I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 150


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    — — —

    Chapter 150: Class Reunion

    [Late at night.]

    [In a bedroom.]

    Yang Jingwan didn’t feel sleepy and was scrolling through the messages in the university class WeChat group.

    Gloomy Whistling Flute: [So miserable, working overtime until this late.]

    One And Only: [What kind of job are you doing? So busy until this late, you should fire your boss!]

    Gloomy Whistling Flute: [I am the boss.]

    One And Only: [?]

    Gloomy Whistling Flute: [Just registered an advertising company with 50 million yuan. Busy all day and night, so tired.]

    One And Only: [Big boss, please take me under your wing!]

    The Road Is Long And Far: [Same here, same here!]

    Missing You Under The Willows: [Wow, no wonder you are the class leader. You have done so well just a year or two after graduation. I envy you so much.]

    Liu Li: [Class leader, are you still single? Do you need a girlfriend? Look at me, how about me? (Posted a highly edited selfie).]

    Missing You Under The Willows: [You better stop it. Who doesn’t know that the class leader is infatuated with Campus Belle Yang? How could he possibly be interested in you?]

    Liu Li: [So sad…]

    Gloomy Whistling Flute: [@Wanwanwan, can Campus Belle Yang come out and say hi?]

    The Road Is Long And Far: [@Gloomy Whistling Flute, I heard Campus Belle Yang got married. So you don’t have a chance.]

    Gloomy Whistling Flute: [Don’t talk nonsense about my goddess. She just graduated a year or two ago. How could she be married so soon?]

    Missing You Under The Willows: [Is it true? Campus Belle Yang was so popular in school, with so many guys chasing after her. She didn’t even look at anyone, and now she’s getting married so soon?]

    Liu Li: [@Wanwanwan Campus Belle Yang, come out and tell us!]

    Gloomy Whistling Flute: [@Wanwanwan]

    Missing You Under The Willows: [@Wanwanwan]

    A Lone Wolf In The Wind: [@Wanwanwan]

    Sadder Than Sad: [@Wanwanwan]

    Yue Yue: [@Wanwanwan]

    — — —

    Yang Jingwan originally only wanted to quietly obs erve from the sidelines, and didn’t expect everyone to mention her.

    She looked at the long string of @s and felt her head spinning.

    After some thought, she decided to speak up.

    Wanwanwan: [I am married…]

    Gloomy Whistling Flute: 💔💔💔💔💔

    Yueying: 😯

    Little Star: 🤔🫢

    — — —

    Twenty or so people flooded the chat with various expressions of shock and disbelief.

    Even those who were lurking joined in.

    Gloomy Whistling Flute: [@Wanwanwan. Tell me this isn’t true? You’re kidding, right?]

    Wanwanwan: [I really got married.]

    Gloomy Whistling Flute: [Who’s your husband? What does he do?]

    Yang Jingwan saw this message and felt troubled.

    If everyone knew that Su Lang was just a stay-at-home husband, she would lose all face.

    Back in university, she was recognised as the Campus Belle and a leading figure on campus, with countless suitors.

    At the time, even Yang Jingwan herself thought she would marry a handsome and wealthy guy in the future.

    But the reality was completely opposite.

    She ended up marrying a homeless man she picked up off the street.

    One And Only: [@Gloomy Whistling Flute. Don’t ask anymore. He’s definitely richer and more handsome than you.]

    The Road Is Long And Far: [@Wanwanwan. You mentioned getting married last time, but we don’t know who your husband is. Tell us, we’re all curious.]

    Sadder Than Sad: [Why bother asking? Campus Belle Yang must have met her true love who’s rich, handsome, and devoted. Otherwise, how could she get married so quickly?]

    Gloomy Whistling Flute: [After we graduated, we haven’t kept in touch much. How about we all meet up?]

    One And Only: [@Gloomy Whistling Flute. Alright, you’re still not giving up, huh?]

    Missing You Under The Willows: [Yeah, it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. Let’s hang out.]

    Liu Li: [I agree.]

    Yueying: [Same here. But who’s going to organize it?]

    Liu Li: [Of course it’s our class leader. @Gloomy Whistling Flute.]

    Gloomy Whistling Flute: [@Wanwanwan. Which city are you in?]

    Wanwanwan: [Qingling.]

    Flute sound silently: [Then let’s set the gathering place at Qingling. All classmates who are available can come together.]

    Under the organization of the class leader Gloomy Whistling Flute, the decision to gather was quickly reached. 

    About twenty classmates expressed their willingness to come, and the time was set for tomorrow evening.

    Gloomy Whistling Flute: [@Wanwanwan. Remember to bring your husband with you.]

    Wanwanwan: [What’s the point of bringing my family to a Class Reunion?]

    Gloomy Whistling Flute: [Everyone is curious, bring him to let us see.]

    One And Only: [Exactly, let us worship and admire what kind of man can capture the heart of Yang Xiaohua.]

    The Road Is Long And Far: [@Wanwanwan. Bring him over so we can see!]

    Many people were making a commotion.

    Yang Jingwan just felt a headache.

    Can that waste, Su Lang, be taken out to meet people?

    As a woman, she had some vanity.

    She didn’t want everyone to know that she had married a waste.

    Wanwanwan: [I won’t bring him.]

    Xiaoshengmo: [That’s no fun. Are you afraid that our poor classmates will ask your husband to do things for them?]

    One And Only: [+1]

    Yueying: [+1]

    Liu Li: [+1]

    Yang Jingwan was morally coerced and had no choice but to agree.

    Wanwanwan: [Then I’ll bring my husband.]

    With this news from Yang Jingwan, her classmates became even more excited and curious.

    But Yang Jingwan didn’t have the mood to read the messages, instead, she thought about how to deal with the class gathering in two days.

    If she just brought Su Lang, it wouldn’t work.

    After thinking about it, Yang Jingwan decided to dress him up.

    Su Lang wasn’t handsome, not among the high, rich, and handsome, and he couldn’t meet that standard.

    But he was tall, and with some new clothes, he could barely pretend to be a successful man among the high, rich, and handsome.

    However, it was already late at night, and Yang Jingwan certainly wouldn’t go find him now, but planned to talk to him tomorrow.

    After all, the gathering was tomorrow evening, so there was still time.

    Putting her phone on the bedside table, Yang Jingwan was ready to rest.


    The sound of a vibrating phone came through.

    Yang Jingwan was somewhat surprised. She had set her group messages to DND, so who could be messaging her so late?

    She picked up her phone and, upon seeing the sender’s name, couldn’t help but feel happy.

    Wang Shao: [I helped you out so much. As a friend, can’t you treat me to a meal?]

    Wanwanwan: [I didn’t want to bother you. That’s why I didn’t bring it up. How about the day after tomorrow? I’ll treat you to a meal then.]

    Wang Shao: [I’m busy the day after tomorrow. I’m free tomorrow. Why don’t we do it tomorrow?]

    Yang Jingwan had to work during the day, so she couldn’t meet up until the evening.

    Wanwanwan: [Tomorrow won’t work. I’m going to a Class Reunion.]

    Wang Shao: [That’s okay. I can come with you. I’m sure you guys will have a meal too, right?]

    Wanwanwan: [No, that won’t work…]

    Yang Jingwan planned to bring Su Lang along. What if Wang Haoran showed up? It would be awkward.

    Wang Shao: [From your tone, it’s clear that you don’t think much of my friendship. Fine. I helped you for nothing before. Let’s not keep in touch in the future.]

    Wang Haoran was confident, so he used the tactic of push and pull.

    Yang Jingwan had feelings for him, how could she bear to cut ties with him?

    Sure enough, Yang Jingwan quickly replied with a message.

    Wanwanwan: [No, no, no. That’s not what I meant.]

    Wang Shao: [So, are you going to treat me to a meal tomorrow or not?]

    Wanwanwan: [Of course, but can you promise me one small condition?]

    Wang Shao: [What condition?]

    Wanwanwan: [Um… I can’t explain it in a message. Let’s talk in person. Also, please try to dress more maturely.]

    Wang Haoran already guessed what Yang Jingwan meant, but he didn’t say it outright. He didn’t ask any further questions and quickly replied with a message.

    Wang Shao: [Okay, I’ll come pick you up tomorrow. See you then.]

    — — —

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    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
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    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
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    • Internal Energy (20 years)]
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