I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 113


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    Chapter 113: The Start of a Good Show

    The moment Tang Bingyun was exposed, she couldn’t help but be a little embarrassed. For a while, she was left speechless, as she subconsciously looked at Wang Haoran.

    “Since you’ve seen through it, I won’t pretend anymore. You’re right; we aren’t a couple.”

    Wang Haoran took another cup and poured a cup of tea for Yan Guishan. But in the process of handing him the cup, he added a little something.

    The poisoning method of the [Supreme Poison Sutra (Supreme)] leaves no trace. Even if he were to do it right in front of his target, he won’t be discovered.

    “Drink some tea to dispel the anger.” Wang Haoran said.

    Yan Guishan had a lot of opinions on Wang Haoran, but he was the Soldier King and held a temperament befitting one. Tang Bingyun was here too, so he didn’t really find it in him to give a rat’s a** about this young boy.

    Otherwise, it’d just be plain rude.

    In his opinion, the most important thing a man cannot lose in front of a woman is his demeanour.

    After all, the two only kissed a few times.

    Yan Guishan has been abroad all these years, and he’s spent that time with countless women.

    Naturally, it would be unreasonable for him to ask that Tang Bingyun be as pure as a blank sheet of paper.

    Yan Guishan picked up the teacup, took a sip, and put it down. It was his way of telling Tang Bingyun that he’ll ignore what happened with Wang Haoran just now.

    Deep down, Wang Haoran laughed at him. However, he remained calm on the surface, saying, “I’m hungry; let’s order.”

    The waiter brought the menu.

    Wang Haoran only chose expensive dishes and ordered five of the hotel’s signature dishes by himself.

    Yan Guishan frowned, but he made not a single sound to even try to stop it.

    After all, with Tang Bingyun here, he had to show off his generosity.

    “Ms. Tang? You never told us you’d be here!”

    Just as Tang Bingyun picked up the menu to order, a hearty greeting suddenly came from the other side.

    After a brief look around, she spotted a man and a woman holding hands at a dining table.

    The man was in his fifties, with a big belly and small, squinting eyes.

    The woman was young and beautiful, and she had an air of intellectual beauty.

    Though they looked like father and daughter, they were – in fact – an old husband and a young wife.

    This potbellied man was none other than Shen Kang, and this luxury hotel was one of his properties.

    “Oh, it was Mr. and Mrs. Shen. Greetings.”

    Tang Bingyun greeted them with a smile. Her smile to Mrs. Shen was more out of politeness, while the one she offered to Shen Kang held hints of disgust.

    Mrs. Shen smiled at Tang Bingyun as well, but she couldn’t help but look at her one more time, as feelings of jealousy began to sprout deep within.

    She was a beauty, yes. But compared with Tang Bingyun, she was at least two grades inferior.

    Mrs. Shen turned her eyes and looked at the other two at the table.

    The handsome guy in his twenties was a sight to behold.

    But before she could take a closer look, she suddenly caught a glimpse of Yan Guishan opposite them.

    ‘It’s him!’

    Mrs. Shen was shocked.

    The two spent a ridiculous night in this hotel just the other evening.

    Mrs. Shen thought that she would never see Yan Guishan again in her life but she didn’t know what a small world this was!

    Mrs. Shen tried her best to suppress her panic, trying to calm herself down.

    Compared to Mrs. Shen’s nervousness, Yan Guishan was calm.

    The reasons for these two very different attitudes are actually quite clear.

    Mrs. Shen wanted to take revenge on Shen Kang, but she didn’t dare to retaliate so blatantly.

    She was afraid that Shen Kang would vent his anger on her when he found out that he was wearing a green hat.

    Mrs. Shen didn’t even want to think about it.

    As the soldier king, Yan Guishan was quite independent and could easily go wherever he pleased.

    Even if Shen Kang were to find out about his wife’s affair, he could do absolutely nothing to him.

    That left Yan Guishan in a rather mischievous mood, as he looked at Mrs. Shen.

    He was thinking about what happened last night.

    ‘What does this guy mean by that look?’

    Wang Haoran didn’t dare to be interested in the Shen Kang couple, so he didn’t pay attention to the two of them, but after looking at Yan Guishan…

    The strange look on Yan Guishan’s face made Wang Haoran feel a bit suspicious.

    Following along with Yan Guishan’s gaze, he could see Mrs. Shen’s eyes trying to look away, and she almost seemed to have… a bit of panic on her face.

    ‘Do these two have some sort of history?’

    Wang Haoran secretly guessed.

    The protagonists of these types of novels typically lived a life full of blood. Under such conditions, it’s quite normal for them to indulge themselves to relax.

    And women are the best spice.

    Therefore, almost every soldier king is the king of the sea1Referring to the saying “plenty of fish in the sea”., a truly unruly and flirtatious bunch.

    Thus, it wouldn’t really be so surprising if Yan Guishan and Mrs. Shen were to have an affair.

    And from the background and identity of Shen Kang, it’s obvious that he was a wealthy man who deserved a good smack on the face.

    After all, Shen Kang is notoriously romantic in Qingling.

    You can often see scandals between Shen Kang and a certain model or star on the news.

    Shen Kang didn’t seem to notice this strange interaction between Yan Guishan and Mrs. Shen.

    That’s because his attention was all on Tang Bingyun’s body. He had a rather covetous look on his face.

    This lustful old man was obviously tempted to hit on Tang Bingyun.

    Setting aside Wang Haoran for a moment, a single move from Yan Guishan would render this man unable to eat or even walk.

    However, before Shen Kang could react, he suddenly received a call.

    He left for a while to answer it, only to come back after a while

    “Ms. Tang, the bill is on me. I still have some things to attend to, so I’ll just come back later.”

    Once he finished speaking to her, he coldly ordered Mrs. Shen, “Don’t follow me. The general manager of the hotel called and asked me to handle some business affairs. You can walk around the hotel by yourself.”

    “Understood.” Mrs. Shen responded obediently on the surface but sneered in her heart.

    She was quite clear on Shen Kang’s temperament.

    ‘Handling business?’

    ‘Don’t you mean to say you’re just having a private meeting with some s**t in a hotel room?’

    “Please enjoy your meal, everyone. I’ll be headed out first.” Mrs. Shen politely said to Tang Bingyun and the others, as she began to aimlessly wander the rest of the hotel.

    “I’m going to the restroom.” Yan Guishan suddenly got up, spoke his piece, and left.

    “He doesn’t believe that we’re a couple at all, so all that drama was for nothing.” Seeing that it was now just the two of them again, Tang Bingyun spoke to Wang Haoran with a sigh.

    “If plan A doesn’t work, there’s still plan B.” Wang Haoran reassured her.

    “So there are two plans. What’s plan B?” Tang Bingyun couldn’t help but ask in surprise, as she felt a bit more hopeful.

    “It’s a secret for now.” 

    Wang Haoran then got up from his seat as well and said, “I’ll go to the bathroom, see you in a bit.”

    After speaking, Wang Haoran quickly left Tang Bingyun’s field of vision.

    He didn’t really need to relieve himself. No, he left because he saw Yan Guishan chasing after Mrs. Shen through his [X-Ray Vision].

    Just now, the two had a strange interaction. They obviously have some history. And this romantic soldier called Yan Guishan is definitely not the type to reminisce.

    Using his [X-Ray Vision], Wang Haoran quickly found the two of them in the cubicle in the men’s restroom on the same floor.

    He went inside the bathroom and coincidentally arrived at the one next to Yan Guishan.

    ‘Time to get ready for a good show.’

    — — —

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    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (18 years)]
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