moreover, he also felt that Miss Su seemed to have a special physique, which he had coincidentally read about in an ancient manual inside the Confucianism Academy.

    He felt strange. Perhaps this meeting wasn’t arranged by pure chance.

    Could this possibly be ‘Destiny’?

    “It seems Brother Zhao really has a crush on this strange Miss Su…”

    “It’s a pity for a good man like Brother Zhao, this is only the third day they’ve known each other!”

    “What’s so great about this mysterious Miss Su for Senior Brother Zhao to treat her like this?”

    Seeing this scene, many female disciples of the Confucianism Academy grew green with envy.

    Brother Zhao Xiaoyao was considered by all to be a righteous hero, in both behaviour and character.

    And over the years, an innumerable amount of proud heavenly daughters had tried to court him, but to no avail, never receiving an answer to their affections.

    Yet now, on the third day of their acquaintance, Brother Zhao showed such care towards Miss Su…

    Anyone with a discerning eye can tell what Zhao Xiaoyao was thinking.

    Anyone except the woman in white herself. The one receiving this unprecedented attention.

    Or could it be that she actually did understand, but was just pretending not to?

    Such a situation only caused the female disciples to become even more jealous. Why couldn’t Senior Brother Zhao treat them like this instead?

    As for who this woman in white was?

    Naturally, it was Su Qingge, the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor.

    If she wanted to obtain a spot to enter the True Immortal Academy, she would obviously have to kill the All-Devouring Creatures and exchange points for it, just like everyone else.

    Though Su Qingge originally planned to do this alone.

    Having said that, since a suitable opportunity had presented itself, and upon considering the dangers within the All-Devouring Battlefield, she thought that it would be far more convenient to have some companions by her side to deal with any… critical issues.

    Life was unpredictable, after all.

    One might accidentally step into the river of death at any moment.

    So she easily agreed to Zhao Xiaoyao’s offer at the entrance.

    As for the matter regarding this ‘Confucianism Academy Second Senior Brother’s’ good impression of her… Su Qingge couldn’t be bothered to react to it, even though she could clearly sense it.

    Zhao Xiaoyao was merely a stranger.

    Why should she care what a stranger thought of her?

    Following this short conversation, the group of cultivators swiftly traversed into the depths of the All-Devouring Battlefield, slaughtering each of the All-Devouring Creatures they encountered along the way.

    Unfortunately, even the more experienced members began to grow weary, the strain growing on them as they travelled deeper.

    On the other hand, the All-Devouring Aura was getting stronger and stronger over time, corroding the bodies of everyone inside the group slowly but surely.

    And lastly, most of the creatures now present here have attained the True God Realm, with some even reaching the God King Realm.

    Yet the normal disciples they brought along were only in the False God Realm.

    Although they did prepare all kinds of mystic weapons and protection runes, they were still unable to go against this final group in the end.

    Zhao Xiaoyao looked around for a while, before shouting in a deep tone.

    “Take this time to count your personal contributions and points.”

    “If it’s not enough, you can borrow some from those with an excess of points.”

    “There seems to be a plot of ancient ruins in front of us. It should be the remnants left by forces that have been ravaged by those creatures. We can rest up inside.”

    “Any transactions or discussions will be conducted afterwards.”

    Finishing his piece, he led the disciples inside without hesitation, with Su Qingge following him after a moment of deliberation.

    The woman in white kept silent.

    But a strange voice rang out in her mind nonetheless.

    “Kekeke. You should have seen Zhao Xiaoyao’s physique by now, right?”

    “…I can see it, yes. The Physique of Literary Dao.”

    Su Qingge nodded, with a hint of thought in her expression, “This physique doesn’t seem to be very useful to me. Is there a reason you’re bringing this up during such a time?”

    “Tch. It’s indeed not much, keke, but it’s better than nothing. Food is food, no?”


    The vile voice spoke again, malice seeping from every word, “Could it be that you really think you’re still a good person? Will you be soft forever, Su Qingge? Should I remind you about the number of Young Supremes that have already died by your hands? Must I dig up their graves for you to see?”

    Su Qingge’s jade features hardened slightly at the provocation, “Soft? No. There are simply too many people nearby. The loss would outweigh any potential gain if I were to be discovered.”

    Then, ignoring the voice’s following protests, she tracked the group from the Confucianism Academy to the ruins, where Zhao Xiaoyao and the others were already counting their respective points.

    Tallying up her own, Su Qingge found that there was still a lot of difference between the number she wanted and the number she had. But it did make sense. She seldom made moves along the way, and when meeting the All-Devouring Sky’s Creatures, the Confucianism Academy disciples usually dealt with them first.

    That didn’t leave her with many points of her own.

    “Miss Su, is there something wrong?”

    At this moment, seeing Su Qingge’s slightly frowning appearance, Zhao Xiaoyao couldn’t help but voice his concern, “If you don’t have enough points, I’ll give you some. I have plenty.”

    Hearing this, many disciples of the Confucianism Academy looked over. Some of them lacked points too, jealousy crept into their hearts.

    Why would Brother Zhao ask an outsider before considering his own?

    But Zhao Xiaoyao didn’t seem to notice the expressions of his younger brothers and sisters behind him, as he merely continued his conversation with Su Qingge.

    “There’s no need to be modest, Miss Su. I see that you seldom make shots along the way, and you gave us several opportunities to secure points because of your abilities. This is as it should be…”

    However, Su Qingge just shook her head firmly, “That won’t be necessary. I appreciate Mr. Zhao’s kindness and compassion. However, for the remaining points… I can acquire them myself.”

    The white-veiled woman then turned around and left the ruins after replying.

    Everyone from the Confucianism Academy breathed a sigh of relief at her direct refusal, feeling that Su Qingge’s stay here had made them very uncomfortable.

    “Miss Su…”

    But Zhao Xiaoyao seemed unwilling to let her go, his complexion changing slightly as he chased after her in a hurry, though he failed to catch her as she disappeared on the spot.

    “Wait for me here; I’ll go find Miss Su. The All-Devouring Battlefield is no joke, how can one simply run around like this? Does she have no fear?”

    Zhao Xiaoyao quickly ordered the group of juniors and seniors behind him, before his figure vanished in an instant, zipping towards the direction Su Qingge left in.

    “Brother Zhao, he’s really…”

    “Tsk! What’s so good about this Miss Su? She acts so indifferently to him. Apart from her good looks and figure, what other advantages does she even have?”

    “I really can’t figure it out.”

    “She’s too mysterious, obviously someone unorthodox… she could be dangerous for all we know.”

    Seeing their usually stoic Second Senior Brother running after a girl like this, all the disciples from the Confucianism Academy couldn’t help but mumble under their breath.

    They really couldn’t understand why Senior Brother Zhao was acting like this.

    On the other side, Su Qingge, who’d left the ruins, was travelling at a breakneck speed, transforming into a divine rainbow and rushing through the depths.

    Between the mountain peaks, a billowing grey mist covered the sky, making it seem as if night had fallen. The surroundings were blurred, and nothing could be seen clearly.

    Su Qingge didn’t want to become entangled with Zhao Xiaoyao any further.

    “That guy, it looks like he lost our tracks, truly useless. But I guess this is his good fortune, since he managed to save his life in the process.”

    In her mind, the playful voice sounded once more.

    Su Qingge shook his head casually and replied:

    “So what if he does catch up? It’s impossible for me to kill him. It would be too suspicious on my part.”

    Her words silenced the voice in her mind.

    At this particular moment, it really was inadvisable for them to make a move on that guy surnamed Zhao. Even the playful voice had to admit this fact.

    — — —

    “Ugh, how is Miss Su so fast? The All-Devouring Aura here was already too strong, so why does she want to go so far down…”

    After following her for a considerable amount of time, Zhao Xiaoyao, who ended up getting lost, stopped on a mountain peak and sat there all depressed, clenching his fists in frustration.

    The grey fog in front of him prevented even his spiritual consciousness from peering through.

    Unable to see Su Qingge’s figure, he naturally couldn’t find where she was, and so lost track of her.

    It made him feel a sense of loss and melancholy.

    Zhao Xiaoyao didn’t know whether he would ever see Miss Su again in the future. After all, this was the first time he actually had a crush on a woman.

    He really wanted to take her back to the Confucianism Academy.

    Miss Su’s personality was perfect for him, and if Miss Su didn’t like him back, so what?

    Goodwill was something that was developed slowly over time anyway.

    Now that he had lost track of Miss Su, doesn’t that mean it would be difficult for the two of them to meet again in the future?

    “Sigh. Why is she avoiding me?”

    Zhao Xiaoyao huffed in distress. He should have stopped her when he understood her intentions just now, keeping her there, even if he needed to use force.

    But what’s the use of regretting it now?

    It’d be difficult for him to keep his own life if he casually went deeper.

    However, as he was contemplating about the situation—

    “She’s avoiding you exactly because of that self-righteous, dog-like personality of yours…”

    In the void, a playful voice suddenly rang out.

    “What? Who is it?! Come out; don’t play tricks in front of me!”

    Zhao Xiaoyao was taken aback for a moment, but his face darkened as he realized the gravity of the situation, staring vigilantly at the void in front of him.

    A voice in a place like this? The elegant young man felt a chill slide down his spine.

    Did someone follow me? How, and for what reason?

    Various conjectures flashed through his mind.

    The fact that they showed up now, when he was alone, separated from his fellow disciples…

    Had someone actually been watching his every move?

    “Where are you looking? I’m right behind you.”

    However, in the next moment, the voice spoke once more, interrupting his thoughts.

    The voice that was in front of him earlier, had avoided his detection and moved behind him?!

    An unprecedented sense of fear enveloped his entire body!

    Zhao Xiaoyao tingling scalp exploded!

    His soul trembled at the intense pressure, but before he could turn around, or even lift a single hand in response, the elegant man felt his vision go dark.

    As a terrifying black light poured down on him instantly, submerging him in darkness.

    Zhao Xiaoyao lost consciousness completely.

    “Sure enough, the ancient proverbs from my past wouldn’t deceive me.”

    “No boot-licking dog is truly innocent.”

    “To think that you’d have such crooked ideas… a supposed man of morals and integrity, yet you’re still revealed to be a dog-in-heat in the end… How pitiful.”

    Gu Changge’s shadowy figure appeared in the empty void.

    There was a subtle expression of annoyance and interest peeking out from his indifferent mask.

    With this action, his work here was almost done.

    The Confucianism Academy would be furious once they caught wind of Zhao Xiaoyao’s death.

    And since he had already stealthily set up this game of cat and mouse for Su Qingge, even if she does not want to be trapped inside, it would be impossible for her to escape. 

    However, what surprised Gu Changge was that Su Qingge’s actions from the beginning to end, didn’t seem like the actions of a Demonic Arts’ Inheritor.

    Of course, this could also be seen as part of Su Qingge’s clever disguise…

    “Qingge, I had such high expectations of you before, so don’t disappoint me.”

    Smirking mysteriously, Gu Changge’s figure vanished once more into the darkness.

    — — —

    The atmosphere back in the deserted ruins felt very gloomy.

    “Brother Zhao has been chasing Miss Su for quite a while now, why hasn’t he come back? Could it be that he actually accompanied Miss Su to kill the creatures of the All-Devouring Sky…”

    “But even if that was the case, he should’ve returned by now!”

    “It might not be. I believe Brother Zhao would not leave us here alone. Could it be that something unexpected has happened to him?”

    Half a day had passed since Zhao Xiaoyao left to chase Su Qingge.

    The disciples of the Confucian Academy were starting to become uneasy due to his disappearance.

    Many disciples spoke one after another, showing worry on their faces, and looked outside from time to time, wanting to search for Zhao Xiaoyao’s figure.

    But apart from the vast fog and roaring creatures, they couldn’t see much else.

    This situation just further increased their feeling of dread.

    It stands to reason, no matter what he was doing, that Zhao Xiaoyao should have been back by now.

    Yet, Brother Zhao seemed to have vanished without a trace, like a mud cow entering the sea.

    “Could it be that Brother Zhao really had an accident?”

    Thinking of this, the face of a female disciple suddenly turned pale, finding it difficult to accept such a possibility. The faces of the other disciples weren’t much better either.

    “Impossible, Senior Brother Zhao is so powerful and has so many mystical weapons, how could he have an accident… Let’s just wait a bit more…”

    “Brother Zhao, he… couldn’t have encountered the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor, could he?”

    Someone’s voice trembled uncontrollably, thinking of all the scary rumours during this time.

    The existence of the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor was not a lie.

    In the end, although they were forced into retreat by Gu Changge, it was more than likely they might not have left the All-Devouring Battlefield yet, and were simply lurking around in the shadows.

    Which meant that they were still a grave threat.

    It wasn’t impossible for Senior Brother Zhao to have encountered the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor.

    “Tell me, guys… don’t you think Miss Su might have some kind of a relationship with the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor? She didn’t leave sooner or later, but exactly at this time, letting Brother Zhao chase after her alone, which ended up like this!”

    “Yeah, she’s definitely not a good person!”

    “I also think that this matter has something to do with her! It’s timed too well to be a mere coincidence.”

    The disciples grew agitated, as their fears quickly turned into hatred.

    In any case, this incident is inseparable from Miss Su. If it wasn’t for her, how could anything have happened to Brother Zhao in the first place?

    — — —

    Soon, the sudden disappearance of the Confucianism Academy’s Second Senior Brother caused huge waves inside this bleak battlefield.

    He was a reputable Young Supreme, with a strong cultivation, albeit weaker than those Ancient Freaks that were sealed away ages ago.

    Ordinarily, his death wouldn’t carry such great weight.

    Death was a daily occurrence within the All-Devouring Battlefield.

    But for him to just vanish, with neither sound nor trace?

    It was a shocking and disturbing development.

    Even if he was said to have accidentally crossed paths with an invincible creature of the All-Devouring Sky he did not possess the ability to beat, it would still leave some traces of a battle or struggle.

    However, there was nothing of the sort, not a single hair or drop of blood.

    It was as if he had disappeared into thin air.

    A familiar method that struck fear into the hearts of the people, there could only be one explanation for this horror…

    The Demonic Arts’ Inheritor!

    A majority of the cultivators present immediately thought of these four words!

    Besides the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor, who else could use such means?

    Furthermore, in the narrations and retellings of the Confucianism Academy disciples, everything that they said indicated an unmistakable connection with a woman in white, surnamed Su.

    The silence of the bleak battlefield was soon broken by a wave of outrage.

    Countless Young Geniuses and Young Supremes set off, one after another, banding together as a group in order to capture this white-clothed woman, wanting to seek justice for Zhao Xiaoyao from the Confucianism Academy.

    Some out of rage.

    Others, out of opportunistic greed.

    Nonetheless, that didn’t change the fact that this coalition could gather immense power, managing to even block and control the various entrances of the All-Devouring Battlefield, all in an attempt to prevent the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor from escaping.

    The Eldest Senior Brother of the Confucianism Academy was named Jun Gou.

    A handsome young man with a thin figure, exuding a weak scholarly aura.

    But those truly familiar with him dared not underestimate him at all.

    He was deemed far stronger than Zhao Xiaoyao for a reason.

    Because when Jun Gou was born, three types of literary energy descended from the sky, gathering in his body and causing his every move to radiate the Dao of Literature.

    A stroke of a pen transforming into a great mountain; a sentence melting into an endless sea.

    He possessed all sorts of jaw-dropping mystical methods.

    “Junior brother is dead, assassinated by the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor!”

    At this moment, his expression was very gloomy and angry, surging with killing intent.

    “Eldest Brother, please, you must seek justice for Senior Brother Zhao! If it wasn’t for that evil woman in white surnamed Su, Senior Brother Zhao wouldn’t have become like this…”

    Besides Jun Gou, a female disciple cried out, shedding tears of grief.

    There was a deep hatred for Su Qingge buried in those words.

    “I think that this Miss Su is absolutely inseparable from the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor!”

    “Eldest brother, we have to find her quickly! Perhaps, when we manage to capture her, we could even find out more about Senior Brother Zhao’s death…”

    “That’s right, Eldest Brother, if master blames us, we can find an explanation then!”

    The rest of the disciples also opened their mouths one after another, begging the elder brother Jun Gou to make the call on how best they would handle avenging Zhao Xiaoyao’s murder.

    If this matter wasn’t settled properly, all of them might end up being punished.

    Thus, even if this matter had nothing to do with Miss Su, she needed to be interrogated regardless.

    “I understand. Junior Brother’s grudge must be resolved.”

    “Whether this matter was done by the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor or not, I have no clue. However, the woman in white cannot escape the implications of his death, for the sake of our honour!”

    Jun Gou finally nodded with a cold expression.

    At this time.

    A disciple from the Confucianism Academy abruptly burst into the room, reporting excitedly, “Senior Brother, we’ve found the woman in white. She’s currently at one of the All-Devouring Battlefield’s exits. The other factions have managed to stop her from leaving the area.”

    Hearing this, the disciples there couldn’t help showing hatred, but they were more or less relieved.

    “That’s great!”

    “Let’s go! We’ll see how that wench can escape now!”

    Jun Gou stood up first, wearing a chilling, murderous expression, as he led a group of disciples away in a mighty way, wanting to give an explanation to his dead Junior Brother.

    — — —

    And at the same time, in front of a huge portal filled with spatial fluctuations.

    Many young talents with powerful auras had gathered there.

    They looked at the woman in white in front of them with expressions of vigilance, apprehension, and scrutiny. More than a few already had their hands on their weapons.

    This place was simply an exit from the All-Devouring Battlefield, a neutral zone to the outside world.

    But now, more and more cultivators came and surrounded the area, livening the dead atmosphere.

    Even the mountains far away were occupied by the figures of people.

    It was not an exaggeration to describe this scene as a public spectacle.

    Both cultivators from prominent forces and wandering cultivators alike had arrived there for the sole purpose of watching the excitement unfold.

    They knew that the Confucianism Academy’s Second Senior Brother had been taken by the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor and that the situation all arose because of the woman in white in front of them. 

    The fact that Second Senior Brother disappeared while chasing this woman couldn’t be disputed.

    Therefore, the biggest suspect was naturally this mysterious woman in white.

    Of course, not many people thought that the woman herself might be the perpetrator, and at most felt that she could possess some sort of a relationship with the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor.

    They also wanted to know how the Confucianism Academy would resolve such a matter.

    “The one surnamed Su, why did you assassinate Senior Brother Zhao?! He had neither grievances nor enmities with you; he even had a good impression of you, so why did you do this to him?”

    “Your face may be beautiful, but your heart is as poisonous as a viper!”

    “Our Senior Brother Zhao was blind to have helped you. We of the Confucianism Academy, out of good intentions, wanted to travel together with you. And yet our benevolence has been met with malice and blood! This is an affront to the Heavens!”

    “Tell us where you left Senior Brother Zhao! Even if you have the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor backing you, it won’t be able to save you today. Be smart and tell us honestly!”

    A group of disciples from the Confucianism Academy shouted at Su Qingge, stopping her in her tracks with righteous indignation.

    Their eyes were filled with a wave of frightful anger and determination.

    However, Su Qingge, hearing all these accusations, merely remained calm.

    Like ants yelling at a human, she didn’t appear to be disturbed in the slightest.

    “How many times need I say that this matter has nothing to do with me?”

    She coldly stated.

    “After I left, I never saw Zhao Xiaoyao again. So how could I know where he is now?”

    Speaking until here, the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor frowned inwardly, not understanding why she was suddenly splashed with this bowl of dirty water and implicated in this situation.

    Su Qingge was sure she had lost Zhao Xiaoyao’s persistent chasing somewhere in the mountains, and immediately went elsewhere to kill more of the All-Devouring Sky’s creatures to gather more points.

    The white-veiled lady never saw him again after that.

    And yet, in the past few days, she’d heard that something unexpected had befallen Zhao Xiaoyao.

    Indeed, it was too much of a coincidence given the timing.

    So much so that Su Qingge pondered the possibilities for a long while.

    However, in the end, it could only be considered a bout of exceptional unluckiness. 

    Thus, Su Qingge was unable to do anything but suffer this indignation.

    If she tried to attack, her strength would at most be in the True God Realm without using any taboo magic or mystical abilities of the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor.

    As for using forbidden Demonic Arts? That would be equivalent to courting death!

    ‘Am I destined to be captured without a fight here?’

    Helplessness and entanglement weighed down on Su Qingge’s heart.

    “Still speaking nonsense. If it wasn’t for you, how could something happen to Brother Zhao?”

    Hearing her, the disciples of the Confucianism Academy became even more furious. They wanted nothing more than to lash out at her.

    “Zhao Xiaoyao chased me by himself that day, so why should I be at fault? It’s clear you lot cannot be reasoned with. Something happened to your precious Senior Brother, yet instead of finding the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor to seek justice, you only know to bully me, a weak person?”

    Su Qingge’s voice was still calm, but at this moment, there was a hidden chill inside it.

    “Tsk. Such an eloquent girl… but in the end, if you had not lured my junior brother out, how could the following situation have ever happened?”

    A disgusted sneer travelled down from the sky.

    Within the High Heavens, bursts of divine rainbow descended one by one, morphing into cultivators that wore the Confucianism Academy’s familiar uniform.

    And the leader of this group was exactly the Eldest Brother of the Academy, Jun Gou himself.

    With a cold expression, he looked directly at Su Qingge, as if he wanted to see through her.

    But seeing that Su Qingge didn’t speak…


    He continued to speak, “In my opinion, your involvement in this matter has made you inseparable from the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor. If you wish to prove your innocence, then the only way would be to allow us access to your Sea of Consciousness, clearing both doubts and suspicions at once.”

    “On the off chance, we are wrong… the Confucianism Academy will compensate you anything.”

    Hearing this, the expressions of both Su Qingge and the many young talents nearby changed.

    After all, one’s Sea of Consciousness was more private than one’s body for cultivators, since the area involved the cultivator’s soul and many other secrets.

    As such, having one’s Sea of Consciousness explored was more humiliating than death or defeat!

    “It’s a good idea…”

    Yet the many Young Supremes seemed intrigued by this solution.

    Moreover, going about it this way looked to be the only method to clear the muddied waters, since it erased the possibility of lying or deception and could give them a definite answer.

    “Don’t even think about it.”

    Su Qingge’s voice grew darker than midnight.

    Let them explore her Sea of Consciousness? Yeah, right!

    The secrets hidden inside her Sea of Consciousness were far greater than the death of one measly Senior Brother, so how could she allow others to explore it easily?

    “Oh? If you don’t wish to, then there’s no other choice, we will fight to the end for justice!”

    Jun Gou’s laugh cracked the earth beneath him.

    The appearance of a weak scholar was quickly eclipsed by the terrifying power that surged from him.

    As soon as he finished his piece, the absolute coercion of a Heavenly God Realm descended upon her in an instant, attempting to crush Su Qingge into a mist of blood!

    His cultivation had already reached an extreme level, far surpassing his Young Supreme peers.

    Even Su Qingge’s complexion turned pale at this moment, as she clenched her fists tightly.

    She didn’t want this fight, but she also didn’t want to go down like this.

    Was it impossible to keep hiding? Did she really have to use her Forbidden Demonic Arts here?!

    In this current situation, besides exposing herself, was there no other way to solve it?

    ‘Qingge. I’ll be back.’

    All of a sudden, Gu Changge’s tall figure appeared inside Su Qingge’s mind.

    Right! That’s right!

    If at this time, she were to reveal her relationship with Gu Changge… with his power, would there be anyone who dared to embarrass her here?

    Su Qingge’s face lit up with hope, opening her mouth excitedly to speak, however—


    An intense spatial fluctuation caused the surrounding area to tremble, as the expressions of Young Supremes from all around changed slightly.

    A figure of a cultivator emerged from inside, yelling excitedly, “This is great!”

    “Young Master Changge heard that there was news regarding the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor here, so he’s now rushing here immediately!”

    — — —

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  • Host: Gu Changge

    Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain

    Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd


    • True Disciple of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace 

    • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

    Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

    Cultivation: People just fail to find his actual Realm (Apparent), Supreme Sacred Realm (Hidden)

    Mystical Abilities:

    • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [9th Layer (30%)]

    • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)

    • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)

    • Void Ability (Talent)

    • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art

    • Infinite Immortal Wisdom


    Destiney Points: 100,000

    Fortune Value: 20,000+ (Black)

    System Shop: Open


    • Boundary Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Seal Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Fortune Plunder Card x 1

    Cultivation Realms are arranged in increasing order:

    • Mortal Physique

    • Spirit Ocean

    • Spirit Palace

    • Transcendent

    • Great-Transcendent

    • Saint

    • Conferred Lord

    • Conferred King

    • False God

    • True God

    • Heavenly God

    • God King

    • Quasi-Sacred Realm

    • Sacred Realm

    • Supreme-Sacred Realm

    • Great Sacred Realm

    • Quasi-Supreme

    • Supreme

    • Quasi-Emperor

    • Emperor

    • False Immortal

    • True Immortal

    We’ll continue to add as we move forward.



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