I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 124


    Translator – Samael

    Proofreader – Kshn

    — — —

    Chapter 124: Reception

    Upon regaining his consciousness, he found himself lying on a large bed in a suite.

    He was covered with a clean white blanket, but the sheets beneath him were all gone.

    They seem to have been deliberately taken away.

    It was pitch black outside.

    [3:00 AM]

    There didn’t seem to be anyone else there with him.

    Tang Bingyun had all but disappeared as well.

    However, he soon found a system prompt… one he received while he was in a coma.

    [Congratulations to the host for being captured by Tang Bingyun, one of the heroines!

    • Double rewards triggered!
    • Receiving 2000 Villain Points!
    • Yan Guishan’s Protagonist Halo -100!
    • Tang Bingyun’s Heroine Halo -100!
    • Host’s Villain Halo +200! ]

    The reward was huge, hitting an all-time high!

    However… Wang Haoran wasn’t particularly pleased with this outcome.

    He wasn’t even slightly conscious this entire time. He just fell asleep and woke up!

    Secondly, he was quite embarrassed.

    He’s the villain, so it’s only natural that he’d be more dominant.

    ‘But this heroine is simply shameful…’

    He sighed, unable to help but discreetly voice his complaints.

    ‘Was there any need for a sleep drug?!’

    ‘We didn’t even get to properly interact throughout the whole thing. Didn’t you get tired?’

    ‘Setting that aside, you didn’t even say bye before leaving.’

    ‘What do you take me for?’

    1Samael: No offence, but you do treat the girls like tools-


    — — —

    In the quiet afternoon, a peaceful silence descended on the flowerbeds, with none daring to break it.

    Qin Yunhan had been thinking about Wang Haoran, taking advantage of this opportunity to call him out to the garden.

    “What’s wrong? I didn’t do something wrong, did I?” Qin Yunhan nervously asked upon seeing Wang Haoran’s expressionless face.

    “Oh, I was just thinking about my studies, so I was a bit distracted. I’m fine.” Wang Haoran still couldn’t shake what happened with Tang Bingyun, so he just made up an excuse.

    “What college are you going to go to?” Qin Yunhan couldn’t help but ask.

    “Qingling University.” Wang Haoran immediately responded.

    Qingling University isn’t within China’s top 10, but it wasn’t that far behind.

    With his grades, he can easily go to to those schools.

    However, he didn’t want to be too far from Qingling.

    The Wang Family’s power resides mainly in Qingling. If he wants to deal with these protagonists, he’ll need to borrow that power.

    Once he arrives in a different city, he’ll have no connections other than money, which comes with all sorts of inconveniences.

    “Are you really going to choose Qingling University?” Qin Yunhan asked happily.

    “Yes.” Wang Haoran nodded.

    Qin Yunhan looked longingly at Wang Haoran, her nose feeling a bit runny, as she slightly tilted her head and leaned on his shoulder.

    [Ding! The Host deeply touched the heart of the heroine, Qin Yunhan!

    • Receiving 300 Villain Points! 】

    Wang Haoran was stunned.

    “I don’t usually study very seriously, and my grades aren’t particularly good. I have no hope of getting into those top universities. But if it’s Qingling University, I’ll be admitted for sure.”

    As she spoke, she suddenly raised her moist eyes, staring at Wang Haoran once more:

    “Are you really willing to give up going to the best universities for me and choose Qingling University? Won’t you regret it in the future?”

    Wang Haoran was even more astonished now.

    He didn’t choose Qingling University for Qin Yunhan.

    But it seemed she’s already made up her mind.

    “I won’t. I chose it because I don’t want to be separated from you.” Wang Haoran affectionately stated, taking full advantage of this situation.

    [Ding! The heroine, Qin Yunhan, has experienced an increase in her favorability toward the Host by 5.

    • The current total favorability rating is 95 (‘Til Death Do Us Part).]

    [Ding! The Host affects the plot direction.

    • Receiving 200 Villain Points!]

    “Haoran…” Qin Yunhan was so moved that she didn’t even know what to say. Instead, she closed her eyes a little and slightly raised her beautiful face.

    This charming and delicate appearance was sure to move all who beheld it.

    Wang Haoran then lowered his head, moving his face forward to satisfy Qin Yunhan’s little wish.

    Unfortunately, his ringtone altered his fate.

    2*TL throws his laptop out the window as the Yoasobi ringtone plays*

    [“I’m at the school gate. Come out, I’ll take you somewhere.”]

    “Oh, I’ll be there in a bit.”

    Wang Haoran hung up.

    “Who is it?” Qin Yunhan couldn’t help but ask upon overhearing their exchange.

    “A rich woman, I have to go.” Wang Haoran replied.

    [Ding! The Host makes the heroine, Qin Yunhan, feel jealous!

    • Receiving 100 Villain Points! 】

    She frowned a bit; it looked like she wanted to go too.

    “The rich woman’s name is Zhen Li, are you sure you want to come with me?” Wang Haoran joked.

    “Zhen Li, that’s your mother, right-“ Qin Yunhan turned from worry to joy, before hastily waving her hand.

    “Just go already! I’ll be fine~”

    She was quite the terrible daughter-in-law to not even have the guts to go with Wang Haoran.

    At the school gate, the graceful Zhen Li leaned on a Ferrari. The moment she saw him, she immediately smiled and praised her baby boy:

    “My precious son is so handsome.”

    “Where are we headed?” Wang Haoran asked, wanting to wait for news from Zuoqiu Chenyu.

    If he went too far out with Zhen Li, he might not be able to bear witness to the great Shen Kang vs. Yan Guishan showdown.

    “It’s a high-end reception, meaning that there’ll be plenty of business people. I’ll show you around and introduce you, lest you meet them in the future and they treat you poorly.” Zhen Li put it as bluntly and crudely as she could.

    “I still have classes in the afternoon.” Wang Haoran wasn’t happy with that.

    Going out as the son of a wealthy family felt good, but he didn’t feel that it was worth anything.

    “It won’t take too long; I’ll take you back to class soon.” Zhen Li practically dragged Wang Haoran into the car.

    Not long after, they arrived outside a large private luxury villa.

    Considering the number of luxury vehicles parked outside, there seemed to be quite a few people attending.

    Zhen Li parked the car and walked towards the villa with Wang Haoran.

    3Kshn: Am I the only one thinking why she’s the one driving? Isn’t she some bigshot?

    Some passersby knew Zhen Li, either nodding or bowing to say hello.

    Zhen Li took the opportunity to introduce her son.

    As soon as the introductions finished, they immediately showered him with praise: calling him a rare talent, that he was a tall and handsome young man…

    Wang Xiang and Zhen Li are rather prominent figures in the Qingling business circle. Wang Xiang’s worth alone ranked within the top 5. Meanwhile, Zhen Li had her Guose Tianxiang, which placed her as one of the wealthiest women in Qingling City – easily one of the top 3.

    Additionally, Zhen Li herself had a strong background.

    Other than two or three of the top business leaders, everyone else had to be polite to her the moment they saw her.

    “Son, you’ll be leaving your school soon. And if you ever get into a fight with anyone, don’t hold your breath. Just let go of your hand and teach the other person a lesson. When something happens, your mother will help you.” Zhen Li heartily stated.

    As he listened, he was left a bit speechless.

    ‘Fortunately, I’m not stupid. If I were, I’d probably go out and start criticizing people as soon as I heard those words.’

    ‘I then accidentally provoke a powerful protagonist, toy with him, and screw myself over.’

    As he thought of this, Wang Haoran suddenly came up with an idea.

    ‘With so many bigwigs in this banquet… will there be a protagonist here?’

    — — —

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  • [Host: Wang Haoran] 

    [Combat value: 1099] 

    [Charm: 268] 

    [Villain Halo: 1506] 

    [Villain Point: 26100] 


    • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (18 years)]
    • Will be added when they are introduced.

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