I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 151


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    Chapter 151: Green Hat for God of War

    [Next Day Evening, 6 o’clock]

    [Sales Branch, Qin Group]

    Wang Haoran stopped his McLaren outside the sales office and sent a message to Yang Jingwan.

    After a while…

    “Wang Shao, did you wait long?” 

    Yang Jingwan, who had just finished work, saw the message and hurried over without even changing out of her work clothes.

    “Just arrived.”

    “Why didn’t you dress up maturely?” Yang Jingwan looked at Wang Haoran, who was wearing casual clothes and asked in surprise.

    “You can’t expect me to wear a suit and leather shoes to go to class, can you?” Wang Haoran joked.

    “Hehe, yeah, I’m being silly.” Yang Jingwan apologized.

    “But I’m curious, why do you want me to dress up more maturely?” Wang Haoran deliberately asked.

    “Well…” Yang Jingwan hesitated to speak.

    “Just say it if you have something to say.”

    “Actually, I and my classmates agreed to bring my husband to the Class Reunion, so…” Yang Jingwan blushed as she spoke.

    “So you want me to pretend to be your husband?” Wang Haoran laughed. 

    He thought, if Su Lang, the God of War, knew about this, he would probably be so angry that he would spit blood.

    “Um.” Yang Jingwan nodded with a red face.

    “Is that all? No problem, let’s go then.”

    “Just like that, to the reunion?” Yang Jingwan was surprised.

    “Of course not. Didn’t you say the reunion starts at 7 PM in the evening? We still have time to prepare, so get in the car.”

    Yang Jingwan got into the passenger seat of the McLaren and asked, “Where are we going?”

    “Of course, we’re going to change our look a bit.” Saying that, Wang Haoran stepped on the accelerator hard, and the seat gave a push-back feeling as the McLaren shot out.

    Yang Jingwan was startled.

    It was her first time riding in a supercar and she felt a bit uncomfortable, but also thrilled.

    “What brand of supercar is this?” Yang Jingwan looked at the weird-looking logo on the steering wheel and felt unfamiliar with it, so she curiously asked.

    She had limited knowledge of supercar brands and only recognized those with names related to animals such as bulls and horses. For the rest, she really had no idea.

    “McLaren,” Wang Haoran replied.

    This car belonged to Tang Bingyun.

    Last night, while having dinner with Tang Bingyun, he casually mentioned that the car was cool. Tang Bingyun then gave him the keys and told him to drive it however he wanted.

    Since he needed a car today, Wang Haoran drove the McLaren over.

    “McLaren?” Yang Jingwan was stunned and felt like she had never heard of it before. Thinking this, she asked:

    “So this car must cost around a million, right?”

    In her mind, McLaren was not as well-known as bulls and horses, so it must be cheaper than them.

    Her understanding was not entirely wrong, but the specific price would depend on the configuration of the supercar.

    “About that,” Wang Haoran didn’t explain much, just smiled.

    At a gathering like this where people tried to show off, there would inevitably be plot twists.

    Wang Haoran cut off Su Lang’s opportunity to shine and came to the party with Yang Jingwan.

    So how could he drive an inexpensive supercar over?

    Before long, the two drove to the Qingling Global Mall.

    It took Wang Haoran about ten minutes to pick out an outfit.

    With his sharp and clean facial features, Wang Haoran looked much more mature in this suit and leather shoes.

    The process of buying clothes went smoothly, and the shop assistants were enthusiastic to the point of being overly so.

    After all, he wasn’t the protagonist in those dog-blooded and sensational novels, but a supervillain. 

    Naturally, he couldn’t possibly encounter the kind of situation where the shop assistants looked down on him and then he had to act arrogant to save face.

    “Is this okay?” Wang Haoran thought it was pretty good, so he asked Yang Jingwan.

    But he didn’t see any response from Yang Jingwan.

    He turned his head to look.

    She saw Yang Jingwan staring straight at her, eyes blinking absentmindedly.

    [Ding! The Host stirs up the heart of the heroine, Yang Jingwan.

    • Receiving 200 Villain Points!]

    Wang Haoran received the system prompt and was secretly pleased.

    The change brought by this increase in charm was really obvious, and just by dressing up and relying on appearance, he could stir up the heart of the heroine.

    “Miss Yang, are you okay?” Seeing Yang Jingwan’s lack of response for a long time, Wang Haoran deliberately raised his voice and asked.

    Yang Jingwan was shocked back to reality, and realising that she had lost control, she felt very embarrassed and couldn’t help but lower her head slightly.

    “Is my outfit okay?” Wang Haoran repeated his question.

    “It’s not just okay, it’s simply stunning!”

    Upon hearing his question, Yang Jingwan looked at Wang Haoran again and praised him from the bottom of her heart.

    With this dressing up, Wang Haoran looked several years older and matched well with herself.

    If she said that he was her husband at a Class Reunion, her classmates would definitely not doubt it.

    Thinking like this, Yang Jingwan looked in the mirror and suddenly became a little worried.

    When Wang Haoran rushed her, she forgot to change out of her uniform.

    If she went like this, she would look too shabby compared to Wang Haoran’s image.

    “Let’s go to the women’s section and look around.” Wang Haoran noticed Yang Jingwan’s change in expression and immediately said.

    “Okay.” Yang Jingwan had the same idea and nodded immediately.

    The two of them went to the women’s section.

    “Try all of these sets of dresses.” Wang Haoran picked several beautiful dresses and said to Yang Jingwan.

    When Yang Jingwan saw the dresses, she thought they were quite beautiful and immediately had the idea to try them on.

    However, when she saw the scary prices on them, she immediately became flustered and said, “Maybe I should pick something else.”

    “Just try them on, you don’t have to buy them. Come on.” Wang Haoran encouraged her.


    Yang Jingwan saw that the dresses were indeed beautiful, so she went along with Wang Haoran’s suggestion.

    She tried on three of them, and every time she came out of the fitting room, she would ask Wang Haoran’s opinion.

    In the end, they both agreed that one pale pink dress that reached just above the knee was the most beautiful, intellectual, and elegant.

    It exuded a goddess-like aura.

    However, when Yang Jingwan saw the price, she realized she could not afford it.

    The dress cost 290,000 yuan, which was too expensive.

    Although she liked it very much, she had to give up.

    On the other hand, Wang Haoran paid for it directly with his card.

    Yang Jingwan was shocked to see this.

    “I’m your husband now. It’s normal for a husband to pay for his wife’s purchases, isn’t it?” Wang Haoran said before Yang Jingwan could say anything.


    “Enough with the ‘but’, we already picked the dresses. However, they look a bit plain and odd, let’s go pick some jewellery”

    Without waiting for Yang Jingwan’s objections, Wang Haoran grabbed her hand and led her towards another part of the mall.

    Yang Jingwan tried to pull her hand away but couldn’t, so she gave up and let Wang Haoran lead her.

    As the handsome man and beautiful woman walked hand in hand through the mall, they attracted many envious looks.

    Yang Jingwan’s heart inexplicably swelled with joy. She had a feeling of being in love.

    This feeling was both beautiful and intoxicating.

    [Ding! The heroine, Yang Jingwan, has experienced an increase in her favourability toward the Host by 10.

    • The current total favourability is 65 (Heartfelt Love).]

    [Ding! The Host affects the plot direction.

    • Receiving 300 Villain Points!]


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  • [Host: Wang Haoran] 

    [Combat value: 1369] 

    [Charm: 268] 

    [Villain Halo: 1811] 

    [Villain Point: 7000] 


    • Charm Halo
    • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (20 years)]
    • Will be added when they are introduced.

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