I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 141


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    Chapter 141: Let’s Organize a Grand Wedding.

    [At Night]

    Yang Jingwan finally returned home after a hard day of work.

    Yang Tai and Li Manli were watching the TV in the living room.

    And Su Lang was currently cooking in the kitchen.

    “Jingwan, don’t you usually get off work much earlier? Why didn’t you come back at seven o’clock today?” Li Manli, curious about the unusual change in schedule, asked her daughter about it, while also simultaneously laughing at the bitter drama happening within the TV series.

    Yang Jingwan’s face lit up at that moment, her excitement momentarily drowning out her fatigue.

    “Mom, you might not believe me, but I sold 19 suites today!”

    Indeed. A grand total of 19 suites.

    12 sets sold in the morning and 7 sets sold in the afternoon.

    “Is my darling daughter trying to pull her mother’s leg?” Li Manli smiled warmly.

    “Didn’t you say before that if you can sell a few houses in a month, it’s already a good result? How could you sell 19 houses in a day?” Yang Tai also had a face full of disbelief.

    “What’s the use of lying, I really sold 19 suites!” Yang Jingwan swore to the Heavens.

    Yang Tai and Li Manli glanced at each other in shock, before cheering up immediately, now staring at their daughter intently, completely abandoning the TV’s Drama of the Week.

    “How did this happen?” Li Manli felt something unusual at play, so she cautiously whispered.

    Yang Jingwan secretly looked towards the kitchen. Making sure that Su Lang wasn’t paying attention to them, the young lady then spoke in a low voice, gesturing for the two to come closer:

    “Those were clients that Young Master Wang introduced to me!”

    “So that’s how it is.” Yang Tai and Li Manli were stunned, but quickly regained their composure after a while, unable to help but show joyful expressions.

    “Selling 19 suites at once. . . how much is the commission?” Li Manli rubbed her hands expectantly.

    “From my rough estimates, it should be around 1.5 million to 1.6 million.”

    “My Goodness, our daughter has made so much money in a single day. Sigh, my project will take a year to complete at the very least, yet in the end, it’s only two to three million earnings!” Yang Tai felt ecstatic and emotional at the same time. 

    “It’s not like I can sell so many houses every day, it’s just this one time.”

    “Jingwan, you and Young Master Wang only made a one-time deal? So stupid!” Li Manli scolded bitterly.

    “Mom, to where are you thinking? I didn’t make any deal.” Yang Jingwan retorted angrily.

    “Then Young Master Wang introduced so many clients to you for absolutely nothing?” Li Manli did not seem to believe that statement at all.

    “He just—He just grabbed my hand.” Yang Jingwan stuttered with a red face.

    “Do you think your Mom is senile? You think you can pull the wool over my eyes with such words? Just tell me honestly, how far have you guys developed?” Li Manli rolled her eyes.

    “We’re just ordinary friends. There’s nothing else.”

    “Tch, forget it, I won’t force you to say it.” Li Manli was afraid that her voice would be too loud, and that Su Lang would overhear her, so she didn’t continue to press the issue.

    And though Yang Jingwan felt quite helpless seeing Li Manli’s reaction—

    She didn’t try to explain herself either.

    Maybe it was because she was unable to keep that feeling of guilt from sprouting, even if she kept a distance from ‘him’. Or perhaps, it was because Wang Haoran’s handsome and charming face would always inadvertently pop up in her mind, even if she tried her best to get rid of it.

    Yang Jingwan knew it was wrong of her.

    Yet she couldn’t seem to control her own emotions when it came to him.

    “It’s time to eat!”

    Su Lang’s voice called out from inside the kitchen.

    He had gone to buy groceries especially for today, so there were more dishes than usual for dinner.

    The family soon began to eat.

    “Come on, Jingwan, you’ve worked hard today, eat some more!” Li Manli picked up vegetables for her daughter, filling her plate with greens.

    “That’s right; Jingwan is a great contributor to our family. She sold 19 houses in a day and directly made more than 1.5 million yuan, which is even better than her father.” Yang Tai was very pleased, and followed suit with a compliment.

    When Su Lang heard this, his mind moved, understanding that this was the fruit that the people he’d called Ma Hongsheng to arrange had brought him.

    However, he didn’t intend to claim credit, so he ate quietly as if he didn’t hear their words.

    Besides the proud father, Li Manli immediately glared at Yang Tai, secretly blaming him for not covering up his words.

    Could they tell Su Lang that it was Young Master Wang who introduced clients to Yang Jingwan?

    Of course not!

    Being stared down by his wife like this, Yang Tai’s heart skipped a beat, knowing that he had just said something unnecessary by mistake, though he still couldn’t take back his words anyways.

    And Yang Jingwan, as if struck by her guilty conscience, couldn’t help but lower her head, picking up the rice with a sullen expression.

    But as she continued eating, Su Lang did not speak out even once.

    That prompted Yang Jingwan to raise her head to look at him.

    Yet she only saw that Su Lang’s expression was normal as can be.

    He hadn’t seemed to take what they just said to heart at all!

    Yang Jingwan subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.

    Yang Tai and Li Mali also glanced at each other, relieved, secretly sighing at the same time.

    This good-for-nothing son-in-law truly has a bad brain, to not even feel the slightest inkling of there being something wrong. He was surely the embodiment of ‘a happy man with a green hat’. 

    “Honey, we’ll be having our 1-year anniversary in half a month, what gift do you want?” Su Lang suddenly asked after he had almost finished eating.

    “There’s no need for anything.” Yang Jingwan replied indifferently.

    Regarding this marriage, Yang Jingwan never took it seriously.

    So of course, she didn’t care about their so-called anniversary of marriage either.

    Moreover, Su Lang, a worthless man, wouldn’t have any decent gifts to show anyways.

    “On an important day such as our 1-year anniversary, gifts are still needed. Wife, just tell me what you want, and I will definitely buy it for you.” Su Lang spoke confidently.

    “I already said no, please don’t bother.” Yang Jingwan gradually lost her patience.

    “Su Lang, don’t even mention that marriage certificate or whatnot. You’ve had that certificate for a year now, yet you haven’t even given Jingwan a basic marriage ceremony, and you still have the face to mention your 1-year anniversary?” Li Manli snorted disdainfully. 

    Hearing this, Su Lang felt that it actually sounded quite reasonable.

    It had almost been a year since he and Yang Jingwan received their certificate from the Civil Affairs Bureau, but they haven’t held a wedding banquet to celebrate it yet.

    Thinking of this, Su Lang immediately realized what the best gift for Yang Jingwan would be.

    “Honey, in half a month’s time, it will be our 1-year anniversary. Let’s hold a grand wedding on that date, one so massive it will shake the entirety of Qingling, so that everyone in the city will witness our happiness!” Su Lang spoke tenderly to Yang Jingwan.

    But Yang Jingwan remained expressionless, and even sneered in her heart.

    How could a poor man like Su Lang have the money to hold a grand wedding?

    The reason why he said that was probably because he knew that she had earned more than a million yuan, and thus wanted to use that money to hold a wedding.

    Can using her own money to hold a wedding be considered a gift for herself?

    Yang Jingwan didn’t bother to even mock him anymore.

    “Oi, Su Lang, isn’t your bad habit of bragging acting up again, huh?!” 

    Li Manli finally couldn’t bear it anymore and sneered.

    “Whether I’m bragging or not, we’ll know in half a month.” Su Lang stated indifferently.

    “Okay, but I have something to say first, you’re not allowed to use a single penny of Jingwan’s, the wedding will be paid for by you, and you only!” Li Manli clarified the conditions first.

    “That’s natural.” Su Lang nodded, secretly planning in his heart.

    To have a grand wedding, money is a must.

    Though Su Lang didn’t have to worry about this at all.

    Since he possessed more than 5 billion in his deposits card.

    And due to having to keep a low profile, he hadn’t touched a single dime inside the account.

    But now he planned to use it all for the wedding half a month later.

    With this kind of money, he could arrange for all kinds of world-class luxury cars, private helicopters, and other means of transportation. He could book the biggest venue in the entire city, hire the most expensive services, and do whatever else he wanted.

    Anyways, all the wedding preparations would be taken care of with this money.

    However, in addition to the scene, would be the guests who came to offer their congratulations.

    Ma Hongsheng was the richest man in Qingling, and Su Lang has already appointed him as one of the guests who will come to congratulate him.

    Through Ma Hongsheng, he could also easily invite the other business leaders in Qingling.

    Having said that, Su Lang felt that it was not quite enough to invite just these bigwigs of the business world to support the grand scene.

    It seemed that it was necessary to instead get in touch with his old friends. The world-famous figures such as the Enemy of Hades, the Miraculous Physician Xue, and Tian Jizi, the Ghost-faced God.

    — — —

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