I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 154


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    — — —

    Chapter 154: Divorce

    Lu Fa and the others looked at each other and were all dumbfounded.

    This was completely different from what they had expected.

    Yang Jingwan’s husband was not a middle-aged, greasy man or an old geezer, but a handsome man who could make hearts flutter.

    These girls had originally looked down on Yang Jingwan.

    But the moment they saw Wang Haoran, they instantly understood why Yang Jingwan had gotten married so quickly.

    Never mind that Wang Haoran was driving a McLaren P1, even if he was a poor man, these girls would be willing to marry him.

    With his handsome and charming face, tall figure, and aristocratic prince-like temperament, there were plenty of women willing to throw themselves at him.

    No wonder he captured Yang Jingwan’s heart.

    “Isn’t this a dinner party? Why is everyone standing here?” Wang Haoran saw everyone in a daze, so he spoke up.

    “I…I’ve already booked the private room, please follow me.” Lu Fa stuttered in response, immediately leading the way respectfully.

    He had originally harboured a glimmer of hope for Yang Jingwan, but upon seeing Wang Haoran, he immediately felt a strong sense of inferiority.

    He had given up on Yang Jingwan and had nothing left but good wishes.

    After all, Yang Jingwan was his goddess whom he had been infatuated with for four years, and he himself had a kind of “licking dog” mentality. 

    Now that he saw that Yang Jingwan had such a good marriage, what else could he be dissatisfied with?

    During the meal, Lu Fa toasted Yang Jingwan and sincerely wished her happiness.

    The other classmates also expressed their good wishes to Yang Jingwan.

    Yang Jingwan was lost in thought, completely immersed in the identity of Wang Haoran’s wife, with a smile on her face as she responded to everyone’s wishes one by one.

    After the meal, the classmates dispersed.

    Yang Jingwan and Wang Haoran went to the outdoor parking lot.

    She opened her arms and hugged Wang Haoran, closing her eyes and smiling with happiness on her face.

    In her mind, she recalled everything that had happened today and felt like she was dreaming.

    Soon, she opened her eyes.

    Yang Jingwan let go of Wang Haoran’s arms and looked at him with gentle eyes:

    “Thank you for giving me such a dreamlike day, but the dream is over and it’s time to wake up.”

    “In fact, as long as you are willing, this dream can continue.” Wang Haoran looked at her without turning his gaze.

    “Don’t you dislike me?” Yang Jingwan was taken aback.

    “Have you seen me act like I disliked you since the first time I saw you?” Wang Haoran asked in response.

    He knew the ways of being a wastrel son-in-law, and he knew that although Yang Jingwan was married, she was still pure.

    Upon hearing his words, Yang Jingwan’s heart surged and she subconsciously reminisced about her encounters with Wang Haoran. 

    Since their first meeting, he had never shown any disdain towards her, but had instead helped her in every way possible and shown deep care and concern for her. 

    This could only mean one thing: he truly loved her.

    However, Yang Jingwan still had some doubts and didn’t know how to respond. 

    Wang Haoran didn’t pressure her and simply said, “It’s getting late, let me take you home first.”

    Although Yang Jingwan’s favorability towards Wang Haoran had reached 75, her situation was still different from that of Tang Bingyun or Qin Yunhan, as she had certain moral standards as the heroine.

    If Wang Haoran were to pursue her recklessly, she would definitely resist due to her conservative nature.

    With only 75 points of favourability, she wasn’t ready to give up her morals and principles just yet. 

    Wang Haoran would have to wait until her favorability reached 90 before he could make any moves. 

    “Get in the car,” he said and in a gentlemanly manner, opened the car door, protecting Yang Jingwan’s head as she got in.

    — — —

    [Around 10 pm]

     the McLaren arrived near Yang Jingwan’s apartment building. 

    Wang Haoran opened the door for her and watched her leave.

    However, after taking a few steps, she suddenly turned around and ran back to him, hooking her arms around his neck and standing on her tiptoes as she closed her eyes and leaned in to kiss him.

    After ten breaths, Yang Jingwan released him and said, “I won’t let you down.” 

    She covered her hot face and quickly left. 

    Wang Haoran touched the lipstick on his lips and chuckled silently. 

    He wondered what expression the God of War would have when he found out.

    Yang Jingwan tiptoed back to the lobby of her apartment.

    It was dark in the lobby.

    She immediately turned on the lights, but was startled and let out a scream.

    Because Su Lang was sitting on the sofa.

    “What are you doing? Sitting on the sofa in the dark like a ghost, scared me to death!” Yang Jingwan patted her chest lightly and complained.

    “I called you so many times, why didn’t you answer?” Su Lang frowned and asked.

    “My phone was turned off, how could I answer?”

    “Then, you came back so late, couldn’t you at least call and let me know?”

    “I called my mom and told her that I had something to do tonight. Isn’t that enough? Didn’t my mom tell you?”

    Su Lang shook his head and then looked at Yang Jingwan’s outfit.

    “Why are you dressed like this? Where did you go?”

    “The company held a party.” Yang Jingwan lied. She didn’t want Su Lang to continue questioning her, so she accused him in turn:

    “What do you mean? You’re even questioning me? What I do, do I need to report to you?”

    “I work hard every day, and what about you? You just cook, and when I come back, you ask me a bunch of questions. Do you still want to be married?”

    “I…” Su Lang felt apologetic.

    “What about me? Since you don’t trust me, then… let’s get a divorce.” Yang Jingwan took advantage of the situation and said.

    “Wife, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have doubted you.” Su Lang’s face immediately fell, and he quickly said.

    “Su Lang, we’ve been together for over a year, you should know that I don’t even like you. Why force it? Let’s get a divorce. It’s good for both of us.” Yang Jingwan sighed.

    “It’s late at night, what are you yelling about?” Li Manli walked out of the bedroom with sleepy eyes.

    “Mom, Jingwan wants to divorce me. Please talk to her!” Su Lang said in a hurry.

    “Divorce? That’s great news! It should have happened a long time ago!” Li Manli suddenly felt wide awake and almost raised both hands and feet in agreement.

    “Mom, have you forgotten how I got married to Jingwan in the first place? If Jingwan and I divorce, aren’t you afraid that bad luck will come back?” Su Lang reminded her.

    “Hah! We’re doing fine now. Lao Yang’s project is settled, and Jingwan made a lot of money from selling the house. Shut up, you jinx!” Li Manli shouted.

    “If it weren’t for me, all of this would have been lost,” Su Lang sneered.

    “You can go to hell. Our family’s luck has turned, and it will continue to be good even without you,” Li Manli countered.

    Su Lang didn’t want to argue with Li Manli and looked directly at Yang Jingwan instead:

    “Your parents arranged for us to get married in the first place, and now that your family’s bad luck is gone, you want a divorce. Are you trying to burn bridges?”

    Su Lang shamelessly took the moral high ground, hoping to convince Yang Jingwan to change her mind about the divorce.

    In fact, Su Lang had secretly manipulated the bad luck that had befallen Yang’s family, with the goal of making Yang Jingwan marry him. 

    But of course, he would never admit to it.

    “Su Lang, I really don’t like you. Why do you keep bothering me?” Upon hearing Su Lang’s words, Yang Jingwan didn’t want to be too harsh on him, so she tried to persuade him kindly.

    After thinking for a moment, Su Lang replied, “After the wedding, if you still feel this way, I’ll agree to a divorce.”

    He had originally planned to win Yang Jingwan’s love as an ordinary person, but now it seemed impossible. So he decided to reveal his identity as a war god at the wedding.

    He wanted Yang Jingwan to know what kind of invincible and illustrious husband she had married. 

    He firmly believed that once he revealed his identity, Yang Jingwan would inevitably fall madly in love with him.

    “Okay, it’s a deal,” Yang Jingwan immediately agreed when Su Lang loosened his stance.

    Changing her mind was impossible, the divorce was set in stone.

    — — —

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  • [Host: Wang Haoran] 

    [Combat value: 1369] 

    [Charm: 268] 

    [Villain Halo: 1901] 

    [Villain Point: 8700] 


    • Charm Halo
    • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (20 years)]
    • Will be added when they are introduced.

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