I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 135


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    — — —

    Chapter 135: Yang Jingwan’s troubles.

    “I didn’t mean it that way.” Su Lang shook his head.

    “If you didn’t mean it, then just shut up and cook. We’re all hungry.” Yang Tai urged in displeasure.

    “Still standing there?!” Li Manli threw a mean look.

    “Just go, we really haven’t eaten yet, and are all hungry.” Even Yang Jingwan followed up.

    Su Lang’s eye imperceptibly twitched.

    The reason he had told Ma Hongsheng to hold a reception was partly due to his increasing inability to withstand the ridicule this witch, Li Manli, threw upon him on a daily basis without snapping.

    Its purpose was to reveal just the tip of the iceberg regarding his identity, so that Li Manli would be more polite to him in the future.

    However, because of Ma Hongsheng’s sudden medical condition, this plan had been utterly ruined.

    And now? Somehow, in some way, his incompetent father-in-law, Yang Tai, had managed to find himself a project just as he finally received a contact from Ma Hongsheng. 

    It felt as if the Heavens were going against his every move.

    How vexing!

    But after thinking about it more, Su Lang decided to maintain his original intentions:

    Continue to utilize the identity of an ordinary person to get along with Yang Jingwan’s family.

    If he truly wanted to help them, then it was better to help in secret.

    “…I’ll cook right away.” Su Lang responded to the combined urging of Yang Jingwan and her family, and ran to the kitchen without another moment’s delay.

    — — —

    [Ding! The host’s manipulation has caused the protagonist Su Lang to fail in acting pretentious in front of Yang Jingwan’s family.

    • Obtained 300 Villain Points
    • Su Lang’s Protagonist Halo -15
    • Host’s Villain Halo +15!]

    Wang Haoran, who was busy with his ‘work’, froze subconsciously when he received the notification message from the system.

    He hadn’t been listening to Yang Jingwan’s movements because he was busy with his important ‘work’.

    However, judging from this system prompt, the situation should be a chain reaction caused by his poisoning of the tycoon Ma Hongsheng.

    Ma Hongsheng was a supporting role in the protagonist Su Lang’s camp.

    If something went wrong with him, then Su Lang will inevitably be affected in some ways.


    A small, breathy sound escaped from a bulge underneath the cushy blankets of Wang Haoran’s bed.

    A bulge that soon revealed itself to be a young woman with flushed skin.

    “What’s the matter?” Fang Xuan, who had a ruddy face, looked up at him and couldn’t help asking.

    She’d been enjoying herself when he had suddenly paused in the middle, leaving her a bit confused.

    “Nothing.” Wang Haoran shook his head.

    The vigorous youth then pushed her under the blankets once more, and continued his ‘work’.

    “Eh~ So mean~”

    Though this time, while busying himself, he also picked up his wireless earphones and listened to the bugged handphone on the other end, observing Yang Jingwan’s actions.

    — — —

    Su Lang still possessed a knack for cooking, so the meal was ready in no time.

    However, halfway through dinner, while Yang Jingwan was still eating, her phone rang. The number calling her was the manager of the sales department’s number.

    This sales manager was also her direct supervisor. 

    An aging woman in her fifties, whom her colleagues often dubbed an old witch in private.

    And she sure had the personality to match. The sales manager was a crone at heart, digging up every opportunity to scold someone, suppressing workers she didn’t find pleasing to the eye…

    She even undermined the efforts of those supposedly in her ‘care’.

    This was especially difficult for the workers because the promotion of those in the sales department was solely based on performance.

    The old witch possessed a little bit of background, so in order to consolidate her position, she would actively snatch away the customers of any salesperson who she saw was performing well.

    Yet, the people under her grimy hands were all too afraid to speak out.

    Having said that, Yang Jingwan’s performance wasn’t very good, and could be considered quite poor.

    But it’s definitely not a good thing for this old witch to call her even so.

    Because it was currently nearing the end of this month.

    And her performance this month was a big fat zero.

    Frowning, Yang Jingwan picked up her phone and walked back into her room.

    “Yang Jingwan, what are you doing, taking so long to answer the phone?!” As soon as the call was connected, the old witch’s angry roar was heard through the speaker.

    It was so vivid that Yang Jingwan could even envision the old witch’s spit-splattering, ugly mug.

    She felt a bit fortunate that she wasn’t currently in front of the old witch. Otherwise, she’d definitely have been met with a face-full of prayed spittle.

    “Manager Yu, what’s the matter?” Yang Jingwan asked nervously.

    The old witch’s full name was Yu Yan.

    “What’s the matter? Have you no shame?! Look at how many days are left in this month, and then look at your lousy performance!” Yu Yan continued to roar.

    “There are still three days left in this month. I will try my best to complete the performance target within these three days.” Yang Jingwan placated hurriedly.

    “Hah! In three days, if your performance this month is zero, then just pack up and leave!”

    Yang Jingwan’s eyes narrowed, “My performance exceeded the standard last month. According to the sales department’s regulations, unless my performance in the next month is still zero, you are not eligible to fire me yet,” she gritted her teeth and retorted.

    “My words are the words of the association. If your performance is zero this month, just leave!” A relative of Yu Yan’s had also recently applied to work in the sales department.

    But the sales department only hired newcomers when an existing employee quite or was fired.

    Yu Yan had probably looked at the performance of her subordinates in order to find a way to slip this relative of hers in, and as a result, now decided to drive away Yang Jingwan, whose performance was the worst in this month.

    “Manager Yu, you are being too unreasonable!” Yang Jingwan finally couldn’t bear it anymore.

    “Unreasonable? In front of me, you should only talk about performance, not reason. Your capital is good, so why don’t you learn from Sisi? She’s not even as good as you in terms of appearance and figure, yet she can take advantage of her strengths as a woman and sold a total of eight suites this month! Eight! Whole! Suites!” Having said that, Yu Yan once more ‘educated’ Yang Jingwan:

    “There are still three days left in this month. Just go and accompany some customers to drink and sing. Your chance will definitely come then.”

    Yu Yan just wanted to drive away the person with the worst performance. If Yang Jingwan’s abilities and performance could improve, then there was no need to drive her away.

    After all, Yang Jingwan’s appearance was really good, so she could easily act as their poster girl.

    Many male clients already came just to see Yang Jingwan anyways.

    Alas, it was a pity that she was not willing to take advantage of her beauty at all.

    What a waste of a good capital.

    “Manager Yu, I’m a saleswoman, not an escort!” Yang Jingwan politely refused.

    She had her own bottom line, and would rather not sell any houses than blatantly flaunt her looks in exchange for boosting her performance, like her colleague Sisi.

    “Then just prepare to leave!” Seeing that her approach wasn’t working, Yan Yu promptly hung up.

    Beep! Beep! Beep!

    “. . .”


    Yang Jingwan threw her phone onto the bed and laid down helplessly.

    She had been busy trying to secure customers for 27 days in a row now, yet hadn’t managed to sell a single house. It was strictly impossible to meet the quota within the remaining 3 days.

    Unless one received outside help from someone.

    And looking at the people around her, the only possible option she thought of was Wang Haoran.

    But he had already helped her a lot with the project.

    This great favour hadn’t even been repaid, yet she was about to go call him for help again?

    Not a chance.

    Yang Jingwan didn’t have this little backbone.

    Thinking about her situation, she lamented her tragic fate once more.

    How nice would it be to have married a good husband?

    He might even be able to help her in a critical moment.

    So why did God make fun of her, and end up marrying her off to a waste like Su Lang?



    2Kshn: Sounded like an typical Asian you are.

    [Outside the door.]

    Su Lang had heard the entire process of Yang Jingwan’s phone call.

    And he was liking her even more and more now.

    His vision was indeed sharp. Yang Jingwan’s character was innately good, and she was not confused by the allure of money, able to stick cleanly to her bottom line.

    Such a strong woman truly deserved his love.

    “Wife, if you’ve finished the call, come back down for your dinner.”

    Su Lang walked in from the door.

    “Hey, we agreed that you won’t be allowed to enter my room. What are you doing here? Get out!” Yang Jingwan was already annoyed, but she became even more annoyed after seeing Su Lang.

    “I know you are troubled by work. Maybe things will turn around. Don’t worry.”

    Su Lang quickly stepped back, standing at the door as he spoke to Yang Jingwan in a comforting way.

    I just want to be quiet now, so go away.” 

    However, unfortunately, Yang Jingwan couldn’t hear Su Lang’s comforting words at all.

    “I can go, but you haven’t finished your meal yet. You should go down to eat; otherwise, you will be hungry at night.” Su Lang continued gently persuading.

    This only made Yang Jingwan lose her temper even further. Her tone turned immediately harsher.

    “You’re so annoying, can you just leave?” 

    “If you go to dinner obediently, I won’t bother you anymore.” Su Lang kept smiling.

    “Fine then, I’ll just go!”

    Yang Jingwan was so angry that she slammed the door on the way out, throwing Su Lang a disgusted look as she huffed and puffed her way down the stairs like a kid in a temper tantrum.

    Though Su Lang didn’t really take it to heart.

    Since, he still believed that his tenderness would one day move Yang Jingwan.

    — — —

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    • God-level Singing Skills
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    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (18 years)]
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