I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 128


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    — — —

    Chapter 128: The King of Soldiers is Arrested

    Wang Haoran took Yang Jingwan’s mobile phone and dialed a number.

    The sound of a vibrating phone soon came from Wang Haoran’s body.

    Yang Jingwan was startled.

    She thought that Wang Haoran borrowed her phone to make a call since his own was out of power.

    However, as it turns out, he just wanted to get her number.

    “I’m sorry, I’m already married.”

    She thought he didn’t hear her earlier, so she kindly repeated it once more.

    “Relax, I just want to be friends, nothing else.” Wang Haoran said.

    1Samael: That’s like the dumbest and creepiest excuse there is-

    “Really?” Yang Jingwan was suspicious.

    “Jingwan, what are you doing? It’s an honor that this young man wishes to be your friend!” 

    Li Manli reprimanded her daughter and enthusiastically asked, “Young master, may I ask your name?”

    “Wang Haoran.”

    “Wang? Young master, would you happen to know the boss of the famous Wang Group?” Li Manli couldn’t help asking.

    “That’s my father.”

    Li Manli was so shocked that her eyes almost fell.

    The young man in front of him was the prince of the Wang Group himself!

    If they can get in cahoots with him, wouldn’t their family soar to the sky?

    However, Li Manli felt a bit sullen after putting a bit more thought to it.

    ‘My daughter’s married, if she wasn’t…’

    While she was busy gathering her thoughts, Wang Haoran continued to use Yang Jingwan’s phone, planting the monitoring virus into it.

    “Here’s your phone, thank you.”

    “You’re welcome.” Yang Jingwan politely responded.

    “Since we’re friends now, come to me if you need any help.” Wang Haoran’s peach-blossom eyes seemed to bore a hole into Yang Jingwan, enticing her to take a bite of this forbidden fruit.

    2Samael: Cringe.

    3Kshn: +1

    Yang Jingwan didn’t dare to meet his gaze, as she quickly turned to look away.

    Wang Haoran smiled and returned to Zhen Li’s side.

    “Mom, I should head back, let’s go.”

    “My dear son, that woman named Yang Jingwan is married. Are you still interested?” Zhen Li asked with narrowed eyes.

    “Nothing of the sort, I just borrowed her phone.” Wang Haoran said sternly.

    “So you used your phone as an excuse to flirt.” Zhen Li was a shrewd woman.

    Wang Haoran didn’t know what to say.

    “My darling son, your mom doesn’t blame you. It’s just like the saying that, although young girls are good, a married woman is even better. My son, your perception is superb!” Zhen Li whispered secretly.

    Wang Haoran nearly fell over after hearing her words.

    ‘I really am fortunate to have such a supportive mother…’

    In truth, he didn’t really care that much. He just needed to get closer to Yang Jingwan so that he can plant the monitoring virus on her phone and deal with Su Lang.

    He didn’t expect Zhen Li to put so much thought into it.

    That aside, even though Yang Jingwan is married, she wasn’t necessarily loose.

    In most novels, heroines start off as being so innocent that they barely even hold hands with the protagonist.

    Generally, their relationship with the protagonist only develops in the middle or even the later stages of the plot, only then do they fall in love with the protagonist.

    Judging by her attitude to Su Lang, the plot has obviously just begun.

    In other words, despite being married, there was a high likelihood that she was still pure.

    — — —

    “Jingwan, it seems that Young Master Wang has a bit of a crush on you. You will surely be blessed!” Li Manli excitedly spoke to her daughter as soon as Wang Haoran left.

    On the other hand, Yang Jingwan wasn’t happy at all. This whole situation was a bit weird, uncomfortable even.

    She took out her phone and looked for the number Wang Haoran had just dialed, her finger hovering over the delete button.

    “You crazy– stop!”

    “No, mom, you’re crazy! I’m not single. Do you really think it’s appropriate for me to keep his phone number?” Yang Jingwan said.

    “And so what if you’re not? Su Lang is a complete waste. Do you want to be stuck with him forever? You should find a chance to leave him and take it as soon as you’re able.” The moment that Su Lang was even mentioned, Li Manli grew even angrier.

    “I’ve also been thinking about this as well. Jingwan, you are young and beautiful. It’s not right for you to stay with Su Lang for the rest of your life.” Yang Tai couldn’t help but voice his own opinion on the matter.

    “Oh? And what about your precious fortune?” Yang Jingwan sarcastically asked.

    Back then, both Yang Tai and Li Manli brought a homeless man to her, forcing her to marry him regardless of her own wishes.

    To this day, Yang Jingwan carried this bitter thorn in her heart.

    Li Manli was forced to shut up about the divorce.

    What if Yang Tai’s business resumes its decline the moment he leaves?

    But can they really go on like this?

    Su Lang was useless through and through, unable to support even a single wall of their home.

    “Alright, we won’t talk about the divorce for now. However, you still need to get in touch with Young Master Wang. This is a great opportunity, and you must not miss it.” Li Manli thought of a compromise.

    “Mom, just what do you think of me?” Yang Jingwan was stunned by her train of thought.

    Although she kept a distance from Su Lang, she was still legally married.

    For her to touch another man… the thought alone made her feel an inexplicable sense of guilt.

    She wasn’t that kind of woman.

    Unwilling to continue this “discussion” any further, Yang Jingwan quickly left as the other two tried to catch up to her.


    [“Yan Guishan was caught by Crow’s men.”]

    Just as Wang Haoran was about to enter the school, he suddenly received a call from Zuoqiu Chenyu.

    ‘Drugs? A sneak attack? There’s no way the King of Soldiers would be captured…’

    ‘Or is he just pretending to be captured?’

    ‘Well, either way, it should make for a fun show.’

    “Where?” Wang Haoran asked immediately.

    [“One of his minions put him in a car. I don’t know their destination, but my people are following him.”]

    “Tell your contact to send me the location.”

    [“Are you going in person? It’d be better if you don’t. Crow has a lot of men stationed there, if they find you, it’ll be trouble.”]

    “Awhhhh, are you worried?”

    [“My life is in your hands. If you die, wouldn’t I go with you?”]

    “Then you should go and burn some incense, pray everything goes well for me. Otherwise, our next meeting may be at Naihe Bridge.” Wang Haoran teased.

    [“You… are you really not afraid of death?”] Zuoqiu Chenyu’s voice carried a hint of impatience.

    “It’s worth fighting for the beauty and kiss.” Wang Haoran smiled.

    [“I’ll send some men to help you.” Zuoqiu Chenyu bluntly stated.

    “I’ll go alone.” Wang Haoran didn’t wanna miss out on the show, so he immediately brought the conversation to a close and urged:

    “I want the map coordinates in one minute.”


    A loud noise came from the other end, Zuoqio Chenyu was so pissed she started throwing things around.

    Despite her anger, she did as she was told and instructed one of her men to send the location to Wang Haoran.

    Having obtained it, Wang Haoran immediately called a car and went on a chase.

    He soon came to a hidden factory in the suburbs.

    There were guards and surveillance outside the factory, but it was useless against Wang Haoran.

    Using his [X-Ray Vision], he immediately saw all of their personnel and monitoring equipment, quickly locating the best infiltration point…

    — — —

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  • [Host: Wang Haoran] 

    [Combat value: 1099] 

    [Charm: 268] 

    [Villain Halo: 1521] 

    [Villain Point: 26200] 


    • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (18 years)]
    • Will be added when they are introduced.

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