I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 131


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    — — —

    Chapter 131: Half Happy, Half Sad.

    [Evening, Tang Family Manor.]

    Tang Bingyun just got home after getting off work.

    Her brows furrowed, as her face showed a sad, yet preoccupied expression.

    It was all because of what happened last night.

    She had made up an excuse to invite Wang Haoran to the hotel for dinner.

    She’d also been closely monitoring her period beforehand. As soon as she knocked Wang Haoran unconscious with the drug, she immediately got to work, hoping for the grand prize.

    In this way, grandpa’s wish could be satisfied, and he could hold his grandson.

    But when she woke up the next morning, she found that this month’s large flood had unexpectedly come.

    In other words, the chance of winning the jackpot is gone.

    She was shameless enough to become a bad woman once, yet in the end, it was just a big waste of time.

    Grandpa kept urging the marriage to Yan Guishan to be held sooner too.

    And though Tang Bingyun was definitely unwilling to agree to this…

    Grandpa was indeed very old now. Because of the marriage, she had been arguing with him a lot recently as well, so Tang Bingyun was really afraid that Grandpa might get seriously ill one of these days.

    It’s just that…

    It was impossible for her to marry Yan Guishan.

    But at present, Wang Haoran was not suitable to replace him either.

    Tang Bingyun felt worried.

    Exactly at this time.

    Tang Lao suddenly came back from the outside in a hurry.

    “Grandpa, why aren’t you lying in bed when you’re sick, unable to move? Why are you walking so fast now?” Tang Bingyun asked semi-playfully.

    “Something happened to Guishan. I just came back from the hospital.”

    Elder Tang spoke with a solemn expression, unable to pretend to be sick.

    “Yan Guishan has entered the hospital? What’s going on?” Tang Bingyun looked a little surprised.

    “Didn’t you show me a video before? That woman’s husband, Shen Kang, knew that his wife was cheating on him. In a fit of rage, he found a bunch of gangsters from the underground forces to kidnap Yan Guishan and take Yan Guishan away. They brought him to a factory building,” Tang Lao sighed and said,

    “But Guishan was also quite brave. One person knocked over a hundred people. Alas, he was also injured.”

    “Is he seriously injured?” Tang Bingyun asked.

    “It’s not life-threatening, but…” Tang Lao mumbled hesitantly

    “But what?” Tang Bingyun asked.

    “However, some vulnerable places suffered serious knife wounds.” Tang Lao looked strange.

    “Where?” Tang Bingyun didn’t understand.

    “That’s…that place.” Elder Tang couldn’t speak too straightforwardly in front of his granddaughter, so he tried to tell her with vague words.

    Thankfully, Tang Bingyun was no longer a little girl, so she could easily pinpoint what those words actually meant.

    She was startled at first, then suddenly delighted.

    “Grandpa, what about the engagement?”

    “Let’s just forget about the marriage.” Tang Lao shook his head and sighed.

    He wanted to find a good support for his granddaughter, but he also wanted to hold his grandson.

    Now Yan Guishan doesn’t even have that ability.

    Let his granddaughter marry him and be childless for the rest of her life?

    No matter how old and confused he was, he would never push Tang Bingyun into the fire pit like this.

    Moreover, this is also what Yan Guishan deserves.

    Who let him touch someone else’s wife?

    Being lonely for the rest of his life seems like a good punishment.

    — — —

    [In a Conference Room, Bureau.]

    The leader sitting at the top of the conference table praised Ling Duanya:

    “Xiao Ling, you have done this matter so beautifully! Crow and his gang of lawbreakers were the cancer of Qingling. The evidence this time is good, more than enough. We will take them all down at once! Qinling will be peaceful again, and in this case, you are the most important member!

    “Thank you for the praise, this is my duty!” Ling Duanya was full of enthusiasm.

    She has been in office for several years, and this is the first time she has been praised so much.

    “Speaking of this, it’s mainly because of the report I received. Otherwise, the clean up wouldn’t be so smooth.” Ling Duanya was happy and brought up another matter.

    As she spoke, the face of a handsome boy appeared in her mind.

    — — —

    [Ding! The heroine, Ling Duanya, has experienced an increase in her favourability toward the Host by 10.

    • The current total favourability is 35 (Very Friendly).]

    [Ding! The Host affects the plot direction.

    • Receiving 200 Villain Points!]

    Wang Haoran just finished taking a shower when he suddenly received a prompt from the system, and was slightly stunned.

    — — —

    “In accordance with the rules and procedures, a certain bonus will be issued to the good samaritans who report such matters. In addition, Xiao Ling, you can go and communicate with him. If the other party is willing, we can also make a report with the TV station.” The leader said.

    “Okay, I’ll go to him tomorrow with the bonus to ask him about this matter.” Ling Duanya nodded.

    — — —

    In an ordinary apartment with 2 bedrooms and 1 living room.

    Yang Jingwan’s family of three sat on the sofa watching TV.

    “Jingwan, why don’t you listen to your mother? Just a few words. Go talk to that Young Master Wang, so that your dad’s project will come to fruition?” Li Manli persuaded her daughter earnestly.

    “Jingwan, please help Dad. Those people under Dad’s hands are waiting to start work. If they don’t start work, everyone will have nothing to eat. As long as you talk to that Young Master Wang, you can get a project for us. So why won’t you do it? That Young Master Wang already said that if there is anything you can go to him for help, don’t waste such a good opportunity.”

    Yang Tai also persuaded him.

    The family’s current economic conditions are very bad. As the head of the family, Yang Tai naturally wants to change the family’s urgent economic situation.

    Now there are many construction teams outside, and the competition is fierce. If there are no personal connections…

    Don’t even think about getting a project.

    Now there is a good opportunity in front of them, wouldn’t they naturally want to fight for all the benefits?

    “Dad, Mom, do you really think there is a free lunch in the world? I just met him, why would someone help me for no reason?” Yang Jingwan was reluctant and analyzed the situation.

    “If I find him for help, I will obviously have to give something back accordingly. Besides being beautiful, I have nothing else worthy of his attention, don’t you understand?”

    “You can just give some sweetness appropriately, no need to be so dramatic. So what if you really do pay? That Young Master Wang is so handsome, even if he took some advantage of you, you won’t suffer too much. If there really is something off, can’t you just refuse again at that time?” Li Manli stubbornly pushed.

    “I really doubt whether I am truly your daughter or not. How could you let your daughter do such a thing as a mother?” Yang Jingwan huffed, slightly angry.

    “Mom is doing this for your own good. You can’t let Su Lang ruin your life. Right now, while that Young Master Wang has a crush on you, you can sacrifice your looks to get some benefits. This will also benefit you in the future.” Li Manli urged.

    “But I’m married after all.” Yang Jingwan sighed.

    “What nonsense are you talking about? Your marriage is the same as not being married. Don’t think I don’t know. Even though you’ve been married for almost a year, you’ve always slept separately from that trash.” Li Manli urged.

    “If you don’t treat him as a husband, why pay so much attention to him?”

    “But. . . I’m still married in name.”

    Yang Jingwan’s character was still conservative. She couldn’t pass the test in her heart, treating herself like a single woman without any scruples, and capable of having unusual encounters with other men.

    It was simply too embarrassing.

    “Aigoo, how did I give birth to such a silly daughter as you?” Li Manli patted her thigh in anger. 

    — — —

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    • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
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    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (18 years)]
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