I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 266


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    Chapter 266: Choosing to Trust Without Hesitation; This Gu is Confident in His Honesty and Integrity!

    Dense spatial aura filled the air, as several cultivators emerged to deliver the news.

    “Young Master Changge is coming here?”

    “Great! With Young Master Changge’s strength, we won’t have to worry even if we were to go up against the real Demonic Arts’ Inheritor!”

    At the entrance of the All-Devouring Battlefield, many young cultivators were stunned when they heard these words.

    Their surprise turned to anxiety, and then… excitement.

    And for a brief moment, they felt all of these emotions at once.

    After all, Zhao Xiaoyao, the Second Senior Brother of the Confucianism  Academy, had vanished without a trace and was presumed to have been murdered by the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor.

    This incident caused widespread panic, leading to the confrontation between the Confucianism Academy and the women in white.

    If she truly was related to the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor, everyone would attack her at once, rendering a safe escape impossible.

    “Young Master Changge…”

    Hearing these words, Jun Gou was taken aback and then a faint smile appeared on his face.

    However, his expression became even colder. He glanced at Su Qingge and casually said, “Now even Young Master Changge has been alarmed. If you don’t give an explanation today, no one will be able to save you, no matter what kind of powerful background you have behind you, it won’t change anything.”

    “Or perhaps you are the kind of person who won’t shed tears until you see the coffin. Even now, you refuse to open your Sea of Consciousness. Are you still waiting for the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor to come and save you?”

    In his opinion, the reason why Su Qingge remained calm was probably because she had some sort of assurance or trump card at her disposal.

    In addition, it might also be possible that the extraordinary background behind her helped her stay calm.

    But now that Gu Changge was involved, this matter regarding the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor had allowed for a very different development.

    It was well-known that Gu Changge, as the leader of the younger generation, shouldered the responsibility of fighting against the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor.

    If he knew that the woman in front of him was related to the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor, the consequences she would face would be obvious.

    Gu Changge’s methods, while gentle, were cruel.

    Jun Gou’s original plan was to make Su Qingge give an explanation, so that he could report to his master when he returned.

    If he did not take care of it, he would have a hard time standing in front of the disciples and elders.

    Therefore, if Su Qingge didn’t know how to behave, he would have no choice but to take action.

    “Young Master, he is coming…”

    However, Jun Gou and the others were taken aback when the white-clothed woman did not panic when she learned that Gu Changge was on his way.

    In the eyes that were cold and calm, there was a look of delight instead.

    Her face became even calmer than before, with a slight smile on it.

    Jun Gou frowned, perplexed by Su Qingge’s actions; shouldn’t she be more anxious at this time?

    “Do you think Young Master Changge will take pity on you simply because you are a jade-beauty?”

    [TL/N: Changge ain’t no simp for jade-beauties.]

    [ED/N: The fact that he said it out loud is more concerning to me.]

    He said coldly, “For matters involving the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor, Young Master Changge’s methods will only be crueller than mine.”

    “I don’t have to bother with you, I know the Young Master better than you.”

    Su Qingge’s voice was as calm as ever, but this time, there was even a tinge of mockery.

    “What do you mean? Young Master?”

    Jun Gou’s expression couldn’t help but shift slightly.

    Judging by her expression, she appeared to know the latter. What’s more, she addressed him as the ‘Young Master’…

    He had an ominous feeling, for it seems as though things are proceeding in a rather unexpected direction.

    Many Young Geniuses nearby noticed the change as well, their faces growing more curious and peculiar by the minute.

    The woman in white seemed to know Young Master Changge; she was not some nobody like they had assumed.

    After all, knowing Gu Changge implied that her identity was at least good enough to reach Gu Changge’s level, as opposed to being an ordinary Young Genius like them.

    The methods used by the Confucianism Academy just now can be said to be rather forceful, if not outright deceptive.

    If the woman in white in front of them was related to the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor, it would be fine, but if she wasn’t… 

    Many members of the Confucianism Academy couldn’t help but break out in cold sweats, as a chill ran down their backs.

    “Senior Brother, you must force her to explain herself. We haven’t even been able to locate Senior Brother Zhao’s bones…”

    The female disciple who had just reprimanded Su Qingge still managed to complain to Jun Gou, completely oblivious to the subtle change in the situation.

    On the way, Senior Brother Zhao gave Su Qingge all kinds of attention, but Su Qingge did not even pretend to care.

    This was unbearable for her, who had a deep admiration for Senior Brother Zhao. From her point of view, Su Qingge was entirely to blame.

    “You shut your mouth.”

    When Jun Gou saw this, he couldn’t help but frown and scolded, “I know better than you how things should be done.”

    At that moment, the terrifying pressure of the Heavenly God Realm had also completely dissipated.

    Seeing the Senior Brother appear to be angry, everyone in the Confucian Academy remained silent.

    However, they all still looked to Su Qingge with a face full of hatred, devoid of any politeness. It’s as if asking her to pay for Zhao’s death with just their eyes.

    Su Qingge, on the other hand, remained very calm and quiet. She refused to speak any further.

    Currently, the only thing occupying her mind was how she could possibly explain to the Young Master what she could possibly be doing here.

    After all, when she left the Primordial Divine Sect, she told Gu Changge’s mother that she was going to find her birth mother.

    But instead, she first went to an auction house to auction off an Ancient Artifact related to her.

    Then she heard that the All-Devouring Battlefield had appeared, and that killing the All-Devouring Creatures could earn her a spot in the True Immortal Academy, so she came here.

    At that moment, the portal at the entrance burst with spatial energies, as a divine light shone brightly.

    The figure of a cultivator emerged from it.

    “Someone is coming.”

    Everyone in the area looked over.

    It was the same for Su Qingge. Her eyes did not blink, staring only at the portal with anticipation.

    “It’s Young Master Changge…”

    Many couldn’t help but exclaim, their expressions abruptly changing into one with more respect.

    The young man who emerged from it was tall and slender, dressed in a moon-white long robe, with a handsome and transcended face, and his demeanour gave people a sense of natural unity with their mind and the Dao.

    It was none other than Gu Changge, who had rushed over after hearing about the appearance of the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor.

    There were many followers behind him, each with an amazing aura and vitality that far surpassed that of many Young Supremes present there.

    “Greetings, Young Master Changge!”

    The many people gathered had exclaimed their greetings, doing their utmost to observe proper decorum in front of the man himself.

    Gu Changge nodded slightly, and said with a gentle and natural voice, “No need to be so polite. I heard that there were traces of the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor here, so I came to take a look. Now have you found any clues?”

    He exuded a very calm demeanour, devoid of any authoritarian or narcissistic tendencies.

    And yet, when he spoke, the people were awestruck, some even a little nervous.

    “Reporting to Young Master Changge, I did find a clue related to the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor. It has something to do with this woman in white…”

    Upon hearing the words, a youngster immediately opened his mouth and pointed towards Su Qingge, who looked a little happy.

    “Young Master…”

    At this time, Su Qingge took the initiative to speak, her gaze fixed on Gu Changge, her voice trembling a little. She felt a bit of joy at having been reunited after such a long time, but at the same time, she felt a bit of anxiety – even worry – though she wouldn’t dare to admit it.

    After all, she hadn’t seen him in a long time, and she was worried that Gu Changge had forgotten about her, especially since the other soul in her body would frequently whisper such things to her.

     “Qingge, how come you’re here?”

    However, upon hearing the voice, Gu Changge looked over and asked with slight surprise, as if he had just noticed Su Qingge.

    But soon, the slightly surprised expression on his face disappeared, and he rubbed his brows helplessly.

    “I heard from my mother that you left the Primordial Divine Sect to find me, and I was wondering when you’d arrive…”

    “Why are you alone in the All-Devouring Battlefield? Don’t you know it’s dangerous here?”

    His words contained some reprimanding, but it was mostly filled with worry and concern.

    “Young master, I…”

    When Su Qingge heard the words, she felt a bit speechless, even her eyes seemed a little moist.

    She thought Gu Changge would ask her why she was there first. She didn’t expect Gu Changge to save her as soon as he arrived, without even asking for the reason.

    Her previous worries were completely unnecessary.

    In his mind, Gu Changge had already figured out what had happened and how it happened with a single glance.

    However, he chose to trust her without hesitation. Su Qingge’s heart and soul trembled a bit, it was a rather touching gesture.

    Even the other soul in her body went silent.

    “Young Master Changge, do you know Miss Su?”

    When Jun Gou heard these words, he couldn’t help but change his expression, asking with caution and timidness.

    The members of the Confucianism Academy behind him sensed that something was wrong as well, and their complexions turned pale.

    After all, based on Gu Changge’s concerned and worried tone, even if they were blind, they could tell that he and the woman in white had a close relationship.

    From the Primordial Divine Sect? And she was also involved with Gu Changge’s mother?

    The few disciples who had just scolded Su Qingge turned even paler.

    They felt as if the sky was about to collapse, and if it hadn’t been for the people beside them, they would have fallen paralyzed to the ground.

    “What’s wrong? Qingge is my maid, did she do something?”

    Hearing this, Gu Changge frowned and asked, “Could it be that the clue about the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor you mentioned is related to her?”

    He looked as if he had just realized what had happened here.

    However, hearing Gu Changge’s words, the expressions of the many Young Geniuses there changed dramatically.

    Even if the woman in white was just a maid next to Gu Changge, her status was far above theirs.

    Countless Heavenly Daughters don’t even get the chance to speak to Gu Changge, let alone serve as his maid or the like.

    Furthermore, what Gu Changge had just said involved his mother from the Primordial Divine Sect.

    Many subconsciously assumed that the woman in white was a maid who had been trained for Gu Changge since she was a child.

    That kind of thing was not unusual in any of the major Supreme Daoist Orders or Great Immortal Sects.

    She was a maid right now, but she might become a concubine in the future.

    Now, many of the Young Geniuses looked at Su Qingge with respect, and they did not dare to act as they did just now.

    “Young Master Changge, I think there has been a misunderstanding, things are like this…”

    At that moment, Jun Gou’s forehead was covered in cold sweat, and he hurriedly told Gu Changge, “We didn’t know Miss Su and you had such a relationship before this.”

    “If we knew, we would’ve never dared to offend her.”

    Regardless of how they live, those who do not know are innocent.

    They’d have to be crazy to insist on their prior concerns.

    Jun Gou even wanted to search the Sea of Consciousness of the woman in white.

    If that had really happened, let alone him, even the Confucianism Academy behind him would have to lose a layer of skin and suffer unprovoked disasters.

    Thinking of this, Jun Gou no longer had the cold look he had just now, his face was pale, his back was covered with cold sweat, and his insides were green with regret.

    He even gave Su Qingge a flattering look, hoping she wouldn’t take offence.

    In everyone’s eyes, such a drastic shift in attitude was not surprising. In their opinion, it was normal.

    The woman in white had such an identity, why did she not say so earlier?

    Some of the Young Geniuses who hadn’t spoken up earlier couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief in secret.

    “Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding? It’s a misunderstanding when things haven’t even been explained clearly.”

    “Could it be that you think this Gu will be biased?”

    Gu Changge frowned as he asked Jun Gou, who stood in front of him with a cautious expression.

    “This Gu is confident in his honesty and integrity. If Qingge has done something wrong, then even if she is my maid, I will not be merciful.”

    Hearing this, Jun Gou smiled wryly, feeling that the situation might not be good.

    “Qingge, why are you here?”

    Then, Gu Changge looked at Su Qingge in front of him with a stern expression and said, “If you dare to hide anything from me, you know the consequences.”

    Hearing this, Su Qingge hurriedly opened her mouth, knowing that this was Gu Changge’s chance to save her.

    At that moment, she didn’t hide anything and told the full story.

    “Young Master, Qingge doesn’t dare to hide anything from you. After I arrived in the Profound Heaven, I planned to not rely on the Young Master, but to rely on my own ability to kill the All-Devouring Creatures and reach the quota of the True Immortals Academy…”

    “At the entrance, I ran into people from the Confucianism Academy. At that time, Zhao Xiaoyao invited me to join them. I thought it would be safer, so I agreed…”

    This included meeting the members of the Confucian Academy and then killing the All-Devouring Creatures together.

    Then she chose to leave, Zhao Xiaoyao followed but got lost on the way, everything was very detailed.

    At this moment, even the Confucianism Academy’s members who were present couldn’t refute anything.

    After listening to her speak, Zhao Xiaoyao, who looked like a bootlicking dog, immediately jumped out of everyone’s hearts.

    Su Qingge’s words were undoubtedly true, because she belonged to Gu Changge.

    Zhao Xiaoyao? Who?

    Many Young Supremes secretly clicked their tongues, disdain filling their hearts.

    As the Second Senior Brother of the Confucian Academy, he was an upright person, but he was tempted by Gu Changge’s maid and made such a foolish move.

    If he hadn’t had an accident, it wouldn’t have ended well, would it?

    The more everyone thought about it, the more they felt that Zhao Xiaoyao was just asking for it.

    He went alone to pursue Su Qingge, who was leaving. No one was in any hurry to get rid of him, what more was there to it?

    But then Zhao Xiaoyao, who was alone, got unlucky and ended up meeting the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor.

    Didn’t the Confucian Academy put all the blame on Su Qingge’s head just because they wanted an explanation?

    Su Qingge should know that if she killed Zhao Xiaoyao, she would be the prime suspect. Would she do it then? Not unless she was extremely stupid.

    And no one expected that Gu Changge would be behind Su Qingge.

    To doubt Su Qingge… wouldn’t that be the same as to doubt Gu Changge?

    Su Qingge continued to speak, her voice very calm.

    “Zhao Xiaoyao then abruptly disappeared. The Confucianism Academy’s disciples thought I had murdered him and stopped me at the entrance, asking me not to resist and to let them explore my Sea of Consciousness…”

    “This is how it all happened, I dare not hide a word from the Young Master.”

    After hearing the story, everyone in the Confucian Academy, including Jun Gou, had lost all blood on their faces.

    Some were even unable to stand still and collapsed on the ground.

    It would’ve been fine not to mention them trying to explore her Sea of Consciousness, but the fact that she did meant that Su Qingge wasn’t willing to let them go easily.

    “Oh? Explore her Sea of Consciousness?”

    Gu Changge’s eyes darkened.

    He slowly recited these words, then looked at Su Qingge and said indifferently, “Qingge, since the Confucianism Academy suspects that you are related to the Demon Arts’ Inheritor, you should open your Sea of Consciousness and let them take a look.”

    He said, without the slightest fluctuation in his voice.

    “By the way, Qingge belongs to me. She is related to the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor. Does that imply that I’m also related to the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor?”

    “After all, the Demonic Arts’ Inheritor has escaped from me repeatedly. Does the Confucianism Academy suspect me as well? How about exploring my Sea of Consciousness too?”

    He asked, daring Jun Gou as he spoke.

    — — —

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  • Host: Gu Changge

    Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain

    Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd


    • True Disciple of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace 

    • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

    Innate Bloodline(s): Devil Heart | Dao Bone

    Cultivation: People just fail to find his actual Realm (Apparent), Supreme Sacred Realm (Hidden)

    Mystical Abilities:

    • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [9th Layer (30%)]

    • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)

    • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)

    • Void Ability (Talent)

    • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art

    • Infinite Immortal Wisdom


    Destiney Points: 100,000

    Fortune Value: 20,000+ (Black)

    System Shop: Open


    • Boundary Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Seal Breaking Talisman x 1

    • Fortune Plunder Card x 1

    Cultivation Realms are arranged in increasing order:

    • Mortal Physique

    • Spirit Ocean

    • Spirit Palace

    • Transcendent

    • Great-Transcendent

    • Saint

    • Conferred Lord

    • Conferred King

    • False God

    • True God

    • Heavenly God

    • God King

    • Quasi-Sacred Realm

    • Sacred Realm

    • Supreme-Sacred Realm

    • Great Sacred Realm

    • Quasi-Supreme

    • Supreme

    • Quasi-Emperor

    • Emperor

    • False Immortal

    • True Immortal

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