I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 125


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    Chapter 125: Already Married

    A BMW X1 stopped outside the big villa, standing out like a sore thumb among the dozens of luxury cars.

    A middle-aged couple, as well as a young and beautiful woman walked out of the car.

    “I don’t know what I’ve done in my past life to deserve such a trashy son-in-law. I asked him to get me a good car, and all he got was a broken-down BMW X1, how useless!” The middle-aged woman had an ugly face as she spat out curses.

    “But we only gave him a couple hundred yuan. Being able to rent this car at such a price is already good enough.”

    “Don’t talk. I get angry just by thinking about it. The sons-in-law of other people’s families earn tens of millions of dollars a year. They have villas and luxury cars. What about ours? He doesn’t even have a job, and he expects us to pay.”

    “He does housework and cooks at home every day, so he doesn’t have much time to work.”

    “And you! You’re trash too! You’ve done so badly in business that you had to sell your villa and Porsche. I may be old now, but I was a beautiful woman back then. Men lined the streets just to chase me, so why did I pick you?!”

    As for the husband, he was simply speechless.

    “Mom, please restrain yourself. We’re outside, can you please tone it down?” The young woman couldn’t help but interject.


    2Kshn: I’m afraid not. *receives a flying shoe for thinking badly about parents.

    “And you’re useless too! It was I, your mother, who gave birth to you – a beautiful woman.. I was counting on you to find me a good son-in-law, but you’re no good either. It’s not my fault your husband is useless.”

    “Mom, can you really blame me for that? Was I the one who wanted this marriage?” At this point, the young woman was on the verge of tears.

    Although the middle-aged woman had a bad temper, she naturally couldn’t bear to continue after seeing her daughter like this. Thus, she immediately shut her mouth.

    “It’s my fault, all of it!” The middle-aged man’s face was full of pain, as he hammered his chest with his hands.

    A year ago, his business fell into debt due to a series of continued losses. After speaking with his wife, he decided to have a fortune-teller take a look, desperate to change his fortune.

    However, the fortune-teller only affirmed his fears: his business was doomed. The losses had only just begun, and it’ll become even worse in the future.

    Frightened, the two quickly asked for advice on how to resolve their troubles.

    The fortune-teller then told them that their daughter’s fate was in conflict with theirs.

    To resolve this, it was necessary to find a son-in-law, someone who would marry their daughter.

    Following through with the fortune-teller’s advice, they came upon a homeless man.

    The two were then wed, against their daughter’s wishes.

    Soon after, the troubles did indeed lessen. And although they didn’t make money, their lives were stable.

    However, the middle-aged woman gradually grew dissatisfied with her son-in-law.

    He was useless, someone who had no value aside from his ability to cook and do housework.

    To have a beautiful daughter marry such a worthless man is like putting a flower on cow dung.

    “Dad, no!” Upon seeing her father’s actions, she quickly grabbed hold of him.

    “Stop fooling around. It’s thanks to me that we received an invite to participate in this high-end reception, and you should take advantage of it. If you can get on good terms with one of the VIPs, our family may be able to turn over a new leaf.” The middle-aged woman sternly stated.

    Currently, her husband works as a contractor. Despite having connections with a significant number of individuals, he has yet to receive any “real work”.

    If they are fortunate enough to meet people in the same industry at the banquet, they might be able to seize a contract and turn things around.

    The three soon came to the hall of the villa.

    It was huge, almost on par with a high-end hotel’s auditorium.

    “Look at that woman’s dress, the diamonds are so dazzling that she must be rich! I’ll go over and introduce myself.”

    The mother caught a glimpse of a wealthy woman, who held a wine glass in front of her. As soon as he did, she immediately informed her husband and daughter of her plan.

    “Hello, I saw you from a distance and just thought I should say that your dress is perfect for someone as beautiful as you.” As she walked, she showered her with praise in an attempt to get closer to her.

    Unfortunately for her, Zhen Li was a very shrewd businesswoman. As soon as she got a whiff of the woman’s perfume, she could tell that she was a nobody.

    It was cheap, probably only worth a few hundred yuan at most.

    People who use low-quality perfume are often very poor.

    In other words, she was beneath her.

    3Samael: I’d almost forgotten how snobbish people were in these novels.

    “Leave, I don’t enjoy the smell of your perfume.” Zhen Li waved her hand impatiently in a ‘shoo’ing manner.

    The middle-aged woman’s face froze, feeling quite embarrassed.

    “What’s up with that tone? Did you have to do that?” A beautiful young woman spoke with much displeasure to Zhen Li after noticing how she’d practically humiliated her mother.

    “And who are you to talk to me about my tone? What’s your name?” Zhen Li coldly replied.

    By now, the middle-aged man had made his way over as well. Without even waiting for his daughter’s reply, he took over the conversation and summarily apologized:

    “My deepest apologies, madam. My name is Yang Tai, this is my daughter Yang Jingwan, and this is my wife Li Manli. Please forgive our rudeness, we’ll be leaving now.”

    After saying this, Yang Tai immediately took his wife and daughter to leave.

    It was at this moment when Wang Haoran returned from the bathroom.

    “Mom, these are…” Wang Haoran inquisitively gazed at Zhen Li.

    “A few minor characters, ignore them,” Zhen Li said.

    Without answering, Wang Haoran subconsciously began to look at Yang Jingwan.

    If nothing else, she was pretty.

    Out of 100, her temperament looked to be about 95, her appearance at about 96, and her figure at 97.

    4Samael: Phew, and here I was wondering where my daily dose of misogyny was.

    Overall, she was an astonishing beauty who scored an average of 96 points.

    Zhen Li saw her son looking at her, so she stopped them from leaving:

    “Wait a minute.”

    “Is there something we can help you with, madam?” Yang Tai turned around and asked in confusion.

    “Come here, my son wants to get to know you.” Ignoring him, Zhen Li pointed at his daughter, Yang Jingwan.

    By now, Wang Haoran had looked away from Yang Jingwan, speechlessly looking at Zhen Li.

    She winked at him, as if to say: ‘No need to thank mom!’

    She then turned to look at the girl again. Seeing that the latter merely stood still, Zhen Li immediately urged:

    “I asked you to come here, can’t you hear me?”

    Likewise, Yang Jingwan couldn’t help but look at Wang Haoran. His handsome face gave her a good impression of him, but she was a faithful woman, so she merely stated:

    “I’m already married.”

    ‘Such a young and beautiful woman is actually someone else’s wife, what a shame.’

    Wang Haoran sighed in secret, a burst of habitual regret like any normal man.

    His interest in her had since significantly diminished.

    It’s thanks to her beauty that she is considered to be the heroine, but…

    ‘Could a married woman really be the heroine?’

    ‘She’s certainly not the iceberg CEO heroine…’

    ‘Hmmm, I don’t think there’s-’

    ‘Wait… there is one!’

    — — —

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