I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 142


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    Chapter 142: Internal Dispute.

    “So Su Lang intends to have a wedding …”

    Wang Haoran laughingly mused, currently eavesdropping on Yang Jingwan’s mobile phone.

    Throughout all the novels using the God of War base, there were probably at least nine out of ten of them that used the wedding trope as a means to turn around a frigid relationship.

    It was a completely rotten-to-the-core routine he’d seen way too many times in the past.

    And yet, it nonetheless possessed an undeniably efficient role in promoting the progress of the plot.

    If he truly allowed Su Lang to succeed in acting pretentious and going through with this wedding, the fallout would be exceptionally difficult for him to handle.

    Yang Jingwan’s family would change their minds in an instant.

    Perhaps even Yang Jingwan herself might recognize Su Lang as her husband.

    Thus, this wedding was a very unfavourable situation for Wang Haoran.

    But at the same time, it also posed a huge opportunity for Wang Haoran’s counterattack, taking care of this God of War Protagonist in one fell swoop.

    The young man chuckled.

    Imagine for a moment, that the God of War was giving Yang Jingwan the wedding of a century.

    However, at the climax of this wedding, the emcee hosting the wedding asked this sentence:

    “Yang Jingwan, are you willing to marry Su Lang as his wife? Are you willing to love him faithfully, no matter in luck or in adversity, in wealth or poverty, in health or illness, and in happiness or sorrow?”

    “To love him and only him for as long as this contract is binding?”

    Then, taking the mic, Yang Jingwan directly screamed: “I don’t want to!”

    Hah! How wonderful would Su Lang’s expression be?

    The expressions of those guests who invite the ceremony?

    Alternatively, how about a fiercer route?

    He had raised Yang Jingwan’s favourability quite high within the past half month.

    Yang Jingwan could end up running away directly during the ceremony?

    Or how about. . . the ultimate kill spike?

    Harvest Yang Jingwan on the day of the wedding, record a video of this process in great detail, and then play it on the big screen for all to see!

    “Pfft! Ahahaha!”

    In that scenario, he was afraid that Su Lang would probably explode on the spot!

    As for any other method, Wang Haoran refrained from thinking about them for the time being.

    In the end, whichever type of operation he selected would depend on the situation.

    After all, there was still half a month, an entire half-month to continue suppressing Su Lang.

    And to suppress Su Lang, the heroine Yang Jingwan was essential.

    Important supporters such as Ma Hongsheng, the protagonist camp, also need to be taken care of.

    During the Villa Banquet, the poison Wang Haoran had given Ma Hongsheng was mainly composed of seven-shade water lilies, among other herbs.

    Although the poison was not fatal, one would become particularly lethargic when contaminated with it. The affected party wouldn’t be able to properly rouse their spirit.

    Ma Hongsheng’s energy and ability to govern his businesses should then plummet accordingly.

    According to online reports, Ma Hongsheng possessed more than 180 billion in assets.

    Even Zhen Li warned Wang Haoran not to provoke Ma Hongsheng, lest he invited trouble.

    However, as a supervillain, how could he possibly admit defeat?

    Furthermore, Ma Hongsheng belonged to the protagonist camp.

    This made Wang Haoran very interested in his various assets.

    So he quickly decided to annex Ma Hongsheng’s wealth and make it his own, reducing his influence.

    Letting Ma Hongsheng freely help Su Lang could put his plans into jeopardy. Borrowing the power of the Wang Group might be a potential barrier, but it would inevitably consume a great portion of the resources he needed in the future, only to fight a useless economic war.

    Ma Hongsheng’s immense wealth was not something so trivial as to be ignored.

    Even if Ma Hongsheng had no energy to manage his own businesses, and even if the company was in a state of ‘a dragon with no head’, the fact that the company could grow so massive in the first place meant that the people at the bottom must not be vegetarian1 Vegetarian in this context means pacifist/doesn’t know how to fight. either.

    Fighting them for more than 100 billion yuan in assets was simply a fool’s errand.

    Since the external offence wasn’t suitable, Wang Haoran knew he could only start from the inside.

    Internal sabotage.

    There was a saying that the strongest fortresses often did not break from the outside, but crack from the inside first, before slowly crumbling.

    And if he wanted to start with this plan, he needed to fully understand Ma Hongsheng’s background.

    His relatives. Loved ones. Sons. Daughters.

    These simple data were all available on the Internet, and Wang Haoran could find them easily.

    Wang Haoran turned on the search engine on his mobile phone and simply searched.

    He received every key information within a split second.

    Ma Hongsheng had married twice, with two sons. The first wife died early, and the second wife has only married just over three years ago.

    The eldest son was born to his first wife. He was now 24 years old, a nouveau riche through and through, changing girlfriends more often than he changed clothes.

    The younger son was born to his second wife. He was now 1 year old.

    It was also worth mentioning that Ma Hongsheng’s second wife was only 23 years old.

    A remarried wife that was one year younger than his eldest son. . .

    What kind of expression did Ma Hongsheng’s eldest son have upon seeing this new mother that was only a single year younger than himself?

    Wang Haoran didn’t know.

    However, what Wang Haoran could be sure about was that the relationship between this eldest son and Ma Hongsheng’s new wife would not be harmonious.

    Originally, an only child with a lifetime’s worth of inheritance in front of him, who could enjoy more than 100 billion yuan in assets once Ma Hongsheng returned to heaven. 

    Yet three years ago, Ma Hongsheng remarried.

    Now he had a mother a year younger than he was and a brother only a year old!

    Anyone would be unhappy with this change, not to mention a rich kid who wanted their inheritance.

    Wang Haoran thought it’d be best to start with Ma Hongsheng’s assets from the inside.

    As long as he cultivated one of these two into his own puppet, then this puppet could control all of Ma Hongsheng’s wealth once he could no longer work.

    But who to choose?

    Wang Haoran didn’t know the specifics of the two, so he couldn’t get a clear picture of the situation.

    It seemed that it was necessary to visit Ma Hongsheng.

    Ma Hongsheng was currently ill. Hence, the two parties who were fighting for his inheritance would inevitably be taking care of him to gain goodwill.

    Seeing Ma Hongsheng was equivalent to seeing the two parties he needed to investigate.

    Thinking of this, Wang Haoran immediately contacted Zhen Li.

    As a business boss in the Qingling Business Circle, as long as they were not a deadly opponent, must have at least a little friendship with Ma Hongsheng.

    So Zhen Li visiting the ill Ma Hongsheng was very reasonable.

    Wang Haoran wanted to follow Zhen Li and observe the potential pawns for himself, and then judge who was more suitable for cultivating into his puppet.

    Being quite busy recently, Zhen Li, after receiving the phone call from Wang Haoran, directly asked secretary Fang Xuan to arrange the visit, which she would have time for about three days later.

    And knowing Ma Hongsheng couldn’t leave the hospital anytime soon, Wang Haoran agreed.

    [Time idly passed.]

    In these couple of days, Yang Jingwan did not exhibit any special movements, so Wang Haoran didn’t contact her much, though the wealthy boy Fang Heng did send more than 20 articles of antiques one by one during this period of time.

    There were rather many expensive ones mixed in this batch.

    These dozens of antiques added up to about a total market value of 880 million.

    As for the money needed to purchase these antiques, Wang Haoran naturally pretended to send the checks to Fang Xuan as usual, and ate them up for free.

    As for selling the antiques, Wang Haoran naturally did so.

    Wang Haoran had already accumulated a bunch of antiques.

    Furthermore, he’d also found a professional auction house to sell off all these antiques to; ready to squeeze out the full value of everything he had scammed from Fang Heng.

    Roughly calculating. . .

    As long as each and every antique was sold properly, that would be nearly 900 million in profits.

    Wang Haoran made about 120 million last time through gambling stones, and although the gambling house took a cut, it still totalled up to about 110 million in the end.

    If this 900 million arrived well, his cash flow would promptly exceed the 1 billion mark.

    In addition, he also held the rights to a hotel with a market value of about 500 million.

    Calculating everything excluding his identity as a rich second generation, he was now a wealthy man with 1.5 billion lining his pockets in personal assets.

    But this was far from enough.

    As a supervillain, he must—of course—set his goal much higher than that.

    Becoming the richest man in the world?

    It was a goal that was currently too big and too far away for his current self.

    Then how about a smaller goal first?

    He would become the richest man in Qingling!

    — — —

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    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
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    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (20 years)]
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