I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 149


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    Chapter 149: Rebellious Son!

    [At Night.]

    Worried about Cheng Rui, Ma Hongsheng woke up and left his own ward to check on her.

    Cheng Rui hadn’t rested yet, but was holding an economics book and reading it.

    Ma Hongsheng was not surprised at all, as this was a habit of Cheng Rui’s.

    Cheng Rui was a talented student from a prestigious school, with extensive knowledge.

    Unlike other wealthy women who preferred to dress up and take care of themselves, she liked to read books, often staying up late to do so.

    Ma Hongsheng was quite pleased with this.

    “Did I disturb you?” Ma Hongsheng smiled and asked when he saw Cheng Rui put the book down and look over at him.

    “I’m just passing the time by reading a book, how could you disturb me?” Cheng Rui responded in a gentle and knowledgeable manner.

    “How do you feel? Does the wound on your neck still hurt?” Ma Hongsheng asked with concern.

    “It’s okay.”

    “Don’t do something silly like this again in the future.” Ma Hongsheng looked heartbroken.

    In his opinion, Cheng Rui cared too much about him, so she chose to sacrifice herself for his sake.

    As they talked, Ma Hongsheng walked over to Cheng Rui, wanting to hold her hand and chat with her.

    However, Cheng Rui suddenly reflexively withdrew her hand before Ma Hongsheng could touch her.

    “Are you angry because you think I don’t trust you?” Ma Hongsheng quickly said when he saw Cheng Rui resist his touch.

    Cheng Rui felt complicated inside.

    She didn’t withdraw her hand because of Ma Hongsheng’s lack of trust, but because she was resisting his touch.

    This feeling is like an imprint of a man in her heart, so she cannot allow herself to be in contact with another man, hence the resistance.

    “I apologise, it’s my fault,” said Ma Hongsheng.

    Thinking that Cheng Rui was still angry, Ma Hongsheng apologised, not realising that she was thinking about another man.

    Cheng Rui paid no attention to Ma Hongsheng’s words.

    Fortunately, before Ma Hongsheng could notice anything, his phone rang.

    He answered the call.

    The person on the other end of the line said something, and Ma Hongsheng’s face quickly turned angry.

    “This unfilial, rebellious son!”

    After hearing the call, Ma Hongsheng lost control of his emotions and immediately shouted in anger.

    “What happened?” Cheng Rui was awakened by Ma Hongsheng’s actions and immediately regained her composure.

    “It was a call from the lawyer. That unfilial son was drinking with some bad company and got into a fight with someone. He picked up a bottle and smashed it on the other person’s head, causing them to… to be seriously injured. They are now being rushed to the hospital for treatment.” Ma Hongsheng said with hatred.

    “The lawyer said that this unfilial son is now suspected of intentional homicide and has been arrested.”

    Upon hearing this, Cheng Rui was slightly surprised.

    Although Ma Weicai had acted recklessly before, he still had some sense. Now he had caused such a big problem, which was beyond Ma Hongsheng’s expectations.

    However, she suddenly remembered something Wang Haoran had said and suddenly understood.

    Ma Weicai had caused quite a bit of trouble this time.

    If the victim could be saved, Ma Weicai’s guilt would be reduced somewhat.

    If the victim couldn’t be saved, he would be sentenced to at least ten or twenty years in prison.

    During that time, the outside world would certainly change.

    For Cheng Rui, this was a good thing.

    “Rui, you should rest first. I’ll go talk to the lawyer and learn more about the situation.” Ma Hongsheng was very upset and said goodbye to Cheng Rui before leaving immediately.

    After Ma Hongsheng left, Cheng Rui took out a piece of paper from under her pillow with a phone number on it.

    After hesitating for a moment, she applied to add the phone number as a WeChat friend.

    Meanwhile, Wang Haoran was having dinner at a romantic restaurant.

    When he saw the friend request on WeChat and opened it, there was a note attached to the request message:


    These three sets of numbers puzzled Wang Haoran, but he still agreed to his friend’s request.

    [I want to know, what exactly did you do to Ma Weicai?] Cheng Rui couldn’t suppress her inner doubts and asked through a message.

    Seeing the tone of this message, Wang Haoran immediately recognized that it was from Cheng Rui.

    [I said it’s a secret,] Wang Haoran replied with a message.

    [I told you the secret you wanted to know, now it’s your turn to tell me,] Cheng Rui messaged back.

    Wang Haoran instinctively hesitated for a moment, before realising the meaning behind the “91, 58, 89” three sets of numbers.

    With these excellent three sizes, one could become a supermodel.

    However, he had some doubts.

    Was Cheng Rui’s figure really that good?

    When he saw Cheng Rui during the day, she was wearing looser clothing.

    Wang Haoran hadn’t really paid attention to her figure, and since he didn’t have any strange thoughts about Cheng Rui, he naturally wouldn’t use his [X-Ray vision] to take a look.

    He didn’t know if Cheng Rui was telling the truth.

    He made up his mind to pay attention to Cheng Rui’s figure the next time he saw her, to see if she was lying or not.

    [You’re breaking your promise, how can we cooperate?] Cheng Rui urged Wang Haoran since he didn’t reply to her message.

    [I gave him some nerve toxins that will make him extremely irritable and aggressive,] Wang Haoran confessed.

    He was not afraid of Cheng Rui betraying him.

    First, Ma Weicai was a thorn in Cheng Rui’s side.

    Second, Cheng Rui was willing to gamble with her life to protect him, so how could she betray him?

    [How did you poison Ma Weicai?] After seeing Wang Haoran’s explanation, Cheng Rui completely understood, but she still had some doubts.

    Because Wang Haoran had been almost constantly in her line of sight, she had not seen any clues that he had poisoned Ma Weicai.

    [That’s another secret.] Wang Haoran certainly wouldn’t just reveal it.

    [What do you want to know? Just ask.] Cheng Rui was also very cooperative and immediately understood Wang Haoran’s intention.

    [What are you wearing? Take a picture and show me.]

    [A blue and white hospital gown, you’ve seen it plenty in the hospital, but if you want to see it, I’ll show you.]

    [You don’t think I want to see your hospital gown, do you?]

    Wang Haoran found it a bit amusing and sent this message.

    However, there was no response from Cheng Rui’s side.

    Wang Haoran didn’t push it, he just put his phone aside and focused on eating with Tang Bingyun.

    Cheng Rui had been agonising over the three measurements since afternoon and was probably going to be agonising over this question for even longer.

    Of course, the reason why Wang Haoran asked this was not out of a perverse interest or because he was interested in her.

    But because he wanted to slowly break down Cheng Rui’s psychological defence line.

    Because Cheng Rui was really good at controlling her emotions.

    In order to cooperate happily with her in the future, she must be obedient.

    Otherwise, how would she become his puppet?

    — — —

    [Later that night.]

    Tang Bingyun had fallen asleep deeply due to exhaustion.

    Wang Haoran was still full of energy and didn’t feel sleepy at the moment, so he casually looked at his phone for a while.

    Through the virus monitoring, Wang Haoran found that Yang Jingwan had not gone to sleep yet and was still operating her phone.

    He could remotely see the screen of Yang Jingwan’s phone from his end.

    Out of curiosity, he projected the screen of Yang Jingwan’s phone onto his own phone to see what she was looking at.

    — — —

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    • Charm Halo
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    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (20 years)]
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