I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 145


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    Chapter 145: Scary Woman

    Tang Bingyun still had some work to do so she left first.

    Wang Haoran went to find Zhen Li, wanting to visit Ma Hongsheng with her.

    By the time Wang Haoran came, Zhen Li had already spoken to the nurse about Ma Hongsheng’s ward.

    Zhen Li took Wang Haoran and soon came to one of the VIP wards of Tianhui Clinic.

    Arriving at the door, Zhen Li raised her hand to knock on the door, but she heard a noisy shout from inside.

    For the sake of politeness, Zhen Li did not knock on the door immediately and decided to wait for a while because it sounded like a family conflict.

    As an outsider, it was not polite to intrude in such a situation.

    However, Wang Haoran used [X-Ray Vision] and looked at the situation inside.

    He saw three people in the ward.

    Ma Hongsheng, who was laying on the hospital bed, his eyes closed, and his chest could be seen with even ups and downs.

    Apparently, he was asleep.

    In addition to Ma Hongsheng, there was a man and a woman, both looking like they were in their twenties.

    The man was not very good-looking, his appearance was about seven points – similar to Ma Hongsheng. But his expression and eyebrows looked full of arrogance, which was completely different from Ma Hongsheng’s peaceful expression.

    ‘He must be Ma Weicai, Ma Hongsheng’s son.’

    ‘And the beautiful young woman with an outstanding appearance and figure must be Ma Hongsheng’s second wife, Cheng Rui.’

    At this moment, she was sitting on the edge of the bed, lightly grasping Ma Hongsheng’s hand, full of concern.

    “My dad doesn’t need you to take care of him. Go back, don’t you have to take care of your son? Hurry up and go.” Ma Weicai spoke while standing beside, his tone very unkind.

    “There is a nanny at home to take care of him, don’t worry. I’d better stay and take care of Hongsheng,” Cheng Rui’s voice was very gentle and delicate, sounding very comforting.

    “My dad isn’t awake now. Don’t pretend. Put away your mask.” Ma Weicai sneered.

    “I…I’m not pretending, I really just cared about Hongsheng and want to stay and take care of him. Cheng Rui looked weak.

    “This woman is really something…Enough is enough, okay. You can trick my dad but you can’t trick me. You married my father at a young age. What is your intention? Aren’t you just eyeing our family’s property?”

    “How many times have I said that I like Hongsheng’s maturity and stability, not his money. When I married Hongsheng, I did a premarital property notarization, which you know”

    “Doing a notarization of premarital property is exactly what makes you a more impressive woman!”

    Hearing Cheng Rui talk about this, Ma Weicai felt angry.

    At the beginning, he was the one who strongly opposed Cheng Rui entering the Ma family, but this woman took the initiative to notarize her pre-marital property, and if she divorced, she would not get a penny.

    Ma Weicai felt pity for her at that time, and with this notarization, he really believed it and did not take this woman seriously.

    But it didn’t take long for Ma Weicai to regret it.

    Because Cheng Rui was very pleasing to Ma Hongsheng, she became pregnant in just over a year and gave birth to a son. 

    Ma Hongsheng, therefore, became more considerate and caring for Cheng Rui.

    Cheng Rui did a notarization of property, and she didn’t want a penny, but his old man, Ma Hongsheng is an emotional person, and if Ma Hongsheng passed away in the future, will he not give Shen Chengrui and her son a penny? That’s impossible.

    “You really misunderstood me.” Cheng Rui sighed deeply and then noticed that Ma Hongsheng’s hand suddenly moved slightly.

    Her eyes flashed, and she suddenly got up, poured a glass of water, handed it to Ma Weicai, and said gently:

    “We are a family. We should get along harmoniously. Drink a glass of water to dissipate your anger.”

    “Step aside, don’t pretend in front of me!”

    Ma Weicai directly stretched out his hand and pushed the water glass to the ground. Cheng Rui also stumbled and fell to the ground.

    “You b*****d, what are you doing?!”

    Ma Hongsheng woke up leisurely, heard Ma Weicai’s shout, and also caught a glimpse of Cheng Rui falling to the ground.

    He didn’t care about anything, got up directly from the bed, and reached out to help Cheng Rui up.

    But when he helped her, he found that Cheng Rui’s palm was full of blood. It was apparently cut by the broken glass shards.

    Wang Haoran, who witnessed all this with perspective, looked at Cheng Rui in horror.

    When Cheng Rui fell, she was not cut by the fragments, and she deliberately pressed her hand towards a piece of broken glass after seeing Ma Hongsheng fully awake.

    She deliberately injured herself to deepen Ma Weicai’s sin, so as to make Ma Hongsheng angry.

    ‘So cruel to herself, this woman…’

    “Rui, Are you okay?” Ma Hongsheng asked with a concerned look.

    “I’m okay, I’m okay.” Cheng Rui was pale, but she shook her head and said with a look of relief, as if she was comforting Ma Hongsheng.

    “Rebel, rebel!” Ma Hongsheng couldn’t bear it, and he was so angry at Ma Weicai remembering what happened just now that he got up and decided to slap him in the face.

    “Hongsheng, it’s not his fault. I accidentally fell myself.” Cheng Rui frowned, but squeezed out a smile and he dragged Ma Hongsheng to explain.

    “Dad, you heard it, she fell by herself, not…not my fault.” When Ma Weicai saw his father’s fierce appearance, he couldn’t help but take a step back.

    “Am I blind to you? I saw it all, obviously you reached out and pushed her!”

    Ma Hongsheng was furious, broke free from Cheng Rui’s hand, came directly to Ma Weicai, and gave this villain a big slap.

    At an angle that Ma Hongsheng and Ma Weicai couldn’t see, the corners of the pitiful Cheng Rui mouth slightly arced only for a moment, revealing a terrifying smile.

    Wang Haoran caught Cheng Rui’s expression and felt a little uneasy.

    ‘Cheng Rui is a scary woman.’

    ‘As the richest man, Ma Hongsheng must have many beautiful women flocking to him, but Cheng Rui could marry him and even gave birth to a son.’

    ‘It seems that this was not just luck…’

    After Ma Hongsheng slapped his son, he then took some tissues to Cheng Rui’s side to help her hold the wound on her palm.

    “Rebel, still stunned here, go call a doctor!” Ma Hongsheng yelled at Ma Weicai.

    Ma Weicai was very depressed, but he still did not dare to disobey Ma Hongsheng’s words, so he walked towards the door.

    When Zhen Li heard the commotion inside, she was also helpless, so she knocked on the door, pretending to have just arrived.

    “What are you doing here?” Ma Weicai was about to go out, so he directly opened the door and asked Zhen Li and Wang Haoran.

    “I am Zhen Li, the president of Guose Tianxiang Beauty Group, this is my son, and we are here to visit President Ma.” Zhen Li said.

    “What broken company is Guose Tianxiang, I haven’t heard of it. What kind of cats and dogs dare to call themselves presidents, just so they can see my father, hurry up and go as far as you can.” Ma Weicai was angry and said with a bad attitude and driving tone.

    Zhen Li felt angry in her heart.

    If it weren’t for Ma Hongsheng, with her temper, she would definitely have directly slapped Ma Weicai’s big mouth.

    “You b*****d, how do you talk to the guests? Quickly invite the guests in!” Ma Hongsheng scolded Ma Weicai when he heard the voice at the door.

    Ma Weicai pretended not to have heard and passed Zhen Li, going directly to the doctor.

    When he crossed over, he even bumped Zhen Li with his shoulder. Zhen Li’s shoulder was hit painfully, and she snorted.

    Wang Haoran frowned, staring at Ma Weicai’s back, his eyes narrowed slightly.

    Originally, he was still struggling with whom to support and whom to suppress, but at this moment, he already had the answer in his heart.

    ‘You better enjoy these blissful days while you still can, Ma Weicai…’

    ‘However, Cheng Rui is very ambitious and is difficult to control.’

    ‘It is not simple to make her a puppet and make her obediently do things for me.’

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