I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 133


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    Chapter 133: Casting A Long Line; Bigger Fish To Fry.

    [In the afternoon]

    The sun had risen overhead, a beaming bright ball in the sky.

    Much like Tang Bingyun’s mood at this moment.

    The Lady Boss was driving her car outside in her spare time, when she inadvertently arrived near the entrance of Shui Zhe Middle School.


    That sunny demeanour immediately faded as Tang Bingyun’s brows scrunched up into a mess.

    She felt a heavy sense of entanglement and discomfort.

    Since she had come here anyways…

    Should she find ‘him’ and have a chat?

    But what would she even talk about with him?

    She also didn’t know whether he had already found out regarding the situation that night.

    If he discovered it, how should she face him?

    ‘Forget it. Let’s find a suitable opportunity before telling him such matters.’

    Tang Bingyun put away those disturbing thoughts in her mind, and prepared to drive away.

    However, at this moment, she suddenly saw Wang Haoran coming through the school gate.

    He seemed to be waiting for someone.


    Hence, Tang Bingyun drove her car towards a nearby parking space that was not too far and not too close, before observing Wang Haoran’s actions from a distance.

    After about a minute, she watched as a green taxi stopped by the school gate.


    The cab door opened, and a good-looking beauty with long hair stepped out.

    And this stunning beauty was naturally Yang Jingwan.

    “Hello, Young Master Wang.”

    Yang Jingwan squeezed out a smile and greeted the waiting Wang Haoran.

    However, the leisurely Young Master did not immediately reply to her, and instead took some time to scrutinize her new outfit.

    Fluttering black hair paired with a long, sashaying purple dress and quality high heels.

    There was also detailed yet subtle makeup on her nervous features.

    All in all, she exuded an unmistakable charm that caught the attention of many passers-by

    It was clear that someone had taken the time to dress her properly beforehand.

    Yang Jingwan tried to dodge his line of sight, not daring to look Wang Haoran in the eye.

    She had wanted to come over in a simple getup, but was caught by Li Manli before she managed to get out the door, who then grabbed her into a dressing room and forced her to makeup, proceeding to help match her clothes afterwards as well.

    The young lady looked even more eye-catching now than that day at the party.

    “There is a milk tea shop over there, let’s go and sit down first.” Keeping his assessing gaze, Wang Haoran pointed towards the signboard of a bubble teashop in the distance.


    Yang Jingwan nodded shyly in response.

    Ring! Ring! Ring!

    The two soon opened the door to the shop, rattling the bell stickied to its front.

    According to his usual habit, Wang Haoran proceeded to order a Yuenyeung tea drink, before then looking at Yang Jingwan with a questioning glance.

    “What will you drink?”

    “I’m fine with anything”

    “Two cups of Yuenyeung tea.” Wang Haoran replied casually to the waiter.

    Yang Jingwan felt that the drink did not really matter, so she naturally didn’t object.

    The two quickly found an open seat and sat down.

    Yang Jingwan watched the flocking pairs of boys and girls around her, chatting it up and staring at their phones, painting a fresh and carefree picture.

    They were all obviously students.

    The young lady started feeling self-conscious. She was the only one who looked out of place.

    The many strange gazes directed towards her accentuated this.

    Yang Jingwan shrank a bit in her seat.

    While waiting for her milk tea, she kept silent, not wanting to stand out even more.

    Wang Haoran naturally didn’t speak either.

    Because Yang Jingwan was the one who had come to him for help.

    Having him be the one asking first would make no sense. If she didn’t say anything, then so be it.

    Wang Haoran wanted to see how long this Yang Jingwan could tolerate this silence.

    “Table No. 3! Your order is ready.”

    Soon, the milk tea was served.

    Right as Wang Haoran finished half of his milk tea; Yang Jingwan couldn’t help but speak up:

    “Y-young Master, the matter about the project, can you help?”

    “Hm. Take this.”

    Wang Haoran promptly handed out the business card he’d prepared long ago.

    “This is…?” Yang Jingwan asked in surprise.

    “The business card of a real estate developer. Give this to your father, and the person-in-charge will arrange a project for him in due time.”

    Qin Kai was the largest real estate developer in Qingling. Thus, he possessed many lands in his sector that could be prepared for the development of buildings and facilities.

    Upon hearing about Yang Jingwan’s request, Wang Haoran had went to Qin Kai for help.

    Since Qin Yunhan was Qin Kai’s only daughter, the Qin Corp’s abundance of wealth would inevitably end up in her hands in the future, though that wasn’t even mentioning how he usually spoiled her.

    And Qin Yunhan… now held a near unshakable love for Wang Haoran.

    What is hers would also naturally be his.

    So obviously, Wang Haoran would not be polite in requesting help from Qin Kai.

    Of course, having said that, Qin Kai was only vaguely aware of the relationship between his daughter and Wang Haoran, knowing that they were quite close, but not realizing exactly what point they had already developed to.

    Otherwise, Wang Haoran was doubtful Qin Kai that would still be acting nicely towards him.

    Perhaps he might even need to fear a hitman sneaking up on him at night.

    Seeing Wang Haoran’s carefree, straight-to-the-point attitude, Yang Jingwan felt very surprised, but at the same time, she also felt a little nervous.

    “Thank you Young Master Wang, thank you…”

    “Mm. If you are not at ease here, you can leave now.” Wang Haoran waved dismissively at her.

    “Just like that?” Yang Jingwan seemed think that something was amiss.

    “What, are you thinking that I’ll do something to you?” Wang Haoran stared at Yang Jingwan.

    The light in his eyes twinkled mischievously, though he looked indifferent on the surface.

    If this project was not solved soon, that Su Lang would definitely find someone to help him, which would give him a chance to be pretentious in front of Yang Jingwan and her family.

    And Wang Haoran couldn’t allow him this chance.

    As for capturing Yang Jingwan right here and now…

    Wang Haoran had indeed thought about it.

    However, he was afraid Yang Jingwan might react excessive towards it and leave in anger, allowing Su Lang to simply jump in the middle and take advantage of the situation.

    In this case, it was better to help Yang Jingwan and brush up intimacy points.

    “Thank you, I will remember this debt.” Yang Jingwan bowed sincerely.

    [Ding! The heroine, Yang Jingwan, has experienced an increase in her favourability toward the Host by 10.

    • Current Favourability: 20 (Very Friendly)]

    [Ding! The host has influenced the direction of the plot!

    • Obtained 200 Villain Points]

    [Ding! The host has intercepted the protagonist Su Lang’s chance to help the heroine Yang Jingwan and her father to solve their economic crisis!

    • Obtained 200 Villain Points
    • Su Lang Protagonist Halo -10
    • Host’s Villain Halo +10]

    After receiving the system prompt, Wang Haoran’s spirits finally lifted.

    Sure enough, heroines were generally going to be more kind. This type of help that asked nothing in return would undoubtable end up making them feel a bit guilty. 

    A single project managed to raise Yang Jingwan’s favourability by 10, while also obtaining points.

    What a cost-effective business.

    And most importantly, such a good start and impression on Yang Jing meant that her alertness to his future advances would drop by a good chunk, making it much easier to contact her next time.

    This was the so-called ‘casting long lines for big fish’.

    “If you want my help, then as long as I can do it, I will definitely help you.” Yang Jingwan felt rather embarrassed to accept Wang Haoran’s kind grace without giving anything in return.

    Wang Haoran paused for a bit… 

    “What do you work as?” He asked after a brief moment.

    “I work in Qin’s Real Estate as an ordinary saleswoman who sells houses.” Yang Jingwan, who felt a little inferior, whispered softly back.

    Saleswoman? Selling houses?

    This type of position was usually vulnerable and easily bullied.

    According to the law of Heroines  attracting trouble, Yang Jingwan’s position was sure to trigger a sleuth of plots and scenarios to benefit the Protagonist.

    It seemed he needed to do something about that.

    A few thoughts and ideas flashed through Wang Haoran’s mind, before he then responded to Yang Jingwan’s muttered words:

    “If I want to buy a house someday, introduce to me a good, high-quality house.”

    “That much repayment is enough.”

    Yang Jingwan was stunned.

    Introduce him to buy a house? This didn’t even feel like repayment at all.

    On the contrary, it felt like her debt would be piling up further?

    Yang Jingwan would get a lot in sales commissions if he brought any high-end building.

    “Um… I asked for leave today, but I still need to work at the company in the afternoon.” After her wits had returned from God, Yang Jingwan pursed her lips, and blurted out a few words.

    “Then go.” Wang Haoran decided not to keep her for long either.


    Yang Jingwan bowed again at Wang Haoran, before picking up her untouched Yuenyeung milk tea, and then stopping a taxi at the door of the milk tea shop.

    Still holding the warm milk tea, she soon found herself back on the leathers seats of a cab.

    She felt both excited and grateful at the same time.

    Yang Jingwan never expected her encounter with Wang Haoran to go so smoothly.

    And so, with a massive grin on her cheerful face, she quickly took out her mobile phone from within her purse, unable to wait a moment longer to share this good news with her parents.

    — — —

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  • [Host: Wang Haoran] 

    [Combat value: 1099] 

    [Charm: 268] 

    [Villain Halo: 1556] 

    [Villain Point: 27700] 


    • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (18 years)]
    • Will be added when they are introduced.

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