I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 137


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    Chapter 137: Plan

    The two girls laughed and squabbled for a while, when Qin Kai suddenly called them.

    “Dad, why are you calling me so late?” Qin Yunhan stopped playing and answered the phone.

    [“Yunhan, why are you still living in school, don’t you want to go back to the villa?”] Qin Kai’s voice asked gently on the phone.

    Xiao Yifeng had disappeared, and although Qin Kai had already dispatched several search teams to find him for a few days, he was still unable to find him.

    There was no use searching further after that.

    In his opinion, Xiao Yifeng most likely chose to leave without saying goodbye because he felt that the protection he’d provided was insufficient.

    Otherwise, with Xiao Yifeng’s ability, who in the world could kidnap him?

    “Others have lived there, so I won’t go.” Qin Yunhan pouted.

    Qin Yunhan felt dirty now that Xiao Yifeng had lived in the small villa before.

    Thus, she would never go back to the small villa, and would even abandon any clothes there.

    After all, since Xiao Yifeng had lived there for a while, only a ghost would know whether or not that wretched guy had rummaged through their clothes or not.

    [“How about I buy you another villa near the school to live in?”] Qin Kai wore a wry smile.

    “No need, I’ll just live on campus. It won’t be for a long time anyways, so there’s no need to waste so much money.” Qin Yunhan directly refused.

    Hearing this, Qin Kai was suddenly startled.

    His wilful and squeamish daughter actually knew the words ‘saving money’?

    However, in reality, Qin Yunhan chose to live within school campus not in order to save money, but to obtain more opportunities to get along with Wang Haoran.

    For example, asking him to help with homework at night…

    It sounded rather romantic.

    If she lived in a small villa, Li Bo would be the one picking her up to and from school everyday, not to mention the fact that Qin Kai would also visit her from time to time.

    That would cause a lot of inconvenience to her plans.

    As for the patented light bulb of the bedroom, Mu Zhaozhao, it was very simple.

    Before Qin Yunhan asked Wang Haoran to come over, she would definitely push Mu Zhaozhao to go back to her own house first.

    Her place wasn’t far from the school anyways.

    [“It’s up to you. If you change your mind, just tell your father…”] Qin Kai, sounding concerned about his only daughter’s wellbeing, was about to start a long speech, asking her to take care of herself.

    But Qin Yunhan would have none of it, and cut him short.

    “Okay, okay, you’re nagging me so much. I’ll hang up now if there’s nothing else.” Qin Yunhan then interrupted Qin Kai impatiently and started tapping her phone.

    [“Alright, I won’t disturb your rest any longer.”] Qin Kai’s tone was full of a doting parent’s love.

    Qin Yunhan hung up the phone and hurriedly put it aside.

    Mu Zhaozhao, who heard the entire process of the call, couldn’t help but interject.

    “Sister Yunhan, you have a bit of a bad personality. Shouldn’t you be more polite to Uncle Qin?”

    “I’ve always been like this, what’s the matter, is there a problem?” Qin Yunhan didn’t feel like there was anything problematic with the way she spoke at all.

    “It’s not a big problem, I just feel sad for your future husband. With your bad temper, this husband of yours will undoubtedly get punished by you and need to kneel on a washboard every three days without fail. Sounds really miserable.” Mu Zhaozhao sighed in lamentation.

    “Hey! I also have a gentle and sweet side, okay?!” Qin Yunhan retorted.

    “Sister Yunhan, I’ve known you for more than ten years. Do you think I would believe this?” Rolling her eyes, Mu Zhaozhao shrugged her shoulders with a knowing expression.

    “I don’t care if you believe it or not…” Qin Yunhan muttered as she grabbed a fistful of clothes and chucked them at Mu Zhaozhao’s face:

    “Go and take your bath, I still have to wash after you finish!”

    “Ah, I can finally rest.” Mu Zhaozhao felt relieved now, running to the shower room with a smile.

    Looking at the time, Qin Yunhan did not decide to continue doing her homework, and instead picked up the unfinished papaya on the table, preparing to devour it completely.

    During this time, the Qin Family Young Lady ate at least one papaya per day, hoping to replenish her lacking nutrients and ‘improve’ her body.

    If she could become more perfect, he would definitely like her more, right?

    Qin Yunhan giggled secretly.

    Just then, her phone suddenly started ringing again.

    [Caller ID: Wang Haoran]

    “I was just thinking of you when you called. Isn’t this what people mean when they say ‘connected through our hearts’?” Qin Yunhan teased with a sweet and honeyed smile.

    [“Mu Zhaozhao isn’t nearby?”] Wang Haoran couldn’t help asking when he heard Qin Yunhan’s tone.

    “She’s taking a shower, so she’s not nearby.” Qin Yunhan had not told his best friend about herself and Wang Haoran’s relationship yet.

    [“Good.”] Wang Haoran did not feel the need to blabber any longer.

    [“I need to do something, and I want to use your name as the eldest lady of the Qin Group.”] Wang Haoran started talking about business.

    “My name? Okay.” Qin Yunhan readily agreed.

    It was such a direct response that even Wang Haoran seemed a bit surprised.

    [“You don’t even ask why, aren’t you afraid that I will sell you?”]

    “Are you willing?” Qin Yunhan countered with a smirk.

    [“That would be a shame.”] Wang Haoran responded immediately.

    On top of being a true beauty, Qin Yunhan was also the only heiress of a Group with tens of billions in liquidated funds, not to even mention the fact that she was so committed to their relationship.

    Only a brainless fool would sell her off.

    “Then that’s fine.”

    Wang Haoran smiled for a moment, before checking the time.

    [“It’s late, take a rest, let’s leave it here for today.”]

    “Ehh, but I still want to chat with you~” Qin Yunhan complained coquettishly.

    [“Going to bed early is good for your skin, darling. We can talk tomorrow.”]

    “Okay, I’ll listen to you, good night! Love you!” 

    Qin Yunhan nodded obediently, and made a heart shape with her hands.

    Fortunately, Mu Zhaozhao was still bathing at this point, for if she actually witnessed Qin Yunhan’s current sweet and gentle appearance, who knows whether she’d end up calling in a doctor or not.

    [“Good night, I love you too.”]


    — — —

    After Wang Haoran finished chatting with Qin Yunhan, he opened his personal the attribute panel and glanced through it a bit.

    Through the recent days of hard work, his villain points had accumulated to a full 12,000.

    If he decided to use all these 12,000 villain points to exchange for internal energy, he’d be able to exchange it for roughly 24 years’ worth of internal energy, and converting that to the combat power would mean bumping up his combat power value by a whopping 1080 points.

    But Wang Haoran’s current combat strength was already at 1099 points. Thus, there was no need to exchange all his villain points for combat power, stacking it to over 2000 uselessly. 

    This was because Su Lang’s normal state only possessed 1000 combat strength, and if one were to take into account the bonus from [God of War’s Wrath], it’d only increase to 1200 at max.


    Due to this reason, Wang Haoran decided to spend only a quarter—3,000 villain points—in exchange for 6 years’ worth of Internal energy, bringing his combat strength to 1,369.

    Using this much combat strength was already enough to crush Su Lang under any normal conditions, so there was no need to support it any higher.

    The skill of [God of War’s Invincibility] made him invincible for 1 hour upon encountering a fatal blow.

    It was a ridiculous ability, especially when combined with the [One Hit Kill] subskill. 

    This wasn’t something that could be overcome by sheer strength alone.

    A combat power value of 1369 was absolutely enough for Wang Haoran.

    And although [God of War’s Invincibility] prevented him from killing Su Lang in one shot, it was still just a mere passive skill, leaving the initiative firmly planted in Wang Haoran’s hands nonetheless.

    Wang Haoran currently harboured two ideas.

    The first was to assassinate Su Lang directly, procing his [Invincible God of War] passive, before then running away, taking advantage of its long cooldown time and weakened state backlash to finish him in another round afterwards.

    However, this method seemed a little dangerous.

    Wang Haoran wasn’t completely certain whether or not he could actually escape from Su Lang after activating both his [Invincibility] and [One Hit Kill].

    The second method was to slowly boil the frog in warm water.

    He’d continue to consume Su Lang’s protagonist Halo points, and when those points finally dropped to zero, his protagonist Halo would naturally shatter without him needing to lift a single finger.

    Could the God of War without his protagonist Halo still be considered the God of War?

    To deal with him at that time would simply be a piece of cake.

    Wang Haoran was obviously more willing to choose this second option.

    Though this method ran a bit slower, it was much more secure and guaranteed.

    And the crux of this ‘boiling the frog’ mission was undoubtedly the heroine Yang Jingwan, alongside the supporting characters of the protagonist camp, such as Ma Hongsheng.

    Among them, Yang Jingwan was the most important, so he’d have to put more effort into using her.

    — — —

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  • [Host: Wang Haoran] 

    [Combat value: 1369] 

    [Charm: 268] 

    [Villain Halo: 1571] 

    [Villain Point: 9000] 


    • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (18 years)]
    • Will be added when they are introduced.

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