I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 136


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    — — —

    Chapter 136: Swaying

    Su Lang made a call to Ma Hongsheng.

    “Help me with something.”

    When the call connected, a cold voice and arrogant tone called out into the mic. It was devoid of the warmth and tenderness he had shown towards Yang Jingwan, returning to a familiar look of indifference, as his jaw tightened ever so slightly.

    The God of War’s true personality revealed itself.

    In his eyes, all the people in the world except Yang Jingwan were like mere ants in his eyes.

    “Sir God of War, please… feel free to order this one.” Ma Hongsheng was still lying on the hospital bed, needing recuperation, but he still replied when the God of War called, albeit weakly.

    “My wife works in a sales department. Arrange for someone to buy a house from her, but do not reveal that I am the one helping under any circumstance.”

    “Understood, God of War, I will immediately arrange someone for the job. This much is nothing to me; you won’t be disappointed.” Ma Hongsheng happily received such an easy order.

    The purchased house could be used as a company year-end bonus for outstanding employees, thus, it would not be wasted anyways.

    Besides, it was always an honour to help the prestigious God of War.

    There was no reason for Ma Hongsheng to refuse.

    However, he still harboured some doubts, so he impulsively asked:

    “Sir God of War, since she is already your wife, why are you hiding your identity?”

    And even through the phone, Ma Hongsheng could feel the surrounding temperature suddenly dip.

    “The way I should do things, do I need you to teach me?” Su Lang snorted coldly.

    He wanted to influence and move Yang Jingwan’s heart using the identity of an ordinary person, and gain her sincerity that way, without using his status as a God of War to muddy the waters.

    However, Su Lang obviously wouldn’t explain all this to Ma Hongsheng.

    “Sir God of War, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have asked.” Ma Hongsheng was shocked and apologized humbly. He did not dare to make a peep in front of this legendary figure.

    “Just do what I ordered. What you shouldn’t care about, don’t.” Su Lang spoke up again.

    “Thank you, sir. I will arrange for it now. An employee of mine will buy a house from your wife by tomorrow morning at the latest.” Ma Hongsheng replied quickly.

    — — —

    “As expected of the God of War, his words are truly that of a pretentious protagonist.”

    Wang Haoran complained laughingly.

    Yang Jingwan had not taken her phone away when she left angrily for dinner.

    Thus, the monitoring youth heard Su Lang’s voice through the smartphone loud and clear, along with his entire conversation with Ma Hongsheng.

    After hearing that Su Lang wished to secretly help Yang Jingwan, Wang Haoran silently gave him two thumbs up in agreement.

    If he wanted to hide it, just let him hide away.

    This was convenient for Wang Haoran.

    “What are you doing at the door of my room, get out!”

    Yang Jingwan’s sharp tone abruptly crackled through the speakers moments later. It seemed like she had realized that her phone was still in her room, and so turned around to retrieve it. But seeing that Su Lang hadn’t moved from her bedroom door, she probably became rather annoyed instead.

    “I’ll go now.” Su Lang obediently left.


    However, just as Su Lang left, Yang Jingwan’s phone suddenly rang.

    It was a video call from Wang Haoran.

    Yang Jingwan couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

    Fearing that Su Lang would eavesdrop on her phone call, she quickly locked the door behind her.

    The young lady then looked around repeatedly. Left and right, left and right, acting like some sneaky thief, before finally connecting the video call.

    Doo… Doo… Doo…

    [Video on]

    She saw Wang Haoran on the other end of the call, wearing a nighttime apparel. And looking at the decoration style of the background, it seemed a bit like a hotel.

    “Master Wang, are you in a hotel?” Yang Jingwan couldn’t help asking.

    But the leisurely Young Master only raised a single eyebrow.

    “I never stay overnight in a hotel, I’m at home.” Wang Haoran responded solemnly.

    To which Fang Xuan and Wen Jing, both just outside the video frame, rolled their eyes ostensibly.

    Yang Jingwan simply nodded at that answer, and pried no further.

    “Miss Yang, how’s the project going?” Wang Haoran asked suddenly.

    “It’s done; my Dad has already signed the contract.” Yang Jingwan said to Wang Haoran gratefully, looking cheerily at the camera.

    “That’s good.” Wang Haoran nodded, before speaking again: 

    “However, you seemed to be frowning a bit earlier, and you look a little unhappy. What’s wrong?”

    “It—It’s nothing.”

    Yang Jingwan couldn’t muster up the courage to ask Wang Haoran for help once more to solve her problems at work, so she ended up deciding not to express her troubles to him.

    Having said that, unfortunately, Wang Haoran already knew her issues inside and out.

    “There’s only two reasons why women will be unhappy. One is career, and the other, family. May I know if Miss Yang the former or latter?” Wang Haoran already knew full well what troubles she had and how to deal with them, but it seemed a little too abrupt to say it directly, so he looped around a tad with some mental gymnastics, hoping she would follow up.

    Yang Jingwan was slightly startled. Hearing this oddly accurate question, she thought to herself that Young Master Wang was extremely observant and meticulous.

    He must be a very detail-oriented person in his life.

    If he had a girlfriend, they would surely be very happy, right?

    “…Because of work.” Yang Jingwan finally relented after hearing what Wang Haoran said.

    “Hm. I remember you said that you’re a saleswoman selling houses. Is your performance perhaps somewhat poor this month? If that’s the case, I happen to know a few friends who want to buy a house. Where’s your work place, I’ll introduce them to you tomorrow.” Wang Haoran thought he was quite close to success, so he spoke frankly.

    The reason why he dared to promise such a thing was because he’d heard Su Lang instructing that Ma Hongsheng fellow to send someone to purchase a house from Yang Jingwan in secret.

    And since it was a secret job, the person sent to purchase the house would definitely not reveal the information of the one behind him.

    If he spoke to Yang Jingwan in advance and made this type of promise, she would definitely think that the man who arranged the buyer was him instead.

    “You… are you serious?” Yang Jingwan asked in shock.

    “Of course it’s true, I don’t joke around.”

    “You just did me a big favour, and now I’m bothering you again with another thing, this… I’m so embarrassed…” Yang Jingwan voice trailed off in a daze.

    “Aren’t we friends? Then there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. That’s all, bye.”

    Wang Haoran spoke plainly, throwing out the fisherman’s hook, before promptly hanging up without even waiting for Yang Jingwan’s possible refusal.

    After hanging up, he dialled another number on his phone and went out.

    — — —


    [A teacher’s bedroom]

    “Sister Yunhan, it’s getting late, why don’t we take a shower and go to bed earlier?”

    Mu Zhaozhao lazily drawled, her sleepy, dainty face glaring at the homework in front of her with a drowsy animosity, as she tilted her head to speak to the studying Qin Yunhan.

    “It’s not even 12 o’clock yet, so let’s do some revision.” Qin Yunhan, on the other hand, looked very serious while doing her revision, taking bites out of a big papaya on the table from time to time.

    “Sister Yunhan, what have you been smoking, why are you studying so hard all of a sudden?” Mu Zhaozhao was surprised at her best friend’s change of heart.

    “The College Entrance Examinations are less than a month away! If you don’t work hard now, then when are you going to work hard?!” Qin Yunhan lectured her in an old-fashioned manner.

    “Ehhhh, what is the eldest lady of the Qin Family still working hard for? You’ve been at the peak of your life since the moment you were born, and your grades are fairly good too, to the point where you’ll at least pass any test you take, right? So why the odd frenzy?”

    “It’s because I’m going to be taking the Qingling University Entrance Exam. My grades are still not very stable at the moment, so I need to work harder.”

    This stunned the well-endowed girl.

    “Why do you suddenly want to go to Qingling University?” Mu Zhaozhao asked curiously.

    “I don’t want to study abroad, and it’s the best university in Qingling, so of course I want to go to Qingling University.” Qin Yunhan randomly crafted an excuse in panic, before grabbing Zhaozhao’s fair shoulders and shaking her:

    “You also take the Qingling University exam. We can be in the same school again that way.”

    “Qingling University exam? Pfft, how difficult is that. Do I even need to work hard?” Mu Zhaozhao was also unwilling to separate from Qin Yunhan. However, she felt absolutely no pressure in regards to taking the entrance exam, the opposite of her worried best friend.


    Qin Yunhan couldn’t help but be annoyed at the smug look of her best friend.

    Although Mu Zhaozhao’s usual behaviour and ideas seemed a bit braindead, and her EQ was rather low, her IQ was amazing, with her academic performance belonging in the school’s top echelon. 

    “Sister Yunhan, you should really pay more attention to basic hygiene, your spittle is sprayed all over my face.” Mu Zhaozhao pouted and protested against this ‘best-friend cruelty’.

    “Are you gonna continue being full of yourself?” Qin Yunhan made a face.

    “Sigh. Forget it, Sister Yunhan. You are still small. I, as the bigger one, will let you win this one.”

    Mu Zhaozhao spoke like an old elder with limitless benevolence, but her sly eyes were aimed right at the place below Qin Yunhan’s neck, glimmering with mischief and a hidden meaning.

    A meaning which Qin Yunhan quickly picked up on.

    “Ah! I’ll strangle you!!!”

    How could Qin Yunhan not understand what her best friend was secretly saying? Hearing this, that sensitive and delicate Young Lady instantly went mad, rushing towards the running Mu Zhaozhao in a storm of fangs and claws.

    — — —

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