I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 110


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    Chapter 110: The King of Soldiers Hero

    The threat called Xiao Yifeng was gone.

    The other protagonist, Fang Heng, was no cause for concern.

    From Wang Haoran’s point of view, Fang Heng is less of a protagonist and more of a cash cow.

    Not only does he pose no threat to him, but he also makes money off it, continuing to accumulate wealth.

    At noon, Wang Haoran was very leisurely thinking about how to extend his reach to Xu Muyan and Mu Zhaozhao.

    As for Qin Yunhan? He didn’t care that much.

    It’s like eating a delicious meal for the first time. Delicious, yes, but you won’t eat it with the same fervour as the first time.

    Wang Haoran needed a bit of variety.

    In comparison, Xu Muyan with her favourability rating of 70 was still quite fresh.

    But how can he go about creating such an opportunity?

    Wang Haoran thought about this question for a while.

    At this moment, his phone suddenly rang.

    [Caller ID: Tang Bingyun]

    Wang Haoran immediately answered and heartily greeted her, “Aunt Tang, why did you suddenly call me?”

    [“Haoran…”] Tang Bingyun’s voice sounded a little choked and hoarse.

    Wang Haoran was slightly stunned.

    Could it be that she was so heartbroken by the fact he called her “Aunt Tang”?

    “Aunt Tang, what’s wrong? You don’t sound very good.” Wang Haoran asked.

    [“My grandfather asked me to marry a man I never knew. That man is thirty-five years old, and I’m only twenty-three years old. He was so much older than me, and yet I’m marrying him…”] Tang Bingyun cried as she let out her grievances.

    When he heard this, Wang Haoran’s heart was moved.

    ‘But wait… will there be another protagonist?’

    “Do you know the man’s background?” Wang Haoran immediately asked.

    [“I’m not that familiar with it, but he was apparently a soldier who just returned from abroad.”] Tang Bingyun said.

    ‘He was a soldier who returned from far away… wouldn’t this be the Soldier King trope?’

    ‘And Tang Bingyun is a near perfect replica for the Iceberg President heroine trope…’

    Several urban-based novels such as “My Iceberg Beauty CEO Wife”, “My Wife is the CEO”, and “Beautiful CEO Wife”, have the male protagonist be a King of Soldiers type of hero.

    At the beginning of the plot, the heroine is forced to marry.

    ‘Yup, Tang Bingyun’s current situation fits.’

    “It’s the 21st century. What era do these people live in to practice such ridiculous things? Can’t you refuse, Aunt Tang?” Wang Haoran suggested.

    [“Of course I tried to refuse, so I had a fight with my grandfather. My grandfather was so angry that he vomited blood. He called a doctor to come over for an examination. After the examination, he found that grandfather has… “] The more Tang Bingyun spoke, the less she could speak. In the end, she couldn’t even finish what she was about to say.

    “Is he terminally ill?” Wang Haoran asked.

    [“Well, the doctor…the doctor said…that my grandfather has advanced lung cancer.”] When Tang Bingyun finished speaking, she burst into tears.

    Wang Haoran suddenly smelled a kind of routine atmosphere.

    ‘What a pain, which third-rate author constructed this plot?’

    1Samael: That would be you, sir-

    2Kshn: Lmao

    ‘Since the heroine refused, the author uses this vile means of coercion to advance the plot.’


    “Advanced lung cancer… that’s quite serious. I’ll tell my mother to come and see you and Mr. Tang. I’ll be coming with.” Wang Haoran planned to go there himself.

    Seeing Old Man Tang was one thing. But the point of his visit is to meet with the Soldier King protagonist and explore the other side’s bottom line.

    After finishing up the call with Tang Bingyun, Wang Haoran immediately phoned Zhen Li.

    Zhen Li’s Guose Tianxiang does business with the Tang family, meaning they should be quite familiar with Mr. Tang. Now that the latter has been afflicted with a serious illness, it is only proper that they go and see him.

    The moment she received the news, Zhen Li left without saying a word.

    Wang Haoran called the driver and went to the Tang Family Manor.

    The two met at the gate of the manor.

    Tang Bingyun heard that Wang Haoran and Zhen Li were coming. Thus, she went to the door early to wait for them.

    Tang Bingyun’s cold yet beautiful face was haggard. Her red eyes were clear evidence as to how many tears she must’ve shed.

    “Aunt Zhen.” Tang Bingyun subconsciously added a title.

    Zhen Li frowned in displeasure, obviously quite displeased to hear it.

    It makes her feel old, after all.

    But considering Tang Bingyun’s situation, she could hardly bring it up.

    “Bingyun, there’s still a chance that he’ll pull through. So don’t worry too much, and be sure to take care of yourself.” Zhen Li reassuringly stated.

    “Thank you, Aunt Zhen, for your concern. Please come inside.” Tang Bingyun stretched out her jade hand and gestured for them to enter.

    Because of Zhen Li’s presence, Tang Bingyun didn’t feel comfortable enough to speak to Wang Haoran directly, only looking at him with burning eyes.

    Immediately, Tang Bingyun walked towards the manor with Zhen Li and Wang Haoran.

    They walked through the garden path and soon came to a quiet and elegant room.

    The smell of top-quality sandalwood emanated from the quaint room.

    Tang Lao lay on the bed, his face pale and ill.

    On the stool beside the bed, Yan Guishan sat upright, looking around with piercing and arrogant eyes, as if he were above the world.

    The moment Wang Haoran saw him, he knew.

    ‘If you can sit and act like this, you’re likely to be my target.’

    He immediately spent 100 villain points to investigate.

    [Protagonist: Yan Guishan]

    [Combat value: 539]

    [Charm: 148]

    [Protagonist Halo: 421]


    • Grandmaster-level individual combat skills
    • Grandmaster-level assassination
    • Grandmaster-level firearms proficiency
    • Grandmaster-level sniping
    • Grandmaster-level mixed fighting
    • Grandmaster-level reconnaissance]

    With those attributes and those skills, he’s definitely a super soldier.

    In terms of combat strength alone, Wang Haoran could wipe the soldier boy’s face on the ground.

    However, this guy can snipe. If he lays on a rooftop and shoots with a weapon a few hundred meters away, Wang Haoran might get injured.

    Yes, there is a possibility of injury.

    That said, Yan Guishan’s Protagonist Halo is only 421, while Wang Haoran’s Villain Halo is more than twice his.

    The higher the aura point, the higher the luck value.

    Thus, his luck should be far worse when compared to Wang Haoran.

    If Yan Guishan wanted to kill Wang Haoran, then he had little to fear.

    To sum it up, the Soldier King protagonist didn’t seem all that threatening.

    In his heart, Wang Haoran had already labeled Yan Guishan as a “fat sheep” for him to shave wool off of.

    The real danger is the master behind Xiao Yifeng.

    In addition, he learned from the conversation between Qin Kai and Qin Yunhan that there are hidden martial arts schools in this world.

    Wang Haoran has only [Internal Energy (20 years)], meaning that – compared to the top masters of these sects – he would be no match.

    If he really wanted to become the strongest there is in the world, then the quickest way would be to purchase skills through Villain Points.

    If he can get that number up to one or two hundred years’ worth, then he wouldn’t have to worry. By then, he’d be able to massacre these protagonists wholesale.

    Naturally, this was quite optimistic and only took into account martial arts cultivation.

    Pessimistically speaking, it was far from being that simple.

    — — —

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  • [Host: Wang Haoran] 

    [Combat value: 1099] 

    [Charm: 268] 

    [Villain Halo: 1151] 

    [Villain Point: 600] 


    • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (18 years)]
    • Will be added when they are introduced.

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