I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 152


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    Chapter 152: Shopping

    Outside an apartment building, Su Lang stood with his hands behind his back. Behind him was a man with a square face and long beard.

    “May I ask what you have summoned me for, God of War?” the man with the square face respectfully asked.

    “Soon, I will hold a wedding, and I would like you to come and attend,” Su Lang replied lightly while turning away.

    “No wonder you disappeared for a year. It turns out you’re getting married,” the man with the square face exclaimed in surprise before quickly congratulating Su Lang, “I came in a hurry and didn’t bring a gift.”

    “It’s fine as long as you come to attend my wedding. I will consider it as a gift,” Su Lang said indifferently, waving his hand.

    “That won’t do. I must bring a gift,” the man with the square face insisted.

    He was very astute and understood that although Su Lang said he didn’t need a gift, if he didn’t bring one to the wedding, Su Lang would definitely be unhappy.

    Su Lang didn’t refuse, but instead said, “Also, I hope you can help me save someone.”

    “Who is it?” the man asked.

    “Ma Hongsheng, the richest man in Qingling,” Su Lang responded, and asked in surprise, “Aren’t you going to ask what disease it is?”

    “Hahaha, no matter what kind of illness it is, as long as I make a move, there is no disease that I cannot cure. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be worthy of the title of the Enemy of Hades1 Yan Wang was used here, which means King Yan, the Chinese God of Death.,” the man with the square face, Miraculous Doctor Xue, said confidently while stroking his beard.

    “It’s late now, so there’s no need to rush. Find a place to stay first, and I will take you there when I have time,” Su Lang said, suddenly suggesting, “In addition, there are quite a few wealthy people in Qingling. If you’re interested, you can hold a consultation meeting and earn a lot of money.”

    Of course, Su Lang had his reasons for saying this. Although Doctor Xue had a great reputation, he was only well-known within a certain circle and wasn’t well-known in Qingling.

    If Doctor Xue could establish his reputation in Qingling in a short time, then the impact he would have at Su Lang’s wedding would be even greater.

    “Thank you for your advice, God of War. After I cure Ma Hongsheng’s strange illness, I will let him promote me within the wealthy circle. There will definitely be many people who will come to see me,” Doctor Xue happily said.

    Besides the title of the Enemy of Hades, Doctor Xue also had another title: “Doesn’t Save the Dying2 Idiom meaning: To neglect a dying person and not rescue him or her.” This was because his medical fees were very high, and if the patient couldn’t afford his fees, he would rather watch them die than lend a helping hand.

    Of course, those wealthy people in Qingling would definitely be able to afford his fees.

    “That’s all for now. I have something to do, so I’ll leave first,” Su Lang said after glancing at the time.

    “The God of War is in such a hurry, I wonder what important work it is?” Doctor Xue couldn’t help but ask nervously.


    After dropping this remark, Su Lang left Xue the divine physician, who was stunned, and walked away.

    Soon, Su Lang returned to his apartment.

    He put away his cold attitude and became gentle and affectionate. He walked into the kitchen and started cooking while sighing.

    At this hour, his wife hadn’t come back yet, and she was definitely still working.

    His wife was really working too hard.

    — — —

    “Don’t move!”

    Yang Jingwan was trying on a pair of diamond earrings in front of the mirror when Wang Haoran suddenly spoke up.

    “What’s wrong?” Yang Jingwan instinctively froze.

    Wang Haoran reached out and swept aside the slightly messy hair around Yang Jingwan’s ear, inadvertently touching her snow-white earlobe.

    Yang Jingwan trembled instinctively, but she didn’t move.

    “That’s it.” After tidying up Yang Jingwan’s hair, Wang Haoran withdrew his hand.

    “This noble lady, I envy you so much. You have such a loving and caring husband.”

    The jewellery store clerk kept praising Yang Jingwan.

    “Well, it’s okay.” Yang Jingwan’s face looked a little unnatural.

    “I think it looks pretty good. Just keep these earrings on and let’s go see other jewelry.” Wang Haoran said.

    “Here, please come here.”

    The shop assistant immediately reached out to guide them.

    Soon, Wang Haoran helped Yang Jingwan pick out a bracelet and necklace.

    Her foundation was good, and it was hard to find any flaws in her figure and appearance. After dressing up like this, she looked even more stunning.

    Even if she walked the red carpet at the international film festival, she wouldn’t be inferior to those top female stars.

    Of course, this set of clothing was not cheap.

    The dress, high heels, and jewellery cost nearly 2 million yuan in total.

    “Wow, this also looks beautiful…”

    The shop assistants at the jewellery store all came over, one by one, using all kinds of words to praise Yang Jingwan.

    Yang Jingwan’s heart was overwhelmed by these compliments.

    She gradually got into character and treated Wang Haoran as her husband.

    As for Su Lang, she temporarily forgot about him.

    She even had a sense of illusion that she and Wang Haoran were a real couple.

    “It’s almost time, let’s go.” Wang Haoran looked at the time and reached out his hand to Yang Jingwan.


    This time, Yang Jingwan didn’t resist, but naturally reached out her hand.

    The two held hands and left the jewellery store.

    — — —

    [College Town3 College Town is a thing in China, which refers to a community formed around a university.]

    [A seafood restaurant near Qingling University.]

    A Lamborghini Gallardo drove into the outdoor parking lot.

    A young man in a suit and leather shoes got out of the car.

    The man’s appearance was not particularly outstanding, but he still attracted many people’s attention.

    The reason was simple.

    In this College Town, of course, most people are students.

    Any young man, paired with a Lamborghini and a designer suit, can become the most handsome guy here.

    His real name is Lu Fa, also known as “Gloomy Whistling Flute” on WeChat, the unfortunate guy who has been infatuated with Yang Jingwan for four years in college without success.

    Now that he is successful, he wants to contact Yang Jingwan again and pursue her once more.

    But yesterday, he received a shocking message: Yang Jingwan got married.

    However, he is still not willing to give up.

    He wants to see what kind of person the man who stole his goddess is.

    “Class leader?!”

    Just as Lu Fa was lost in thought, he suddenly heard a surprised voice from behind.

    Lu Fa turned his head and saw two stylishly dressed girls walking towards him.

    He took a closer look and felt that he knew them.

    “Pan Jiaojiao? Zheng Yao?” Lu Fa said uncertainly.

    “Wow, it’s really the Class Leader. It’s been a year since we last met, we almost didn’t recognize you!” the two girls exclaimed in unison.

    Pan Jiaojiao is the one known as “Missing You Under The Willows” on WeChat.

    Zheng Yao is known as “Liu Li” on WeChat.

    “I almost didn’t recognize you guys just now,” Lu Fa chuckled.

    After leaving school for a year, Pan Jiaojiao and Zheng Yao have become more fashionable, especially Zheng Yao, who looks pretty with makeup.

    Back in school, Zheng Yao used to like Lu Fa.

    But Lu Fa was infatuated with Yang Jingwan and wasn’t interested in Zheng Yao.

    — — —

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