I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 108.5


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    Chapter 108.5: Shockingly High Stamina; Overwhelmed by the Spoilt Princess[A DemonicTL Original].

    “It’s getting late.” Wang Haoran stared into Qin Yunhan’s eyes, his voice a bit huskier than normal.

    And Qin Yunhan, who immediately understood his salacious intentions, couldn’t help but blush.

    A man and a woman alone in a bedroom. Even an idiot would understand what might happen next. Qin Yunhan’s cute ears pinked as she shyly crept over to Wang Haoran, before abruptly pinning him to the bed using her long legs and bountiful hips. 

    Her tiny hands pressed against his broad chest.

    “H-haoran. . . I’ll take the lead this time.”

    The spoilt princess, her face reddened like a cherry, whispered lovingly into her boyfriend’s ear. 

    Similar to the sweetest honey, her seductive voice and heated breath seemingly trickled throughout Wang Haoran’s body. Although he wasn’t sure what had brought about such sudden boldness, the youth wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

    He simply relaxed as Qin Yunhan waited on top of him.

    Her undulating hips grinding below, and her sensual tongue and lips kissing above. It was miles from the inexperienced, naïve lass he needed to coach last time. The change was akin to a carp morphing into a flying dragon! 

    The princess’ kisses trailed down his chiselled jaw, marking his throat with her peach lipstick. When had this lass begun to use cosmetics? The faint blush on her face accentuated her already stunning beauty, as the soft moonlight lit up her features, giving her an almost fairy-like presence.

    It was an invigorating difference.

    One that immediately invigorated him down ‘there’ as well.     

    “Yunhan. . .” Wang Haoran cooed into her ear.

    Qin Yunhan could easily feel the restrained beast beneath her hips. A monster so strong it pitched a massive tent in his denim jeans, outlining its own brutal size. With renewed vigour, the princess slid off the youth’s clothing one by one, revealing his flawless physique.

    Did his body seem even more refined now? Were his muscles always this well-defined?

    The drooling Qin Yunhan couldn’t pay enough attention to decide, as her gaze was glued to what hid underneath that large bulge in his underwear. 

    Wang Haoran’s ‘little brother’ sprung as she removed the last article of clothing.

    It lay domineeringly across her face, covering nearly half of it with its girth.


    And the proper princess was unable to hold back her moans upon sniffing the intoxicating musk, as her ‘little sister’ dripped with a clear liquid, lubing her cave up to take him on.

    But Qin Yunhan needed to be patient. She wanted to test her newly acquired skills first.

    She stuck out her small tongue, the lovely princess holding Haoran’s rod in place as she licked it all over like a lollipop. Her lips ran on its underside and sucked lightly on its tip.

    By the end of it, she’d coated its full length slick with her saliva.

    Before shoving it halfway down her throat in one go…


    Surprised by Qin Yunhan’s newfound mastery, Wang Haoran almost let an audible groan escape him, while his hands pulled on the back of her head, dragging her deeper into the f******o. Yet the princess took it seemingly in stride. Her velvety tongue and peach blossom lips did not stop pleasuring him at all, instead tending to his root with increased excitement, hungry for more.


    The youth pressed down harder as he relished the sensation of Qin Yunhan’s fleshy throat closing in on his mighty dragon. It was practically a perfect fit. The sheath to his sword. The heat and pressure assaulting Wang Haoran’s glands, the feeling of her contracting walls.

    Wang Haoran could feel something rising from inside him.

    Grinning mischievously, he decided not to notify the libido-driven s**t of his condition, and chose to simply lock her in place using his arms—

    Just as his tower exploded inside her.


    Taken aback by the abrupt ejaculation, Qin Yunhan panicked and tried to escape, only to realize she couldn’t move her head in the slightest, which was pinned tightly to his groin.

    Had it been a minute since she came up for air? Two minutes? 

    Although she had trained secretly using large dildos from the web, the longest time she’d lasted in a deep-throat f******o was just below two minutes. Moreover, considering his twitching manhood, and then factoring in the amount he had ‘released’ the last time. . .  

    ‘I’m gonna pass out…’

    The spoiled princess pushed against his solid muscles to no avail. Her eyes watered as her long legs spasmed, flailing around while she slowly lost consciousness. 

    But the viscous liquid kept flooding nonetheless. It filled her tiny mouth, clogging her throat, gushing into her stomach in a storm of semen. More and more until the princess’ eyes rolled back. Until her blossoming lips spilt his white fluid uncontrollably, packed to the brim. 

    Chuckling at Qin Yunhan’s unbecoming appearance, Wang Haoran casually pulled out his rod right as her eyelids fluttered shut. 

    “Ohhhhhnnn~” A bubbling gurgle, both a moan and a sigh, left her overflowing mouth.

    She then cast him a mean look before promptly collapsing onto his lap. Her blurry vision unfocused, budding lips instinctually gave him a clean-up blowjob even as she slipped into unconsciousness.


    When Qin Yunhan finally awakened, it was in the midst of a wild rut, being ferociously pounded!

     “Ah~ Ahn~ Oughhhh~ W-what is—Mmmnn~”

    The spoiled princess felt a wave of utmost pleasure suddenly wash over her. Her tongue lolled out of its own accord, her flawless features a mess of bliss and ecstasy as her ‘little sister’ clamped down on ‘Little Haoran’ like a vice.

    “Oh? Finally awake~?” The youth’s amused voice rang out from somewhere behind her.

    Only now did Qin Yunhan realize that Wang Haoran was nowhere in her sight. She was instead facing the front of the bed, her front half lying on the sheets, while her other half stuck out embarrassingly into the air, bosom remaining firmly locked in Wang Haoran’s iron grip.

    “E-eh~? H-haoran, this p-pose is. . .”

    The shy princess seemed to recognize the predicament she was in. 

    Her bare a*s wiggled and squirmed uncomfortably as a scarlet flush crept throughout her fair skin. 

    Qin Yunhan had browsed through some sexual techniques online to please Wang Haoran, and one of them detailed a sensual position that looked a lot like this.

    “I-is this doggy-style?”

    The youth playfully slapped her rounded bottom in response, eliciting a delighted squeal.

    “You’ve done your research, huh?”


    Although the pure princess was feeling bashful about showing off her ‘a*s’ets like so, it was nothing a few thrusts of Wang Haoran’s vitality-filled spear couldn’t fix. Soon, Qin Yunhan’s embarrassment and shame slipped away completely, leaving but a nympho in her place, shaking their bountiful hips and cheeks as if there was nothing in the world that mattered more at that moment.


    The princess buried her head in the soft pillows as she came again and again, drenching the sheets in her bodily fluids. God, how many times had he ‘planted his seeds’ inside of her when she was passed out? Qin Yunhan felt heavy.

    Her womb felt bloated.

    But even now, she wanted more. She wanted to feel him inside of her, she wanted that scalding heat to torch her insides, to paint her in her favourite colour. 

    “I’m a-almost there!”

    And Wang Haoran suddenly lifted Qin Yunhan, his arms hooking around the back of her knees as he seamlessly transitioned to a standing form, pulling her long legs up until her knees became roughly level with her gasping, slutty expression.

    “Then let me teach you one last thing.”

    Wang Haoran breathed harshly into her pinked ears, his hands resting on the top of her head.

    The tip of his dragon poked at the entrance of her other hole.

    “H-haoran, i-isn’t that the wrong—?”

    “This pose is called the Full Nelson~”


    Pressing down brutally on her head, Wang Haoran shoved his c**k all the way into her a*s, before flooding it as he ejaculated for the fourth time that day. 

    “Ah~ Oougghhhnnnnnn~”

    A scream of mingled pain and pleasure erupted into the morning air.




    Wang Haoran drowned her guts in white, swelling her stomach while the semen in her ‘little sister’ mingled with her clear liquid, dripping onto the bed.

    They would need new bedsheets after this. Maybe a new bed altogether.

     Qin Yunhan’s moaning slowly grew quieter. Having dumped the last of his baby batter inside of her, Wang Haoran finally placed the twitching princess back onto the bed, and collapsed onto the sheets himself a moment later.

    ‘Phew! I’m beat. Going at it so many times in a row really isn’t easy.’

     The exhausted youth laid upon the expensive pillows and closed his eyes.

    ‘I’ll be resting for a while now. . .’





    ‘Why is there something sticky on my leg?’

    Confused, Wang Haoran cracked open one of his eyelids to search for the source, only to see a sight that made his face turn a shade lighter than usual.

    Qin Yunhan was standing over him with the most intoxicatingly drunk expression on her face.

    A mixture of her juices and his had fallen on his leg, causing the sticky sensation he’d felt earlier.

    But that wasn’t important now.

    “Haoran~” The pure princess moaned his name. 

    “I want more~” She pressed her body tight against his.

    And the youth’s lips couldn’t help but twitch a tiny bit.

    ‘Ah. Shit.’

    — — —

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  • [Host: Wang Haoran] 

    [Combat value: 1099] 

    [Charm: 268] 

    [Villain Halo: 1151] 

    [Villain Point: 700] 


    • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (18 years)]
    • Will be added when they are introduced.

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