I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 155


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    Chapter 155: Miraculous Doctor’s Diagnosis.

    [Late at night.]

    In a basement room, there was still bright light.

    Various transparent bottles and jars were placed in the room, containing different liquids or solids.

    At first glance, this looks like a research laboratory.

    In fact, it’s pretty much the same.

    This is Wang Haoran’s specialized laboratory for researching various drugs.

    Entering this laboratory requires a key and a fingerprint password, with extremely high security.

    In addition, this is the Wang family’s private villa, and no one can enter except for Wang Haoran.

    The poisons used to deal with Xiao Yifeng, Yan Guishan, and Ma Hongsheng were prepared here.

    At this moment, Wang Haoran is preparing a drug that can stimulate the toxicity of the Seven-Coloured Water Lily Poison.

    Although Ma Hongsheng still sleeps for most of the day, there are still seven to eight hours a day when he can handle things.

    Wang Haoran and Cheng Rui are now cooperating.

    Ma Weicai has caused trouble, and he will definitely not be able to get away with it for a while.

    He plans to use a catalytic drug to deepen the toxicity of Ma Hongsheng’s Seven-Coloured Water Lily Poison, increasing Ma Hongsheng’s daily sleep time.

    In this way, Cheng Rui will become the main figure in the Ma Family business.

    Soon, Wang Haoran prepared the catalytic drug.

    As long as he uses this catalytic drug on Ma Hongsheng, everything will be settled.

    As for someone being able to solve Ma Hongsheng’s poison?

    Wang Haoran had long been prepared for this.

    When preparing the Seven-Coloured Water Lily Poison, he added some extremely concealed poisonous ingredients as auxiliaries, making the toxicity of the Seven-Coloured Water Lily Poison extremely complicated.

    This is considered a supreme level of poison technique, and even medical experts like Xiao Yifeng would find it difficult to detect.

    If the auxiliary poison cannot be neutralized and someone rashly treats Ma Hongsheng, it will only make things worse.

    Wang Haoran stored the catalytic agent and prepared to have Cheng Rui secretly give it to Ma Hongsheng.

    However, it was too late now, and he could only contact Cheng Rui tomorrow.

    — — —

    [The next morning.]

    After finishing breakfast, Su Lang rode his electric bike out. However, this time he didn’t go shopping as usual, but went to find Miraculous Doctor Xue.

    Su Lang was determined to have a good wedding, and Ma Hongsheng’s help was crucial to him. 

    However, Ma Hongsheng was currently suffering from a strange illness and was not fully dedicated to arranging his wedding. 

    And there were only about ten days left until the marriage ceremony.

    Therefore, Su Lang couldn’t wait to bring Doctor Xue to help treat Ma Hongsheng. 

    Su Lang brought Doctor Xue to the Tianhui Clinic.

    Ma Hongsheng was awake at this time. 

    When he saw Su Lang, he quickly stood up respectfully and greeted him. 

    Then, with a puzzled look, he looked at the person Su Lang brought: “War of God, who is this?”

    “Doctor Xue, the Enemy of Hades.” Su Lang said.

    “Is this the famous Doctor Xue in the Capital? I have long heard of you!” Ma Hongsheng was surprised and greeted Doctor Xue.

    He had only heard of him before, but he didn’t expect to meet him in person today.

    “God of War brought Doctor Xue here for…” Ma Hongsheng wanted to ask something, so he asked tentatively.

    “Of course, to treat your illness.” Su Lang said lightly.

    “Thank you, God of War. I really don’t deserve this.” Ma Hongsheng was flattered.

    “I need your help with something, so I hope you recover soon.” Su Lang said directly.

    “If you have any orders, I will do my best.” Ma Hongsheng quickly expressed his willingness to help.

    Su Lang nodded slightly and gestured to Doctor Xue with his eyes.

    “Mr. Ma, let me check your pulse.” Doctor Xue spoke up.

    “Okay.” Ma Hongsheng nodded and lay down on the bed.

    Doctor Xue pressed Ma Hongsheng’s pulse with his hand, closed his eyes and checked his pulse. 

    After about ten seconds, a clear smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. 

    He opened his eyes and said: “Mr. Ma didn’t get some strange disease, he was poisoned.”

    “Poisoned?” Ma Hongsheng was shocked.

    “Yes, it’s a poison from the Seven-Coloured Water Lily. This poison has been tempered by a master and cannot be detected by modern instruments, but it cannot escape my diagnosis.” Doctor Xue stroked his beard and asked, “Mr. Ma, have you offended anyone?”

    “I am doing business, and because of the interests involved, I have offended many people. I can’t remember each and every one of them” said Ma Hongsheng.

    “For now, let’s not worry about who poisoned you. Let’s focus on treating you first,” Su Lang interjected.

    He was only thinking about Ma Hongsheng’s quick recovery and then dispatching him to help organize his wedding. 

    As for who Ma Hongsheng had offended, he couldn’t care less.

    “To detoxify the Seven-Coloured Water Lily Poison, we need some rare herbs,” Doctor Xue said.

    “Doctor Xue, just say the word. I can immediately send people to get them. As long as you cure me, I will make sure you are satisfied with the reward,” Ma Hongsheng said with a smile.

    Seeing Ma Hongsheng so cooperative, Doctor Xue’s smile grew wider.

    “Actually, they are just some rare herbs, not that rare. With Mr. Ma’s wealth, he can easily obtain them,” he said, stroking his beard. “In addition to collecting herbs, I hope that after Mr. Ma’s recovery, he can help promote my name in your circle.”

    “I completely understand Doctor Xue’s meaning,” Ma Hongsheng immediately understood. “I have many wealthy friends, some live in luxury and some work excessively, but they all have some physical problems.”

    “Very good,” Doctor Xue laughed heartily.

    It seems that this trip to Qingling will definitely be a profitable one.

    After all, rich people are never short of money.

    Doctor Xue wrote down the rare herbs he needed on a piece of paper and immediately had Ma Hongsheng order someone to collect them.

    During the time of collecting herbs, Ma Hongsheng went to Cheng Rui’s room to share the good news with her and told her about the Miraculous Doctor treating him.

    After hearing this, Cheng Rui felt secretly regretful.

    If Ma Hongsheng’s strange illness could continue, it would have been very advantageous for her.

    It was a pity that such a detestable Miraculous Doctor suddenly appeared…

    However, despite her thoughts, Cheng Rui did not show any abnormal emotions on the surface. Instead, she became happy for Ma Hongsheng.

    Cheng Rui was weak and needed to recuperate, and her neck was injured.

    Ma Hongsheng didn’t want to say much to her, so after informing Cheng Rui of the good news, he immediately left.

    Just as Ma Hongsheng left the ward, Cheng Rui’s smile gradually disappeared, and her expression became somewhat cold and terrifying.

    When Ma Hongsheng was recounting his story earlier, he described in detail how he had actually been poisoned by someone with skills, not a strange illness.

    When Cheng Rui heard the word “poison,” she immediately thought of someone.

    At this moment, Cheng Rui took out her phone and…

    — — —

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