I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 102.5


    Author – Blurry

    Proofreader – Samael

    — — —

    Chapter 102.5: Qin Yunhan Reprisal; the Princess’ Lust [A DemonicTL Originals].

    It started out as a slow, tentative kiss. The kind of kiss puppy lovers would do, their lips touching, the barest of brushes as they softly murmured assurances:

    ‘I love you.’

    ‘Am I doing this right?’

    Like something ripped straight from a sappy, cheesy romance novel.

    And Qin Yunhan was, of course, an inexperienced Rapunzel with no previous relationships or sexual knowledge. Her kisses were awkward, her movements hesitant. Even Wen Jing had more skill in this department when compared to this pure princess.

    Though it wasn’t all bad.

    After all, leading a rich and pompous princess to fall into debauchery was exactly the villainous type of activity Wang Haoran got excited over.

    Upping the intensity of the kiss, Wang Haoran pinned her to the bed.

    His breath and hers mingled, as the bedroom turned hot with their passion. His deft fingers caressed Qin Yunhan’s flushed face, before sliding down her bare throat and lifting her chin up. Two lovers locked heated gazes as he took her glistening lips, a rougher and fiercer assault than the last.

    Wang Haoran’s agile tongue prodded the entrance to her mouth. 

    A French kiss.

    Unfortunately, Qin Yunhan almost immediately stiffened up, not knowing what to do. A deer caught in headlights. The young man chuckled inwardly as he wrote a word on the palm of her fidgety hand. 

    • Relax

    And even though it was just one simple word, the nervous young lady managed to calm herself, loosening up just enough to accommodate his advances.

    Tongues tangling together. Intimacy on a whole other level compared to the puppy kisses that they had earlier. Qin Yunhan’s face grew redder and redder as her cute ears pinked. Whether because of embarrassment or lack of oxygen, it was impossible to tell.

    Wang Haoran broke away first, deciding to let her take a break, a strand of saliva still connecting the two parted lips, a sign of their intimacy.

    As she squirmed beneath him, he could feel her rugged and heavy breaths. She blushed like a ripe tomato.

    Long, slender legs shifting slightly, rubbing together.

    It was the look of a girl who had been completely turned on. As of this moment, resistance was the least of her worries.

    Nonetheless, Wang Haoran was yet to be satisfied, as his sadistic tendencies began to flare up. That handsome face smirked sinisterly. He was not done. Not even close.

    Strong hands travelled around her body. Touching her waist, and brushing across her thighs. He then retraced his steps, as he lightly grazed her breasts, careful not to overdo it, giving her slight hints of pleasure.

    His fingertips then trailed the curvature of her spine, tracing the bump of her hips, all the way up to her ribs.

    Small, continuous details, stacked upon one another as he brought her closer to the edge. 

    So close yet so far.

    “Haoran, don’t. . . ah~” Qin Yunhan couldn’t hold back the erotic sounds her mouth made. Her body trembled slightly, excited at the newfound sensation. The tingling of her sensitive skin. The heat of her hot breath. The butterflies in her stomach as he leaned in for another kiss.

    She could feel herself getting soaked down there. The viscous liquid dripping through her panties.

    She’d never felt like this before. As if electricity ran through her system, each fleeting touch sent sparks flying inside her, all gathering at the focal point of her ‘little sister’.

    “So hot~ Haoran, please~” The pure young lady whined and mewled like a bullied kitty cat.

    Chuckling at her dishevelled state, Wang Haoran began to gently remove her clothing, finally unwrapping the long-awaited present box to reveal what lay underneath.

    And it didn’t disappoint.

    It was no wonder the students dubbed her a School Flower standing alongside the likes of Xu Muyan. Although Xu Muyan’s chest proportions were bigger, and she had a more balanced figure, the Lady of the Qin Family was by no means a slouch either.

    Her lean, supple body oozed delicate charm. Taller than the average, combined with a perfect waist and long legs, she looked like a natural supermodel. And yet here she was, shy and vulnerable.

    That previous bratty, commanding demeanour was currently nowhere to be seen. 

    Instead, the now meek and embarrassed Qin Yunhan was instinctively covering her twin peaks, and pressing together her thighs, trying to hide her naked self from Wang Haoran’s eyes. The exposed skin tinged with a burning redness while she adorably looked away in shame, barely containing her desire.

    Breaking down a spoiled princess into a helpless and submissive one…

    ‘How thrilling!’

    Wang Haoran practically ripped off the rest of her clothes, throwing her black undergarments beside the bed. He then took off his own shirt, revealing the rippling strands of muscle hidden beneath. His physique as a villain had always been quite good; however, after training his body with help from the system, he gained a body that could match most superstar fighters.

    The shirtless youth placed Qin Yunhan’s hands on his crotch as he breathed heavily into her ear.

    “Your turn.”  

    And the spoiled princess obeyed.

    Trembling fingers unbuttoned his pants, before sliding them off him, leaving Wang Haoran in his boxers, snugly fitting over his bulging ‘package’. Qin Yunhan couldn’t help herself from staring at the monstrous thing hidden under the fabric, a fabric that was currently being stretched so taut it looked fit to rip.

    It was the first time she had seen something so virile…

    The first time she had smelled something so intoxicatingly potent…

    Even within its tight confines, the brutal shape of Wang Haoran’s rod made the princess’ two mouths salivate, dripping obscenely as she felt her insides twitch.

    Its scent was better than even the best perfume. So rich and heady. A musky smell of masculinity that sent shivers careening all throughout her body. Qin Yunhan’s pupils blurred with the distinct look of female desire, a primal urge for carnal sin that shot all reason out of her like a speeding bullet.

    She finally pulled away the final piece of cloth between them—

    As ‘Little Haoran’ greeted her by dropping straight onto her face.


    ‘Oh god~’

    It was veiny. Muscular. Compared to his perfect physique, which looked like it came straight from the chiselled marble statue of a Greek God, what hid below the surface was like a roaring beast, wild and terrifying, just waiting to be unleashed.

    His little brother could probably reach up to her navel.1 ^his little brother

    Wang Haoran wrapped his hand firmly around the crook of her neck, softly cradling her waist as he mischievously bit her earlobe.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

    But, unfortunately, villains never play nice. 

    He positioned his member at her leaking ‘entrance’, making sure that Qin Yunhan got a good view. The soon-to-be-impure princess covered her face with her dainty hands, peeking through cracks while she attempted to rein in her uncontrolled panting. 

    Just as Wang Haoran pushed the first inch of his phallus into her needy hole…

    “Ah!” Tears formed at the corners of Qin Yunhan’s watery eyes.

    The first time is always painful. The princess’ hymen ripped, dripping blood as the head of a mighty c**k inserted itself into her tiny cave.

    Yet, not more than half had been inserted when the cries of pain turned into moans of pleasure.

    Foreplay was indeed perfect for loosening tight places. Wang Haoran then took her hand in his own, sealing her lips with a breath-taking kiss. While he lifted one of Qin Yunhan’s fair legs until it hooked right around his shoulder, allowing him to plunge deeper, exploring the cavernous depths.

    The spoiled princess screamed in bliss as he finally buried the entirety of his shaft inside her.

    “H-haoran- faster, I need more~” 

    And the vigorous youth was more than happy to oblige.

    Within Qin Yunhan’s ‘little sister’, his ‘little brother’ was assaulted by the bumpy, fleshy walls, wrapped all around his length. They squeezed and constricted, almost as if they possessed a mind of their own. From root to tip. From head to toe. Contrary to her frail outer self, her insides were putting up one hell of a fight, to the point where Wang Haoran even felt a groan escape his lips.

    He gnashed his teeth. What kind of supervillain would he be if he couldn’t even handle a mere lass?

    ‘No more Mr. Nice Guy.’

    The enraged youth roughly grabbed Qin Yunhan’s waist, eliciting a squeal from her, as he pulled out his rod bit by bit, leaving just the tip inside.

    The bratty princess saw this scene, and couldn’t resist teasing him a little.

    “H-haoran, are. . . are you alright? A-are you tired? Should we stop here? I don’t want you to overdo it and get hurt—” 



    The worried Qin Yunhan only briefly saw his member enter her, before her mind completely blanked out.


    An unbecoming noise left the princess’ lips as her legs spasmed and twitched. What little rationality she had left in her died while Wang Haoran pounded away, ignoring her pleas and calls, now mindlessly engrossed within the heat of lovemaking.

    “Ahn~ So rough! Slow down Haoran, you’re going too—hah~” 

    The huffing youth did not answer. He simply kept her screaming out his name, endlessly thrusting his hips, jamming himself deeper and deeper into her body with every motion.

    In and out! In and out! 

    Relentless. Ferocious. The two lovers moaned and groaned like beasts in a rut.

    However, a sudden sense of clarity struck Qin Yunhan’s addled state.

    “I-I’m about to—Haoran, I’m at my limit!”

    The princess held his hand tighter, moving her hips in time with his, grinding on him sensually while she awaited the inevitable. But Wang Haoran, irked at her terrible technique, decided to help her pipe down using a tried and tested method.


    His tongue met hers again. 

    Just as ‘Little Haoran’ exploded deep inside her.

    ‘Ah~ F**k it.’

    Losing the last sliver of her sanity, Qin Yunhan gave in to the heat, and locked her long legs around Wang Haoran’s waist, pulling him even closer. 

    Ecstasy bliss took over her as his rod pumped more and more of that white, viscous fluid into her. God, how much was there? She could feel her womb twitch as it overflowed.

    Would she become pregnant from this? Considering the amount, it was likely.

    Not that Qin Yunhan would mind carrying his child.

    The ‘spoiled’ princess hooked her arms over his neck, starting to lose herself in vigorous kisses that never seemed to end, cementing their relationship once and for all.

    — — —

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  • [Host: Wang Haoran] 

    [Combat value: 1099] 

    [Charm: 268] 

    [Villain Halo: 891] 

    [Villain Point: 100] 


    • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (18 years)]
    • Will be added when they are introduced.

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