I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 121


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    Chapter 121: Mrs. Shen’s Affair

    Judging by his rather brazen tone, Tang Lao didn’t seem open to discussion. Rather, it seemed as though the matter had already been decided upon..

    Naturally, Tang Bingyun was quite dissatisfied with this arrangement.

    “Grandpa, I won’t agree to this. I want to see the medical report first.”

    [“I’ve already decided upon this matter, and I’m doing it for your own good. Listen to your grandpa.”]

    “I’d rather die than have this engagement go through!” Tang Bingyun was very firm, taking on a rebellious stance.

    [“Cough cough…”]

    Rather than speak Elder Tang let out bursts of coughing from the other side.

    It was a cough among coughs!

    “Grandpa, are you alright?” Tang Bingyun was very worried.

    Deep down, Wang Haoran felt disgusted.

    ‘Yet another one of his tricks.’

    ‘But it’s not like I can deny its effectiveness.’

    It took a while for the coughing stop, before Elder Tang continued his words:

    [“Bingyun, I’m afraid I won’t live much in this world. My only wish is that… while I’m still alive, I get to hold my great-grandson. If I can do that, then I can at least die in peace.”]

    Tang Bingyun fell silent, unable to speak.

    [“Please consider this old man’s words.”] As soon as he’d finished speaking, Tang Lao hung up.

    From her eyes alone, there was a clear sign of struggle on Tang Bingyun’s beautiful face.

    She seemed to truly consider the old man’s words.

    The moment he saw this, the idea of simply killing the old man suddenly rose within Wang Haoran’s heart.

    ‘This sly old man is a b*****d through and through. He’s clearly in good health, and yet he insists on being sick to win Tang Bingyun’s sympathy, forcing her to change her mind and accept the marriage.’

    However, he soon dismissed this idea…

    Because he came up with an even better one.

    “Are you still thinking about what your grandfather just said?” Wang Haoran asked.

    “Well, grandpa is really old. And I don’t like it when he’s angry, but… I don’t want to marry Yan Guishan.” Tang Bingyun’s head ached at this situation.

    “Think about it from a different angle. From what I can tell, your grandfather just wants to hug his grandson. You can compromise.” Wang Haoran found the loophole in Elder Tang’s words and planted the idea in Tang Bingyun’s head.

    “What do you mean…” Tang Bingyun looked surprised.

    “Do you have someone you like?” Wang Haoran asked knowingly.

    Hearing this, Tang Bingyun avoided his eyes for a moment, then nodded.

    “Then there’s your solution. Be with the person you like and have a baby. Your grandfather will be satisfied, and you won’t have any problems to worry about.” Wang Haoran proposed a bold idea.

    “That’s… no. The person I like… I-I can’t have a baby with him. It won’t work.” Stunned by his words, she nearly twisted her head with the amount of shaking.

    “Did you fall in love with a married man?”


    “Then what are you afraid of? If you like someone, go and confess. It’ll be on your terms. Or are you afraid that this man wouldn’t like you?” Wang Haoran took the opportunity to coax a confession out of Tang Bingyun.

    Xu Muyan’s confession gave him plenty of rewards.

    Thus, Tang Bingyun’s confession shouldn’t be worth any less.

    “No, I can’t say it.” Tang Bingyun desperately shook her head.

    Seeing this, Wang Haoran secretly sighed.

    ‘It seems it won’t be that easy to get a confession.’

    But after thinking about it, Wang Haoran decided that a bit of jealousy might stir Tang Bingyun:

    “Alright then. If you really can’t do it, then you can simply marry Yan Guishan.”

    She slightly lowered her head, and fell silent once more, as she wondered what was going on inside that head of his.

    Wang Haoran said nothing more.

    ‘At any rate, I’ve already said everything that needs to be said. It’s up to Tang Bingyun now.’

    After parting with Tang Bingyun, Wang Haoran anonymously posted a video.

    — — —

    In a Bentley Mulsanne…

    The driver in front drove quietly.

    Shen Kang and Mrs. Shen sat in the back seat.

    Currently, Shen Kang was so angry that his head almost caught fire.

    Aside from the fact that he didn’t even get to have his way with Tang Bingyun, he suffered two slaps and gave away a 5-star hotel for practically nothing.

    And after suffering so much loss, he could do nothing but merely endure his anger.

    The Wang family’s financial resources and connections are strong, and the Zhen family was nothing to scoff at either.

    Although Shen Kang owns a chain of hotels, it’s nothing compared to what the Wang and Zheng families have.

    Knowing how angry her husband was, she was as quiet as a cicada, not daring to even say a word.

    Unfortunately for her, Shen Kang had nowhere else to vent his ire.

    “I’ve never asked you for this kind of help before. And yet the moment I do, I suffer such tremendous bad luck!”

    “Can you blame me? I didn’t interfere with your ‘good deeds’.” Mrs. Shen retorted aggrievedly.

    “How dare you talk back?!” Angry, Shen Kang decided to teach her a lesson, smacking her right in the face.

    Mrs. Shen covered her face and cried.

    “I’ve been married to you for almost eight years, and you’ve always been a womanizer. After the first two months, you ignored me. I have never once even accused you of going out and drinking, not even today. And now I’m your accomplice, and yet you continue to beat me. If you truly want to use me as a punching bag, then go ahead!”

    Shen Kang felt ashamed to hear this, unable to hit her anymore, as his hand slowly fell.

    1Samael: Holy s***, character development!?

    2Kshn: I don’t think so, I say it’s all an illusion.

    “I was angry… and I was impulsive.” Shen Kang’s tone softened a little, before suddenly asking:

    “You really didn’t go out to play behind my back?”

    “Of course not!” Mrs. Shen affirmed. But deep down, she felt a little guilty.

    In truth, she only did it once. Compared to Shen Kang’s excessiveness, she was quite a loyal wife.

    “That’s good.” Shen Kang was slightly relieved.

    As soon as he let these words go, his phone vibrated.

    The phone seemed to have a virus, because as soon as the screen came on, a video started playing.

    Shen Kang thought it was some kind of junk advertisement, but after a few glances, his eyes were glued to the screen.

    The video was captured by the camera guarding the corridor; it even had a real-time display. A man and a woman entered a room and came out the next day.

    But that wasn’t the important part, the important part is that the same woman sat beside him now. The man looked a bit familiar, but the fact remains that she saw him that day…

    Shen Kang could only feel something on his head, and it grew very heavy.

    “Is this what you mean by not playing around?!” Shen Kang put the video in front of Mrs. Shen’s eyes.

    She was shocked; her lips trembled.

    “Husband, listen to my explanation…”

    “What else do you have to explain?!” Shen Kang was furious, his arm winding back, as he let loose another strike.

    He was tired of his wife, but he himself couldn’t tolerate being a cuckold.

    — — —

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