I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 112


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    Chapter 112: The Mentality of a Protagonist

    [At night, Dahao Hotel.]

    In the restaurant, a man and a woman sat opposite each other.

    The man’s name was Yan Guishan, and the woman was named Tang Bingyun.

    And it was Yan Guishan who chose this place for their date.

    He hasn’t been in Qingling City for long, so he didn’t know of any good restaurants.

    But after arriving at the Dahao Hotel last night, he found the environment to be quite pleasant and on the higher-end of things, making it the best choice.

    “This is a five-star wine hotel; it won’t be cheap. Are you sure you can pay for it?” Tang Bingyun’s tone was as cold as ice, with even hints of sarcasm in between.

    She only showed her softer side to Wang Haoran. To everyone else, she was the iceberg CEO that was completely indifferent.

    “Miss Tang, you can rest assured. I’ve been abroad for quite some time, so it’s only natural that I have some money. Although I dare not call myself a billionaire, I do have some spare cash.” Yan Guishan smiled, as he turned up his manly charms.

    Immediately afterwards, he habitually took out a cigar. But after realizing that this woman was his future wife and not just prey…

    Yan Guishan truly valued her feelings and wanted to avoid being rude, so he quickly put the cigar back.

    “What are you doing abroad to make so much money?” Tang Bingyun casually asked.

    “Starting my own business.” Yan Guishan put it lightly.

    It was technically true.

    He founded a mercenary group abroad, recruited members, and was employed to do certain tasks. After completing those tasks, he got a very generous commission fee.

    That’s how he made billions.

    Tang Bingyun didn’t dare to be interested in Yan Guishan. Seeing that the other party didn’t elaborate on what he was doing, she naturally wouldn’t ask.

    “Let’s order.” Yan Guishan said.

    “Not yet; we’re still waiting on someone.” Tang Bingyun said.

    “Isn’t it just you and me?” Yan Guishan was a little surprised.

    “I promised to come out with you to eat, but did I say that I was the only one? If you don’t want to, then we can cancel the dinner.” Tang Bingyun picked up her bag and almost left.

    “No, it’s fine. The more the merrier.” Although Yan Guishan wasn’t happy to have someone join them, he had no choice but to agree.

    As this exchange was happening, Wang Haoran – who was long overdue – arrived and walked toward them.

    “Bingyun.” Wang Haoran came to Tang Bingyun’s side and called out gently.

    Tang Bingyun was moved for no apparent reason.

    ‘I guess she’s happy I dropped the annoying “Aunt” title.’

    “Haoran, sit next to me.” Tang Bingyun’s iceberg-like face burst into a smile like melting spring snow, pulling Wang Haoran to sit beside her.

    Wang Haoran mentioned it vaguely before, but Tang Bingyun understood that he wanted to act as though they were a couple.

    Tang Bingyun was, of course, more intimate than usual.

    “What is your relationship?” Yan Guishan asked with narrowed eyes.

    “Can’t you tell?” Tang Bingyun tightened her grip on Wang Haoran’s hand.

    “At noon, I heard him call you Aunt Tang.”

    “That’s just a formality. I’m only older by a few years. We’ve been dating for almost two years now. We date privately since we don’t want anyone to bother us. Not even my grandfather knows about this.” Tang Bingyun started talking nonsense.

    “Just by his appearance alone, he’s no older than 20. Do you really think I’ll buy into this? If you want to find a shield, you don’t need to look for such a young man. Or are you perhaps looking down on me?” Yan Guishan sneered slightly.

    “You don’t believe it?” Wang Haoran suddenly asked.

    “A little brat who doesn’t even grow his hair, you should go back to school…”

    However, he didn’t wait for Yan Guishan to finish.

    Wang Haoran smiled, and suddenly kissed Tang Bingyun’s snow-white cheek.

    Yan Guishan’s words ended abruptly with a look of disbelief.

    Tang Bingyun was stunned.

    Fortunately, Wang Haoran had made preparations in advance and asked her to cooperate.

    She found herself in a precarious situation1“Riding a tiger”, unable to do anything but shyly say to Wang Haoran:

    “There are other people here, don’t.”

    “He doesn’t believe that we’re a couple, so let me prove it to him.” Wang Haoran did this on purpose. After he replied to Tang Bingyun, he looked at Yan Guishan and asked:

    “Do you believe it now?”

    Yan Guishan frowned, anger flashing in his eyes. However, he remained calm on the surface.

    Wang Haoran was amazed.

    However, a high psychological temperament is to be expected of the King of Soldiers archetype.

    “It seems that you still hold some doubts, so please be sure to watch carefully.”

    Wang Haoran held Tang Bingyun close and gave her a deep kiss.

    Tang Bingyun was taken aback.

    She was tempted to push Wang Haoran away, but doing so would make things worse.

    Thus, she was left with no other choice but to passively cooperate with Wang Haoran.

    But it’s not like she hated it, in fact, she might have even enjoyed it. After all, Tang Bingyun had always thought of Wang Haoran.

    For a time, Tang Bingyun almost forgot what environment she was in.


    A porcelain cup shattered under the tight grip of a large hand full of calluses.

    [Ding! The Host throws the protagonist, Yan Guishan’s mental fortitude, off balance.

    • Receiving 400 Villain Points!
    • Yan Guishan’s Protagonist Halo -20!
    • Host’s Villain Halo +20! ]

    “Enough!” Yan Guishan couldn’t bear it any longer.

    Wang Haoran pretended not to hear.


    The sturdy table hummed under the palm of Yan Guishan’s hand.

    [Ding! The Host throws the protagonist, Yan Guishan’s mental fortitude, off balance.

    • Receiving 400 Villain Points!
    • Yan Guishan’s Protagonist Halo -20!
    • Host’s Villain Halo +20! ]


    The table cracked.

    [Ding! The Host throws the protagonist’s mental fortitude, Yan Guishan’s mental fortitude, off balance.

    • Receiving 400 Villain Points!
    • Yan Guishan’s Protagonist Halo -20!
    • Host’s Villain Halo +20! ]

    He made sure that it only popped up thrice.

    Wang Haoran was afraid that Yan Guishan would be as fragile as Xiao Yifeng.

    ‘It’d be no fun if he explodes like Xiao Yifeng did.’

    Reluctantly, he let go of Tang Bingyun.

    The wool needed to be gleaned slowly, slow enough that one shearing does not cause the death of the sheep.

    Long-running water is king.

    Tang Bingyun gasped for breath, only to feel her rapid heartbeat, her cheeks burning hot.

    At the same time, she glanced at Wang Haoran with some resentment.

    She was completely inexperienced and thus remained passive throughout the whole process, which meant that Wang Haoran had complete control.

    Despite being 23 years old, she was still a novice.

    And yet this bad boy who was five years younger than her seemed to have plenty of experience.

    ‘Hmpf, he must’ve had plenty of relationships.’

    Yan Guishan looked at Tang Bingyun with disappointment and said, “I know you’re not satisfied with this marriage, but you don’t have to stoop this low, let alone find such a questionable boy to go along with it.”

    Tang Bingyun was momentarily stunned, a bit surprised that Yan Guishan could see through them. However, she insisted, “Whether you believe it or not, I truly have been with him for a long time.”

    “I’m no fool. Although you cooperated well with him just now, it was obvious. And I do believe that was your first time.”

    Wang Haoran was calm on the surface, but he thought to himself: ‘The soldier king clearly has experience. Is that how he can tell?’

    ‘If I’d known earlier, I would’ve rehearsed with Tang Bingyun in advance.’

    — — —

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  • [Host: Wang Haoran] 

    [Combat value: 1099] 

    [Charm: 268] 

    [Villain Halo: 1211] 

    [Villain Point: 15900] 


    • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (18 years)]
    • Will be added when they are introduced.

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