I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 116


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    Chapter 116: The King of Soldiers Calls for Foreign Aid

    [Evening at the Tang Family Manor.]

    In a quiet and elegant room, Tang Lao leisurely sipped tea.

    By now, he heard a sudden knock at the door, accompanied by an inquisitive voice.

    “Grandpa, are you asleep?”

    Tang Lao heard his grandfather’s voice and immediately put away the tea, laying on his bedside and pretending to be sick.

    “No, come in.”

    Hearing this, Tang Bingyun pushed open the door and entered.

    “Bing… Bingyun, I’m afraid my time is running out. Before I die, I just want to see you get married. You… can you promise grandpa?”

    Tang Lao really did look the part of someone who was about to die, as if he truly was expressing his last will.

    Tang Bingyun knew that this was all just an act. Despite how cooperative she was on the surface, deep down, she was dead calm with not a single emotion to be felt:

    “I can get married, but I also need to find a good home. I don’t want to marry myself off so casually.”

    “Yan Guishan is…he’s your best… chance.” Elder Tang eagerly suggested.

    “Really?” Tang Bingyun indifferently smiled, taking out the video given by Wang Haoran for her grandpa to watch, and continued:

    “This woman is Shen Kang’s wife. Yan Guishan is the type of man to ruin other people’s families. Does grandpa think that he can truly entrust such a disgusting person with my life?”

    In secret, Elder Tang was quite disappointed in Yan Guishan. However,  even after seeing the video, he stood his ground and said:

    “This is a mere slap of the wrist. Mrs. Shen must’ve also been willing, so the blame doesn’t rest solely on Yan Guishan.”

    “So grandpa means to tell me that Yan Guishan was forced into it?” Tang Bingyun sneered.

    “It’s normal for a man to act on the spot. Besides, he’s not married yet. When he gets married, he definitely won’t do it again.” Tang Lao excused Yan Guishan’s behavior.

    Tang Bingyun was almost at a total loss for words.

    ‘Grandpa, really? You’re still backing Yan Guishan?’

    Fortunately, Wang Haoran had already anticipated this.

    Tang Bingyun had already prepared ahead of time as well.

    “Fine, I’ll set it aside for now. But considering his unruly behavior, I want to be sure that he doesn’t have some sort of weird disease. If Yan Guishan truly wants to marry me, I’ll need a detailed physical exam.”

    “Alright, I’ll call him and tell him.”

    Immediately after they spoke, Tang Lao picked up the phone and dialed a number.

    — — —

    [In a hotel]

    “You’ve got a big body, but you’re incompetent, so why are you out to play?! Go to hell, you damned waste!”

    A well-dressed woman picked up her coat and bag, hammered a few words into Yan Guishan, and stormed away angrily.

    Yan Guishan’s face was akin to that of a mourning concubine.

    When he faced Mrs. Shen before, he thought he was tired and wasn’t in the right mood, so he obviously wouldn’t perform very well.

    After psyching himself up, he went to the bar again, trying to find a woman to try it out on.

    But the result is still the same.

    He really has a problem!

    Buzz! Buzz!

    His phone vibrated.

    Yan Guishan was currently in no mood to answer the phone. But after seeing the call from Elder Tang, he reluctantly pressed the answer button.

    [“Guishan, great news! Go to the hospital for a detailed physical examination. Once you’re done, I’ll send it to Bingyun to have a look. If there are no problems, she’ll consider the marriage contract.”] Tang Lao reported the terrific news he had.

    ‘A physical examination…’

    Yan Guishan’s face darkened.

    He was clearly having some issues, so how could he have a good medical report?

    “I’ll go to the hospital for a medical examination as soon as possible.” Yan Guishan responded, trying to reassure Mr. Tang.

    After hanging up on Tang Lao, Yan Guishan picked up his mobile phone, hesitated for a while, and made an international long-distance call.

    “Smith, there’s something wrong with my body, and I need your help. Come to Qingling City, Yan Kingdom.”

    [“Oh wow, the Wolf King himself, I’m so happy to hear your voice. I heard that you’ve retired. I thought I’d never see you again in this life, Yanguo Qingling City? I’ll take my medical team there as soon as possible.”] A foreigner on the other end of the phone replied in English.

    “Okay, call me when you get to Qingling, and I’ll pick you up.”

    After finishing the call, Yan Guishan breathed a sigh of relief.

    Smith is an internationally renowned doctor, and his medical team is also the best.

    In the past, Yan Guishan was on the verge of death several times, but Smith and his medical team came to the rescue.

    ‘With Smith’s help, I’ll be able to pull through.’

    ‘When that time comes, I’ll have that good health report ready.’

    — — —

    [9 o’clock in the evening.]

    The third year of Shui Zhe Middle School was still in the middle of their evening self-study.

    Wang Haoran was on leave and was thus absent for this class.

    Currently, he was at the Dahao Hotel, opening a room. He sent a message to Wen Jing, asking her not to go home tonight, and to meet at the old place.

    Wen Jing happily agreed.

    Then, he edited another message and sent it to Qin Yunhan, telling her that he would come to find her later.

    Time passed quietly.

    Fang Xuan and Wen Jing arrived almost at the same time.

    The two looked at each other, a little confused.

    It was a bit awkward, to say the least.

    However, Fang Xuan, from Wang Haoran’s phone call, knew what’s happening and was mentally prepared and reacted first.

    “You… hello.” Fang Xuan greeted, trying to ease the awkward atmosphere.

    “Um, hi-“ Wen Jing responded stupidly, then looked at Wang Haoran suspiciously:

    “What’s she doing here?”

    “She’s mine.”

    Wen Jing was startled, but soon understood.

    ‘It’s fine, I guess.’

    ‘After all, I am his little kitty.’

    ‘And this kitty will listen obediently to her owner and do exactly what he says.’

    — — —

    [The next day]

    Wang Haoran, the master of time management, woke up in Qin Yuhan’s bedroom.

    He slept for less than three hours after doing it so many times in a row. And yet, he was still full of energy.

    He breathed a sigh of satisfaction at the magical effects of the [Dragon and Tiger Tonic Pill]. The 5,000 Villain Points he spent were worth it, a truly excellent investment.

    By checking his attributes panel, he found that he’s acquired yet another 4300 Villain Points.

    ‘It’s increasing quite quickly.’

    ‘Not to mention that it’s far more satisfying to claim rewards from these heroines than it is to deal with those pesky protagonists.’

    ‘From cultivating martial arts to cultivating immortality, I’ll have to rely on these tools.’

    Of course, meeting the protagonist is still a bummer for him.

    “Today is the third day, that means…” The happy aftertaste on Qin Yunhan’s mouth gradually turned into a sigh.

    “The world is a large place, so maybe I’ll find a genius doctor with superb medical skills who can cure my disease.” Wang Haoran replied.

    He’d been planning for this quite a long time. He needs to prepare Qin Yunhan first. The next step is to find a suitable opportunity to say that he’d been healed by some sort of miracle doctor.

    He’ll tell her this when she calms down a bit. That way, it won’t be so abrupt.

    Hearing this, Qin Yunhan’s face showed a bit of rekindled hope.

    Wang Haoran took her reactions before and after, and couldn’t help but think.

    ‘This unruly young lady has already eaten to her heart’s content, and yet she’s still quite greedy.’


    — — —

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    [Combat value: 1099] 

    [Charm: 268] 

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    • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (18 years)]
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