I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 156


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    Chapter 156: Hype


    When Wang Haoran saw that there was an incoming call, he immediately found a quiet place and answered the phone.

    [“After hesitating for so long, have you made up your mind?”] Wang Haoran smiled.

    The night before, he had asked Cheng Rui to take a picture and send it to him, but Cheng Rui had only just replied today, after a long period of hesitation.

    [“Does the incident with Ma Hongsheng’s coma have anything to do with you?”] Cheng Rui asked seriously, not mentioning the picture.

    [“Why do you think that?”] Wang Haoran lazily replied.

    [“Since you were able to take action against Ma Weicai without leaving any traces, of course, you can also take action against Ma Hongsheng.”]

    [“The hospital has already conducted an examination. The result said he has a strange disease.”]

    [“But there’s a Miraculous Doctor who came and said that Ma Hongsheng was poisoned, not suffering from a strange disease. I don’t believe that Ma Hongsheng being poisoned is just a coincidence!”]

    [“A Miraculous Doctor? Where did this Miraculous Doctor come from?”] Wang Haoran asked seriously.

    [“It’s said that he came from the Capital City.”]

    [“Does Ma Hongsheng still have connections there?”]

    [“It’s not his connections. It’s a young man who brought the Miraculous Doctor over. That young man has a mysterious identity and Ma Hongsheng was very respectful to him.”]

    Upon hearing this, Wang Haoran immediately deduced that the mysterious young man mentioned by Cheng Rui was Su Lang, the God of War.

    Only someone with Su Lang’s identity could immediately summon a Miraculous Doctor from the Capital City.

    [“What did the Miraculous Doctor say? Does he have a way to cure Ma Hongsheng’s poison?”] Wang Haoran put aside his lazy thoughts and asked seriously.

    [“From what I heard from Ma Hongsheng, it seems that the Miraculous Doctor is absolutely certain.”]

    [“Absolutely certain?”] Wang Haoran couldn’t help but smile and resumed his relaxed expression.

    The Seven-Coloured Water Lily Poison had a very subtle auxiliary poison, and even a supreme-level doctor would need a lot of time to study the auxiliary poison and find out what it was.

    Only then could they treat it specifically and completely cure Ma Hongsheng.

    However, the Miraculous Doctor who diagnosed Ma Hongsheng claimed to be absolutely certain, which obviously meant that he hadn’t even detected the subtle auxiliary poison of the Seven-Coloured Water Lily Poison.

    Such medical skills were at best at the level of Xiao Yifeng.

    [“If Ma Hongsheng recovers, it’s not beneficial to either of us. Why do I feel like you don’t care at all?”] Cheng Rui found Wang Haoran’s tone a bit strange.

    [“Don’t worry about that and help me do something.”]

    [“What should I do?”]

    [“Spread the word about the treatment process of that Miraculous Doctor to as many people as possible. As for the specifics of how to do it and what method to use, that’s up to you.”]

    [“Do you think the Miraculous Doctor can’t cure Ma Hongsheng? Why are you so sure?”]

    [“It’s a secret. You know if you want to find out…”]


    Cheng Rui didn’t say anything and simply hung up the phone.

    But about five minutes later, Wang Haoran received a WeChat message from Cheng Rui.

    The content of the message was: [Delete immediately.]

    A few seconds later, Cheng Rui sent a photo.

    Wang Haoran stared at it for a few minutes before reluctantly deleting it.

    [Not a bad figure] Wang Haoran teased in a message.

    [Answer] Cheng Rui replied in single word.

    [The level of that Miraculous Doctor is not enough, it can’t solve my poison, if he rushes to solve it, it will only be self-defeating and aggravate the condition.] Wang Haoran first sent a message to explain, and then instructed:

    [That mysterious young man and that Miraculous Doctor, staying by Ma Hongsheng’s side is not good for you, remember to do as I say.]

    [Leave it to me.]

    Cheng Rui replied to the message, and then got up from the bed.

    The injury on her neck was only a skin injury, and her body was only a little weak, and there was no problem walking at all.

    After a while, she came to Ma Hongsheng’s room.

    “Rui? Why aren’t you resting?” Seeing this, Ma Hongsheng quickly said with concern.

    “I’m fine, I want to move, or I feel like my bones will rust.” Cheng Rui explained, and then looked at the other two people in the ward.

    She already saw Su Lang once or twice, so the other square-faced man with a long beard was obviously the Miraculous Doctor Xue.

    “You are the Miraculous Doctor who can heal Hongsheng, I wonder how sure you are?” Cheng Rui pretended to be nervous and asked.

    Seeing that he was questioned, Dr. Xue frowned, and he couldn’t help but feel a little unhappy.

    “This is my wife, she is too concerned about my condition, so she came to take a look, please don’t mind Dr. Xue.” Ma Hongsheng rushed at Dr. Xue, quickly smiled and said, relieving his mood, and then turned to Cheng Rui and said:

    “Rui, don’t worry, this famous Miraculous Doctor in the Capital City, if he treats it, my strange illness will get better soon, don’t worry.”

    “I want to stay and see.” Cheng Rui insisted.

    “Okay, but your body is so weak, you shouldn’t stand for a long time, sit down quickly.” Ma Hongsheng moved a stool over and asked Cheng Rui to sit down.

    Seeing Cheng Rui’s action, Dr. Xue was secretly displeased, but he didn’t say anything more.

    After all, he also had to rely on Ma Hongsheng’s help for his publicity.

    “Mr. Ma, don’t forget about the publicity.” Doctor Xue reminded.

    “Don’t worry, Doctor Xue, I’ll take care of it.” Ma Hongsheng said.

    “What publicity?” Cheng Rui’s heart moved, and he quickly took advantage of the situation to ask.

    “I promised Doctor Xue that after he helped me heal his illness, I would help him publicize his name in my circle of friends.” Ma Hongsheng explained.

    “So that’s what it is.” Cheng Rui nodded and said to Doctor Xue:

    “Dare to ask the Miraculous Doctor, can you guarantee that Hongsheng’s strange disease will be 100% cured?”

    “That’s natural.” Doctor Xue snorted and replied.

    “So if that’s the case, why publicize it afterwards?” Cheng Rui looked at Ma Hongsheng, “I think it’s better to call your rich friends over and let them watch it in person, what kind of publicity can be more effective than seeing it with your own eyes?”

    Ma Hongsheng couldn’t help but nod, feeling that this method was very good, but still asked Doctor Xue’s opinion:

    “Miraculous Doctor, what do you think?”

    “Madame, this proposal is very good.” Xue Shenyi agreed with a smile, and his attitude towards Cheng Rui changed a little.

    Letting those rich people see their own skills with their own eyes and open their eyes is indeed much more useful than verbal publicity.

    “Well, since the Miraculous Doctors have agreed, then I will immediately ask people to pass on the message to my rich friends.” Ma Hongsheng said immediately.

    “Since you want to publicize, it is better to inform the media.” Cheng Rui gave another suggestion.

    “It is not necessary to inform the media.” Doctor Xue immediately vetoed it.

    He only treats the rich, and does not bother to deal with the common people.

    Let the media publicize it to the common people, which in his opinion is simply not necessary.

    “I think it’s a good idea, let the media know.” Su Lang interjected coldly.

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