I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 102


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    Chapter 102: Hatching a Scheme

    “Sure, I’m opening the door now.”

    Wang Haoran feigned ignorance, gently moving the door open as he paid close attention to Xiao Yifeng’s movements with his [X-Ray Vision]…

    Only to see Xiao Yifeng pointing and making gestures used in acupuncture.

    Obviously, he wanted to incapacitate him with the same acupuncture he used on Qin Yunhan.

    While he could take this chance to launch a sneak attack on Xiao Yifeng before the latter’s attack, he seemed quite cautious.

    It wasn’t safe.

    Wang Haoran decided to give up.

    Xiao Yifeng reached out his hand and clicked on Wang Haoran’s acupuncture point.

    Wang Haoran secretly resisted with his Internal Energy, pretended to faint, and fell to the floor.

    He was waiting for the perfect opportunity, just one well-timed blow was all he needed to knock down Xiao Yifeng.

    After seeing him faint, Xiao Yifeng stood tall and looked down, sneering and muttering to himself, “Hmph, the eldest lady is mine. You rich spoiled kid actually dared to hit on her? I’ll destroy your manhood; let’s see if you can face the eldest lady then. You brought this on yourself!”

    ‘This b*****d!’

    ‘I never even thought of that!’

    Upon hearing his mutters, Wang Haoran was secretly stunned.

    A talented protagonist with a very dark heart. To grab the heroine, he’d actually stoop to using his proficiency in medicine for something like this.

    ‘You really are worthy of being called the “hero”, truly a shining beacon of morality.’

    ‘Medical skills are meant to save lives and heal wounds, not to be used in crooked ways.’

    ‘However, in those “cool” urban novels, protagonists are indeed quite cruel. The only reason readers don’t feel this way and even support the protagonist is because this cruelty is aimed at the villain. The protagonist thus swiftly dispatches the villain. Even I thought it was pretty cool….’

    Unfortunately, Wang Haoran is that villain. And he wasn’t happy at all to be exposed to this point of view.


    ‘Time for a direct attack! I’m gonna kill this b*****d.’

    Wang Haoran immediately came up with this idea.

    Thanks to his [X-Ray Vision], he can see everything Xiao Yifeng was about to do, even with his eyes closed.

    After a few glances, Wang Haoran suddenly felt a little distressed.

    Xiao Yifeng’s body was in a defensive posture, and there was almost no chance for him to make a sneak attack.

    Of course, Wang Haoran didn’t think that Xiao Yifeng knew about his Villain’s Halo.

    His defensive posture is obviously a subconscious behaviour that stems from combat experience.

    Even in the face of seemingly no danger, his body is always in a defensive stance.

    After thinking about it, Wang Haoran hatched a scheme.

    Xiao Yifeng squatted slowly, piercing Wang Haoran’s kidney with a silver needle.

    A burst of Internal Energy slowly penetrated his body with the aid of the silver needle.

    Wang Haoran understood that Xiao Yifeng was using it to introduce Internal Energy, which would then destroy his manhood.

    Wang Haoran wasn’t afraid in the slightest.

    In terms of the depth of Internal Energy, he is stronger than Xiao Yifeng.

    He soon withdrew the needle.

    “I really look forward to the expression on your face when you realize you can’t do it. But it’s getting quite late, and I’ll have to head back soon, so I won’t be able to appreciate your wonderful expression.”

    And on Xiao Yifeng’s face was an incredibly bright smile.

    However, what he didn’t know was that, just as he was talking, the Internal Energy he’d introduced into Wang Haoran’s system with the needle had already been expelled.

    Xiao Yifeng opened the door and checked for any movement outside. After finding no one, he closed it and quickly left the teacher’s building, fleeing into the night.

    Of course, Xiao Yifeng wasn’t worried at all about Wang Haoran and Qin Yunhan being alone. After all, his manhood was now broken.

    Wang Haoran almost laughed out loud in response.

    He stood up and immediately went to shake Qin Yunhan awake.

    “I… what’s happening?” Qin Yunhan asked, dazed still.

    “Someone broke in just now and knocked me out, are you all right?” Wang Haoran pretended to only be half-dazed.

    “Yes, I remember. Was that Teacher Qi?!” Qin Yunhan quickly returned to her senses and the events leading up to just before she fainted.

    “No, it wasn’t. It was Xiao Yifeng. I saw his face just before I fainted.” Wang Haoran replied.

    “Xiao Yifeng, that damned country bumpkin, why’d he do this?!” Qin Yunhan angrily asked.

    “I think I was his target; look at my waist.”

    Qin Yunhan took a closer look and found that there was a small hole leaking blood on his skin. It seemed to have been pierced with a needle.

    “What’s wrong?!” she asked in a panic.

    “I passed out too, but – from the looks of it – he used a silver needle to pierce my waist.” 

    Having said this, Wang Haoran’s expression grew twisted with pain, “I’ve read some books on medicine before. It’s said that a person with excellent medical skills can destroy someone’s manhood with just a silver needle. I think Xiao Yifeng must’ve gotten jealous of how close I’ve gotten to you, so…”

    Before he could finish speaking, Wang Haoran was so “choked up” that he couldn’t go on.

    “This damned hillbilly actually dared to do such a thing to you!” 

    Qin Yunhan was furious, “I’ll tell my dad. He’ll deal with him!”


    Wang Haoran looked miserable, “If this matter spreads, how will I show my face in the future? And with no conclusive evidence, Xiao Yifeng could simply deny it.”

    “But… do you really want to just let that country bumpkin go?” Qin Yunhan was both confused and angry.

    “Of course, I don’t want to let him go, but since it’s already happened, it’s useless. I’ve lost the ability to be a man. I…I don’t want to live anymore.” Wang Haoran really did look like he wanted to die.

    “No, no, you have to be strong!” 

    Qin Yunhan was so anxious that tears came out, before trying to reassure him by saying, “Your family is so rich, and you’ve got a bright future ahead of you. You can’t just give up…”

    “If I can’t be with the girl I love, what’s the use of having money? It’s better if I just die.” Wang Haoran sighed deeply.

    When she heard this, Qin Yunhan felt a knife cut through her heart.

    Deep down, she’d already accepted her role as Wang Haoran’s “beloved”.

    “No, I’ll be with you. In the future, I’ll be your wife, and we won’t ever be separated for the rest of our lives.” Qin Yunhan was so afraid that her clouded thoughts inadvertently bypassed her usual restraint and shyness, expressing her truest of intentions.

    “Really? But you… don’t you dislike me?”

    “Haven’t you heard of platonic love? Two people who love each other deeply don’t have to be like that.” Qin Yunhan blushed.


    “But I don’t want to be just friends…” 

    Wang Haoran felt that the act had almost come to a close. With all the emotions in place, he shifted their conversation, “I read in the medical book that after being punctured, it will take three days to fully take effect. That is to say, I will lose that ability after three days, or else…”

    Qin Yunhan was startled, her face quickly turning red.

    She naturally understood his meaning.

    ‘But it’s just too sudden…’ she wasn’t mentally prepared at all.

    But when she thought about it, this was the situation Wang Haoran was in. If she refused, wouldn’t it be too much?

    What if he really does want to die?


    And she’s already made up her mind to marry Wang Haoran in the future. If so, why not do it while Wang Haoran is still capable?

    It’s better than acting so old-fashioned despite being young, right?

    “Haoran, you… can you say that you love me? I… I want to hear it.” Qin Yunhan wanted a sense of ceremony.

    After all, Wang Haoran had never given an official confession.

    As a villain, lying was basic. Wang Haoran immediately and affectionately said, “Yunhan I love you; I will love you all my life. I will love you forever and ever.”

    Qin Yunhan wholeheartedly accepted his “sincerity”.

    She felt as if her heart was about to melt.

    “Haoran, I love you too. I will love you all my life; I will always love you. I’ll love you forever…”

    [Kshn: This cringe ended at last.]

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  • [Host: Wang Haoran] 

    [Combat value: 1099] 

    [Charm: 268] 

    [Villain Halo: 891] 

    [Villain Point: 100] 


    • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (18 years)]
    • Will be added when they are introduced.

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